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Oral sex with aunty

Dear readers of AISS…it is my pleasure to add to the existing collection, the experience I had not very long ago with my aunt who still lives in Coimbatore. I was 18yrs old then and it was during my 12th grade summer holidays that I went over for a 5-day visit to my aunty who lives with her 2yr old son in Coimbatore. I was visiting her after 3yrs and I had no clue that this visit was going to be the most remarkable one in all my life for it was after this that my sex life changed. She was 31yrs old but had one of those great bodies that could make a dead man’s penis come alive.  My uncle had to leave to Dubai because of his new job in a rigging plant. He would visit her every 4 months or so and I’m sure every woman goes through a lot of feelings deep down within her when her husband is away. I reached Coimbatore in the afternoon after my journey in the morning train.

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House owners wife of Kerala Part 2

This time I wasn’t going to let her go. I shot up and caught her by the shoulders. I grabbed both her wrist and pushed them to her sides. Then I drove her to my bed throwing her on it. Her heaving bosom with the generous cleavage showing made her look as sexy as ever. ”I am going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. I am going to fuck you so hard that you’ll cry. So stop fighting it. And now Baby is not in a stage to save your chastity”, I said as I removed my underwear.My dick sprang out, She looked at it with shock. “Please. Phleeease vinuuuu…nooo…please don’t spoil me…enai nashipikkalae… njan pavamannuuuu ayioooo…. let me go, I’ll do anything you say, just let me go. ”she pleaded but I was insatiable. I pounced on her grabbed her red blouse along with her black bra and ripped it off. Her breast toppled out and I grabbed them in my mouth like a starving man. I took each nipple and bit it hard. Jolly screamed “what are you doing? This is wrong, let me go, for godsake stop, please,pleeeeasse vinuuuu..I am a married woman, I shall not be able to show my face to my husband. Don’t do this vinuuuui” No, noooh, oh god! Noooooooh” she moaned as I licked her nipples to hardness. Her protests were making me hornier. I hungrily kissed her face, lips, neck down to her cleavage while she was fruitlessly trying to push me off.

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House owners wife of Kerala Part 1

I am vinupk This happened when I shifted to the Ernakulam town of Kerala on a Job for a few months I joined a house as paying guest, away from the main town which consists of owner baby, his wife jolly and a gal of 10 yrs. It was 1/2 hours from the M.G. Road. Fortunately the house had no electricity or water problems. The house owner, Mr. baby assured me that he would arrange for food .However there was only one bathroom. Don’t worry about food my wife will cook everything. About 4clock in the evening I saw a strikingly good looking woman coming towards the house with a gal of 10 yrs, looking innocently at me and Mr. Baby introduced them to me and me to them She was wearing a pink cotton sari and a black blouse.

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Wild sex with my personal assistant Part 2

She kept on moaning and was saying come on sir go hard on them they are all yours. This all was making mad I pulled her bra its hook broke and bra came in my hand. I set her breast free I could see her erected nipples. she was seriously hot item. I then sucked her breast and while doing so I pressed her other breast. I even pinched her on her breast. I then bit on nipples gently and then covered her mouth with my hand then bit it real hard. She was in pain and screaming like but my hand reduced her volume considerably. I then rubbed my face on her breast.  Then i removed her petticoat she was now just in her panty. I rubbed her thighs with my hand and then kissed her on her thighs.. then I removed her panties and smelled her pussy. It was smelling nice. I licked her from her knees to thighs and to pussy I did this many times her pussy started cuming. I licked and drank it . nice salty refreshing juice of woaman. And then I started licking her pussy. It wasn’t clean shaved.

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Wild sex with my personal assistant Part 1

Hi readers, I am Alex Chacko here. I thank all of u for your feedback for my previous stories. i am going to narrate another story of my sexual encounter. This story is about how i fucked my colleague. This incident took place 5 months back. Her name is Tanya she was 23 yrs old and used to work as my assistant. She was from Bengal and was very hot. She had figure of 34-29-36. She was married but didn’t have any kid. She was fair and had long hairs. Everyone in my office was crazy for her and never missed any chance of talking to her even I was one like them. But she was very professional and pretended to not noticing it.  One day I had fight with my wife and was very angry and in that mood I came to office and I was very irritated.

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Meri student Saloni ki zabardast chudai

Hey friends mera nam Rahul he mein 3 sal se AISS ka regular reader hun is bar socha mere sath ghati hui sachi ghatna apse share karun. Ta mein Kolkata ka rehene wala hun. Mera mail id:  He mein bohat acha sexchat karta hun aksar aunties and girls mujh se sex chat karna pasand karti hein to apka jyada time na lete hue side story pe ata hun ye kahani thodi lambi he par aplogon ko pasand jarur ayegi. Mein kolkata ki ek private degree colleg mein lecturer hun 2 sal hue mujhe is job pe, meri umar 27 he dikhne mein kadi attractive hun jo meri dost our collics kehete hein. Mujhe jim jane ka bohat sok he  Kyun ki meri body bohat achi he mein physics padhata hun.

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Maa ke sath sambhog

Heloo dosto mera naam vaasu hai or me apko apni sachi story sunatao hu ye story mera or meri maa ke bich hue sachi ghatna hai mera maa ka naam savatri hai vo bhahut hi sundar or thodi moti hai lekin chutud muze pachpan se hi bahut ache lagte the bhat mota hai gol matol se or chuchi to bhahut moti hai or unpe nipples kale hai h puru chuchi per faile hue hai muze bachpen se unhe nanga dekne me bahut maza ata tha or me uneha chup chup kar dekta tha.Pehle baar jab mene mummy ko nahate hue bilkul nangi dekha to me pagal hi ho gaya vo yoni to bas man hoo raha tha ki chumta hi rahu halke halke balo vali lekin ,vo chuchi or mast chutad us din chup chap dek kar muth mar leta tha mera bhi man tha ki maa ko chodo bus latgta tha ki tamana hi reha jayegi kyuki unse dar lagta tha kahi papa ko na bata agar uneh ye sab pata chala to bas dhera dhera samaye bita or me 10th pass out ho gaya 1st divisions se,

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Volvo bus mein newly married lady ke sath maza

Hello friends mera naam Ankit hai aur mai Banaras mein rehta hu. Mai AISS ka regular reader hu. ye meri iss pe pehli aur true story h. ye story pichle week ki h jb mai luckhnow gaya tha apne exams dene k lie. pehle to mai aap sbko apne bare me bata du qki ye meri 1st story h. mai ek 18sal ka athletic body type ka ladka hu aur gym jana pasand karta hu islie meri body fit h. mere penis ka size 6inch h aur bht mota h aur meri height 5feet10inch hai.Ab mai sidhe story pe ata hu. mai exam k 1din pehle luckhnow chala gaya tha aur waha hotel me ruka aur agle din exam dene k bad hi mujhe nikalna tha bt late ho jane k vajah se mai wahi ruk gaya qki meri train chut gae thi. aubha tak hotel me ruka fir agle din subha banaras k lie nikal pada lekin koi tyrain time se ni thi to maine bus se jane ko decide kia. garmi bht thi to maine ac bus ka ticket le lia.

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Unforgettable Travel

My hello’s to all the horny readers of AISS, hugs & Kisses to the sexy and horny gals of this site, My name is Mekaal (Not real to keep the ID secret) and I work for a multinational Financial Organization. Before moving to my experience I would like to say to all the readers that it’s a true incident weather believe it or not but it is, and secondly the names which are used are fake ones just to keep the ID’s secret. The reason for which am sharing this with you is that, am a very regular reader of this beautiful site and all the beautiful stories has encouraged me to share it with u all, but as I have told u the are kept secret. Here I would like to thank AISS that by lunching this site you have done a great favor for us all by giving us such a great platform where we all can share THANK YOU. U can always mail your comments on  Now coming to my experience, it happened six months back. Last summer vacations I planed to visit my cousins in Canada as they were insisting me to visit them. So I took a one-month leave.

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Sex With My Sweet Student’s Maid

Hallo my AISS friend, Asif from Lahore is once again withmy new sex encounter. I narrate a story before that by the name “MY SWEET STUDENT” and I hope soon it will find its place on our most faverout site. Now I am goining to tell you my 2nd story which is with my SWEET STUDETN’S maid and with her sexy friend Nisha. After fucking my sweet student Pakiza I am getting bolder, and when I was fucking Pakiza her maid saw us, but only I knows about it. It was the 3rd March when I fucked my sweet student’s maid, and it was happens like this.  On 3rd March 2004, when I arrived at Pakiza’s house for tution, I gave the door bell, Shabnam (my sweet student’s maid) opened the door, and She said that everyone is went on a tea party and they will return in 40 or 50 minute, than I decided it will take around 40 minutes if I goes back and than comes again for the tution from my apartment, so I decided that I should stay and wait for them,

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Kahani Pyar Ki Part 2

Main ne apne ap ko khala ke peche se laga liya or apni tangein on ki tangoon mein phasa lein or apna aik haath oper se le ja ker khala ki chatiyoon pe rokh diya, khala khamoshi se lety rahein, phir mein ne apne hath ko khala ki chatiyoon pe phairna shoroo ker diya, or kabhi kabhi dabata bhi thori dair tak to aisaa hi raha, khala ne koch reponse nahi diya mein samjha ke khala so gayi he or aisaa hi howa khala so gayi howi the mein ne khobe khala ke jisom ke lomse ka maza liya chatiyoon, pait, kamor, kolhoon or choot pe haath phaira, achaanak khala ne herkot ki or moon mari tarof ker liya mein ghabra ker thora piche ho giya khala ne thori dair baad aankhein kholein or mojh se kaha ke gormy lag rahi he to mein bola ke khala kemre mein to germy lage gi, bahir thori hawa chal rahi he mager ap khoof se ander soona chah rahein thein,

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Kahani Pyar Ki Part 1

My name is khalid amd my age is 25 and aj mein ap ko apni aik dilchasp story sonaoon ga jis ko perh ker ap bohet hi exited hoon ge. Ye story dosari stories se zara si change he or ye story bilkol true he. Ab mein ap ko story sonata hoon.  Jab mein 16 saal ka tha or mein metric ke exame ki tayari ker raha tha. Mein gher pe hi sara din perhta tha. Mare ammi abbo aik shadi attend kern eke liye dosery shaher gaye howe the or gher pe mein or meri aik bahen (14 years) thi or ammi abbo jate howe hamari aik khala ko bola liya tha ke wo khana wagera paka liya karein, Khala ka gher bhi ishi shaher mein hi tha or on ke gher mein on ki do daughters bari thein jo gher sumbhaal saktein thein.

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Kunwari behna Part 2

I decided to move further and slide my finger under her panty, I just lifted the border of her panty and slide my one finger gentle inside the panty and waited for some time. I slide my finger more very gentle inside her panty and after some time my full palm was inside her panty.  Now my finger started to search her pussy lips, suddenly my finger touched the soft and moist area of her pussy and my body stared to shiver in anxiety and the tip of finger are became very cold . The more sweating started from by body and my palm was complete wet by that time with sweat. I once again looked at her face and started to rub my finger over her pussy lips and tried to insert my one finger inside her pussy I felt little pressure and resistance and could not succeed to slide my finger in side her pussy.

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Kunwari behna Part 1

Hi, this is Sudeer from Raipur and I am 39 years old. I am regular reader of AISS and I love the insect stories as well as insect sex. I always look for an opportunity to have sex with my relatives. This is my real incident. This is the incident when I was reading in 1st year of the BSc. And I used to visit to my relatives home in vacations. One of my Mosi lives in a town and there are four members in the family. My uncle has one son 19 year old and one daughter she was 18 years old that time. This is about my sister.

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Me and my student Shahnaz

It is about 02 years back when I was posted in Kashmir (Muzaffarabad). Initially I was living alone in a big house.I was enjoying my job and life.When one day Mr.Zahid, registrar university came to me.  He requested me that I should spare some time and give lecture to MBA students of the university. As I had time so I agreed. They organised 03 lectures for me in a week. When on first day I went to take my class they management of the university gave me full protocol being the head of a financial institution. My class was a mix blend of of fresh and professional girls and boys. During the introduction when she stood up and introduced her self I was totally lost. She had a dark complexion but very beautiful and sexy cuts.

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