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With Maid

This is someting which happened in Pune. I was doing my MBA in Symbiosis in Pune. My parents were in Dubai and I had rented a appartment and staying alone. The second day after starting to stay there I asked a watchman if I could get a bai ( maid) to wash clothes and sweep etc. He said he would arrange one.At first I din’t even glance at her. Her name was Surekha a Marathi lady,She was about 35 years old and quite fat and dark. I hardly noticed her figure as I was not thinking in that direction. We had a 2 week holiday and one morning I had a huge hardon and was reading the newspaper .

She was swabbing the floor and her saree was on the side that’s when I noticed she had huge Boobs .. I mean real round and huge and it was shaking while she swabbed . I also looked at ass it was also very big and round. I couldn’t control and after she left I matsturbated it all out. From that day all I did was look at her specifically and I started talking to her making small talk and waiting for a chance.

Then I got a chance.. she once came home looking very sad and nearly in tears .. I asked her what happened she said she needed 5000 rupees urgently as her sister was very sick in the village and she didn’t know what to do.I told her don’t worry and asked her to come back I went to the bank and when she came later I gave her the money.She was so happy and said thank you and that she would try to pay it back .. I said no problem keep it( my parents were quite rich). She felt very obligated and said I’ll do whatever you want…. I was shocked but didn’t know what she meant so I smiled and she smiled back.. that’s when I knew it was on.I told her there was nothing she could do ..there was a long time for me to be married and I was lonely. She again smiled. This time I just held her hand and she didn’t take it away and I said thanks .. she just smiled again.She said she had to go today to send the money .. but would come early tomorrow. Next day I was waiting in anticipation.. she came dressed in a red saree as I opened the door .. she smiled and went to the kitchen .. I followed her and told here there was no jobas I had finished everything and that I just wanted to be with her. It was rainy season and raining very heavily outside. She just smiled and looked down. Boldly I walked towards her and took her hand and kissed it she didn’t resist. couldn’t wait any longer and just hugged hear and she just held me.I just pulled her into the bedroom. I kiised here relentlessly all over her face and neck. Then I removed her saree pallu and that’s when I saw it .. there were 2 huge round of boobs like watermelons round and big.I just caught it with both my hands and pressed it and kneaded it againa and again she moaned a little Ah ah. Then I pulled off her saree she was wearing a blouse and a red pavada.While removing her saree I had to turn her around so now her ass was facing me . I held her from behind my dick hard as a rock now pressed against her ass while i continued pressing those big boobs. then I knelt down and with my hands on her waist I madly kissed her big ass through the pavada. Then I removed the pavada strings and she was only in blouse and a white panty. Now I was kissing her bare ass cheeks wildly .. after some time she turned around and I started unbuttoning her blouse and bra . Then it popped out those big round boobs with black big nipples . I kissed her boobs all over and then sucked on her tits one by one for over 1o minutes.She kept moaning now. I pushed her onto the bed and quickly removed my pants and rest of the clothes.I kissed her wildly all over her face boobs and stomach and then I reached her thighs and kissed and pressed her big thighs. I tried to separate it but she hesitated a bit and then I pushed so she did it and I had the first glimpse of a pussy. She had hair on it, I was kissing it wildly and then with lot of courage separated the hair and began licking her pussy.I had seen it in movies so I went on and on .. she was not used to this I think but kept on moaning ahah and put her fingers through my hair whileI licked her pussy. After a while I got up from there and kept her hand on my dick. She moved it up and down .. I very nearly came.. then I got brave and moved up near her face and took my dick near her mouth. I pressed her face with my hands and slowly pressed her cheeks she opened her mouth in a O shape . I just took my dick and brought it near her mouth. She was taken a bit by suprise but then put her lips round my dick. I was kneeling near her mouth and she wassucking my dick ..OH it was a great feeling.I grow more bold an started shoving it.. basically fucking her face and mouth .. she nearly choked once or twice but I continued pushing it down her throat.Poor Surekha withouta word she kept on sucking.

My dick was completely wet .. then I decided to fuck her she moved her legs and I took my dick there but somehow couldn’t find the hole. She tooks her left hand and guided my dick towards her pussy and in the hole. Slowly I pushed it in and out my dick was sohard and I kept fucking her and my hand was on her big boobs . After about 10 mins I still did not come but was on the verge of cumming.I didn’t want to cum insider her so I pulled out and then turned her. Her stomach was on the bed and her big ass facing me. I kissed her back and also her ass cheeks and made itwet. I also bit her ass cheeks .. all the time she was maoning ahh. Then I saw the crack between the cheeks .. I decided to have some fun I wet my fingers and put in ner the crack .Her ass my on my thighs and her face was on the bed. I took the chance and slowly inserted my finger into her ass hole a bit. It may have gone half inside and she said .. saab kya kar rahe ho.. I quickly said kuch nahin and laughed and she too laughed and then I did it again.She kind of didn’t like it I think.. but she turned around . I quickly went back to sucking her tits and once agian put my dick in her mouth and four of five movements I was ready to cum and pullled out of her mouth and came on her stomach.It was wonderful..We lay down for a while and then she went to the bathroom to clean up and then made tea for both of us.. Wow what an experience. We enjoyed like this for a year till I had to go back to Bombay after completion.

We had lots of fun after that first time. Our favourite is when she makes tea and I got from behind and put my hand on her boobs press it lift her saree and do it doggy style. Its fun. We did all kinds of sex after that day. But nothing beats the first time with Surekha Bai.