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1st experience

Hi friends, my name is Austin & I am new to this site. I came to know about this site through my friends. Actually I belong to Jaipur but, my parents got settled in Hyderabad. Well I cannot tell U my address, as it would create a very big problem. I am 22 years young boy weighing 60kgs & my height is 5.9. Well we have a big house with triple bed room. I am the only son of m parents. So, they loved me very much & gave me all the things I liked. I had a separate room in the up stairs & no one comes in my room without my permission.

As we had business both my mother & father use to be in the shop till 10:30. I daily returned from the collage at 1:30 & watched XXX movies in my P.C. One day I bunked the collage as there was a test & I was not prepared. My parents went to shop at 9am & I was having my break fast. Meanwhile the bell rang & I opened the door. It was our Gardner, Ramlal. He said to me, “Sir, my sister’s condition I very serious & I must be there as she is having no one except me. I must take her to hospital & so I need leave”. I asked him, “Where is Ur sister?” “She is in Mahaboob nagar”, He replied. He said that his daughter will be doing the work in his place. I agreed for that & gave him Rs.3000 for expenses. He thanked me & left to his home. After some time his daughter came. WOW! She was very beautiful with long hair, rosy lips & a perfect structure 38-26-34. She was wheatish colored. She aged about 20 years.

She asked me what should she do first. I said her to water the garden & then keep & then arrange hot water. She watered the garden immediately & went to my bathroom to arrange hot water. As the tiles in the bathroom are very smooth she got slipped & fell down. I heard the sound & ran to the bathroom. As she was wearing skirt, I was able to see her sexy soft legs. She got small scratch on her knee & was in pain. I lifted her up & helped her coming out of bathroom. I said her to show the wound. She first hesitated & slowly lifted her skirt up till her knee. I then touched her leg under her knee. OH! It was hot there. I looked the wound & said her that it was a small ones & I would apply ointment on it. I got the ointment & said her to sit on the chair.

She said, “Its ok sir I’ll sit on the ground. I moved her skirt up over her knee i.e, about 3 inches over her knee & started applying ointment to the wound. I moved my fingers smoothly on her knee where as my other hand was on her thigh preventing her skirt comes down & I was touching her thigh a little bit. I could read her face feelings. She was getting tempted & hot. She was closing her eyes in pleasure. I was very close to her & asked her, “What is Ur name?” “Sirisha”, she replied. I then said to her, “Sirisha Ur very beautiful.” She said, “U too are smart & while saying this her lips were quivering. I asked her, “Are U married?” “Yes” she replied & continued “He is a lorry driver.” I dared & asked her directly, “Is Ur husband satisfying U?” She was surprised on hearing this question & replied lately “No, he is a drunkard & he never cummed in my pussy.”

My heart felt very happy on hearing this. I asked her, “Don’t U get mood & how can U be with out being fucked?” she started crying & said “Then what can I do sir as I have no other way other than to be quite. I think all my life I must get satisfied with my husband small tool in my pussy for jut few minutes.” On hearing this from her mouth I dared & asked her if she would like to be fucked. She was stunned & asked me, “Who will come forward to fuck me?” I said, “Won’t I be suitable to U?” She was very happy on hearing this & accepted. I gave her a saree & said her to have a quick bath & wear the saree. She went to have the bath & I too went to have a bath. We both got ready with in ½ an hour. I locked the main door from inside. We had long time i.e, till 10 p.m. We had time for more than 10 hours. I said her to enter my bedroom & I locked my room door & windows & switched on the A/C.

She was wearing red coloured saree with a matching blouse with mo bra inside. I jumped on her & started kissing her with great passion & she was giving me a very good response. We were kissing our lips entering our lips in each other’s mouth. The saliava of her mouth tasted really great. We hugged each other really hard & were kissing. While kissing she was pressing my back & I was pressing her ass with my hands smoothly. We kissed for more than 15 min. Then I took off her saree & blouse & started sucking her big boobs, which has big brown nipples. Her nipples were rock hard & smooth. She was moaning with pleasure aaaaahhhhh, oooohhhh, suck them & bite them. She was pushing my mouth to her boobs & was forcing more & me to do that more.

Then we both got nude & I said her to suck my tool. She took my complete tool in her mouth & started sucking it smoothly. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, that was really good & I was getting more & more tempted. I was telling her to do that more & more & in very short time I pumped a very heavy load of cum in her mouth, which she drank though she had never tasted that. She liked the styles said by me. Then I went to her pussy. It was very hairy as they were poor they don’t have a habit of cleaning their pussy. I got my razor & cleaned her pussy smoothly with out making any scratches. She was very happy with this, as she never had such a cute, clean & soft pussy.

Now I made her to part her legs & started sucking her pussy with my tongue. She was now in heaven & was moaning with great pleasure aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm, oooooooooooowwwwwwwww & so on. I was getting more & more tempted with her moans & was entering my tool more inside her pussy. In a very short time she started flowing her juices & I just drank them with out wasting a single drop. Now I slept on the bed parting my legs & made her sleep on me entering my tool in her pussy. She was very happy & was waiting for this moment. She had a little bit tight pussy. After that I made her move up & down. It was paining a lot to both of us. She was now moaning with a great pain & pleasure AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, UUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM, OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW & so on. After some time I pumped a very heavy load of cum in her pussy.

She made me fuck her again & again all the day & there were no one to disturb us. I cummed in her pussy for more than 10 times & she was very happy with me & said that I gave her the pleasure she needed. She requested me to suck & kick her pussy again & again as she liked that & made me enter my tongue in her pussy as inside as I can. We fuck each other daily & she requested me that she needs a son of mine. I promised her that I would give her a smart son she needed. Now she is my wife & I am her husband.