The Randyness of Pregnancy

Radhika’s boyfriend introduces her to making love with another woman and now Radhika wants to make love to a pretty pregnant Bangladeshi girl in her office.

Radhika sat at her desk thinking about the fun, sex filed weekend she had just enjoyed. Her boyfriend of three years, Santosh had convinced her to experiment with a third person in their already exciting sex life. She had never been with another woman before and had resisted Santosh’s suggestions for months. Santosh was very attractive at six feet tall and 70 kgs without an ounce of fat on his stRong muscular body. Radhika had always marvelled that he looked more like a construction worker than a lawyer.

Friday night in Mumbai had started with a quiet romantic supper at a very posh restaurant. Fifteen minutes after Radhika and Santosh had settled into their seats, a beautiful Bangladeshi woman approached and asked to join them. She had dark skin, dark hair and deep hypnotizing gray eyes. Her medium sized breasts suited her long sleek body and Radhika had been instantly jealous of her model-like figure. Her name was Ayeesha; Radhika later found out Santosh had met her the previous week. Radhika didn’t know Santosh had arranged this meeting but instead of getting mad at Santosh or jealous of Ayeesha she decided to see what transpired. Radhika had always been proud of her five foot five one 60 kg figure. Her black hair flowed just past her shoulders and she was very comfortable with her love for Santosh – they had a relatively open relationship. Read more »

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The Wedding

The beach.┬áIt was a perfect June afternoon. The temperature wasn’t overly hot and the sky was clear with white, puffy clouds scattered around, only occasionally passing in front of the sun. The sounds of birds fluttering about the trees clustered around us filled the air, accompanied by the distant roar of waves crashing against the beach far below.

In front of us, about thirty feet from the cliff’s edge before it dropped off into the deep blue of the Indian Ocean, was an elegant white latticework arch, adorned with flowers and mounted on an elevated platform. The officiant puttered around, making sure everything was absolutely perfect lest the bride let him hear about it later.

“So now that we’re here, do you believe it yet?” Rakhi smiled at me, waggling her eyebrows. Read more »

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Summer Romance

Have you ever noticed how little things — a smell — a texture — a song, can bring back a memory so vivid you’d swear you were there, in that moment, once again? I heard a song on an oldies radio station this afternoon and my thoughts sped immediately back to the autumn of my junior year in high school.

These days I’d be called a nerd; back then I was just a little weird. I played with electronics, knew how to sabotage a classroom movie projector, and got good grades in science and math. Yup, a nerd before the word was invented. I wasn’t at all experienced in dating. Sure, I’d gone to a few school dances the preceding year, and I met a girl at one as a kind of informal date. But I’d never done the whole “pick her up, do something, take her home, dare I say kiss her goodnight” dating thing. Even at the dances, I was way too inhibited to let loose and really enjoy myself. I’d usually hang around the edges with the other guys who couldn’t dance and spent the time trying to pretend that we really didn’t care. What a lie. We cared a lot; we just didn’t know what to do about it.

Lack of transportation can be a big obstacle to dating as well. Who wants your parents or older brother to be your driver on a date? I’d gotten my license last May, but my parents were very cautious and didn’t let me drive with anyone but family in the car until mid-summer. Being the oldest, by a few months, of my group of buddies, going double hadn’t been an option either. Read more »

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Ohh Daddy!

I rolled over in my sleep, and for some reason I woke up. After a moment, I realized that the other side of the bed was cold. I had fallen asleep wrapped around her, and now she was gone. I missed her warmth, and her company, and her sexy little body. I could still feel a damp area in the sheets from where we had made it several hours earlier, and I smiled as I thought of her wailing through another orgasm before we collapsed into sleep.

I thought at first that she might have just gone to the bathroom, but I didn’t hear any sounds coming from there, nor was the light on. I lifted my head, and I could see a glow in the hallway outside the bedroom, but it wasn’t bright enough for a light. Puzzled, I decided to investigate, and swung my legs over the side of the bed.

As I padded out of the room barefoot, I could see that the light was coming from the spare bedroom, which was mainly used for storage. There was also a table and chair in there as a sort of desk, and her computer was set up on it. Sure enough, as I looked around the door frame, I could see her sitting in the chair, with the computer turned on. She was staring intently at a screen full of text, apparently on some kind of web site. Read more »

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Sexy Cousin Comes to Town

Nandini Gill saw her mother bearing down on her from across the living room like a battleship weathering a rough sea. Nandini took a deep breath to steady her nerves. A lame mother was hard enough to bear, a lame mother who has already had to buy her daughter one full set of new bras is harder still to bear… and if my chest doesn’t stop growing real soon, mother’s going to have to get a third set in two months. And if the lamers at college notice, they are going to start making cow jokes and never stop.

“Nandini,” her mother demanded.

Oh lame, Mother. There is no one else in the house! Get real! I mean, we both know who I am, or are you starting to wish you could forget?

“Yes,” Nandini replied, all treacle and smiles. Leaving off the fatal ‘Mother, dear’ she so very much wanted to add to the end of the sentence. Read more »

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Three Jealous Women

I had spent the night at Meenakshi’s house, which was a luxury I really enjoyed. Her two kids were at her parents, allowing us freedom to be ourselves this weekend. We had fucked loudly and wildly all night and now were enjoying being in the drawing room naked.

Meenakshi is fourty-one, with a small (five feet one, 45 kg) but delightful body, medium length black hair, a happy, warm smile, and, brown eyes that sparkle, expressing all her emotions. She was a hot, active, squealing woman in bed, if she was rested, which is sometimes difficult since she has two kids and a job. More importantly, she was a warm, loving woman who really cared a lot for me. I cared equally for her, a fact she questioned sometimes although it was very true.

Last night had been magnificent as it is so often with Meenakshi. Some women moan, some scream. Meenakshi squeaks: tight little sounds emitted in the rhythm of our fucking. Then, after she floated in her afterglow, I slipped her down to take my cock in her mouth. Slurping happily, she watched my face and let me harden there before we fucked again. Read more »

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Namrata Shared at the Office Orgy

At 10:15 Namrata Wadia, a bookkeeper for Singhania & Associates, got up from her desk and took off her skirt. After considering things, she took off her nylons and panties too. That felt better. Smoothing down her sweater, she sat back at her desk and went back to the spreadsheet she’d been working on.

“What are you doing?” Chandrima, her co-worker hissed, looking at her in shock. “You’re naked!”

Namrata looked at her, a confused look on her face. “What do you mean ‘what am I doing?’ I’m getting comfortable. You should try it.”

“But you… your skirt…” Chandrima’s voice trailed off as the tall, lithesome hottie ignored her.

A few minutes later, though, Chandrima took off her slacks and panties. She wasn’t sure why, it just felt… right. Read more »

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Saving My Innocent Husband – Part 2

“Are you okay?” a sound came from the bedroom. “Nothing sir, she just tripped,” Shiva said and quickly I stepped out of my dark blue panties, and hooked all my blouse hooks. Saying “sorry Shiva, I could not control,” I picked up my white bra and dark blue panties and gave it to him. “I can understand, just sit down and relax for a while,” he said and went near the fridge and gave me some water. While I was drinking some water, “I am doctor remember, I can understand what happened to you, just relax,” Shiva said. I sipped some water and looked at him. “I just wanted to turn you on before you seduce him, but seems like I overdid things and made you. It is all my fault, I am sorry Eva, I will not do that again,” he said. “Come on Shiva, don’t be sorry. I did not get your intention of helping me, but I just got carried away.

It is all my fault,” I said. “Jancy, let us not blame each other and ruin our friendship, I will never get a friend like you in my entire life, I don’t want to lose you Jancy. I have never had a good friend in my entire life,” he said and placed his hands over my hands. “Shiva, I will be a good friend to you, don’t worry okay?” I said and held his face. “Thank you Eva, I trust you” he said and quickly hugged me, and his weight made me lie down on the sofa and he slept on top of me. “Don’t worry, Shiva, I am there for you,” I said and hugged him, unaware of the fact that I am hugging him without my bra inside my blouse. He is my friend, so I did not mind, and Shiva started kissing my lips. Read more »

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Incestuous Love Story of a Desi Family

As the black Mercedes left the airport, situated on the outskirt of the city and took the road to reach other side of the city. The main road leaving the city towards north soon could fool anyone that it was leading into wilderness once countryside was finished. If one travelled another fifty-five ‘slow drive’ kilometres one would find a sign of a private farm ‘Neelkamal’ alongside another sign that indicated a food processing industrial base another five kilometres further. In between if one travelled that way a beautiful private golf course would entice anyone who could hit a golf ball some distance.

Following the road that led through beautiful open green farming land, then through managed woodlands as it would seem that soon road would finish. Driving past the heavily wooded curve one would suddenly arrive in a vast open driveway in front of an enormous sprawling house which was spread over an roughly estimated two acres surrounded by another two hundred fifty or three hundred acres. The house was of a design of very personal nature. The main huge building appeared like many leaves spreading out from a main centre of a large flower if viewed from air. One could see at least four open swimming pools spread out in a random fashion. The car stopped in front of the main entrance of the house with a large open porch that flowed into a huge sliding glass doors embedded in solid wood. The floor was marble all throughout the house. Read more »

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Service to mom

Hi guys!!!!! My name is Vinay , age-18 years,living with my mom in’s age is 37 yeara, dad died 10 years ago.i am telling you my real life incident,so please enjoy it. daily i used to think of fucking my mom.but,i was not having any guts to screw my the real fact was that,my mom was a torture lover.she used to see many torture blue flims on her p.c .

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Sharu aunty

Hi I am Raj here, I am good fan of AISS, and enjoy it by you people only. Now I am 32 years old and very sexy guy. This is happen when I was 23 years old. I am having cousin aunty name Sharu, but I never called her aunty, only by her name ?Sharu?. She is always smily, on at that time she was of 33 years with 2 kids. Her breast was huge big like big watermelon with full of juice and her hips also well round and big though she was slim. Her body size was bust ? 96, waist ? 61, hips ? 99. Because of bachelor, I was hungry in search of fuck and eyes stop on my lovely Sharu aunty. I always masturbating on sharu?s name and satisfying my self like fuck to her. It became my dream to fuck her. Our house was near to each other.

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Sex with maid Part 2

Actually I have a very strong sexual desire to fuck my aunt, She is really a hell of a women but I never got a chance to screw her. She never understood my intensions.Anyways I am going to tell you about my first ever sexual experience with my servant. We have a servant who works in our house she is around 19 years but you wont believe she is just 19 ‘cos she has a very sexy figure.

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Sex with maid Part 1

I would like to tell all of you one which had happened to me 3 years back. My house was under construction. Hence many men and women were working at my site. One day, one beautiful woman came to my site to clear my slab. I was astonished to see her. She was the owner of big, tight and beautiful boobs. I was looking and looking and looking at her.

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35 year old aunty with big botty who likes naughty chat

addictive_vivek: reemaaaaaaaaaaaaa
addictive_vivek: u thre reema ji
addictive_vivek: helloooooooooooo
Reema : ha bolo
addictive_vivek: aap reema hain na
Reema : ha how u kno wme
addictive_vivek: we wre frnds sm yrs back
addictive_vivek: n we did naughty chat too n i know u like it
Reema : ok frankly abhee aad nahi aa rahe hai
addictive_vivek: han no probs bt u do like naughty chat na
Reema : ha
addictive_vivek: tell more abt u aunty
Reema : hum 35 years ke hai
addictive_vivek: ok
addictive_vivek: kahan se
addictive_vivek: kitne bacche aunty
Reema : pune se
addictive_vivek: ok

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Beautiful aunty Meena at 50 can’t get enough of a man’s cock up her ass

The beautiful Aunty I am talking about is Meena Aunty.Her husband was a
clerk and was working under my father.She used to come to our house to
chit chat with my mother and also help her in household as well as the
ladies club works.She was P.A of my mother in the office .She was
fair colored with beautiful shaped body and she walks slowly swaying
from side to side.She was 50yrs old and I now looked at her in a
different manner,when the thought came to me that its her ass that I
will soon have.But I was fearing because she was too close to my mother
and if anything happens,she might complain to my mother and my sexual
journey may come to a end.So,with both catious and fear,I tried to
approach her but still waiting for a right opportunity.

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