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Buying a Sex Toy For My Daughter

My daughter Sunidhi is eighteen-years-old and perfect.

“Well, you would say that, she’s your daughter; ‘Papa’s little girl’,” I hear you say.

But seriously, she is perfect! Friends and acquaintances of mine will often use the exaggerated expression ‘my daughter from hell’ when recounting yet another misdemeanour committed by their teen daughter. Well, all I can say is that in that context, I must have ‘a daughter from heaven’.

Sunidhi has always been such a lovely girl, both inside and out; charming, cheeky yet not precocious, helpful, caring, loving and she has a smile for everybody. If I have one complaint, it would be that she talks endlessly. She has done ever since the day she uttered her first words. My favourite expression when she spouts endless verbiage is, “You’ve got verbal diarrhoea again Sunidhi”; she’ll pause, smile at me, giggle and then carry on, unabated. Yep, she’s ‘my little girl’ and always will be. Read more »

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Dr. Chaudhuri’s Sexy Patient

Pithasthana Venkataraman glanced across the receptionist’s desk at the lone woman in the waiting room, wondering what her problem was. This was a Friday, the end of her second week on the job at Lilavati Hospital, and the overwhelming question she had, every day, with everyone who came in the office, was ‘What’s your problem?’

Pithasthana had just turned 21. She was a pretty girl, of mixed Tamil-Mallu background, who lived with her boyfriend in an apartment just outside of Malad. She had graduated from the local BA college a year ago, the modern version of secretarial school, and had ended up with a temp service as a secretary. This job looked to be her longest gig yet, and even had the possibility of turning into a full time job, but she generally wondered about the people coming in -‘What’s your problem?’

Dr. Vijendra Chaudhuri was a psychologist specializing in couples therapy and family counselling. It was a small office, with just himself and a secretary/receptionist. His regular receptionist had left on a maternity leave three weeks ago and was now due any day. The first secretary the temp agency had sent over had proved a rude and stupid disaster and had been sent packing at the end of the first week. Pithasthana was determined to do much better. If the regular secretary decided that motherhood was a better deal than working, which was a real possibility since her husband had a decent job, then Dr. Chaudhuri had told her he would probably keep her on. Her contract with the temp agency allowed her to go to work for him after twelve weeks, and the money he paid to the temp agency would go to her instead. It was a twelve-week contract; she had worked two and next week the office was closed because the doctor was going on vacation. Then it would be another ten weeks and she might be able to work full time directly for him. Read more »

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Tamanna Spanks Her First Sub

My name is Tamanna Narayan. I am the daughter of a famous Indian business tycoon. Horse-riding is my favourite hobby. Last Friday, as I stormed into the leather shop in Colaba, the heels of my riding boots echoing off the tile, still fuming at the morning’s incident. A broken riding crop, a sore hip, and mud and grass stains on my jodhpuri pants. All because that stupid pony had missed a step and thrown me. I was so mad that I hadn’t even bothered to change, and had driven directly to the shop.

As I reached the middle of the store, the nearly overwhelming smell of leather awakened my senses and I stopped to breathe deeply, which calmed me immeasurably. I love everything about leather: its smell, its feel against my skin, its uses, and the way it can be made into the softest of clothing or the strongest of boots. And even the sound of it: the snap of a whip, the ‘splat’ of a cat, the creaks as it moves against itself.

Awakening from my momentary reverie, I moved on to the back of the shop. As I reached the counter, I saw a young girl sitting behind it, working some lacing through a garment of some type on top of the counter. She appeared to be a few years younger than me, and was quite pretty. As she looked up at me, she moved the piece she was working on aside, clearing a space. I could see that she was wearing a leather vest covered with quite intricate patterns; it was very beautiful, and closed with what appeared to be a short chain, also of an intricate design. Surprisingly, she was wearing nothing under the vest, as the inner curves of her large breasts were very visible when she looked up at me.

“Is there something I can help you with, Miss… ?” Read more »

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Hot sex with Neha in Jaipur

I am Aakash. I am in Delhi for quite some time. I am 27. 6ft. Avg built with boy next door features. Let’s start with the story.  Last month, my company sent me to jaipur on a job assignment for one month. I came to jaipur without any expectations as I knew that these small towns can never give the excitement and fun of Metro cities. My stay was arranged in posh hotel near railway station (can’t tell the name). Initial 3-4 days were very boring but it all changed on first Friday. There was a small party on the client site where I met Neha. A common friend introduced us to each other. She was damn hot man…. Dusky but sharp features, 34-24-34, Capri type jeans and one shoulder top.

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Sex with mother in law

I had  mixed feelings when I was told that my mother in  law  is coming to stay for a few days with us as my wife had given  birth to my child and is taking rest as she had to get operated to take the baby out. I was interested in seeing my mother in law in  our house.  Now  I’m  33 and a sucker for big tits,  and  I  recalled mother  in  law was very busty. We were very free to  each  other that we talk all subjects. She arrived late and went right to bed but I caught a glimpse of mother in law and she looked even  more busty  than  before.

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Mai galti se chud gayi kisi ajnabi se Part 2

Maine bhi thora thora Mr singh ka lund imagine kerne lagi mera pani fir tisri baar jhar gya.Itne main Vinod ko uske dosto ki call aa gai or wo bole ki 10 mint main humare ghar pahunch rahe hain tyar rehna hum w8 nahi kerenge.Vinod ne mujhe sidha kiya or meri choot main lund dal ker bola aaj pehle se jyada mja aya. or fir dhake marne laga.20 25 dhako ke baad uske lund se garam pani nikal jo ki meri choot main sma gya. Read more »

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Mai galti se chud gayi kisi ajnabi se Part 1

Hi Friends. Mera Naam Simran hai or meri age 24 hai. main ek house wife huun.Rang milky white,patla sharir lakin bahut hi bariya figure hai patli kamar or bare bare boobs.36 26 34 meri figure hai.height 5”5.short hair.Lagbhag kafi sexy lagti huun aisa mujhe kafi log bolte hain .yeh to ho gai meri baat aab mere husband ke bare main batati huu.Unka naam Vinod hai kafi handsome hain. Read more »

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Blackmailing My Sister and her Bestfriend

Most of my friends thought Shruti was hot, though to me she was just my bratty sister. She was 5’11’ , Long sexy legs,about 54 Kg, with black hair and brown eyes. When she wasn’t tanning herself she was working out, accounting for her washboard stomach and toned arms and legs. Her breasts were the typically full, firm mounds you’d expect of an athletic 18-year old, and from the couple of times her bras ended up in my laundry basket, I knew she was a 35C.

When I got home, I went outside to say “Hi” to Shruti, but she wasn’t there. I headed upstairs to change my clothes. The way our house was set up, my bedroom was at the end of the hall, with my parent’s room to one side of me, my sister’s to the other. As I passed my parents room, I could hear noises coming from inside. I knew they weren’t home, so I opened the door carefully. I couldn’t believe what I saw — my sister was on all fours, naked, being fucked from behind by my friend Aakash, as her best friend Ishita was on her back being fucked by another friend, Bharat. Ishita was even more beautiful than my sister — a little shorter at 5-foot, 8 inches, with black and brown hair, full, pouty lips, and breasts that seemed to defy gravity. She was playing with her nipples as Bharat fucked her hard.

I went to the living room and got my parent’s video camera. Quickly putting a new tape inside I snuck back upstairs. I eased the door open a little more, and zoomed in on the action. I had a perfect view of Aakash’s cock driving in and out of my sister’s cunt. I guided the camera over to her face, getting her right in the center of the frame, moaning with each deep thrust of Aakash’s cock. I scanned over to Ishita, focusing on her upper body as Bharat pounded her pussy. Her full breasts shook back and forth as Bharat fucked her. I watched silently as the two guys fucked them faster and faster. Read more »

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