High Speed Sex Chase

Rachana admired herself in the full-length mirror. She turned on the balls of her feet and gazed over her shoulder. The crooked little smile and the twinkle in her big brown eyes showed she liked what she saw.

Her black hair lay soft on her shoulders. Her breasts were unencumbered by a bra. The sleeveless, white blouse fit tight around her rib cage, lifting and displaying those orbs. The two top buttons were open to “let her breasts breathe,” as she liked to say.

The red skirt came to mid thigh. It fit like a glove, displaying shapely legs in sheer stockings. She wore red flats; heels made it hard to drive. With a self-satisfied smile, she grabbed her purse and trotted out the door, ready and eager for her adventure. Read more »

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The Secret of my Girlfriend’s Mother

I first saw Rashmika Dasgupta when I was a college senior working in the final semester class registration line and she was a junior signing up for classes. When our eyes met, hers softened into a delicious, sensual twinkle. There was a quiet, yet unmistakable, explosion in my brain. It was love at first sight.

Our first date and first kiss were that night. We were together every available moment for a week. We spent, spending the time learning about each other, and letting our love ripen.

“There’s a Freshers party tonight. Let’s go,” I said to her on Friday afternoon.

“Which hostel?”

“Nehru Hostel.”

“I hear their parties are drunken orgies,” she replied. Read more »

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From Bhabhi to Wife

My hotel room door opens as Meghna uses the key I’d passed her at the Sraddh ceremony. It had been a lovely service. I saw all the family I’d avoided for the last twelve years. They were a little surprised and less than pleased to see me, but no one was going to cause a scene, disturb the Sraddh ceremony. That was fine with me, I kept right on avoiding them and they returned the favour by ignoring me. That kept it a peaceful serene service that Saurabh would have hated, but it had been for the living, not for him, even though he was the star.

She walks into my room like she belongs there, and I pray that she feels she does. Just her presence transforms the anonymity of a featureless rent-a-space and makes it feel more like a home than anyplace I’ve been in years.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t come,” I say as she takes off the aanchal. “You look lovely.” Read more »

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The Distance Between

I wound my way up the hilly terrain leading to Penn State University. I’d made this drive a number of times in the last year. Maybe I hadn’t made it enough.

I had been summoned–there’s no other word for it. Michaela, my girlfriend, had called me earlier in the week and just about demanded I come up for the weekend. “Ian, you’d better get up here! Now!” She mentioned something about Halloween parties and such, but there was another undercurrent to her entreaties. I wondered if this was it. You know, it. The end. Read more »

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Every Woman’s Fantasy

Tomorrow would be New Year’s Day. The thought depressed me.

In June, my husband of 22 years Ashoke left me for a friend of our daughter half my age. He left me with two children, Lavanya, 20, and Bharat, 18. The six months since he departed had been almost impossibly hard as I struggled to re-enter the work force and keep my family together while suffering the pains of abandonment and loss.

I had always been a good wife, a loving and caring wife. I worked hard to keep my body in shape to please his eyes and his hands when they chose to wander over me. I strove to keep his house clean, his table larded with the foods he desired, to make his home a happy and peaceful place for him.

I never denied him, never claimed headache or tiredness. Never. Always, I eagerly and happily did anything he wanted. For all those years, I was the type of wife many men find only in their sexual fantasies. That is as it should be. Read more »

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Khoon Ka Khel

A knock on the door summoned Saurabh from a ruminative silence. He looked at his watch and realized it must be his two o’clock appointment. With a quick check to make sure his desk was in order, he stood and walked toward the door.

“Dr. Sharma?” Saurabh asked the man at the door. The man nodded and Saurabh stepped aside, motioning for him to enter.

“Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, Dr. Talvar.”

“Certainly, certainly. Come in. Have a seat,” Saurabh said, gesturing at one of the comfortable wing-back chairs in front of his desk. “And please, Dr. Sharma, call me Saurabh.” Read more »

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Fucking the Five Khans

I know children need their privacy. I know I shouldn’t have bugged my daughter’s bedroom and her phone, but what is a Mother to do? *What* I ask you? It’s not like she’s sweet and innocent. Not since those *damn* Khan boys got their hands on her. *Damn* those boys. She *was* my *sweet* Sharvani before they came along.

Thank God I did tap her phone. The first conversation I recorded was Sharvani talking to Satyavati, her best friend.

“Did you do *it*?” Satyavati asked.

“Yeah, but I’m *so* sore I can hardly walk,” Sharvani said. Read more »

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The Business Trip – Part 2 [On the Road]

After breakfast, when they were back in the car, the talk slowed and Sushmita moved her seat to a reclined position. Her eyes fell shut.

“A nap?” Harish asked.

“Naw, just relaxing, you know?”

He put the car in gear, they had some seventy kms to go before their destination and he heard her breathing grow steady as he turned onto the highway. Sushmita dozed but didn’t sleep, opening her eyes and sitting forward at turns and stops. After a while she found the steady soft vibration of the car arousing her. She opened her eyes just a crack. Harish had put on sunglasses and was driving with a steady, relaxed watchfulness. Now and then turning his head to look at passing attractions that she couldn’t see from her low position. Read more »

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Did My Maid Just Seduce Me?

The mobile rang and I picked it up. “Hello Manoj saab. This is Sabita,” I heard come across the line.

“Oh, hi Sabita didi. How are you?” I asked.

“I’m fine, but I just got a new house to clean. Would it be OK if I switched to Friday mornings instead?” she asked.

Sabita didi was my house cleaner. She came in once a week for 4 or 5 hours and straightened the place up. I used to be in charge of cleaning the house, or rather, I took on the job when I was disgusted with my wife and kids making huge messes and making no effort to clean up. I eventually got fed up, so I got recommendations from the neighbourhood wives and I hired Sabita didi. Read more »

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The Business Trip – Part 1 [First Touch]

The business trip to Pune brought them together.

They brought overnight bags with them. Their meeting would last into the second day. As he drove across a bridge they watched a flock of pigeons standing on the small dry riverbank, watching the small water stream flowing by.

He said, “Pigeons.”

“Mmmm, Will you be seeing her?”


“Gauri. Will you be stopping by to see her while we’re here?” Read more »

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A Submissive Office Fantasy

Bandana’s Master has given her a task. She wasn’t going to do it. She got dressed, a black V-neck tee shirt and black pants. She went to the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee, taking that all important first sip of the day.

“I really can’t do it, ” she thought. “It would be too embarrassing.”

She put down her cup and headed back to the bedroom. She looked through her closets selecting five skirts which she lined up on the bed from shortest to longest.

The first was a miniskirt, black and tiny, appropriate for a night out on the town with a really pretty pair of panties underneath, panties intended to be seen. The second was a plaid pleated skirt, more of a schoolgirl costume than a work skirt. It reached about a third of the way down her thighs. The third was another dressy skirt, black again, coming down slightly longer than the schoolgirl skirt. The fourth was a burgundy skirt, a little short for work, but she could probably get away with it. The fifth was black again, and reached a couple of inches above her knees. Read more »

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An Evening at the Malad Hair Salon

I am a businessman and I was running late. I had an interview the next day and I wanted to look presentable, so I ducked into my regular salon in Malad. The woman that usually cut my hair was not available, but Anushka was there, and she agreed to stay late and give me the trim that I needed.

I had noticed Anushka the last few times that I was in because she had long, curly black hair and blue-green eyes, and I had a particular weakness for Aishwarya Rai-like eyes. I never saw her in anything other than a skirt and blouse, and the skirt was never more than halfway down her thighs while the shirt always exposed some nice cleavage.

I took off my tie and leaned back in the seat to get my hair washed. For me, at least up until that night, the hair washing was my favourite part of the haircut. It was so sensual, the feel of a pretty woman’s fingers working through my hair. One time I had to wait twenty minutes for my stylist to free up, and I paid one of the girls to wash my hair the entire time. Read more »

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Getting Sex Lessons from Bhaiya and Bhabhi

“So Rahul you want to know how to make love to your girlfriend.”

“Please Rohan, my friends have told me how much they hurt their girlfriends when it was their first time and I’ve seen you and Jasmine making love and it looks so good.”

“Does Sakshi know you are asking me about this?”

“Oh yes, she’s heard the stories too and she’s a bit frightened, that’s why I’ve come along to your room.”

“Okay, before we start, have you any condoms?”

“No I haven’t.”

“Okay, here’s some I got from the advisors. Now let’s go along to your room.” We got up from my bed and walked along the corridor to Rahul’s room. I followed him in and saw his girlfriend sitting on the bed blushing madly.

“Hello Sakshi, you know what my brother has just asked me, don’t you?” Read more »

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Blood Pressure Check

I have a medical history of high blood pressure. It’s not surprising, even though I’m only twenty-eight years old. My parents were both hypertensive, as were my grandparents. The life-style that I live doesn’t help much either. On my days off I drink beer and smoke marijuana, both to excess. I smoke cigarettes and drink coffee every day. I don’t get much exercise either. My doctor has given me some pills to keep it down and for the most part they work pretty well; except for in one particular instance.

I’m a pilot for a skydiving company. I fly the big, twin-engine plane that takes up loads of beginning skydivers and the instructors that accompany them. As a pilot, I’m required to take a physical every two years to maintain my license requirements. Six years ago when I stumbled across this job (intending to do it for a year or so until I found something better), Skyflight Skydiving School was owned by a jovial, hard-partying man named Rod Pilfer. Skydiving back then was largely unregulated and Ron, who’d burned more than his share of greenbud with me and tipped back several hundred cases of beer with me over the years, didn’t worry himself over things so petty as certifications and medical checks of his employees. I could have been unlicensed completely and Ron wouldn’t have given a shit, as long as I showed up to work each day and flew the damned plane. When I needed a new “yellow card”, as the medical certification card was known, I would simply fill out the required FAA forms, entering any information that I wished, and a physician friend of Ron’s (who was also partial to greenbud, beer, and free skydiving) would simply sign off on it. Everything nice and legal though the spirit of the law had of course been grossly raped. Read more »

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Beyond New Year’s Day

The next morning I was very hung over. I’ve had worse morning’s after in my life, but not too many. I was awakened to the sound of little Alex, Michelle and Mark’s younger child, crying for her mother. Before I even opened my eyes I knew I was in bad shape. My head throbbed rhythmically with the beating of my heart, my mouth was as dry as the Sahara, and my stomach felt as if a can of Drano had been poured down it.

“Mommy!” I heard the insistent cry from the direction of our younger daughter’s room. It wasn’t one of mine, I knew. After a moment’s thought I remembered that Mark and Michelle’s kids were staying with us. That thought brought with it a vague sense of embarrassment and shame that seemed related to something that had happened last night. What had I done?

“Oh Jesus,” a voice moaned beside me. It wasn’t Stephanie. Read more »

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