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aaasha joshi

aaasha joshi:hello aaasha joshi:role play ? aaasha joshi:asha joshi has buzzed you! aaasha joshi:asha joshi has buzzed you! me:hi

Fucking office girls Priya and Nandita Part 01

Bhaskar, the chartered accountant, 40 years old, married and wife also working and the only child left in the creche. He was too busy with the work of his clients attending to their sales tax, incomes tax problems, arranging their accounts and investments etc.

Masi Masi Bahu And Me

I am now 45 years old . I was introduced to sex by my mother indirectly. I loved to suck her breasts till I was almost thirteen. I enjoyed it in motherly fashion till I was eleven but after that I always got a stirring in my loins while sucking her breasts. My mother never…

Pyaari Bhabhi

Bhabhi ka nam Sonalika tha lekin pyar se sabhi use Sonia bulate the. Shadi ke 1 saal bad meri maa ka swargwas ho gaya. Ab bhabhi hi mera khayal rakhti thi. Bhabhi hi mujhe nahlati thi aur sare badan par tel bhi lagati thi saath hi saath meri chhunni (lund) par bhi bade pyar se…

vasudha, got some free time in her busy schedule

vasudha:Hmmm. Busy as always vasudha:Me too colorderainbow:hahahha colorderainbow:today i have some relief colorderainbow:what about u

Wife with Old Gardner

Like most couples, we sometimes fantasize about things that we would like to happen but probably like most, never actually carry them out for real.One of our favorites is that she gets to have another man whilst I am watching discretely, and he doesn’t know I am there. Sometimes it’s a very young man, sometimes…

My first college sex

It was during my first year in college. One of the girls named “Suvidha” was very free and enthusiastic girl and always very open in views and talking. She used to be a bit hyper active always and used to get quite close to me while talking. I thought she was like that only because…

Girl with her Servant

This internet is very nice medium to share our secret experiences with others without revealing our identity. After reading the stories I was emboldened to share my own experiences with all others. The story written below is a true experience and occurred when I was 18 years of age. I would like to have this…

Pahale mai kafi sankoch karti thi par ab

Ranjit ka umar 40 sal ke hain par 35 se jyada nahin dikate. 5’8″ kad hai, halke se mote hain, gore aur sundar haim. Mera umar 35 saal hai, par 30 saal ki dikhtee hum, 5’3″ kad hai, jism 36- 27-36 hai. Hum dono yahan par apane kuch doston ke sath saamoohik chudaaee karate haim.…

Two for One

My sister, Sandra, is 35 years old, and 3 years older than me. I have known for quite some time that my sister is bi-sexual, but she has just recently informed my parents that she is living with a woman, and it’s more than a platonic relationship.

Vasudha bhabhi being fucked by Mark in Goa on V day

vasudha:Hi colorderainbow:hi darling vasudha:free now? vasudha:I have 20 min colorderainbow:yeah vasudha:)

Wife Sharing with Friend True Story Part 03

Part 3 ===== As I thought about what to say she mumbled guess not yet, with that she told Sanjeev how when she danced she liked to get her neck and ears kissed and took his hands off her back and on her panty covered ass. He just held her ass for a bit but…

Kavya, The Virgin

I was addicted to play with my tool from 8th classand as farheens family vacated from the building I was seacing for partner to play sex we were living in building since 9years. we and our owners were living as one family.kavya was owners daughter.they were very rich.

Getting Lucky with Laxmi

After having so much sex with all the glamorous girls in my studio I decided to have a change trying out with my rustic horny looking maid Laxmibai. Laxmi was a 25-year-old typical village type sex bomb but she wasted it all in shyness. She had a dark oily body massively loaded with ample fat…

Sex between Devrani AND Jethani

Hi Now here is my true story. I am a 25 year old married to a man who is so busy that he does not have time for sex and am a nymphomaniac. So u must have guessed by now what happens? I tried to explain to him that I need more attention but who…

Two dicks in one threesome sex

A couple months ago a friend of mine was in town overnight for business and we decided to get together for a couple drinks and dinner. Shashi and his wife used to live next door to me and we all were pretty close before he got relocated. So it was great to get together and…

Vasudha 03

vasudha:Hi there colorderainbow:Morning darling colorderainbow:how r u vasudha:Saw my latest pics ? colorderainbow:u sent in my mail

Wife Sharing with Friend True Story Part 02

Part-2 ===== Well believe it or not over 7 years had passed since we got married and Sanjeev had married Megha and then split up. The split came and Sanjeev was feeling pretty down about life in general, we felt bad cause we were so close to both of them. Megha had apparently, to our…