The Saga of a Virgin Randi – Part 5

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Part 5

He did that again and got same physical response from me, even though he was very slow and kind but because of pain I was not comfortable with his in and out movements and Raju Ji could see that but he did not stopped fucking me with that pace, couple of times I tried to push him to get away but he very well knew how to control a female lying under him and holding my luscious body firmly from my arms he continued fucking me with short and slow jerks without taking much of his hard throbbing Penis from my fuckhole. Raju Ji fucked me like that for couple of minutes with few small intervals and when he realized that I am adjusted with the pain and he slowly started increasing his speed of plugging my fuckhole.

Once again my pain increased and seemed going out of my bearing capability and as his fucking strokes rose up in speed bit more I tried to get away more desperately but once again Raju Ji gripped me harder and continued fucking me like that. By now his hard and long monster was moving in and out of my fuckhole with ease and I could see that his pleasure was incredible, Raju Ji was moaning in bliss while looking at my mixed expressions of pleasure and pain. My body was totally in his control and except closing my eyes and gasping in pleasure and pain I could not do anything. I was holding him tight, moaning and gasping and I could see that gradually my pain was getting subsided, not much but I was somewhat enjoying my first fuck.

I opened my eyes, and looked into Raju Ji’s eyes with painful expressions; he smiled while pumping my fuck hole. “Yashoda mazza aaraha hai, hmmmm…” he asked me in sexy pleasurable tone that is I am enjoying. I did not responded to his question and closed my eyes again and kept moaning in pleasure.

Raju Ji leaned over me again and kissed me and I responded to his kiss and just then Raju Ji changed his pace of fucking me. As I responded to his kiss his excitement rose significantly in a fraction and his pace went on going higher and higher. Certainly once again my pleasure started disappearing as Raju Ji was hurting me with fast fucking strokes and once again I started screaming in pain.

Hearing my cries he tried to control his speed but not for long. He tried fucking me with long and deep strokes because of which I felt overwhelmed and started breathing heavy, I was heading towards my first real fucking orgasm and my pleasure moans excited Raju Ji and once again he started fucking me fast.

Certainly I was in extreme pain but somewhere there was a pleasant feeling which was setting my desire to burst and I was trying to bear the pain and within one more minute of continues fucking, with a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure I started to feel the bliss of going through real orgasm.

I was at the verge of explosion and it was significant from my body language, I was moaning in pleasure and pain, more of pleasure and less of pain and just like me Raju Ji was also at the edge of his sexual peak. Suddenly I trembled a bit while holding Raju Ji even harder and Raju Ji also gripped me and squeezed his taut hips together to release his fucking fluid deep inside my fuckhole.

I went through bit of shivering and apart from feeling pain there was something which was pleasant, which I failed to realize at that moment. Finally it was done, I was no more virgin and I fucked to save my house. Raju Ji got up slowly and purposely looked down to my fuckhole; Shilpa Didi was already looking there.

Shilpa Didi showed him something while pointing her finger and spoke “ye dekhiye…”. They both were specifically looking at the bleeding I went through when my hymen ruptured. Next Shilpa Didi spoke to me “Abb tum kunwari nahi ho”. Raju Ji got up and went inside toilet and I too got up slowly and saw same sort of white fluid coming out of my fuckhole.

Shilpa Didi gave me towel and told me to wash my fuckhole tenderly with warm water and I did that and got bit of relief from the pain. That night ended there, but not my fucking as I was supposes to stay there for next day and whole night too. At that time we all slept on the same bed after wearing clothes.

Raju Ji was in the middle and I was on his right. Shilpa Didi was on his left and they continued talking to each other on different subjects, also about my problem for some time. They both slept after really long but I was well awake and could not believe whatever I have done without telling my mom anything about that.

Mentally apart from feeling guilty I was feeling bit pleasurable, till that day I was totally unaware of this pleasant sensation and because of that I was feeling very relaxed. Finally my consciousness also surrendered and I went into sleep but throughout night I went on getting awake on regular intervals. Finally in the morning once again my sleep broke with a voice of water getting flushed.

I intentionally kept my eyes closed and waited to hear next and heard “good morning” in Shilpa Didi’s soft voice from bed’s side to Raju Ji who was probably standing on the door of the toilet. Raju Ji also responded and came to bed. Although my eyes were still closed and I could not dare to open them at that moment but I could feel that Raju Ji and Shilpa Didi were physically attached as there was bit of movement of the bed as if he or she has came over other.

“Mazza aaya Yashoda ke saath ?” Shilpa Didi asked Raju Ji in slow and soft voice but I heard it clearly, Raju Ji replied with “Hmmm…bahut” and then spoke again “dekh lijiyega kahin ye pregnant na ho jaaye” “haan…haan…ye humari responsibility hai….nahi hone denge…aap bus inka ghar bacha lijiye…” “wo meri responsibility hai”.

Shilpa Didi replied back and assured him that certainly she will not let me get pregnant and it is her responsibility and further told him to save my house and in reply Raju Ji said that saving my house is his responsibility. Next Shilpa Didi spoke again, “abhi humare saath karenge ek baar?” she asked Raju Ji in low voice but it was enough for me to hear.

“hmmm…. Suck karo pahle ussko” Raju Ji hummed to say yes to Shilpa Didi and told her to suck it first. I wanted to keep my eyes closed and wanted to pretend that I am asleep but I failed to do that. I opened my eye lightly to see, Shilpa Didi was partially lying over Raju Ji and they were kissing and not at all looking weather I am awake or asleep.

Shilpa Didi’s hand was in Raju Ji’s shorts and she was somewhat caressing his penis and soon she took it out and started sucking his monster, to make it harder. While facing them I was laying bit far from them and watching all this with partially opened eyes, Raju Ji was lying on his back and Shilpa Didi was sitting and leaning over his crotch and sucking him gently.

I could see his rod appearing and disappearing in her mouth and whole view was producing strange sensation in my body too, I wanted to touch my fuckhole but I remained unmoved. After couple of minutes Raju Ji stopped Shilpa Didi and took her under his body and removed her panty and invaded his crotch into her fleshy thighs and straight away started fucking her bit fast.

AS expected bed started moving significantly and Shilpa Didi started moaning nicely in audible voice. For me it was really very difficult to keep my eyes shut, even partially as I was also bit excited and I opened my eyes to see everything clearly. Raju Ji was riding on Shilpa Didi fast and his pace was getting higher and higher and Shilpa Didi was moaning in delight of starting her day with a fuck, she grabbed his body into her arms and thighs and continued gasping like that and at particular instant they both saw me awake. Soon after that they started to reach to their climax and there fucking pace increased significantly. Shilpa Didi started moaning in husky voice and Raju Ji also started grunting in passion and within next few seconds once again he buried himself deep into Shilpa Didi’s fuckhole and squeezed his hips together to release whatever he was having in his balls and Shilpa Didi also gasped in evident pleasure while going through orgasm. Finally they both got up and both smiled a bit while looking at me, Raju Ji wished me good morning and went inside toilet. Shilpa Didi also followed him and both came out of the toilet and Raju Ji asked her for a cup of tea and Shilpa Didi took leave from there.

I also got up to use the toilet and once again sat there in solitude and gave thought to whatever was happening around me and the only good thing I saw at that moment in all this was that somehow I have saved my house and now I was more or less prepared to face anything for that.

When I came out of the washroom Shilpa Didi called me for tea in living room and while having tea Raju Ji asked me if I am fine and after that many times I saw Raju Ji looking at me with a smile. During tea mainly Shilpa Didi and Raju Ji spoke and she made me speak to my mom as well as formality.

After that we both I and Shilpa Didi did preparations for breakfast and nearly after an hour we were once again together to have breakfast, in the mean time Raju Ji made few work related calls and slept for some time. During preparation of breakfast Shilpa Didi asked me about my last night’s experience and further told me that Raju Ji is going to fuck me at least twice in whole day and may be once again in the morning before our exit and it really happened.

After half an hour of breakfast Raju Ji told me to get with him in shower and once again I was standing stark naked in front of him and he was playing with my body and truly speaking somewhere apart from uneasiness I was feeling goo d while doing all that. He sucked my breast under water and rubbed my fuckhole for a while to hear my pleasure moans and then slowly started inserting his finger in my fuckhole and that really enhanced my pleasure.

Very soon Shilpa Didi also joined us in the pouring water, as till that time while sitting on bed she was watching us, but soon her excitement rose and she also took off her clothes and started rubbing her body with Raju Ji’s body under water, took his hard Penis in her hands and gave it to me and told me jerk it back and forward by saying “issko aage peechhe karo” and I followed what she said, holding Raju Ji’s monster I started jerking him and it went on going harder, Raju Ji continued moving his finger in and out of my fuckhole and Shilpa Didi played with Raju Ji’s balls to hear his pleasure moans and like that just in few minutes we all were moaning and pleasuring one another.

Leaving my fuckhole Raju Ji invaded his fingers into Shilpa Didi and told me to suck his rod and somewhat pushed me on my knees with one hand. I sat down and half heartedly started sucking him and soon Raju Ji sent Shilpa Didi on her knees too and now we both were sucking him one by one and he was moaning in pleasure.

I knew that now it is my turn to get him inside me and soon it started, Raju Ji took me to bed after drying my body and instantly widened my thighs and opened my fuckhole with his monster. Once again my virginal muscles got stretched to maximum and after bit of pain I took his monster inside my fuckhole till the hilt of it.

Very Soon Raju Ji started screwing me with slow and gentle pace and increased his speed gradually. I started moaning in pleasure and unlike last night this time I could feel that pleasant feeling of getting fucked by a powerful male like Raju Ji and now my pain was somewhat disappeared, certainly still there was bit of uneasiness of doing all this but slowly sexual pleasure overcame rest of my mind and I started enjoying.

Raju Ji also enjoyed fucking my tight fuckhole and he started grunting in passion and soon after that his Penis started moving fast now I was getting properly fucked. I handled his passion and absorbed whatever he pained me in that rising lust and soon we both started reaching to our climax and I orgasmed a few seconds before him and tried to stop him by holding his pumping hips with my legs but Raju Ji fucked me throughout my climax and I shivered with a broken breath and groaned loud whenever he plunged me in that orgasmic phase. Finally Raju Ji also released his pressure and hollowed his balls one more time deep inside me. From my second fuck onwards I can say that my pain was almost gone and I also started enjoying all this.

As Shilpa Didi was expecting I got fucked twice after that. Intentionally Raju Ji did not fucked Shilpa Didi again because he wanted preserve is strength to enjoy me, although Shilpa accompanied me every time I got laid by him and got fucked. In the evening Raju Ji took me on his top and told me to fuck myself for a while and then fucked me in typical missionary position and again next morning before I would have taken leave from there he took me under his massive body and fucked me up to his satisfaction. Finally around nine in the morning I was back home, my mother was ready to go to her work place and I skipped that day of my collage.

I remained alone at home for the whole day and also slept for some time gradually started feeling that whatever I have done was not wrong and by the end of the day I was totally out of guilt feeling and then slowly lust started rising in me and now I wanted all that happening to me again and again.

I was recalling my last two nights experience again and again and always remained leaking for next few days and somewhat eagerly awaited to go to Raju Ji for the specific purpose again. Anyway ultimately my sacrifice paid me back and I saved my house, I kept my promise; after instant payment of 1/6th amount to bank, I went to Raju Ji whenever he called me and gave him complete sexual pleasure, oral as well as virginal. Raju Ji also kept his promise and he continued paying decided amount to bank every month and in next six months we were totally out of trouble. For my mom it was Shilpa Didi who has taken an interest free loan from her office and my mom started paying her small amount every month, which she started accumulating to give it back on my marriage.

I continued going to Raju Ji for more than 3 years, till my marriage got fixed. Talking about that time span, at my end hardly in months time I was addicted of getting fucked by him and I somewhat use to wait for his call. Although I knew this fact very well that like me Raju Ji fuck Shilpa Didi as well and for him I am just a subject of pure joy and sexual satisfaction, even then after sometime I somewhere started falling in love with him and in 10-15 days of absence of sex my desperation for his physical love use to get very high. Certainly after saving my house from getting sold he was my hero and I gave my 100 percent whenever I came on bed with him.

Raju Ji also treated me well and I never felt that he consider me his personal slut and sensing my homely condition he agreed for not calling me for the night. To get on bed with him on weekdays I use to leave my collage just after 2-3 classes but mostly I use to be at his place on Sunday mornings and use to stay with him for whole day till 6.

Nearly after around three years I don’t know exactly how my mother got suspicious about my dignity, I think she assumed when she saw an expensive watch on my wrist given by Raju Ji, which unluckily I forgot to remove before getting inside home. Although at that time I lied that this watch belongs to my friend and I have borrowed it just for a day even then she did not seemed satisfied with my excuse and she spoke to Shilpa Didi about this and told her that she is sure that I am sexually involved somewhere as my physicals have changed significantly in past few months. As a friend Shilpa Didi suggested my mom to look for my match and in next six months I got fixed with a boy of her choice and at present I am living respected life of a housewife of a reputed family of our cast.

I still remember that day when my marriage was fixed; I was bought to Raju Ji by Shilpa Didi and instead of giving him clear information that I am fixed she told him to enjoy me as much as possible in next few months by saying “agle 2-3 mahino mein Yashoda ko jitna enjoy karna hai kar lijiye …..inki Shaadi pakki ho gayi hai”.

To my surprise Raju Ji behaved rejoiced on that and took me in his arms and hugged me affectionately and spoke to Shilpa Didi that from this moment onwards he will not touch me and he kept his promise. It may seem funny to readers but truly speaking at that instant his decision of not having sex with me made me really very sad, may be because I wanted to have sex with him for rest of remaining days, rather at that instant my mind state was that I did not wanted to get married and I wanted to be on his bed for rest of my life but that was not possible and it did not happened and I was sent back home and Shilpa Didi stayed with him for the night to have sex and at that moment I felt really very jealous of her.

The End

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The Saga of a Virgin Randi – Part 4

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Read the Part 3 of the story here

Part 4

Shilpa Didi’s lovely face was turned red, it was getting flipped from side to side in excitement, her eyes were closed, and mouth was open in loud, lewd lust calls. OHHHHH uhhhh OHHHHHH!” and after that each thudding thrust of Raju Ji monster drew a choking, broken sob of pure joy from Shilpa Didi’s throat and within next few seconds Shilpa Didi began to orgasm.

While arcing her body she grabbed Raju Ji further tight, clenched her hands over his back and tightened her thighs over his pumping hips and tried to stop him and cried with a husky voice and started trembling but somehow Raju Ji continued fucking her fast to make her shudder further in orgasm but within next couple of seconds Raju Ji also flung his head back and groaned loud and buried himself deep inside her, keeping her eyes closed Shilpa Didi trembled helplessly while getting shattered in powerful orgasm while gripping his body and seemed as if she is going to die now. Raju Ji also hollowed her balls with significant shivering, which I witnessed without a flick of an eye. Slowly they revived and Raju Ji got and went inside toilet.

Shilpa Didi lied there of few more seconds and I saw her fuckhole oozing out thick white liquid which was injected by Raju Ji and that whole scene was really very ugly but if I will talk about Shilpa Didi’s facial expressions, her hairs were bit spread and she was still breathing bit heavy, she seemed relaxed and from her gesture I could make out that Shilpa Didi has enjoyed every second of all this.

Slowly she also got up and asked me for a towel from the wardrobe, I gave her and she cleaned her fuckhole and spoke to me “abb tum ready ho jaao” and once again I got terrified with a thought that now I am going to get fucked like this. Raju Ji came out and asked Shilpa Didi if she can make hot coffee for him and in response Shilpa Didi asked him that when he is going to fuck me, saying “Yashoda ke saath kab karenge?” “break ke baad” while wearing his clothes Raju Ji replied casually with a giggle while looking at my naked body and in a moment he spoke again while looking at me and told me to come out to watch television by saying “bahar aa jaao, thodi der TV dekhte hain”.

After his exit Shilpa Didi also told me to go out after wearing night dress of my choice saying “apni pasand ka night dress pahan low…aur jaao”. I came out after wearing knee length nighty without wearing any bra underneath and holding my wrist Raju Ji took me in his arm on his right and continued watching switching channels while looking at me in between.

“mazza aaya hmm….?” He asked me while fondling my breast from one side, as I said I was not wearing any bra underneath because of which he straight away felt soft flesh of my melons and that made me shiver a bit, apart from that suddenly Raju Ji tried to kiss my neck and brushed his lips around my ears and spoke “tumhari nighty to bahut achhi hai”.

I moaned in strange delight and tried to get away but he grabbed me better and just then Shilpa Didi came out of the kitchen with two cups of hot coffee and a simple glass of cold coffee for me and at beside us casually. I don’t know if she knew what Raju Ji has just done with me, but she could see that I am uneasy and want to get away from him and she told me to get habituated of all this by saying “abb adat daal low iss sab ki”.

Some time passed and from the atmosphere around I could make out that now I am not far from getting fucked. Raju Ji had his coffee while talking to Shilpa Didi casually and for me Raju Ji’s coffee ended with in no time. Once again Raju Ji grabbed me in his arm and took my hand and placed on his crotch and told me to caress it by saying “issko sahlaao” he was already bit hard and with my touch it was getting harder, I was feeling strange, certainly I was little scared but still it was pleasant feeling because of which I continued caressing his folded Penis and it went on getting hard. Very soon Raju Ji started getting excited and griped me better and kissed on my cheek in passion and took my hand and inserted it straight into his jockey and hummed in pleasure.

Don’t know what I was feeling while having an ugly piece of flesh in my hand but Raju Ji was certainly enjoying all that, saying “haan…issko pakad ke achhe se aage peeche karo” he told me to jerk it back and forward fast in rising excitement and I somewhat started handling his raw Penis like he said.

While sitting beside me he parted my thighs a bit and rubbed his fingers over my wet vargina, over the satin Panty I was wearing and I too started moaning a bit in excitement, but Raju Ji was much more excited than me, inserting his hand from my thigh’s side, he somehow touched my bare fuckhole with his fingers and spoke in excitement “bas ab ye isske andar jaayega” and once again I tried to get away as he was trying to rub my fuckhole fast.

“yahin pe karenge kya” Just then Shilpa Didi asked him and he replied with no, saying “nahi..karunga to bedroom mein…lekin inko Nanga yehin se karke le jaaunga” with that Raju Ji tried to take off my Panty first and after that he lifted my nighty. Once again I was stark naked in front of him and before I would have realized what is going to happen now Raju Ji tried to pick me up and succeeded and lifted my naked body comfortably and moved to bedroom.

While being in his arms I saw glimpse of Shilpa Didi, and she was smiling. Raju Ji entered into bedroom and rested me on bed and started taking off his clothes and came on bed in a fraction, once again I got to see his Penis at almost its fullest. He immediately took me under his strong body and started kissing me passionately; he was somewhat trying to eat me and not much but unknowingly I was somewhat responding to his kiss.

In rising passion Raju Ji slowly moved down to my body and sucked my nipples for few seconds and then went further down and spreading my thighs apart once again rubbed my fuck opening with his fingers and looked at my facial expressions. Certainly I was in pleasure, lust was empowering my fear a bit and I was moaning with heavy breaths.

Like last time holding my thighs Raju Ji folded my legs and raised them up after widening them to get complete access of my fuckhole and buried his face into my crotch one more time and started sucking me intensely. Once again I was moaning and trembling with strange sensation, once again it was something which seemed filthy but extremely attractive.

I was releasing fresh streams of my pleasure juices while gasping with closed eyes and Raju Ji was gulped everything I released. Within one more minute of continued sucking I was well aroused and nobody could see any kind of fear in my gesture, my fuckhole was now somewhat twitching in strange desire, I wanted to finger fuck myself at that instant to reach to my climax but Raju Ji did not wanted me to reach there.

He bought me closer to my peak stopped at certain point and made me sit instantly and bought his crotch near my face and told me to suck in excited tone by saying “Yashoda issko suck karo”. I did not wanted to do that and I looked up to Raju Ji, but by now Shilpa Didi was in the room and she also told me to suck by saying “Yashoda Chuso issko…jaise lollipop chuste hain” and with that she came to bed and lightly pushed me to bought my face closer to Raju Ji’s semi erect Penis and spoke to me again “muhn kholo aur tip ko Dheere dheere Chuso…jayada andar mat lena” next with a pause she spoke to Raju Ji and told him not to put it in my mouth deeper by saying “jayada andar nahi daaliyega… Dheere dheere seekh jaayegi” and in response Raju Ji just hummed in excitement.

Finally I moved ahead a bit and leaned over Raju Ji’s crotch, opened my mouth and at last my face distended a bit and my cheeks hollowed. I parted my lips bit wide to engulf his monster Penis into my mouth. Raju Ji groaned in excitement, holding my head he looked down to watch me and hummed deeply, he somewhat got fascinated by the sight, his enormously swollen penis was partially emerging and disappearing into my mouth and I felt him growing bit more in my mouth. Although at my end I was trying my best to take as less as length possible in my mouth but still within one minute unknowingly I was gulping half of it. Truly speaking I was not at all liking whatever I was doing, it was filthy and I was just moving my mouth around his length, somewhat doing it for the heck of it and feeling him growing harder and harder but soon Raju Ji told me to suck it by saying “Yashoda issko Chuso…suck karo” As Raju Ji said that Shilpa Didi followed him and told me to suck it after making it wet with my saliva by saying “issko apne saliva se gila karke chuso…Jaise Lollipop chuste hain” and I somehow tried to follow what they said and took out my saliva and licked his Penis tip slowly and sucked it tenderly. Overcoming the filth feeling I somehow continued taking his monster in my mouth while sucking and finally warmth of my mouth and my soft incessant sucking sett Raju Ji’s desire to blow, he was at his fullest in size and hard like iron rod and very soon Raju Ji started groaning in evident pleasure and stopped me from doing that. For a moment I felt relieved from the act I was doing but next instant realized now I am going to get fucked with the thing which I have hardened. Raju Ji once again pushed me lightly on bed and told me to lie down by saying “late jaao”.

I lied, he widened my legs and looked at my fuckhole, rubbed its opening, I moaned a bit with spread legs. “dekh lijiye…agar chiknai kam hai to oil lagga lijiye” Shilpa Didi spoke as she saw Raju Ji rubbing and analyzing my fuckhole’s wetness. “nahi…oil nahi lagana….abhi aur gili ho jaayegi” Raju Ji replied, he did not wanted to use oil to lubricate my fuckhole, he continued rubbing my fuckhole and looked up, into my eyes and spoke to me “Yashoda….tumhen maalom hai na ab kya hone wala hai….?” Before I would have understood what he is asking Raju Ji replied “jisko ek minute pahle tum Chus rahi thi…wo tumhari isske andar jaayega” with that Raju parted my vertical lips a bit with his finger and I felt like hell.

I moaned loud in excitement and tried to get away a bit. But holding my thighs Raju Ji stopped me moving from there and started caressing my fuckhole with his both the thumbs and spoke again “main tumhara boy friend hun…hmmm…main tumhare saath ye sab kar sakta hun”.

At that time I could not understand what is doing, Raju Ji was actually trying to increase my lubrication with my natural juices and I was getting crazy in fear and lust at the same time, I was wet but I think not much, I was realizing that I am very close to lose my virginity but Raju Ji was playing with my fuckhole without inserting anything properly in that.

At the other end Shilpa Didi very well knew the reason of all that and she suggested Raju Ji to suck me for some more time by saying “thodi der chus lijiye….abhi paani chhodne lagegi” and Raju Ji followed what Shilpa Didi said. Once again he was into my thighs and I was getting sucked.

In that aroused state I enjoyed getting sucked and very soon started moaning and gasping in lust and like last time once again felt my fuckhole trembling in desire to get something and Raju Ji sensed my body language and stopped sucking me and rubbed my fuckhole with his fingers and hummed and spoke in excitement “hmmmm….. Good…. Ab easily ho jaayega”.

Next once again he settled down between my spread thighs and leaned a bit and looked into my eyes and saw me puffing in desire. Raju Ji rubbed his Penis on my fuckhole rapidly and I moaned like never before, holding the pillow with both the hands, arching my back a bit I raised head and moaned loud, I was breathing really very fast and could feel that I was more or less ready to get stuffed, my fuckhole was twitching in desire to get him and at that particular moment fear was somewhat subsided. Once again Raju Ji touched my virgin fuck opening with his Penis and this time he did not rubbed it over my fuckhole, rather spreading my thighs even wider, while looking at my fuckhole constantly he squeezed tip of his monster into my tiny opening and bought himself slowly into me. Ohh…god I cannot forget that moment in my entire life, I was merely 21 and my body was barely prepared for that masculine treatment and my tiny opening was tore opened by a fully grown man meat.

I felt as if hot iron rod is getting inside me and I screamed loud for an instant but next moment Shilpa Didi placed her palm over my mouth to control my voice. At that time it seemed impossible for me to bear that pain even for a second but unluckily it went on going. Arcing my body like a bow, I was crying in pain and tried to get away, couple of times I tried to push Raju Ji away but holding my hand he kept on going into me.

Holding my arms Shilpa Didi also helped him to control my movement and tried to comfort me by saying “bass ho gaya”. At certain point Raju Ji flexed his buttocks rapidly into me and ripped my virgin fuckhole further with a sudden jerk and I cried frantically and tried to get away more desperately and once again Shilpa Didi helped Raju Ji to retain me at my position and tried to hug me to give me mental support.

I don’t know how much of his length was inside me but when Raju Ji stopped for a fraction my body was arched and mouth was tore open in a big painful cry, Ahhhh ……. Ahhhhh ……Ahhhh……, although according to them there was enough lubrication but even then I was hurt badly.

Raju Ji did not bothered about my cries and very soon his rod continued sizzling inside me but now slowly, I was still trying to get away; I tried to push him again by saying “please….. mujhe dard ho raha hai…..” but holding my hands and controlling my body under his enormous weight Raju Ji continued crushing my womanhood, and spoke in excitement while looking at me “pahli baar……thoda dard to hota hi hai…. hmmmm…. Abhi sab theek ho jaayega” he was endless and I was feeling every fraction of his monster rod sizzling and reaming into my tiny fuckhole. My body was further arched, my breasts were bursting, and nipples were rigid with excitement and I was crying in pain of losing my virginity to save my house.

I was feeling as if today I will be ripped into two from my fuckhole as Raju Ji’s monster continued filling my fuckhole inch by inch brutally, he stopped once again for a fraction but not for long, I think it was time when his monster was barely left outside my tight channel and he wanted to get into me completely.

With a wicked roll of his taut buttocks Raju Ji flexed his bottom once again with a sudden jerk and cleaved me completely. Ohhhh God… what was that, with his rapid fucking thrust I just got out of breath and could not speak anything, I could not even cry for a fraction and somewhat got unconscious in pain for few seconds.

I don’t know how I swallowed that breath taking pain, I just remember when I regained my thighs were stretched painfully wide and leaving his whole weight Raju Ji was lying on me and I was holding him tight. Certainly I cannot detail my condition but I could see that Raju Ji was in pleasure, while enjoying tight clamp of my virgin fuckhole over his thick and long monster he was kissing and brushing his wet lips around my neck and as he saw me bit recovered from the pain he tried to kiss me and I opened my mouth to give him consent to roam inside my mouth with his tongue and he did that to make me feel better.

Our crotch was touching and I could feel that Raju Ji’s whole length, till the root of his hard Penis was buried inside me, he was at a halt and did not moved for really long, may be to make me recover from the pain but my pain seemed endless to me and I could not think of enjoying all this the way Shilpa Didi was enjoying some time back.

Somehow I was trying to bear his weight along with a pain in my womanhood and at that instant I was somewhat unaware of this fact that major pain is yet to come. Finally that too happened, Raju Ji got bit up and caressed my hairs to get my vision and we looked into each other’s eyes for a fraction and Raju Ji slowly withdrew himself, hardly an inch and I moaned sexily in strange pleasure and pain but as he moved back into me I tremble a bit and cried in pain.

To be Concluded

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The Saga of a Virgin Randi – Part 3

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Part 3

Apparently at the time when we would have moved from there in train, we reached at Raju Ji flat, he was yet not home as it was too early for him to reach back home but Shilpa Didi had spare keys because she use to come regularly at this place. It was beautiful house, there were very limited things in the house and decorum was just perfect.

Shilpa Didi showed me bedroom, and as expected it was wow, for few seconds I could not move my eyes from the bed; it was huge with a very thick mattress and seemed very comfortable. “dekh low… aaj issi bister par tumhari Suhaag raat hone waali hai…” Shilpa Didi tried to make me think what all is going to happen with me and her words made me feel strange one more time.

I asked Shilpa Didi what if I will get pregnant and she smiled on my question and said “Hum hue kya kabhi pregnant, ek saal se jayada ho gaya hai humko….Raju Ji ke saath sotte hue”, then with a pause Shilpa Didi spoke again “kuch nahi hoga…bus humari tarah goli khaati rahna…Raju Ji Condom nahi lagaate”.

Next she opened her hand bag and started arranging my clothes in one of the wardrobes and I saw few of her clothes hanging there too and as she saw I am looking at her clothes she spoke again, “ye humare hi kapde hain…kai baar to hum subah yahin se office jaate hain”.

Next Shilpa Didi asked me if I have hairs on my fuckhole while giving me a razor and without waiting me to say yes she told me to remove it by saying “tumhari Yoni pe baal hain na?…ye low hataao unko” I took the razor with a perplexed gesture and Shilpa Didi spoke again in casual tone “samajh low… jo kuch tumne kal movie mein dekha tha wo sab hone wala hai…” “mujhe bhi suck karna padega?”

I asked her back and Shilpa Didi smiled a bit and replied with yes and said she also do it by saying “haan…hum bhi karte hain…dekh lena tunhare saamne hi karenge”. That was another thing which I did not wanted to do it, but nobody could help me in this too, not even Shilpa Didi.

Anyway that was first time I was about to remove my sable hairs and Shilpa Didi somewhat sensed that from my gesture and helped me in that, rather she removed most of them and spoke while moving razor over surface of my fuckhole that she has already shaved her fuckhole in the night.

Finally I was clean and clear there and next Shilpa Didi told me to take a shower and gave me new set of satin bra and panty and took out one stretchable jeans and t-shirt to wear it. After me Shilpa Didi also took shower and got ready and now we were somewhat waiting Raju Ji to come and apart from watching television on a big wall mounted screen, I spoke to my mom in between to assure her that I am fine and we are heading towards Delhi.

Finally Raju Ji came back home just before 9 with a packed food and greeted me good evening with a smile and before we would have sat together to dine he also took shower and unlike we two he was wearing casual wear, simple cotton shorts and thin t-shirt. They, Shilpa Didi and Raju Ji spoke about work and office while having dinner but I saw him looking at me numerous times in that span.

Finally bit after dinner Raju Ji got up and went inside his bedroom and came out with a Cheque book, he named one with Shilpa Didi’s name and filled the quarter amount and signed it and gave it to Shilpa Didi and Shilpa Didi forwarded that to me and spoke “ab tum tension matt low…tumhara ghar bach gaya hai…bas ab Raju Ji ko apni body ka pleasure do, aur khud bhi enjoy karo”.

In addition to that Raju Ji tried to convince me one more time that he will speak to Bank manager to extend the time limit. Both Shilpa Didi and Raju Ji got up from dining area, it time was time for me pay myself off to Raju Ji against that money and I was feeling as if my feet have gone heavy, I did not wanted to go in the bedroom but I had to, Shilpa Didi told me to get up and come along by saying “chalo ab chala jaaye bedroom mein”.

Finally I got up and moved inside the bedroom with them. Room was chilling because AC was on from last one hour and now there was nothing which I could do retain my dignity. Shilpa Didi took me to the bed and Raju Ji climbed from other side and while sitting on the other half, holding my wrist he pulled me lightly towards him and at the same time Shilpa Didi pushed me a bit from behind and I went close to him.

“Yashoda aapka koi boy friend hai?” Raju Ji asked me while looking into my eyes and I said no while moving my head, “aaj se hai… main aapka boy friend hun”. Opening his arms Raju Ji took me in his arms and hugged me, I just remained as it is without giving any reply from my body; I was really scared and confused that what he is going to do now.

Raju Ji’s grip around my body got bit tighter and now my face was resting on his broad chest sideways. He loosened the grip a bit after hardly a minute and looked down to me and kissed me on my cheek and spoke, “Yashoda tum bahut payari ho” and further came down to access my lips and kissed me on that.

Raju Ji adjusted me straight and holding my face in his palms he started kissing me properly, initially I did not responded to his kiss and kept my lips closed along with my eyes may be because I did not knew that I have to open my mouth but next moment I felt that that one of his hand was moving on my neck and upper portion of my breast over my top and I shivered in strange sensation and moaned and next moment Raju Ji’s tongue was inside my mouth and he was exploring my mouth with passion as if he wants to eat me. Raju Ji’s hands were on my breasts and he was playing with them tenderly, squeezing them with soft hands while kissing me and I started enjoying all that a bit and realized that I was also holding his body.

He stopped for a while and looked into my eyes and spoke, “Yashoda sab kuch bhool jao, just have fun, tumhari life mein ye din dobara nahi aayega” and kissed me again for a while and spoke again this time to Shilpa Didi “Shilpa Didi… kapde uttariye inke”.

Shilpa Didi moved and came behind me and lifted my top and took it bit up and waited because Raju Ji was still kissing me and with that he was playing with my breasts, in a instant he realized that Shilpa Didi is waiting for him, he stopped and next moment I was topless in front of him, wearing light pink color soft satin nighty.

His lips moved down to my cleavage and then moved up again brushed his wet lips all over my neck and next Raju Ji took my earlobe in his mouth and sucked it. I was already very uneasy and somewhat shivering in pleasure and his that act made me gasp loud in ecstasy and I tried to get away.

Raju Ji gripped me hard and kissed me again for few seconds and stared in my eyes, I was puffing and breathing heavy and I blushed and looked down. Shilpa Didi started releasing my hairs by taking out the bow of my pony and soon my hairs were released free. Next Shilpa Didi wrapped her hands around my bare waist and kissed me on my cheek from behind and spoke in soft voice, “daro nahi…enjoy karo” her hands moved on my breasts and she tried to lift my bra to take it out from my arms and I raised my hands. I was naked from my upper half in front of a male for the first time and feeling was really very weird, I was somewhat shivering deep inside and could not look up.

Raju Ji was somewhat waiting for that and as my milks got exposed he cupped my soft breast in his palm and started caressing them tenderly, he was looking at me, to my expressions while playing with my tiny erect nipple. I closed my eyes while breathing heavy, then he took other one and played with it like before.

His left arm was wrapped around me holding me close to his body from my back so that I cannot get away and other hand was busy in playing with my muskmelons. Soon Raju Ji started sucking my milks and slowly made me lie on my back. I was on his bed and Raju Ji was over me partially while sucking my tiny nipples and his hands were moving over my thighs and he tried to open the button of my jeans and next moment I felt Shilpa Didi’s hands to help him in that too.

Caressing my cheek once again Raju Ji started exploring my mouth and Shilpa Didi continued taking off my jeans from my lower half. With in no time I was just in panty and the Raju Ji’s hand, which was over my cheek, went down to my thighs and started caressing them while looking at my expressions.

I was getting breath less with closed eyes and for a instant I looked into his eyes for a fraction and blushed; leaving myself on his mercy once again I closed my eyes and continued puffing in pleasure. “ye bhi nikal do” Raju Ji spoke to Shilpa Didi, it was about my panty, he told her to take that off too and that increased my breath but finally it happened, I was lying stark naked on his soft spongy bed to save my house.

For a moment I felt that whatever is happening with me is not real, it’s a nightmare but it was not, I was totally in his arms and once again Raju Ji hands were between my thighs, his excitement was also rising and he gently touched my heavily soaked, soft cunt flesh and rubbed it for a while, I moaned in pleasure with closed eyes and felt fresh stream of my love juices going out of my body, Raju Ji continued doing that and moved his finger couple of times on my wet slit vertically from top to bottom and enjoyed plying his finger in splash of my sticky fluid, truly speaking I was getting crazy with whatever he was doing with me and slowly my uneasy was disappearing and held him tight while puffing in excitement.

I heard him talking to Shilpa Didi saying “mujhe suck karna hai inko…” from his voice I could feel that Raju Ji was really very excited. “kariye… ….iss mein puchhene ki kya baat hai…ab ye ab aapki hain… jo karna hai kariye inke saath” Shilpa Didi replied Raju Ji with and her words made me shiver in excitement one more time. I was about to get sucked and I somewhat knew that this is going to happen next.

I was lying in the middle of the bed not having even a single thread on my body and Shilpa Didi was laying beside me on her elbow wearing all her clothes. Raju Ji was taking off his clothes and he came closer wearing just his underwear and sat down at my legs and tried to part my thighs.

I tried to bought them closer in hesitation, he tried again and looked at me, Shilpa Didi spoke to me while parting my thighs, “Yashoda apni Taange kholo… karne de jo ye karna chahte hain” I obeyed her and next moment Raju Ji further widened my thighs with his hand, slowly went between them and buried his face in my crouch and straight away started licking my fuckhole and parted my virginal lips with his tongue with a powerful lick from bottom to top with his rough tongue. I moaned loud and trembled like fish without water and tried to get away on very first instant but Shilpa Didi held my body and leaned over me a bit and kissed me on my cheek in excitement and spoke in low voice “Yashoda mazza low isska”.

Raju Ji further parted my thighs and folded them to get a better access of my pleasure hole for his tongue and Shilpa Didi helped him by holding my legs from my knee joints and within few more seconds intensity of Raju Ji’s sucking increased a lot and now he was into my tiny hole with his tongue after spreading my virginal lips with his fingers and that really took my breath and I jumped in ecstasy and tried to push him, but griping my thighs better Raju Ji tried his best to continue sucking me hard in excitement and before I would have pushed him again leaving my legs Shilpa Didi held my hands and came over me partially from top so that I cannot move, I was screaming in pleasure and Raju Ji was sucking me hard, trying to take out everything from body through my fuckhole, my bottom started lurching and I started banging it on the bed and Raju Ji stopped my that movement as well by holding my thighs and putting his weight on it, my god… I cannot write that feeling, certainly it was pleasant but it was weird I was screaming in pleasure and wanted him to stop may be because I was about to explode and just then Raju Ji stopped sucking me but continued rubbing my fuckhole vigorously and pressure continued rising inside me and within a fraction I started shivering while reaching to my climax and finally met first real time orgasm of my life. It was strange, both Shilpa Didi Raju Ji were holding my shivering body nicely while I was humming with sudden jerks while releasing my pressure and once again Raju JI started licking my love opening when I was cumming and his rough tongue over my slit was making me shiver strangely again and again while releasing my liquid. I was shattered and cummed heavily with sobbing gasps, at that instant for a girl like me it was wildest experience of my life.

Slowly Raju Ji came over me and kissed me on my lips, I was still breathing with difficulty and puffing heavily. He caressed my forehead and kissed me there and spoke to Shilpa Didi told her to get me water. I had half a glass of water, and then got up and used the toilet; Raju Ji drank whatever was left in the glass.

For a moment I rested in piece in toilet and recollected whatever happened with me and hated myself, it was so filthy. That instant I was realizing, that I have done a mistake, what would have happened if we would have shifted to rented house?…nothing! I thought about talking to Shilpa Didi that I don’t want to do all this anymore and I want to go home and came out to the bedroom but failed to utter anything, I was realizing that now it is too late to step back.

Shilpa Didi was waiting for me; she took me to bed and told me to relax. I was totally spent and did not have much energy, I was feeling weak and it could be seen from my body language. Still deep inside there was something which was attracting me towards all this and that is why even after trying very hard I did not uttered anything to Shilpa Didi about my wish of not doing all this, even when Raju Ji were absent from there for a minute or so to use the toilet.

Still wearing his underwear Raju Ji came out and climbed on the bed my right while looking at me. Shilpa Didi was still standing when Raju Ji told her to come to bed after taking off her clothes, saying, “Shilpa Didi aap bhi kapde uttarke kar bed pe aajao” Shilpa Didi smiled a bit and replied with “Maine to socha tha aap humare kapde uttarenge” “Haan Haan kyun nahi” with that Raju Ji got up instantly and went closer to Shilpa Didi and started taking off her clothes.

She was wearing Kurta on top and tight leggings on lower half. Shilpa Didi raised her hands as Raju Ji lifted her Kurta to take it off and then he bought Shilpa Didi’s tight Pajami down to her feet, it took hardly few more seconds to Raju Ji to make Shilpa Didi totally naked by further taking off her bra and panty.

Talking about Shilpa Didi’s appearance she was also fair and good looking female, in her late thirties. For me since then she was simple and spiritual lady who use to put sandalwood Tilak daily on her forehead after morning worship an even that day it was there.

In physical appearance Shilpa Didi was bit shorter than me, but her body, especially her breasts were much bigger than mine, she was bit over weight for her height and like me she didn’t had flat tummy, and over all she was bit chubby as there was good amount of flesh over her thighs and hips.

Anyway While standing stark naked and looking at Raju Ji’s face, into his eyes with a smile Shilpa Didi extended her hand and inserted it into Raju Ji underwear without any hesitation and started jerking his Penis which was yet not out of my vision. After making few seconds of eye contact with Raju Ji Shilpa Didi asked him “Uttar dein na issko?” and she drifted his underwear down and now Raju Ji was also totally naked, I got a glimpse of his rod but mainly I could see his hips, as he was facing away from me and they were firm and heavy. Next moment he pulled Shilpa Didi from her shoulder and started kissing her and Shilpa Didi responded to his kiss nicely. I could see her face and could see that she was trying to eat Raju Ji.

Shilpa Didi did not stopped jerking Raju Ji’s rod while kissing and now I could see that Raju Ji was also rubbing his hand over Shilpa Didi’s fuckhole. Both remained busy in kissing and rubbing each other’s private parts and really did not bothered about my presence. After nearly one more minute they stopped and Shilpa Didi looked at me and smiled a bit spoke to Raju Ji, “pahle Yashoda ke saath kar lijiye” “nahi pahle aapko satisfy kar deta hun” Raju Ji replied back “theek hai jaisa aapka mann” Shilpa Didi accepted and looked at me and smiled a bit without uttering anything. They both came to bed, Raju Ji looked at me and smiled may be because now he was also naked and he saw me looking at his hard and erect monster.

I Saw his penis, it was monster and hard and erect and I could not believe that ultimately this has to go inside my tiny fuckhole. Everything was moving fast, at that instant Raju Ji was going to fuck Shilpa Didi and very soon everything I saw last night on screen, it started live and real happening in front of my eyes.

Like me few minutes back, now Shilpa Didi was under Raju Ji and they kissed for a while, he sucked Shilpa Didi’s sagging breasts for a while after kissing her and along with sucking he inserted two of his fingers in Shilpa Didi’s fuckhole rapidly and finger fucked her nicely and Shilpa gasped as she got invaded down there.

After bit of finger fucking they got up, Shilpa Didi started jerking Raju Ji’s big and hard Penis again and looked at me for a fraction, as if she wanted to say me “see I am going to suck this” she leaned over his crouch and slowly took his rod in her mouth and sucking like I saw in a movie last night.

Raju Ji was nearly sitting resting his back on the back of the bed and Shilpa Didi was sucking him nicely giving her best to make him harder, I could see Raju Ji’s monster rod appearing and disappearing in Shilpa Didi’s mouth and it was glistening with her saliva and once again I felt as if everything happening here is virtual, filthy but still attractive.

Shilpa Didi tried to call me to give her company in sucking him but Raju Ji said no to her by saying “nahi…Yashoda se baad mein suck karwaaunga…”. Raju Ji’s penis swelled and grew harder in Shilpa Didi’s mouth; I could see it getting even bigger and with that Raju Ji started grunting and finally stopped Shilpa Didi.

He was ready to plunge Shilpa Did and Shilpa Didi was somewhat desperate to get him. He asked her if she wants to get sucked but Shilpa Didi said no to it by saying “nahin ab daal dijiye humare andar”. Pushing Shilpa Didi on her back Raju Ji moved up over her, and Didi hissed in pleasure her hands were running up and down in excitement over his thick biceps and broad shoulders.

Widening her thighs apart Raju Ji further knelt over Shilpa Didi, bent over her on his outstretched arms. Shilpa Didi reached down holding his fully erect penis and she guided it to her pleasure hole. “Fuck kariye humen… achhe se….fuck me hard” Shilpa Didi spoke like bitch in heat and hissed through clenched teeth, at that moment she was rubbing his monster over her fuckhole with her own hands.

Before I would have thought that now this monster will go into Shilpa Didi, Raju Ji pressed his buttocks against Shilpa Didi’s pelvis and his monster made his way into Shilpa Didi’s fuckhole. With one smooth and intense stroke he was totally inside Shilpa Did and Shilpa Didi arced her neck a bit and gasped in delirious joy and next moment her hands went to his back and she tried to grab Raju Ji between her arms and fleshy thighs.

Raju Ji immediately started plowing Shilpa Didi’s fuckhole and she gasped as she started getting fucked properly by her senior. Unknowingly I move behind them and saw, Raju Ji was burring his hard penis into Shilpa Didi till the root of it and his heavy balls are pressing Shilpa Didi’s cunt-lips again and again.

For a girl like me everything happening was so strange that once again for a fraction I thought that it’s not real, everything was very filthy yet attractive and I was failing to take off my eyes from Shilpa Didi’s fuckhole which was getting crushed again and again under very ugly looking Penis.

Shilpa Didi did not stopped panting even for a fraction but soon Raju Ji also grunting and began fucking Didi with very fast screwing thrusts, he was plunging his huge penis steeply in and out of her fuckhole brutally and his hips were snapping in powerful squeezing rhythm.

Their bodies were tied together and both were moaning heavy, specially Shilpa Didi, she was crying as Raju Ji’s speed of fucking her was rising with every passing second. It was freighting as well as arousing for a Virgin girl like me and along with pounding heart I could feel myself flooding heavily between my thighs and started visualizing myself at Shilpa Didi’s place.

To be continued

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The Saga of a Virgin Randi – Part 2

Read the Part 1 of the story here

Part 2

We ended up dinner well before 9 and I tried to distract my mind but literary failed and felt like talking to Shilpa Didi. It could be lust that I wanted to talk to her about all this and by now somewhere deep inside it was yes from my side. I gave a missed call to Shilpa Didi from my mom’s mobile and she called back and I spoke to her in solitude and told her somehow to call me at her place through my mom and next Shilpa Didi spoke to my mom and asked her if she can send me to her place as she has some office work and I can help her in calculations. As expected my mom agreed and once again around 9:30 I was with Shilpa Didi and now I was suppose to sleep with her in the night, superficially after finishing Shilpa Didi’s office work.

Shilpa Didi gave me sweet to eat and for some time we sat together in front of television with some TV serial which Shilpa Didi use to watch. Somewhere around 10 Shilpa Didi got free from watching television and muting the television asked me casually “hmmm…ab bolo kya bolna hai” “kuch nahi….” I replied back in a perplex tone, “kuch poochhna chahti ho?” “nahi…bas aise hi…akele mein bahut tension ho rahi hai” I replied back “hmmmm….hum samajh sakte hain” Shilpa Didi acknowledged my mind state and asked me something which I was not at all expecting, saying “blue film dekhogi?” she asked me if I want to see adult movie.

though I did not replied to her but she understood that I want to see it and she asked me again while getting up, “Aaj tak dekhi hai kabhi?” in reply I moved my head in no, “chalo hum dikhate hain” Shilpa Didi replied with a smile on my confused gesture and started connecting her DVD player “ye DVD player bhi Raju Ji ne hi gift kiya tha humen…. Aur ye movies bhi”

Shilpa spoke again while inserting a disc into player and after that she came back to her previous location, next to me. Finally it started, it was first time I was watching a blue film, it gradually moved and after bit of kissing couple on the screen started taking off each other’s cloths and guy on the screen started sucking females breasts and slowly moved down to her crotch and buried his face between her thighs and started sucking females fuckhole.

Everything was clearly visible and my eyes were glued to the screen, I knew about this way of making pleasure through my friends even then I was little shocked to see that how that guy was licking that female’s fuckhole without any hesitation.

At the other end instead of screen Shilpa Didi was looking at my expressions and sensing my mind she passed a statement with a naughty smile “Dekh low yehi hai zindagi ki sachai aur yehi sab hoga tumhare saath bhi” ….“abhi nahi hoga to Shaadi ke baad hoga”. (See this is the truth of life…all this will happen with you too…if not now then after marriage).

I cannot forget that strange feeling I went through, at that time I could not visualize myself sitting and giving full access of my fuckhole to any guy with widely spread thighs, above that the way that guy was eating that girls fuckhole was really very weird, he was going deeper and deeper into her thighs and that girl was screaming in pleasure.

Once again Shilpa Didi asked me something and I was not at all expecting that, she spoke to me if I masturbate and her words were “tum ungli se karti ho kuch?” for a fraction I looked at her face and then said yes in a low voice and my reply bought smile to Shilpa Didi and she spoke again “tumhara shareer poori tarah tayar hai Sambhog karne ke liye”(your body is just ready to have sex).

After that Shilpa Didi got up and before that she asked me for tea, I said no to that and for next few minutes I was watching blue film alone as after using the toilet Shilpa Didi was busy in making tea for herself in the kitchen. By the time she came back fucking was just started on the screen and before that I saw that female sucking that guys Penis generously on screen, but when Shilpa Didi came that guy was lying over the female with his whole Penis in females fuckhole and at that moment that scene was taking my senses off. I was wet and excited and very uneasy, I wanted to masturbate but I could not, to control my urge I told Shilpa Didi to stop that movie and Shilpa Didi did that and casually asked with a joking gesture, “kya hua…gili ho gayi kya” and I felt bit embarrassed as she was right, I was wet inside my panties. Once again she asked me same question while sipping her tea, whether I want to go for it or not and mentally I was at the verge of saying yes but still I wanted to know few things and first thing I asked her was “mujhe dard hoga na?” (it will pain me?)

“haan…jab pahli baar tumhare andar jayega tab hoga….” Shilpa Didi paused for a second and then spoke again “hum Raju ji ko bol denge, wo aaram se karenge” then again she spoke “waise bhi 2-3 baar mein to dard bilkul gayab ho jaayega….” (yes… when first time it will go inside you…I will speak to Raju Ji he will do it calmly….anyhow after 2-3 times pain will disappear.

Next I asked was what if he will not pay after fucking me and my words were “agar unhon ne karne ke baad paise nahi diye to?” Shilpa Didi replied that she is sure that it will not happen and she will talk about this in the beginning “I am sure aisa nahi hoga…wo aisa nahi karenge…aur hum pahle hi baat kar lenge”.

As such now I did not had anything to ask but I was still confused and Shilpa Didi was sensing my mind and she spoke again to comfort me “tum tension matt low….tumhare saath kuch galat nahi hoga….” (Nothing wrong will happen to you) And after that once again she said that she will try to remain with me at that time and this time her words were, “hum koshish karenge ki jab tumhare saath ye hoga tab hum tumhaare paas hi rahen…” “koshish karoge…?” I asked Shilpa Didi back in stress full voice as anyhow I wanted her to be there at that time and Shilpa Didi replied and somewhat told me that she will try but if that guy (Raju Ji) will say that he wants to fuck me in solitude then she will not be able to do anything.

“haan..koshish karenge…agar wo kahenge ki unhen akele mein karna hai to hum kya karenge” “nahi please aap mere saath hi rehna” “Ok…hum baat karenege” once again Shilpa Didi replied and said she will talk about this but very next instant asked me again “to tumhari taraf se haan hai…..?” (So it is yes from your side).

Once again instead of saying yes I went silent and once again Shilpa Didi tried to convince me by saying “humari maano to kar low….tumhen kuch nahi hoga….kisi ko patta bhi nahi chalega….aur tumhara ghar bikne se bach jaayega….ek baar ghar bik gaya to dobaara nahi banega” she was right Shilpa Didi waited for me to reply but hardly after few seconds asked me again, “bolo baat Karen Raju Ji se?”. Finally I moved my head in yes and next moment my heart started beating high. Shilpa Didi got up instantly and searched for her mobile, I didn’t knew why was she doing that as I was not expecting that she will talk to her senior Raju Ji at this hour. She waited for the ring to be answered while looking at me and finally spoke.

I could hear whatever she spoke from here and she started with “kaise hain?” and continued “bus hum bhi theek hain”… after that Shilpa Didi spoke “aapse ek baat karni thi” and I saw her tone getting changed, she was bit hesitant in speaking but she somehow spoke again and this time her words were “ek ladki hai…Yashoda(Me)… Virgin hai….aur unko paise ki zarurat hai…”

I don’t know what Raju Ji spoke from that side I think he would have asked how much money I need and here Shilpa Didi fumbled a bit and said “wo hum mil kar baat kar lenge… pahle kal hum aapko Yashoda se milwa dete hain… ussi time saari baat ho jaayegi” after that more or less Shilpa Didi ended the conversation and spoke to me while disconnecting the line, “patta nahi maanegen ya nahi…tumhara amount bhi to bahut jayada hai” Shilpa Didi seemed bit nervous and her words disappointed me a bit but saying “agar poora nahi denge to kitna de denge” I asked her if he will not agree for whole amount then what will he give, but Shilpa Didi replied negatively on that and said “agar poora nahi denge to tum nahi karogi…” (If he will not give whole amount then you will not do it).

After that Shilpa Didi scheduled her next day and told me to meet her at specific point somewhere around lunch time and because she knew that I have one, she specifically told me to wear western outfit. Bodyline jeans with a t-shirt and then added that in tight outfit my body will appear luscious and her words were “tight kapdon mein tumhara badan bhara hua dikhega” and next thing came in my mind was, am I going to get fucked tomorrow only and I asked that by saying “wo mere saath kal hi karenge kya?” and Shilpa Didi replied with “dekhte hain?”. Although I had a plan to sleep there only but don’t know why I decided to go home and slept with hell of mind state in my mom’s arm.

Next morning I got up and started getting ready while thinking about what all is going to happen with me and slowly fear of mid days meeting started rising in me, somewhere I was getting relaxed by thinking that Raju Ji will refuse to pay me that much amount for my virginity and I do not have to do all that and somewhere I was scared of this that if he will refuse then we will lose our house.

With such mind set I came out of the house wearing what Shilpa Didi told me to. I was going to collage but for very less time, I was suppose to reach somewhere before 1 and for that I have to leave collage just after couple of classes and I did that with a pounding heart.

Shilpa Didi met me on decided point and place of further meeting was also fixed, it was one hi-fi restaurant and Shilpa Didi told me that Raju Ji is already there. We entered in the restaurant and took a table and Shilpa Didi asked me what else I would like to order, I was not at all in state to answer that, I don’t know what I was feeling, I was scared throughout the day and apart from that I was wet and leaking since morning by assuming things on my own. Finally after ordering light snacks to eat and couple of drinks, Shilpa Didi silently showed me the person sitting bit far on the corner table and said “dekho wo hain Raju Ji”.

Wearing stripes shirt a tall guy with good health with specs was busy in talking to someone but after knowing the fact I saw him looking at us couple of times. Food got served and we started having, I was not in condition to eat anything so I just started having my cold coffee and felt as if I have done something wrong by coming here.

Nobody in this world can understand that how I passed those 15-20 minutes in waiting to end their meeting and finally when they ended as expected I was nervous as now Raju Ji was sitting in front of me and looking at me while talking to Shilpa Didi. In beginning it was not at all that subject, rather first they spoke about what to order more and then about the reason and for which meeting he was here and in the end after 5-10 minutes of casual conversation my subject started when Shilpa introduced me to him as her neighbor saying “Ye Yashoda hain…humari pados mein rahti hain”.

Raju said hello to me with a smile and once again Shilpa Didi spoke “actually inko paise ki bahut zaroorat hai…aur ye ready hain…you know wo jo maine kal aapko kaha tha” Raju Ji acknowledged whatever Shilpa Didi spoke and then asked “kitna paisa chahiye?” finally that question came in conversation which was most frightful for us but instead of telling him the amount Shilpa Didi detailed him the matter why I need that money and eventually told him that we are in very big trouble and only he can help us. After bit more of that conversation once again Raju Ji asked Shilpa Didi that how much money we need and finally Shilpa Didi opened the whole amount which we were supposed to pay to the bank and then added figure she had to help us.

As expected Raju Ji was shocked and he smiled bit sarcastically and spoke “don’t you think it’s too much…I mean…I agree that she is ready and she is also Virgin….but ye to bahut jayada hai”. That’s what I was scared of, first reaction from Raju Ji was negative but Shilpa Didi somehow tried to convince him other way and said, “hum aapse inki Virginity ke Pasie nahi maang rahe…hum aapse help maang rahe hain…samajh lijiye ye uss help ke badle apni Virginity aapko gift kar rahi hain” once again Raju Ji smiled on Shilpa Didi’s words sarcastically, he could understand what Shilpa Didi spoke was just other way to say same thing and with that he took out one bundle from his laptop bag, seemed like currency notes wrapped in news paper, it was denomination of 500, he gave that to Shilpa Didi and spoke “ye fifty thousand hain…and I don’t need anything for this…just keep it…wapis matt dijiyega” with that he looked at my face and smiled a bit. I was really shocked to see that, for me it was really very big amount but the way that guy casually took out 50,000 and gave it to Shilpa Didi and said that he does not need anything for this, means he do not want to fuck me for this money, moreover we do not have to give it back even, it seemed like as if it is peanuts for him.

Shilpa Didi pushed back that amount immediately with a mild smile and said “iss se humara kuch kaam nahi banega…” “Ok I will give you 50 more…kal cheque le lena..and once again I don’t need anything for that…” that was another amazing thing for me, Raju Ji was ready to pay 50 more thousand and he did not wanted to do anything with me for that even.

I am sure if I would have on Shilpa Didi’s place then I would accepted that but Shilpa Didi did not changed her mind and said no to it with some disappointment and then said “amount humne aapko batta diya hai… and I promise future mein aap jab aur jahan inko bulayenge ye aa jaayengi…abhi inki shaadi ko kaafi time hai” (I have told you the amount and I promise in future she will come to you whenever and wherever you will call her…her marriage is too far right now). Although Raju Ji never stopped looking at me while conversing with Shilpa Didi but as Shilpa Didi said that she saw me one more time for few continues seconds and asked me “aapki age kya hai?”

my throat was choked with my own saliva and I barely spoke “21” “baalig hai aur kunwaari bhi hain…aur Sharirik roop se poori tarah tyar hai…kabhi kisi ladke ne inhen touch bhi nahi kiya” Shilpa Didi spoke in between and somewhat tried to attract Raju Ji towards me by saying all that and then after bit of pause she spoke again “next do teen saal tak inki Shaadi nahi hone waali… aap jab bulaayenge aa jaayengi… humari guaranty hai” and after that Shilpa Didi spoke to me in confirming tone and asked “theek hai naa…chali jaayogi naa?” and I moved my head in yes. “aapki mother ko patta hai ye sab?” next Raju Ji asked me if my mother knows all this and I remained silent but Shilpa Didi spoke one more time and revealed the truth by saying, “nahi…wo abhi mentally bahut disturbed hain…aur unko batane ki zarurat bhi nahi hai…”. Once again Raju Ji asked same question, that how I will justify this money to my mom and Shilpa Didi detailed him everything what she detailed me earlier in this regard and finally after bit more discussion, about the mode and intervals of payments Raju Ji said yes to it.

Truly speaking as he said yes my heart beat went so high that I felt I will die with a heart attack. One again I will say that no girl in this world can understand my mind state of that moment, I was about to lose my Virginity to the man sitting in front of me, to save my house. Don’t know what I needed, I was scared and happy at the same time, and could not decide what to think.

Talking about Raju Ji, he was good looking male, must be in his mid thirties or bit more with good height and impressive style, his shoulders were broad and muscular and body was immense and if I will talk about myself, I am also good looking female as I said in my early twenties with a body which was neither thin nor fat.

At that time my breasts were not very big, they were medium sized, around the size of small muskmelon and my thighs were nicely fleshed with bit of jutting out bottom. Anyway both Shilpa Didi and Raju Ji were looking at me while talking and discussing the money issue I was getting more and more nervous.

Raju Ji was ready to pay quarter amount in one go but next day and like that he will pay every 45 days and along with that he somewhat promised that he will agree bank’s higher official for more time and like that I conclude that we will pay off whole amount in six months.

Next once again Raju Ji moved that bundle of currency notes to Shilpa Didi and said “ye bhi rakh low aur ye sirf inke liye hain” after a small pause he spoke again “inn se inke liye kapde le lijiyega… especially night wears” and once again I went through strange sensation. Shilpa Didi smiled a bit on his words and cracked a joke from her side by saying “humen maaloom hai…. aap inko night wear pahan ne hi nahi denge…aap humen hi kahan pahan ne dete hain”” Shilpa Didi’s words fueled my sensation and trebled deep inside. This time and took that bundle and dropped it into her bag and asked Raju Ji again, “ye paise aaye kahan se hain?” and Raju Ji replied that it is his commission from cement company, given by the person who was sitting with him some time back and then added while looking at me “ye shayad Yashoda Ji ke liye hi aaye the” “Haan” Shilpa Didi replied with just one word and she too was looking at me with a smiling gesture. Next she asked Raju Ji about me and her question was “sexy hai na…Yashoda” and Raju Ji replied with yes while looking at me and I failed to look at him for that instant and blushed with a strange sensation. “ye usually salwar kameez hi pahanti hai…aaj humne inko Jeans pahan ne ke liye bola tha…” Shilpa Didi spoke in somewhat giving him knowledge tone and Raju Ji smiled on that and spoke “2-3 jeans bhi lijiyega inke liye”.

Once again she spoke to him while looking at me, somewhat about my delicacy of body “shuru mein thoda aaram se handle kijiyega… bahut nazuk hai…Dheere dheere sab seekh jaayegi” “don’t worry…aap to mujhe jaante hi ho” Raju Ji replied to her. “Yashoda kab aaoge…?” this time Raju Ji asked me and I looked at him, I was speech less and once again Shilpa Didi replied on my behalf saying “jab aap bulaaoge aa jayegi” “Aaj raat ko” Raju Ji instantly replied back and Shilpa Didi agreed by saying “theek hai… 8-8:30 aapke ghar pahunch jaayegi…aur dinner aapke saath hi karegi” once again my heart beat started to rise and I was stunned to hear what Shilpa Didi promised, I had few things in mind, that what will I say to my mom and I wanted Shilpa Didi to stay with me during that time and Shilpa Didi was sensing my mind and she continued speaking to Raju Ji and said “ek request hai…ye chaahti hai ki hum inke saath rahen…at least first time”. Once again Raju Ji looked at me and smiled and then said, “Ok” and then added “but sirf first time ke liye…not again” “theek hai… waise aapki information ke liye aaj hum bhi mood mein hain…humen bhi consider kijiyega…ye nahi ki aap inhi ke saath lage rahen…” Shilpa Didi replied back while looking at him and giggled a bit and Raju Ji also smiled on her words and just spoke “aaj bahut mazza aayega”.

After that Raju Ji called waiter for the bill and assured us that that he will give us Cheque in the night when we will reach there. After his exit me and Shilpa Didi stayed there for a while, something was already running in her mind, that how can she get me out of the house for a night and she called my mother from there and initially somewhat informed her that she is leaving for Delhi on the same night for some urgent work, for just one day and she will board train next evening and then she asked my mom if she can take me along as she does not want to travel alone. Fortunately after some persuasion my mom agreed and eventually that problem got solved. By the time we came out of the restaurant time was bit more then 3, from there Shilpa Didi took me straight to nearby mall for shopping and bought me 4 sexy night wears, 3 sets of sensual bra and panties with couple of jeans with body line fitting tops and couple of Kurta’s with matching tight leggings for my lower half which I usually never use to wear, two sets of sandals, casual and formal both, couple of perfumes, 2-3 body deodorants and some other expensive cosmetics which I could never dream of buying on my own.

By now I was having lot of money to shop because of which strange happiness was conquering my fear and nervousness but still somewhere I had this feeling that very soon I will be someone’s personal slut. Anyway we reached back home and I virtually spoke to my mom, to pretended as if I have Shilpa Didi and she is telling me to pack my bag for a day to go out of town with her and my mom approved her statement.

By the time my mom reached back we were ready with our bag pack and all my new clothes were packed in Shilpa Didi’s bag. After casual tea and snacks we took leave from home an hour before of Delhi Train’s departure and Shilpa Didi spoke to Raju Ji and explained him everything.

To be continued

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The Saga of a Virgin Randi – Part 1

Nearly from last one month, I am regularly reading whatever stuff is getting published here and today I have started writing down my first sexual experience. At present I am happily married and well settled in a joint family but the fact is that it was not my husband who actually deflowered me, I have a past which is certainly not at all clean and clear, and here I want to share that hidden truth of my life.

I was fucked for money well before my marriage and I was introduced into the world of sex by our neighbour and my mom’s so called friend Shilpa Didi. Shilpa Didi was living alone beside us from very long time, since she was divorced by her husband.

The house in which she was living was her inherited property and belonged to her father, as she was the only child of her parents, after getting divorce she was living here while working in some construction company in accounts department.

For introduction I will say though it happened to me few years before my marriage but still I remember each and every moment of that time span very clearly, may be because in a way it was hardest time of my life. Although it was rough phase of my life even then there is something which is attracting me to recall that time again and again and after getting in touch of this site desire of remembering my that time has rose very high and that is why by writing all this I want to relive those moments. But before detailing my first sexual encounter I would like to mention that names, places and everything which can reveal my identity is changed, second I accept in the very beginning of my write up that I am very weak in this language especially grammar and I am expecting that readers of this site will consider this fact before giving remarks in the comments column. Now to start my life experience I will say that I am Yashoda, fair and good looking female who can be considered sexy as well, at present living in Delhi NCR with my husband and in-laws, basically belong to small town of U.P. Time I am talking about, I was around 20-21 and my body was just ready to experience manly treatment.

Because of financial crunch after doing first year of my graduation I was thinking about ending up my studies. I can easily say that from the time I was conscious to know things around, my father was more or less non-working, he was deeply and somewhat madly involved into drinking and gambling and opposite to that my mother was working up to her maximum ability.

Apart from doing some clerical job in some private company, later at home she use to make pickles and Papads to sell in limited area. All in all I grew up in somewhat financial struggle and as time passed our problems went on increasing because my mother was failing in protecting her hard earned money from my farther, he was not bothered about my school fee or even for the basic food we needed.

Later I was almost at the verge of appearing into my senior secondary examinations, which is 10+2 when suddenly, my father expired because of overdose of some narcotic. Although since my childhood he was always a liability on mom even then it was big shock for us. Anyhow life moved on and now we, I and my mom were getting into some financial comfort but very soon another shock staggered our senses.

The house in which we were living was mortgaged by my father for money. My mom was totally unaware of this fact and now we were suppose to pay few lacs to nearby co-operative bank to release papers and at that time we could not see anything which could save us. After disposing of that property once we thought about going to our uncle’s place (maternal ) but both of my uncles behaved reluctantly on this.

We tried borrowing money from my father’s brother but because of my father we did not had healthy relation with them so they also denied helping us. In that span tiny thing which went bit positive for us was anyhow by requesting or you can say begging my mom succeeded in taking couple of more months to pay off from bank manager, but still I will say that all in all we could not see any way out of this problem as time was running fast.

At that time I was nearly at the end of first year of graduation and I could clearly see that I will not be able continue my studies as now after losing a house my mom will be having a liability of paying off the rent. Now after detailing bit of my personal and financial crises, I would like to take readers straight to the incident. As I said in the beginning, I was bought into fucking for money by Shilpa Didi.

Although she was much younger then my mom but she can be considered my mom’s closest friend, she was having very down to earth nature and I have always considered her my elder sister and use to address her Didi. When this dreadful fear of losing our house was running in our life,

apart from our relatives to whom we asked for help it was just Shilpa Didi who knew everything happening around us and since she knew that we are in trouble, she was the only one who promised us to help but what she could do was few thousands which were not at all sufficient to save our house and panic was increasing every day.

I remember it was Friday early morning when I went to her house to borrow some sugar and she asked me about the status of money, whether my mom succeeding in arranging money from somewhere and I said no to that. She gave me sugar which I asked for and once again asked me and this time it was about my studies, that how it is going and I sarcastically replied that, soon it will also end.

She told me not to worry about my studies and assured me that she will look after my fees. I smiled mildly to thank her with dewed eyes, Shilpa Didi looked into my eyes for few seconds and somewhat gave a thought to what she was about to speak and finally spoke with some hesitation, while looking straight into my eyes,

from her side it was the beginning of talking to me about that indecent proposal and I still remember that whole conversation word to word and her first sentence in this context was “waise tum chaaho to sab theek ho sakta hai…..” (Everything can be fine, but if you agree) I remained silent with a question mark on my face and before I would have asked her about what she said, Shilpa Didi spoke again “hum do-teen din se soch rahe the tumse ye baat karne ki” (I was thinking about talking to you from last 2-3 days) “kya?” I asked her back in curiosity, once again for few seconds she went silent and looked into my innocent eyes, I think she could not decide how to speak to me about this and in that confusing mind set she asked me “tum collage jaa rahi ho na?”

I said yes to it, “ok..evening mein baat karte hain” she tried to avoid talking to me in that context at that moment but I was eager to know so I asked her again, but she sent me back to my home and told me to come after getting ready for collage and specifically told me not to talk to my mom about this.

I came back to her place after leaving my home for collage, by now Shilpa Didi was also more or less ready to go to her work place. She made me sit in her dining area and started talking to me about that once again she started with a same sentence “Dekho tum chaaho to sab theek ho sakta hai…” with same sort of hesitation and then after a small pause she added “saara paisa arrange ho jaayega”

(whole money will be arranged) “Kaise?” I asked her back “Dekho tum humari chhoti behan jaisi ho… aur humen tumse se ye kahte hue achha to nahi lag raha par ab situation hi kuch aisi hai” (See you are like my younger sister and I really don’t feel like talking to you all this, but situation is just like that)

Shilpa Didi spoke before going to main course and I continued looking at her as if I am waiting for her to speak exactly what she wants to speak and finally she uttered “Dekho tum ladki ho…tumko thoda sa compromise karna padega” (you are a girl, and you have to compromise a bit) her words skipped my heart beat, I somewhat guessed what she meant with that but still I wanted to listen her and I remained silent and once again Shilpa Didi spoke, rather asked me whether I have understood by saying “tum samajh rahi ho hum kya kah rahe hain” and I moved my head bit in yes. “tumhe maalom hai na ye kya hota hain…aur kaise hota hai?”

Shilpa Didi asked me again and this time I remained unmoved and just continued looking into her eyes with a pounding heart, Shilpa Didi spoke again and somewhat explained me exactly what it is and how it goes by saying “Aadmi log humari Yoni mein apna Ling daalte hain aur enjoy karte hain” (males put there gentile in our Vargina and enjoy) and again remained silent for few seconds and then she asked me again in soft voice “maaloom hai na tumko?” this time I moved my head in yes and like before continued looking at her face and Shilpa Didi spoke again, it was a long statement and as I said I remember everything clean and clear her exact words were “dekho humen to aur koi raasta nazar nahi aata…humse jitna ho sakta hai hum help kar dengei…par uss se kuch kaam nahi banega”. I swallowed my saliva while accepting at least this fact that the amount which she can give us is not at all sufficient. “Soch lo…evening tak jawab de dena….aur iss baare mein apni Maa se mat baat karna” (think about it… answer me by the evening… and don’t talk to your mom about all this).

Once again I moved my head in yes and our conversation ended there for the time being, Shilpa Didi got up and moved to her work place and before leaving once again she tried to comfort me for my studies and spoke “apni padhai ki tension matt lena..wo hum sambhal lenge”.

After that I moved to collage and that day totally failed to concentrate on my studies, at that time from my side it was certainly No but don’t know why I still wanted to talk to Shilpa Didi about this. I came back home well before Shilpa Didi and remained in my room without eating anything, I wanted to sleep but my eyes were wide open may be because I could not stop thinking about Shilpa Didi’s proposal and truly speaking, while being alone in the house I somewhat visualized myself getting fucked. Those days porn movies and internet were not easily accessible, at least not to girls like me and technically whatever I knew about this man woman relation, I knew it through my text book of Biology of I think 9th or 10th standard, through my friends and whatever Hindi movies showed me. Slowly with every passing minute thought of getting fucked started empowering my senses and I started getting wet and as I was bit into masturbating I tried to end up my urge and calmed down after some rubbing of my fuckhole and slept for a while.

When I got up Shilpa Didi was yet to come but not much time was left, I waited for her in the balcony and finally saw her coming. By the time I thought about going to her place my mom also arrived from her work lace and I remained at home.

After some time Shilpa Didi herself came to my place with some snacks and had tea with my mom and told her to keep faith on god and after chit chatting with my mom for nearly half an hour she told me to come to her place in front of mom to help her in some way.

I came to her place and once again we were sitting on same chairs and this time Shilpa Didi started the topic by saying “fir kya socha tumne?” I wanted to say clear No even then I took a longer way and spoke “Mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha…main ye sabb nahi karna chaahti” (I cannot think properly…I don’t want to do all this) for which Shilpa Didi replied “Hum bhi nahi chaahte tum ye karo…par aur koi raasta nahi hai” (even I don’t want you to do all this..but there is no way out) I accepted her statement without uttering anything, just from my expressions. Once again Shilpa Didi started and this time she answered me whatever questions were running in my mind and she started by saying “Dekho hum tumko RANDI nahi banna rahe…”

(See I am not trying to make you prostitute) I was bit shocked with a word RANDI she used, but she continued “tumko sirf ek aadmi ke saath baar baar sona hai…aur tumhaare saath jo karega wo hi karega” (you just have to sleep with one man again and again…and whatever will happen with you, only he will) once again while listening her I was just looking at Shilpa Didi’s face with pounding heart.

Shilpa Didi sensed my fear and caressed my cheek with affection and spoke again “Hum tumko kisi galat Aadmi ke pass nahi bhej rahe…..wo bahut achhe hain” (I am not sending you to any wrong man, he is very nice) with a small pause Shilpa Didi spoke again “aur hum koshish karenge uss time pe tumhare saath hi rahen”.

I don’t know if I was shocked with her statement, she meant that she will try to be with me at that time, but in that confused state I asked her about that person to whom she is sending me to get fucked by asking “kaun hai wo?” “Humare senior hain…Raju Ji” once again with a tiny pause she spoke again and detailed me bit about that person “rank mein senior hain….age mein humse thode chhote hain…”

Shilpa Didi was ending there but with bit of smile she spoke again “aur tumhari tarah wo bhi humko Didi hi bulate hain”. That was bit surprising for me and I asked her back “aap unse aisi baat karoge?” (you will talk all this to him. Once again Shilpa Didi smiled a bit and went silent for few seconds and then spoke

“Dekho tum apne liye Haan bolo ya Na bolo…lekin humari ye baat kisi ko matt batana” (see whatever you decide for yourself, don’t reveal my this secret to anybody) “kya?” I asked her back “hum unke saath regularly SAMBHOG karte hain”. That was another shock for me; Shilpa Didi told me that she is sexually involved with that person whose name was Raju.

As such I could not think of uttering anything at that instant and once again Shilpa Didi spoke again “Dekho hum ye mainly apni body ki desire poori karne ke liye karte hain… “ “ab wo humare senior hain to company se thoda bahut benefit dilwa dete hain” Shilpa Didi paused there but then spoke again “rather unki wajah se humko bahut saare benefit mille hain.. unhonne humko company mein permanent karwa diya hai… humko Bonus milna shuru ho gaya hai … PF ka bhi benefit milta hai…paid leaves milti hain…aur bol rahe the iss saal humen increment bhi achha dilwaayenge…. isske alawa wo humko gifts bhi dete rahte hain”

Shilpa Didi detailed me whatever benefits she got from her senior by getting herself fucked and I continued listening her. Truly speaking for me it was altogether new face of Shilpa Didi, I knew her as a god fearing female who even never skip morning worship and never use to go out of house without a spiritual Tilak on her forehead, but in real life she was somewhat came out as slut.

I was somewhat lost for few seconds and while looking at her face I could not think of anything accept this that she lays on the bed of her senior for professional benefits. Somewhere all this was charging me as well, I was feeling bit aroused and could feel bit of wetness in my panties from all this but still there was some sort of fear which was dwelling in my mind and I was yet not convinced to say yes to get on bed with a person she was talking about but certainly I wanted to talk to her about all this and next moment Shilpa Didi asked me same thing, that what all I want to know by asking “aur jo kuch jaan na chahti ho…freely puchh low” and next thing I asked her was about the money I needed and my question was “will he give me whole amount”

My words were “wo itne pasie de denge?” and Shilpa Didi’s reply was “hum baat karenge….I think de dena chahiye….unke liye koi badi baat nahi hai… Civil engineer hain aur unke income ke do teen source hain….ek lakh to yehin se lete hain”. ( I will talk to him, I think he will give it…it is not an big issue for him…he is civil engineer and he has 2-3 sources of income…he is getting one lack from here only)

At that time as I heard his salary amount I was stunned and to convince me further Shilpa Didi spoke again “Biwi bache hain nahin…single hain…bas life ko enjoy karna chahte hain”. For a while Shilpa Didi ended there and asked me if I want to have water and I said yes to it. She made lemonade and I gulped whole glass within couple of minutes as my throat was totally dried up.

Once again Shilpa Didi started by saying “Vishwaas karo….agar aur koi raasta hota to hum tumhen ye karne ke liye kabhi nahi kahte” (trust me if we would have any other way…then I would have not spoken to you about this) she paused and then spoke again “aur hum Raju Ji ko achhe se jaante hain…. iss liye tumhen unke pass lejaa rahe hain…. tumhen koi problem nahi hogi……wo bahut achhe hain”

(And I know Raju Ji very well…that is why I am taking you to him…you will not face any problem…he is very nice) “achhe log aisa kaam karte hain kya?” (Nice people do all this?) I replied back in reflex and my words pinched her and Shilpa Didi’s expressions changed a bit and she spoke in somewhat teaching tone, “dekho…aajkal koi Mahatma nahi hota… aur sex har ek ko chahiye hota hai… humen bhi chahiye tha iss liye humne unko haan bola tha” (See…these days no one is saint…and everyone needs sex…even I needed…that is why I said yes to him) Shilpa Didi really did not liked statement I passed for her senior and she continued detailing me about him.

“Raju Ji RANDIBAAJI nahi karte… wo sirf humare saath karte hain aur hum sirf unke saath karte hain…aur wo bhi apni marzi se”. I could feel that Shilpa Didi was hardcore fan of this person and I was somewhat realizing my mistake by saying that but I remained silent and continued listening Shilpa Didi while looking at her facial expressions and she spoke again in same aggressive tone, “aur abhi humen ye bhi nahi patta wo haan bhi bolenge ya nahi…..unhone humen ek baar kaha tha ki unko Virgin ladki ke saath karne ka bahut mann hai, bass iss liye hum thode se hopeful hain”. (Right now I don’t even know whether he will agree for this or not…once he told me that he wants to have it with Virgin girl…that is why I am hopeful).

I moved my eyes from her face to accept my mistake and that calmed her down a bit. As I looked up, once again at her face and Shilpa Didi asked me “tum Kunwaari to ho na….?kahin kisi ladke saath kuch ki to nahi ho?” (I hope you are Virgin…or you have done something with any guy) and I replied with a no in low voice along with knobbing my head.

Once again Shilpa Didi told me to think saying “Soch low…kal subah batta dena” (think…tell me in the morning). Certainly by then it was not yes from my side, but something was positive in me about this and may be that is why I asked her that how I will justify the money I will get, to my mom.

For that Shilpa Didi said that she will manage all that and told me that she will tell my mom that she has taken a interest free loan from her office and she will pay it off slowly. Then she told me that her senior Raju Ji might not pay whole amount in one shot, so for the moment after adding her savings she will somehow manage at least 25% of whole amount and she was somewhat sure that if we will pay off 25% amount at the moment then we will get some more time from the bank and further told me that even Raju Ji can also help to get us more time because he knows many senior people in that bank. After spending some more time finally I came back home and that is why my mom called me to help her in kitchen, unless I would have stayed there for one more hour and the way Shilpa Didi was trying to convince I would have said yes then and there. Once again when I was about to leave Shilpa Didi told me not to tell all this to my mom and then added one nasty statement in this context which was certainly truth and her words were “Dekho ek na ek din to ye hona hi hai…tum Shaadi ke baad apne patti ke saath to SAMBHOG karogi hi….” “aur uska kya patta…aaj kal koi Ladka Shaadi tak kunwara nahi rahta……kahin na kahin….kisi na kisi Ladki ke saath kar chukka hota hai….aur wo bhi mazze lene ke liye…tum bhi kar low….tumhari to majboori hai” it was a long statement and she wanted to say that anyhow one day I have to have sex, certainly after marriage I will have sex with my husband and who know about him, because these days guys never remain Virgin till their marriage, they do it anyhow with some girl and that is for fun, so I should also do it and I have a genuine reason to do it.

At that time I just accepted her point of view and came back home and started doing preparations for dinner with my mom and eventually saw my mom with bit of dewed eyes which use to happen very often those days and somewhere I started preparing myself for yes.

To be continued

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My First Experience with Bhabhi

My Name is Ravi. I am 24 years old now. I’m from Chennai, India. This happened to me when I was 23. I was staying in my Mom’s sister’s (Aunty) house in the city attending interviews. My uncle is a Sales Representative. He will be out of town for at least 25 days a month. My aunty was 31 years old that time. She is really beautiful and sexy. Especially I love her boobs. Her boobs are huge and those two cannot be kept with in her Bra and Blouse. She is drop-dead GORGEOUS. 36-26-36, I swear it. 5’8″; smooth, fair skin; beautiful, long blond hair; good looking eyes.

Once I saw her when she just came from bathroom with a towel covered her body which she didn’t notice. From that time, I just fantasized about what my aunt would look like naked. Then I wondered what it would be like to have sex with her. I even had great dreams about doing my aunt and I’d wake up with a hard-on. When I started jerking off I thought about my aunt and pretended I was sliding my penis in and out of her wet pussy.

One day when my parents went to attend marriage and left in the house so I went to my aunty as she is not feeling well. After our lunch as she not able to resist the pain she asked to get oil. I told her to sit in our bedroom till I get some oil to massage her head. She went in the bedroom and I came back with a bottle of hair-oil. She was lying on the bed when I entered the room. She asked me to sit so that she can put her head on my lap. I agreed and put her head on my lap. I started rubbing oil on her head and massaged slowly on her forehead. While massaging I felt the feeling of her body and became horny. I massaged her for around half an hour and then she felt some relief and told me to rest for a while and she is also feeling sleepy. Now I was not sleepy but closed my eyes.

After half an hour I opened my eyes and was shocked to see my aunt’s hand moving into her saree. She thought that I have slept but I looked the whole scene and I could not believe my eyes. As I was only in my lungi I felt a hard-on. I could see the part of her thigh as her saree was up slightly and open. Now she started moaning slowly and I could figure out what she was doing. She was fingering her cunt. By seeing the whole seen I thought that she was a woman who also wants to have sex but not possible. Now I decided to do something for my lovely and loving aunty. I planned to do something in the night with my 8-inch cock. I was real horny now with a strong desire to suck and fuck my aunty.

Next day I brought sleeping pills and gave it to my aunt as painkiller after dinner. She took it and after while she came into my room and said that she is going to sleep as she feels some un easiness (I know the reason but she doesn’t) then after half an hour she started sounds I know she is in deep sleep. I saw the opportunity and decided to touch Anti’s breasts when she is sleeping. I thought it is worthwhile taking the chance with aunty (santhi). I spread my palm and placed it gently over aunty’s left breast. The softness, the shapeliness and the warmth of Radha’s breast sent a thrill in me. I cupped her breast with my fingers and kept it motionless for a long time enjoying the rise and fall of the breast. Radha did not move at all and encouraged by this I did the same to her right breast.

Suddenly Radha caught my hand and motionlessly asking me what r u doing mani. I got the courage and decided not to miss the chance. I said, Aunty I love you I know that after uncle gone to states you never had sex so you were fingering yourself in the afternoon, let me satisfy you and me as well. She tried to resist me but could not do it. I pulled her saree (Indian dress) from her body and thrown it on the floor. She tried to stand but in vain I gripped her hard and started pulling her petticoat (langa). She was crying, Don’t do this to me I am your Aunty. I said, You are Aunty but a woman first, let me satisfy you so that you don’t need to finger yourself. She caught her langa tightly. But I overpowered her and it was torn in between. I pressed her legs with my legs and could feel the heat from her cunt it was now stark naked as she had no panty underneath.

Then I started to undo her blouse and the bra and got hold of her blouse. She was trying hard to resist me but she could not. I tore her blouse and thrown it on the floor, now she was left only in the bra. I got hold of it and unhooked it from her back. And threw it on the floor and now she was completely naked beneath me. Now I started kissing her on her whole body from her forehead to her feet. She was damn good. She smelt excellent. Her touch sent shivers in my spine. I kissed her cheeks and then her lips. I inserted my tongue in her hot mouth and started exploring it. Although she resisted it but I felt her mouth and her body heating up. I groaned and moaned while I explored her mouth and now she also started helping me and simultaneously our tongues started kissing each other and I sipped her sweet saliva.

I took my hand started caressing her breast . Her nipples were rock hard. I started pinching them. she was getting aroused as her breathes were heavier. She now getting more and more horny and whispering to suck her milk tanks. I started sucking her nipples one by one till it became more than half inch. It was standing erect with my suck After sucking her for a while I took my mouth to her cunt I parted her cunt lips and put my tongue in it and started to swallow every bit of pre cum which started coming out. I said your cunt is too hot Aunty I can feel but could not see as no lights, I like sucking it. I sucked her furiously and tasting and teasing her clitoris.

She was moaning, aaaaaaaaaah. . aaauchhuhhhhhh uuuhhhhhhhhhhh suck me mani suck my ass too. I started sucking her ass at the same time placed one finger in her ass. She was too hot now pumping her hips vigorously. After a while I got up and opened my organ and pushed it into her mouth , she took it really deep till my balls. Up and down, up and down as she was sucking she was looking in my eyes. She was tired so she slowed down, but I was really horny I said “come on aunty na danni baga saprincu ” and grabbed her hair and pushed my cock deep in her mouth she started liking it and she increased her speed. I said “oohh aunty how hot and wet is your opussy…’She was just on fire and talking slutty things. . oo dear just fuck me hard . . put that hot cock of yours in my cunt . . mmmm. . let me feel inside your hot cock….

And in a few sec she made me CUMMMMMM. She was so thirsty she took it all inside and sucked me dry. She liked it so much that she started sucking it again, but I stopped her and”. I lifted both her legs high up in the air and I slowly pushed my 8″ cock inside her pussy. It was not so tight I pushed it very very slowly she couldn’t even feel my cock moving. Her pussy was really warm and wet and my cock was sticky with my cum so it made it easy to push my cock inside. I pushed my cock completely inside. I started to pump slowly. She said” oo fuck me fast. . dear fuck me with that hot rod of yours fuck me u motherfucker. . mmmmmmm “, she was enjoying I started moving faster she started to moan I started moving faster and faster she enjoyed it so much she was squeezing my back and scratching it.

I hold her waist and pushed really deep, deep as as it went. I was gone mad and was fucking her like wild animal and she was doing the same. we both were enjoying our passion. I cummed once and again and again she just didn’t want me to stop so she came on top and started kissing my whole body and went to my penis again she starting to suck it. That night I fucked her twice and I woke up next day for lunch. Every night I started to enjoy my life with her. But one day, a phone call came from her parents to come to their place. I felt very bad and tried for the chance. My luck turned up as no one to take her to her place I got the chance take her to her place.

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First time with Wife

Dear RISS readers, let me tell you right at the start that this is going to be a long story. Perhaps really long, so I apologize. I hope that you will still read it. I hope you will like it. And I would absolutely love to read your comments. I’m Sandeep, and this story is about how my wife Menakshi and I made love for the first time. I have chosen not to reveal some details; I hope they won’t affect the story.

Menakshi and I had an arranged marriage. Our match was made through common friends, and our parents approved. We had met a few times after that, exchanged numbers, and would often chat on Facebook and WhatsApp. I would call her sometimes late at night, just to hear her voice a few times. We had almost fallen in love.

Our parents, however, did tell us not to meet too often before the wedding. Anyway, let me start the story, from our wedding night reception. The night where the couple is supposed to have the most beautiful sex of their lives.

I entered the room, and softly closed the door behind me. Menakshi was sitting on the bed, her knees pulled up, and her arms around them. She looked beautiful in her bridal finery. I smiled. She gave a nervous smile, and I went and sat beside her. I gently placed my hands on her hands, and looked at her. She slowly lifted her gaze, shyly. I knew what was going on in her mind.

“You look beautiful,” I said. She smiled shyly again. “Menakshi, there’s something I want to say.” She looked at me questioningly. “I think we shouldn’t rush into sex if you’re nervous. I don’t want to force myself on you. And I’m nervous myself. I think we can wait till we’re both ready.”

That broke the ice. She exhaled, her shoulders relaxed, and I rightly guessed what she was nervous about. She smiled warmly at me. “I think I’ll change,” she said. “Let me help you.” I replied. I helped her out of her jewellery, and she took a nightdress out of her bag and went to the bathroom to change.

She came out after a few minutes, and I changed into a light pair of pyjamas and a t-shirt. Menakshi was sitting on the bed, half covered with the sheets, and letting her hair flow over her shoulders. I settled into bed beside her, keeping a little distance, reached for the bedside switch and turned off the lights.

We both lay on our sides, facing each other, and we talked. At first, about the wedding, relatives, and then we moved on to other things. We just whispered softly to each other, and shared some of our deepest secrets. All those chats over Facebook, WhatsApp, and those late night phone calls made in secret during our brief “courtship.” It was wonderful knowing her even better.

There were a few moments when Menakshi recalled something from her past that made her somewhat emotional. I wiped her tears gently, and slowly ran my fingers through her hair during these moments. They say you never know a person well until you talk to them late into the night. It was about 4am when we finally felt we should sleep.

Menakshi came closer to me, and put her arms around my neck. I whispered “Can I kiss you please?” She said “Yes.” Our lips met for the first time in a passionate lock of love. When we pulled apart, we were gasping. She blushed. She gently caressed my face and hair. I gently rubbed her back. We fell asleep, our arms around each other.

Over the next seven nights, we really opened up to each other. Post wedding, some of the relatives were staying on at our place for a few more days. Hence only saw each other at night, and our soft-voiced conversations went on early into the morning. We had grown really comfortable with each other, and though we didn’t think we were ready for sex yet, we did hug and caress each other.

A week later, we went on our honeymoon to a seaside town. The journey was in an overnight train. Menakshi was the centre of attention in our compartment, her bangles giving away that we were newly married. There were some middle aged couples around us, who were expecting that we would start kissing anytime soon, but we didn’t.

We kept a friendly banter throughout the trip; we didn’t really want to show our affection in public. When we reached the hotel, it was almost evening, as our train was delayed. Menakshi was very happy on seeing our room, as it had a beautiful view of the ocean. I finally set the bags down, closed the door, and turned to her. She came and put her arms around my neck.

“I love the view,” she said softly. “Me too. It’s going to be a beautiful week.” I smiled, kissing her.

She took my hand and led me out to the balcony, where we watched the sunset over a nice cup of tea. It was a tiring trip due to the delays and we had an early dinner in the hotel restaurant. We settled into bed around 8. That is when Menakshi said the words that were on my mind.

“Sandeep, I think I’m ready now.” “I think I am too,” I smiled, and pulled her close for a deep, passionate kiss. The thrill was rising in me, my heart was beginning to beat faster, and a heat was beginning to flow through my body. Menakshi and I had discussed what we would do the first time we made love. We knew it was not going to be wild like the movies, and I had to be gentle with her.

“Let me go change into something else” said Menakshi, and went into the bathroom. When she was gone, I reached for the condoms in my bag, and kept them under the pillow. I had brought plenty. A few minutes later, the door to the bathroom opened and Menakshi emerged, wearing a deep red gown tied at her waist. Her neck was open, and I thought I had never seen a more stunning woman in my life.

Menakshi turned off the light and joined me on the bed. I took her in my arms and began kissing her gently. “Easy, tiger” she giggled, when I reached for the ropes of her robe. I slowly pulled apart the strings. Menakshi was wearing a pair of black-laced bra and panties. I stopped kissing, and stared at her body, mouth agape. “Well, aren’t you going to do anything?” she laughed.

I took off my t-shirt, pulled off her robe, and pressed my warm body against hers, kissing her lips, moving down to her neck, and slowly to her cleavage. She closed her eyes, and an involuntary moan escaped her lips. Her hands were beginning to play with my hair. I slowly worked my way kissing her navel, her thighs, and planted a quick kiss on her panties.

Menakshi sat up, and took off her bra to reveal her breasts. While I was staring at them, she took off her panties and tossed them into a corner of the room. She then tugged at my pyjamas, and I took them off. I was still looking at her body. I had fantasized about her body a few times before our wedding, imagining what she would look like without her clothes.

“Like what you see?” she asked. I gulped. She giggled, and pointed at my cock. “You’re big.” “Nothing like a pornstar,” I quipped. “Still enough for me!” she laughed, and pulled me closer for a kiss.

Our warm bodies were rubbing against each other as we lay on our side. Her breasts were pressing against my chest. I kissed her neck, and finally began to kiss those lovely breasts, gently squeezing them, careful not to hurt her. She was enjoying herself, as was evident from the soft sounds of pleasure she was making.

I began to kiss her thighs, and slowly worked my way to her waxed pussy. I gave a quick lick, and she shivered. The heat in our bodies began to mount, and she began to shake and shiver as I began to flick my tongue over her pussy lips. My dick was already leaking pre-cum. Menakshi was beginning to get wet down there.

I found the taste of her pussy a little weird, but all I wanted to do was pleasure her on our first night to the maximum. All of a sudden Menakshi began to squeeze her legs, and gave out a loud moan, and clasped my hair hard. She was having her orgasm, pretty early! And I hadn’t even begun to fuck her! Menakshi gave a few gasps, and her orgasm passed.

She was dripping wet, and I licked her juices a little. I reached up and kissed her again. Her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily. I let her recover while I gently caressed her. Her anklets, her bangles and the girdle around her waist were glistening, and making soft tinkling noises, adding to the romantic mood.

After Menakshi had recovered, it was finally time for me to fuck her. Menakshi had told me that she had masturbated with objects earlier. I reassured her that her being a virgin or not was irrelevant. She then said “Sandeep… I’m really sorry, but I don’t think I am comfortable with giving you a blowjob. Not just yet.”

“That’s okay, dear. I won’t ever force you,” I smiled. I reached for the condoms under the pillow. As I was about to tear the pack open, she stopped me. “Let’s do this without them for the first time,” she said, “I’ve got the pills.” So I asked her to get me the vaseline from her bag, and I smeared it on my dick liberally.

Menakshi helped me with it, and smiled naughtily when she played with it a little. I was hoping I would last a bit. I mounted Menakshi in the missionary pose, and placed my dick at her pussy entrance. She held the tip and tried to guide me in. I began to push, but couldn’t penetrate her. We laughed.

I tried again, and failed. Third time lucky, I thought, as I finally managed to get a little of the head past and inside. I pushed a little harder and managed to get my dick head inside. I could make out that Menakshi was in pain, so I stopped. Menakshi took some time to adjust to the pain, she was gripping my arms really hard. After a minute or two, she asked me to push a little more.

I began to push. Inside her pussy, my foreskin began to be pulled back, hurting me. I managed to get about an inch more inside her, and I stopped. Menakshi was in pain again. I had an urge to thrust, but I knew she would be hurt, so I pulled out a little, and went back in. I did this about 5 times, and suddenly, I just couldn’t hold it anymore. Her pussy was really tight.

I grunted with an explosive orgasm, and ejaculated a huge load inside her. She gripped me even harder, as I collapsed, panting, on top of her. I was disappointed a little; I had hoped to last longer.

They say the most beautiful 5 minutes in sex are the last, the soft embrace of a lover’s arms. My wife and I lay, our bodies twined, breathing heavily, sweating, our skin tingling. I gently ran my hands all over her body. The beautiful feeling lasted for about 10 minutes, as my dick slowly became limp and slipped out of her.

She finally sat up in bed, and grabbed her robe and a towel, and went to take a shower. I wiped my dick with a tissue. After I had taken a shower, and put on a fresh set of clothes, the two of us were once again lying in an embrace. “That was beautiful, Sandeep,” she whispered., “thank you for being so gentle.”

“I wish I had lasted a bit longer, ” I replied. “Oh don’t worry, we have a whole honeymoon and a lifetime ahead!” she giggled. There was a breeze blowing, that fluttered the curtains. Our hands were clasped together, our fingers intertwined.

The passion of our lovemaking and the exhaustion of the journey had finally caught up, and we drifted off into a beautiful sleep, our bodies pressed against each other. I woke up early next morning, a little before sunrise. I gently eased her arm off around me, and went to brush and shower. When I was done, Menakshi was stirring awake.

She called me over, and we had a good morning kiss, before we went out to the balcony to watch the sun rise. That, my dear friends, was the story of the first time I made love. The days that followed were filled with the excitement of new discovery. We had plenty of lovemaking sessions, we tried new positions, and revelled in the joy of our new found love.

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Taking my Saali’s Virginity

I was in the middle of picking up some groceries when I got a call from my wife that she was not able to go pickup her sister who was going to live with us for the next two weeks. I threw the groceries in the back and headed straight to the airport. I had not seen Katrina my sister in law for over 3 years.

She had moved to Delhi for her academics and I was a little curious to see her because of all the updates I had been following on Facebook, she seemed like she had grown up to be quite a hottie. I waited for about half an hour post the arrival time and noticed a beautiful girl waving out to me. She looked way hotter in person, the last time I saw her she was in out of fashion clothes and geeky glasses just out of her school. Now, she had classy shades on, a tight tshirt and jeans. She had put on weight in the right places – if you know what I mean (wink, wink) I looked her up and down a few times and said, wow – you have really changed girl – she giggled and hugged me.

I pulled her bags to the car and we started driving back home. Every once in a while, I had to turn and look at her and say that I was pleasantly surprised that she seemed really happy and confident of herself. She just blushed and thanked me. We got home and I showed her the room she was going to stay in and gave her a little tour of the house and introduced her to the pet dog.

Her sister (my wife) Rahila and I knew each other since we were in college. I met her at a local fashion show where both of us were amateur models. We both have come a long way since, we have our own modeling agency now and part of Katrina’s purpose to be with us was to help us with a big event we were planning to host in another week.

Later that evening, we ordered some dinner for her sister and some friends who had come over and was generally having a good time when I noticed a common friend Tilak getting close with Katy. Even though this guy was a good friend of mine, I was a little worried considering he was already married and was flirting with my sister in law.

I signaled to my wife who very nicely got in between their conversations and sent Katy to me. I warned Katy of the guy very gently but the fact that he was married did not seem to bother her, she kept saying that she was here to have a good time. Later that night I spoke to Rahila about that, she said it was nothing big and that she would talk to her sister the next day.

I was with a client the next day when I got a message from my wife asking me to call back, after I was done I called Rahila and she explained how she had talked to Katy and it seemed that she was super determined to lose her virginity before her 19th birthday which was in a week.

I asked her to talk some sense into her sister to hold on till she found a right guy but it seemed like that concept was not selling with her. Out of nowhere Rahila asked me if I would be interested in deflowering her.

I confess I was a surprised but I kind of understood where this thought was coming from because in the past year we had tried a lot of role playing sex where we acted like we were related to each other and sometimes we were two strangers meeting for the first time and sometimes we would pretend we were other couples we knew.

One of those instances I remember asking my wife to act like she was her kid sister while I was her uncle. But for real?? As much as I did not like the idea of her throwing herself at some random guy, I knew this was wrong – But again, there was a deep dark emotion hidden somewhere in me that got me very excited at the thoughts of me getting to explore and taste this beautiful woman who was untouched by any other man so far.

I asked her how she planned on convincing her sister about it and she said that she would work out a plan. My wife and Katy spent that evening sipping on wine and she got her sister worked up talking about how adventurous we were in our bedroom and how I always satisfied everything that she wanted and much more.

Katy had loads of questions and Rahila answered everything without sparing any details. I walked in a little later and noticed Katy stare at me very differently, Rahila and I said our goodnight to Katy a little later and we headed back to our bedroom. I was about to ask her how it went when she turned back and kissed me hard and whispered, “she is watching.”

We both gave her a show like a porn movie; Rahila pulled my dick out of my pants and sucked them while I fingered her clit and anus. Very soon I was banging her in various positions and finally sprayed my cum over her boobs. I lay back and noticed Katy’s shadows behind the door. It was a little weird to hang around Katy for the next two days, the event she had come to help for went real smooth.

We held a little party together for Katy’s birthday; we invited a few close friends and had a barbecue on the roof top. We made sure Katy was not having too much to drink and slowly started to send people away. But around half past midnight, everyone had gone and it was just the two sisters and me.

After giving my goodbyes to the last person to leave, I went back on the terrace; the two sisters were talking when I walked in. Rahila gave an excuse to make a call and left us. I raised a toast to good health and kissed Katy gently on the lips. She shyly smiled and looked away. I stepped up to her and said, I have a birthday present for you.

Come with me and took her hand and slowly lead her to our bedroom. I played some Tom Jones and gave her a little dance, she giggled and looked away. I gave her a box and she opened it, her eyes brightened up when she saw what was inside. It was a beautiful diamond chain Rahila had picked up the day before.

She hugged me tight and thanked me; I turned her towards the large mirror and started to put the chain on her. She was in a one piece gown and I brushed my fingers gently over her shoulders and slid the chain naughtily into her cleavage and pulled it out and clipped it around her neck. She giggled and stared back into my eyes in the mirror.

I ran the tips of my fingers over her neck and arms occasionally kissing and brushing her with my lips. Her expression changed from her bright smile to a serious face, her eyes were half open and she looked like she was in a trance. I turned her face towards me over her shoulder and kissed her lips really gently. She tasted so pure like how my wife tasted when we were young.

She turned away and said something about her sister walking in on us and I said, don’t worry this is her idea. Her big smile came back on her face and said, are you joking?? I said, does this look like I am joking – and laida big kiss on her mouth and started to search for her tongue. She kissed me back and for the next few minutes we just stayed locked there tasting each other’s tongue.

It felt like I was back in college at the backyard of Rahila’s house. She did not seem to want to separate our mouths, everytime I pulled back she would stick her face back into mine and start kissing me again. I started to run my hands all over her and she just had her arms around my neck as if to make sure I was not running off anywhere.

I lifted her dress and ran my hands over her perfect round ass, occasionally brushing her butt crack and to meet her wet spot on her panties. I leaned towards the bed and she let go falling softly on the bed, I pulled her dress down and she almost tore my shirt off. I started to kiss and nibble on her nipples and she ran her fingers through my hair and my back.

I moved down to her crotch and I was surprised how strong she smelled, I moved her panties to the side and she opened her legs and let out a gentle scream when my mouth touched her pussy lips. She wrapped her legs around my face and started to squirm all over the bed, I had to push my face up a little to avoID suffocation but I still sucked on her clit till she gushed her juices all over my face.

She opened her legs and saw me trying to catch my breath. She lay next to me and started to talk to me about how amazing that felt when we both were startled to hear my wife say – pull his dick out Katy! Katy chuckled and started to tug at my pants, my wife noticed how her sister was struggling and stepped closer and in two seconds had my dick spring out free.

Katy looked up at her sister who reassuringly smiled back and signaled her to go ahead. Katy held my dick and curiously moved it around and then lowered her face towards the head and my eyes automatically closed the second she wrapped her warm lips around it. She was no expert but she seemed like she picked up a few tricks watching her sister suck me a few nights ago.

I reached out and rubbed my wife’s legs and she reached out to the cupboard next to the bed and handed me a condom pack. I put it on and lay Katy in a missionary position and pushed my finger in a few times and opened her up. I slowly pushed my dick in her. She seemed uncomfortable in the first dozen thrusts but she seemed to find the rhythm and started to move with me.

After a few minutes she said she could not take it any longer and asked me to stop. She went to the washroom to clean up and Rahila followed her. I looked back at the bed to see a bloody spot. I lost my hardon and pulled my condom off. I was pulling my pants up when both the ladies walked back in to the room, Katy was smiling and said – I don’t think we are done yet.

I looked at my wife and she nodded. Katy came towards me and put her hand into my pants and I could feel instant electricity pass through my body. I put her back on the bed in missionary and fucked her with another condom while the wife watched. I could see that she was doing this just to please me even though she obviously was in pain; I forced myself to cum quickly in the condom.

We all slept together that night and in the morning I woke up to Katy staring at me with a cup of coffee in her hands. Rahila had gone to work. We fucked a few times that day, she was very brave enough to try different positions that we had taken months to get comfortable in.

Long story short, she went back to Delhi a week after that but she wrote to us often of coming back but her sister kept postponing things for reasons obvious that she was getting emotionally attached to me. As for me, even though I get everything I want from my wife sexually there is a little part of me that would like to have a threesome with another woman. Well again, her mom is visiting us next month.

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Seducing My Cousin’s Wife

I am a 45 years old man and I live in Delhi. This incident happened when my distant cousin Akhilesh came to our house 4 years back. I was living with my parents as I was separated from my wife. My cousin’s wife Sushila was very attractive and they were married for one year. Akhilesh came to Delhi for a job and we told him till he earns a good amount of money, he can stay with us so that it is easier to find a good house for a rent.

Sushila always helped my mom in household works and was very helpful. Within 15 days, I got attracted to her and started thinking of getting her on bed. She never talked to me much as I was elder to her husband and in our culture they are not supposed to talk much with them.

Anyway, few days later I got an idea. I had a one porn booklet of hardly 20 pages with great exciting pictures of fucking. One day I put that booklet in open on my bed so that she can see it while she comes to my room for cleaning and setting. I prayed God that my mom does not come that day.

I went to bath room as soon as I got an Idea that she is coming. I just concentrated the room activities and when I was sure that she has left, I came from toilet. And I was looking for that booklet. It was nowhere, I searched my room completely but all in vain. I wanted this and next day when I was in my room and Sushila came to set-up my room, I took a courage and asked her if she has seen a booklet.

She denied, but then I requested her, that it was not mine, and I have to return it to my friend, If she like that I can give her another one but not that one. She did not say anything and went. Next day in the evening she came to my room and told me that “Bhaiya Ji that book I have kept where it was. ”

I was happy that she has seen that book and now I had more courage and waited for next day when she comes to my room. Next morning when I got to know that she is coming to my room, I went to Toilet and did not close the door and was sitting on my western WC. She opened the door and started managing the items in the toilet.

She did everything without seeing me. I knew that she knows I am there. I did my stuff and get out of the toilet, and then she again went to toilet to clean the huge mirror in the toilet. This time I gather my full courage and hugged her from behind. She was little shocked and said  Bhaiya pls mat karo, kisi ko pata chal jayega” With her reply I was now sure that she was only scared and not that she does not wanted.

I took her on my bed and started pressing her boobs. She had small one but they were very firm. I took out her salwar and panty. It was so cute pussy, it was small and had very few hairs on it like a gal of 16 years. This excited me too much. I started sucking her pussy and the juices were flowing like anything.

I could not control myself and took my pants off and put straight my dick in. Ooooooh my god, it went in so smoothly because it was wet or else my 7″ dick would not have been easy for her. While fucking I kissed her and she was enjoying it too. She said “Bhaiya aap bahut kharab ho” But I did my fullest exploration and we fucked for 20 minutes and then I came.

And then I saw her fully, her waist was so sexy, slim and slender. We did a few sessions whenever we got time and later they moved. But since than we never had chance. I still remember her marvelous body.

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Sexperience with my Brother-in-Law

Hi everyone around.  I am Simran and I’m a 26-year-old housewife.  I am married to Rahul for a couple of years.  I’m enjoying my life quite well in the Metro.  The incident I am going to narrate is my sexperience with my brother-in-law Kailash.  Even though I am not a very adventurous desi wife, my situation has led me to have sex with Kailash.

He is a great flirt even though he was just 19 when he fucked me.  Maybe its my voluptuous structure that’s making him an even bigger flirt of me.  He would never miss a chance to steal a glimpse of my milky globes which are more than a fistful for him.  There were some numerous incidents where he tried to rub his limbs to my arse or boobs.

Actually myself and Rahul were staying in an apartment alone and having a great life until Kailash came in to have some coaching in the city.  Now we are having a hell of a great life.  Rahul as he is doing job in an emerging software company he will always have to put that extra effort in the company which means extra pleasure for both of us.

All this seducing episode from Kailash has started very recently.  In fact, he was a virgin until he lost it to my pussy where his very own brother lost it.  It was Monday morning, me and Rahul woke up early.  As he is to go to the office by 8 I had to hurry with all the early household work.  Kailash’s coaching starts at 10 so he can wake up late so he is still sleeping in his room.

I was wearing a red cotton sari and a matching blouse and there is nothing inside my faintly transparent blouse which if observed keenly can make my dark nipples visible over my white tanned boobs.  I rushed through most of the work and has sent Rahul to office.  The I started to mop the floor.

I was carrying a bucket of water a cloth with my sari below my belly button exposing navel and with tight blouse which gives a very clear out line of my breasts and loose pallu.  I went on to mop the floor of our bedroom and went to the next.  Kailash was still sleeping there on the bed.  He was just wearing a boxer and was exposing his sensuous body.

He had athletic and strong body.  I never had any bad intentions until then but just for a second felt that itching between legs.  I then started to mop the floor by sitting on my knees and bending forward and most of my cleavage is clearly visible from the front with my pallu is loose.

Even though I was busy mopping the floor I constantly kept looking at him, the boxer has not covered more than his thighs and I had a great view of his tight buttocks.  He wore no shirt and his body is great to watch.  I finished moping on one side and went to other where I was facing him, he was lying side on.

It was almost time and had to wake him up but I thought otherwise to just enjoy looking at him and continued mopping while feeding my eyes.  And at one moment when I looked up, he was feeding his eyes on my cleavage while I was bending to mop.  i know what he must be thinking, he would love to have my nipples on tongue and my globes squeezed under his palms.

But when I saw straight at him, he just pretended to sleep.  So I thought to play it naughty, with the name of waking him up I kept my cold palm on his naked thigh and pushed him he did n’t wake up, I knew he was acting.  He simply changed his angle as if sleeping upright.  There was a huge tent under his short where he wore nothing underneath.

Next thought is to reach the top of his tent and hold his bulb.  In the name of waking him up from sleep I raised my hand and just when I was about to reach his manhood the clock has struck and I came back to conscious and I was taken aback.  What am I doing? The situation is quite hot in the room I just took the bucket and came out of the room.

I continued with other works and called out Kailash to wake up.  He woke up and came into the hall, he still wore nothing on top and could see the tent is still on.  He is daring me now I can feel it but I kept my cool.  I gave him tea and told him I am going to bath and took the towel and went into the attached bathroom.

The handle lock of the door is broken and it left back a small hole to the bathroom door, as much as a 25 paise coin.  But I least expected him to take advantage of it.  I slowly started to undress.  Took the sari off and placed it on the hanger and the unhooked my blouse and my boobs have sprung to life like birds released from a cage.

Then I pulled the string of my undergarment below as it dropped to the floor.  I placed them all on the hanger.  The next thing I did  was I reached to my hairy pussy with my right hand and was not surprised its wet.  I know it needs some nice trashing.  I smelled the hand and them I cupped my boobs with my hand felt proud of my sexy structure.  My nipples were hard.  I pinched them playfully.

I still had this naughty feeling to have my pussy filled by Kailash but was unable find courage.  Out I excitement I slowly bent down sticking my arse in the air and peeped through the hole of the door wanting to watch Kailash.  I never expected it but the sexual urge I me wanted to watch him and I got it.

He slowly walked into the room and opened the wardrobe and searched and pulled out my bra from it.  He buried his face into it and smelled it like a dog.  He then reached for his pole inside the boxer and brought it out with his right hand and placed my white bra over his dick and rubbed it.

At that moment I felt like he is gently stroking his penis in between my boobs while I was holding them together.  I was seriously getting wet in my pussy.  I kept my middle finger deep inside and started to stroke it while watching him play with his penis in front of the dressing mirror.  Then he walked forward and started coming towards the bathroom door.

I know what he is going to do next.  I immediately moved under the shower and took my position.  Opened the shower fully and got hold of the knob with one hand for grip and bent forward slightly and reached my pussy with another hand.  I closed my eyes tightly and was imagining being banded from behind like fucking dog by my Kailash.  There was intense urge for sex.

I increased my speed of stroking and was gently touching my clitoris regularly and finally came to climax after sometime.  I stayed like a rock for a minute catching my breath.  I turned around and peeped through the hole but did n’t find him.  Guess he has spilled his seed.  The I finished my bath and came out in towel, it was just about covering my nipples but revealing my cleavage and hardly covering my knees.

I was really excited with the course of things, I walked to the bedroom door as I would generally dress up with the door closed.  As I was about reaching the door I saw Kailash sitting straight to door in the hall.  The door is half closed and if it is fully open then he would be sitting straight to the dressing table in the bedroom.  I thought I to give him a nice show, so I opened the door ever so slowly.

Now he can directly see the dressing mirror.  I started to dress up behind the door so he can clearly watch my juicy body through the mirror.  I dropped the towel to the floor making myself completely nude.  I know he will be watching me.  I am expecting him to take chance but he never did .  I have dressed up.

I wore the white bra which he rubbed against his dick a few minutes ago and wore a skin colour blouse to arouse him and wore a matching sari.  I made sure I did wear it below my belly button.  The blouse was tight and my boobs were pressed up revealing my cleavage.  Now I am mentally fixed to have taste of his cock.  But I should tempt him to make the move.

I know he is burning with desire to taste my pussy juices.  I went out very normally and asked him to get ready, then he replied that he will not go out today.  Now I know he too is planning something naughty.  I served him the breakfast after he has brushed and I finished all the work.  Finally, I came and settled in front of the TV.  We both sat in the individual chairs.

He still was wearing the short and his cock is throbbing from the side of his boxer I could the bulge quite clearly.  He kept some channel and placed the remote on his thigh.  I reached for the remote and by the back of the hand touched his cock.  There was slight moment in him but still he not getting courage.

I have changed the channel and placed the remote on my lap and kept my hand behind the head giving him a nice view of globes side on.  There were rabbits in the rooms beside the TV which we used to pet.  Sudden they started to fuck madly and there was that funny sound.  He then asked me innocently what are they doing?

I smiled and said they got the age and doing what they have to.  Then he reached for the remote in my lap and pressed it against my pussy gently and touched my thigh.  I am getting very excited.  Then I asked him to go to bath.  Then he went and removed his cloths and tied the towel.  Then I called to get something from in attic in the kitchen.

He climbed up on the chair while I was holding it. I could have clear view of his manhood from under.  He knew why I asked him to climb the attic now, he saw the excitement in me and the way I was watching his dick. He then let the towel to fall to the floor and stood naked on the chair with his dick standing like a beacon.

Ohh he said and before he could get down I caught his penis with my hand and gave a gentle stroke.

“What is this Kailash”

“Sorry Bhabhi”.

“It’s not time to sorry”.

“You need punishment, give me a massage right now. “

As I stood there he hesitantly has removed my sari and the with both hands started to unhook my bra and with my hand I reached his standing dick and pulled him closer and started to stroke it gently and could see on his face he was enjoying it. As he unhooked me my erect nipples came out and my boobs have sprung to life.

He took them both in his hands like a hungry cat and he started to suck my nipples. I held his face and took him off my boobs and kissed him on his lips. He never kissed anyone like this I knew it the way he is doing it to me. I then made myself nude in front of him completely. Pushed him on to the bed and spread his legs. Took his dick deep into my mouth and started to suck it.

He just gave a shiver. He didn’t know what to do. He held the bed spread with his hand and the other was place on my head and he was pushing me on to his cock. I took his balls into my mouth and was playing his penis with my hand and as I was about to increase the speed he just exploded and the cum was sprayed over my face. He innocently said sorry.

Then I said no problem and I sat on the bed and asked him to lick my pussy. He hesitantly went down and brought out his tongue and placed it over my clitoris. I was just over the cloud nine.  And as he went on to work out with my hairy pussy I was rubbing my nipple and was swearing out loud. He is really a good licker though he was hesitant in the starting.

He was licking me so much but I never was at climax but he got back his erection. He was gasping for breath. Then I made him lay down and mounted on cock to ride it. As I sat heavily on it the dick just deep into my pussy. I gently started to ride his cock. As was increasing speed he loved every bit of it. And finally we came together.

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Soft sex with my cousin

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