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Sex with maid Part 2

Actually I have a very strong sexual desire to fuck my aunt, She is really a hell of a women but I never got a chance to screw her. She never understood my intensions.Anyways I am going to tell you about my first ever sexual experience with my servant. We have a servant who works in our house she is around 19 years but you wont believe she is just 19 ‘cos she has a very sexy figure.

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Sex with maid Part 1

I would like to tell all of you one which had happened to me 3 years back. My house was under construction. Hence many men and women were working at my site. One day, one beautiful woman came to my site to clear my slab. I was astonished to see her. She was the owner of big, tight and beautiful boobs. I was looking and looking and looking at her.

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35 year old aunty with big botty who likes naughty chat

addictive_vivek: reemaaaaaaaaaaaaa
addictive_vivek: u thre reema ji
addictive_vivek: helloooooooooooo
Reema : ha bolo
addictive_vivek: aap reema hain na
Reema : ha how u kno wme
addictive_vivek: we wre frnds sm yrs back
addictive_vivek: n we did naughty chat too n i know u like it
Reema : ok frankly abhee aad nahi aa rahe hai
addictive_vivek: han no probs bt u do like naughty chat na
Reema : ha
addictive_vivek: tell more abt u aunty
Reema : hum 35 years ke hai
addictive_vivek: ok
addictive_vivek: kahan se
addictive_vivek: kitne bacche aunty
Reema : pune se
addictive_vivek: ok

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Ranjini fantasizes about having sex with an old man and engages in sexual activities with a man in his 50s

Abdul worked for a big real estate development firm as a project
engineer and Ranjini was a freelance interior designer. Ranjini mostly
worked from home except for site visits. They had recently moved into an
upscale apartment complex.

The complex consisted of 5 different buildings, 2 club houses and a
swimming pool. The couple had purchased a fully furnished flat on 4th
floor in one of the buildings. Each floor had only two flats. Since they
bought a furnished flat, settling down was pretty easy.

Their neighbors were Mr and Mrs. Patel who were in their late 50’s. The
Patels were very friendly couple. Their only daughter had gone to UK for
her medical education. Mr. Patel was a retired man and Mrs. Patel was a

Mrs. Patel was very active in social life, while Mr. Patel spent most of
his day by taking early morning walks, reading newspaper, watching CNBC
and trading shares by calling his broker every now and then.

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The best mom in the world

Hello, anyone home? It’s me mom.” As I stood up and heard my mom enter the house, my body shook. What was I going to tell her, did she know, was this all set up? So many questions and no answers. Well I stood up and threw on some jeans and a sweatshirt. I figured I’d go downstairs and just tell her what happened. My father was still in the shower and I figured he would tell her if I didn’t. So as I went downstairs, with shaky legs. I found my mom in the kitchen. She was wearing a simple white blouse and knee length black skirt. “Mom, hi! How was your day?”

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My aunt my god

Hi this is Sultana Sinha, 36 yrs old healthy Male from Patna Bihar along with 38th story. If you like, the story please say so via mail or Hi my name is Rahul Sinha from Phulwari Sharief Patna, Bihar. This is true story, which took place few years back when I was in class 10th. Ours is a joint family where my father and his younger brother used to live together. We lived on ground floor and Chacha(uncle-father’s brother) lived on first floor. Our family consisted of my father (Anupam Sinha), mother (Hema Sinha) and me.

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Swetha Loses Her Virginity

My name is Swetha Suresh, my parents are from Kerala. I live in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Today I am going to share my sex experiences of my entire life.

My first sex experience occurred at the age of 18, I was studying in class 12, After my dance practice me and my boyfriend decided to go to a birthday party, It was a bit night around 10 pm. We reached his house by 10:15. But to our surprise there was no much celebration. Only one more boy came. But I was very happy to see the thankfulness of the birthday boy because we came to his room. We cut the cake and sang song, I danced a little bit…lol. Then they opened drinks. I asked my boyfriend why he never told me that he drinks, he replied I never asked him. I was sitting on the sofa and watching TV and three of them started drinking. Then suddenly the other boy asked my boyfriend if he had sex with me, he said no..they started laughing. I became very angry and asked my boyfriend to leave. But that boy said if Achu ( my pet name) really loves you she will do it today. Read more »

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My first and memorable story

Hello to all readers.This is the 1st time I am writting my story. I am a regular reader. I am 22 years old now. I started getting interested in sex and the world of porn when I was 18yrs through the stories that I used to hear from my friends in school. We used to fantasize about our beautiful and hot sexy teachers who used to teach us. This incident happened when I was just 18 years old in train while I was travelling to Kerala.

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Tan yaa Man

Mai dagmagate kadamo se marriage palace se bahar aya. Drink kuch jayada hee kar lee thee. iss lye theek se chal bhee nahi paa raha tha. Darsal mai apne ek dost ke marriage mai aya tha. apne kuch aur friends ke sath unki car mai. Raat ke 1 baj chuke thee. aur mere dost abhi bhee mafil jamaye hue bethe thee. ghar se baar-2 wife ka phone aa raha tha. par mai itni pee chuka tha, abb ghar nahi jana chatha tha. kyonki papa ko mera daru peena bikul bhee pasand nahi tha. aur aaj to kuch jayada hee pee lee thee. mai apne dost ke sath uski car mai aya tha. isslye wapis jane ka mere pass koi intjaam nahi tha. mene marriage palace ke gate par bethe guard se poocha “bhaya yaha par koi auto yaan taxi milege ?”

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Cousin ki choot mein mera lund

First of all I like to introduce my self my name is Angle Guy I am from Lahore Pakistan. Today i am going to tell u about my first sexual experience. My age 23, height is 5”9 good-looking and handsome and have a Big Hard Dick:) Tu janab main ab ap ko apni Story URDU or ENGLISH main suany ja raha huon ye mara first time hy koie galti ho jay tu ignor kar de jae ga.han tu guys , girls apny apny LUN or Pudi pe hath rakh lien:)  Now I tell you about Honey .

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Makaan malkin ko choda

Jaisa ki maine aapko apni pahli kahani me bataya ki maine kaise apni naukrani ko choda aur uske baad apna ghar badal diya. Maine naye ghar me shift kiya jahan ki ek family rahti thi. Wo teen log the. Bhaiya (makaan maalik), Bhabhi (Makaan Malkin) aur unki 1.5 saal ki beti. Bhaiya army me job karte the aur saal me do baar aate the, wo bhi sirf ek mahine ke liye. Read more »

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My sex with my chachi

Hello.everyone i am the reader of kamapisachi and i want to share my sex story with you……..  I am raj a boy of 18 years and my chachi is of avereage height and with avereage size boobs and erected nipples and with wider hipps bcz she had sex twice in week sometimes everyday also with my chacha.,

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Sex with Bhabhi at Shivaji Park

I was in the middle of a flower bed in Shivaji Park which is near my home, doing a little macrophotography. I had been shooting flowers and the occasional bumblebee for about a half-hour. The park is home to a cricket field, a basketball court, and various practice pitches, since it was mainly intended for the city’s cricket lovers. The Mumbai Municipal Corporation had installed a couple of flower beds around the perimeter, surrounded by low stone walls, and the summer’s weather had been good to the flowers, and the fat bees.

I looked up at one point, and noticed her watching me from a corner of the flower bed. She was one of my neighbours, a cute little hottie who had obviously just dropped one of her kids off at the cricket practice that was underway across the park. She must have picked him up right after work, as she was still in a dress and heels, rather than jeans or shorts like most of the other upper middle-class moms. I rocked back from my knees, and looked at her.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Please don’t let me disturb you. I saw you from across the park and was just wondering what you were doing in the middle of the flower bed. I’ll leave you alone.” Read more »

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Priyanka’s Sex Lessons from Uncle Ganesh

Ganesh Acharya leaned back in the old steel double wide lawn chair, and watched as Priyanka took care of old Mr. Mule’s needs. Priyanka greeted Mr. Mule, started the petrol pump and then checked under the hood before beginning to wash and dry all the windows of the Ambassador. Ganesh was glad he had hired Priyanka. He’d always been glad.

Had anyone asked him, he’d gladly have admitted that when he first hired her it was mostly for her looks. She was a babe. Eighteen, fresh, pretty, vivacious, with high round teenage breasts and hips to kill for, her black pony tail bobbed and waved as she went over the car. When she reached to get a spot in the middle of the windshield, one leg came off the ground and Ganesh had a nice view of the crotch of her cut offs and the white panties she was wearing under them. Priyanka usually wore a T shirt to work at the petrol station, but today she was wearing a halter top and Ganesh had been half stiff since she reported for work. It was Friday and they stayed open an hour longer on Fridays.

The other reason he’d hired her was because she was his brother’s daughter. He’d watched her grow up and now that she was almost a woman he really enjoyed being around her. She adored him and in any situation other than at work she’d have run up to him and thrown her arms around him, pressing her tight little body against him and giving him a sloppy kiss on the lips. They’d been buddies for years. Read more »

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Mira’s XXX Adventures in the Village

Mira was in trouble and she knew it. Her rebellious nature had finally gotten her in real trouble. She’d taken a necklace out of old Shiv Mandir while the pandit was out gathering fruit and she’d gotten caught with it. Now she was being called in front of the village wise men for punishment. Mira stared at the entrance of the cave where the wise men sat each day to settle disputes, answer questions, tell people when to plant and all of the other things the wise men decided for her people. She’d never been in that dark place, and had never wanted to.

She had to duck when she went in. Mira was tall for one of her people. She was also slim. She could run faster than any of the boys, though when she did that now her breasts sometimes hurt. They had grown a lot in the last year or two and stuck out from her slim chest in what she thought was an ugly and misshapen way. The soft cotton tunic she wore shifted and slid over her long brown nipples as she ducked. That was another thing she didn’t understand. Those nipples caused her more trouble than anything else about her body. They were always in her consciousness because they always felt so … so … good. She’d been seized by the urge to rub and squeeze them a lot lately, and when she did it caused the most lovely sensations to run through her body. It also made her feel … well … good between her legs. Read more »

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