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10 minutes of free time is all poonam needs in order to satisfy her needs

poonam C:Hmmm. Busy as always
poonam C:Me too
busybee binod:hahahha
busybee binod:today i have some relief
busybee binod:what about u
poonam C:Maybe 10 min free time
poonam C:so just dropped in to say hi
poonam C:So how are things
busybee binod:screwed up
busybee binod:terrible
busybee binod:u cant imagine
poonam C:Mine too
poonam C:But not much
poonam C:Got hold of the stuff
poonam C:Looks like now on will be easy
busybee binod:hmmm
busybee binod:i have to travel to mumbai next week
poonam C:Just that my pussy is not screwed for a looooong time nor )
busybee binod:so was getting ready for that
poonam C:oh ok
busybee binod:hahhahahah
busybee binod:get some free time n ping me
busybee binod:even my lund was dieing to hear from u

busybee binod:)
poonam C:Maybe tom
poonam C:ummm. My pussy is burning with desire too
busybee binod:hmmmm
busybee binod:okay its a deal then
busybee binod:come tom for a fuck
busybee binod:what will u wear for that
poonam C:what do u want me to wear darling and what time
poonam C:and see my nude pics now when I reach home I will dream of u seeing me naked and finger fuck myself
poonam C:Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.
busybee binod:yeahhhhhhhhhh
busybee binod:u cum in jeans n top
busybee binod:withought panty
busybee binod:early in the morning i would be free around 10 am
poonam C:So a saree or a churidar then
poonam C:ok
busybee binod:u cum in jeans n top
poonam C:10 am for a fuck session with my darling virtual lover
busybee binod:yeahhhhhhh
poonam C:With jeans it is quite uncomfortable without a panty
busybee binod:ghmmm
busybee binod:i want it that way
busybee binod:;
busybee binod:)
poonam C:Ok then I will remove my panty at 9:45 for u
poonam C:and come for the chat
poonam C:is that fine?
busybee binod:okay
busybee binod:thats a good idea
busybee binod:u r genius
poonam C:OK then post this as a teaser for exbii folks
poonam C:or a triler
poonam C:trailer
poonam C::-*
busybee binod:hahahha
busybee binod:sure
busybee binod:hey any update on mark
poonam C:and dream of me while seeing my naked photo
poonam C:I am taking him out today for shopping so leaving at 4:30
poonam C:But no nothing will come of it I am sure
busybee binod:why
busybee binod:he is not getting erection or what
poonam C:just a hunch
poonam C:Hey
poonam C:we are just collegues as of now
poonam C:Nothing more
poonam C:Just that I feel nice when I am with him
poonam C:He needs to make the move
poonam C:so that I can let him screw me
busybee binod:yeah u r not a slut at least in office
busybee binod:so he didnt drop a single hint for u
poonam C:Maybe dunno
poonam C:But i am a slutty bitch in office when chatting with u darling’
poonam C::-*
poonam C:oh u turn me on so nicely
poonam C:I love that arrogance
poonam C:ok darling can I take leave now ?
busybee binod:ok
busybee binod:finish ur work
poonam C:muuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
poonam C:yeah and u can fuck me all u want
busybee binod:muaahhhhhhhhhhh
poonam C:bfn
busybee binod:hahhaha
busybee binod:byeee
busybee binod:sweety pie
poonam C:Hi there
busybee binod:hi jaaan
poonam C:So I have half an hour before I leave
busybee binod:hmmm
busybee binod:so we can have fun
busybee binod:so done with work
poonam C:yeah
busybee binod:what r u wearing today
poonam C:At l;ast
poonam C:I am with u
poonam C:for u only
busybee binod:muaahhhhhhhh
poonam C:for the next 30 min
busybee binod:what r u wearing today??
poonam C:I am in a saree
poonam C:Red one since I go shopping today
busybee binod:wow
busybee binod:nice choice
busybee binod:u will give hard time to sels boy
busybee binod:hahhaha
poonam C:Ummm
poonam C:maybe
poonam C:or maybe u will make me go cold
poonam C:soon
poonam C:)
busybee binod:acha
busybee binod:hahahhaha
busybee binod:depends
poonam C:So where is ur naked pic u promised to send
poonam C:with a placid dick
busybee binod:wait for a week
busybee binod:actually my lappy was stolen
busybee binod:so will buy new one
busybee binod:then will send u
poonam C:ok
busybee binod:so, go n buy a new panty for me
poonam C:I have seen 3 naked men on exbii so far
busybee binod:who all
busybee binod:rajat
busybee binod:n other 2
poonam C:yep
busybee binod:hmmm
busybee binod:so these virtual dicks are keeping u happy
poonam C:Rajat send an erect dick and on request sent me a placid one
busybee binod:now a days
poonam C:Nope not much
poonam C:I see them once and get turned on soon the charm withers away
poonam C:Noting like a real dick in my pussy
poonam C:lets see if urs is diff
poonam C:although rajats was best till now
busybee binod:hmmmm
busybee binod:thats why he is in high demand on exbii
busybee binod:every lady wants to see his
poonam C:ummmm
poonam C:BTW a guy asked me for his dick pick )
busybee binod:hahhahaha
busybee binod:so did u gave him
busybee binod:his dick
busybee binod:may be he was a gay
poonam C:What may be ? He is a gay
poonam C:No I don’t give out dick photos
poonam C:No way
busybee binod:hahahha
busybee binod:okay
poonam C:Have only given my naked ones to atleast 5
busybee binod:no dick sharing
busybee binod:only pussy sharing is allowed with u
poonam C:pussy giving. not sharing after all it is mine
poonam C:)
busybee binod:LOL
busybee binod:OKAY
poonam C:BTW I am an exhibitionist if u havent read my incidents on exbii
busybee binod:hey why dont u buy a new lingerie for tom fuck session
busybee binod:i read some what
busybee binod:how u fucked those negros
busybee binod:hey why dont u buy a new lingerie for tom fuck session
poonam C:Maybe I will pick one up in front of him today a sexy one what say
poonam C:to give out a strong signal
busybee binod:yeah
busybee binod:thats a good idea
busybee binod:atleast must take him to lingerie section
busybee binod:it would be a turn on for him as well
poonam C:He might not come ove4r to women’s section
poonam C:So maybe I need to ask him when I select one
poonam C:ummmm
poonam C:BTW I trimmed my pussy today morning just in case….
poonam C:And since then I am feeling horny
poonam C:You think Mark will enjoy my naked body ?
busybee binod:yeah
busybee binod:specially in saree
poonam C:i am asking without a saree
poonam C:After all he must have enjoyed fucking quite a few
poonam C:u have seen me naked what do u think ?
poonam C:???
poonam C:rut
busybee binod:u r nice
busybee binod:boass has called up
poonam C:ok
poonam C:bye
poonam C:c u tomorrow n fuck me hard
poonam C::-*
poonam C:bye
busybee binod:byeee
busybee binod:enjoy ur time