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10 years it too much to wait for Champa aunty who devours this young man

Hi this is Rakesh from chennai.. I am a regular visitor of Kerala Erotica. This happened during my studies. I was 20 years old at that time I was doing my College. I was very much intrested in in sexual activities. My auntys house is about 5 km from my house. Her name is Champa.

I used to go to my aunts house frequently. Her husband died in an accident. Her son was studying in banglore. He will come once in six months. I am not good in english.. Champa aunty is about 40 yrs old. But she  will look so young. She is 38-32-36. One day my parents went to my grandfathers house. They told me to stay in my auntys house. At first I was not sexually intrested with my aunty. As days goes off I was more sexually intrested with my aunty. I was peeping through the bathroom door when my aunty is taking bath. She is working as a executive in a private company. On the day when my parents left me I went to my auntys house.

I stayed in a seperate room. On that evening my aunty went to take bath. I saw her body from a small hole in the bathroom door. I was amazed to see my aunty. Her boobs was so large. My dick started getting hard. Then I went to my room and started working on the computer. Then I went to my friends house and got some porn magazines and stories. I came at night to my auntys house.. At night we ate dinner and I went to bed. After some time my aunty came to my room. I was acting as though I am sleeping. She came near to me and kissed on my forehead and she saw that magazines and stories and went off. I woke up at morning 6. 00am. I was very much scared to see my aunty. I tought that she will tell to my mom about these things. She gave me coffee and asked me did u see porn movies?

I was shocked to hear this. I said no. Don’t lie yesterday I came to u r room and saw that magazine. I told her I have not seen porn movies. I had seen only photos. I begged her to not to tell this to my mom.. She told ok. She asked me what do u thonk about me?. I told her u r my aunty. She asked me have u seen the secret part of women.. I said only in photos. Do u want to see in real she asked. I said yes… She took me to her bed room and started removing her saree.. She was in her blouse and pavada. I was starring at her boobs and my dick started to erect. She saw my dick. Come on my dear madhu I did not have sex for past 10 years. She asked me to remove her blouse and her pavada. She came near to to me and started kissing on my lips and told me to remove her blouse and pavada. I unhooked her blouse and pavada. She was in her black bra and pink pantie. Then I touched her boobs. She told me to unhook all those things. Then I unhooked her bra and she was fully nude. Then I played with her boobs and my cock was fully erect. She removed my shorts and started to lick my cock. After some time I saw her clean shaved pussy. And started to lick it.. She was moaning ahhh.. Aaaaaa……. Ahoooooo……….. Oohhhhhhhhh……. Come on madhu fuck me…. Ppppppleaseee…… Then I inserted my cock on her pussy… And started to move to and fro… She was shouting aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…… Aaaaaa…….. Fuck me hard…….. Ooooohhhhhhhhh……… Pleade madhu do it slowly but I didn’t hear her words and fucked with all my sterngth.. The I cummed on her mouth.. Then we both lie on the bed for some time after some time she told me here after dont callme aunty I am u r Champa.. U can come any time and fuck me.. From that day onwards I was fucking my aunty..