24 f jalandhar

not a sucking fucking chat, but its gonna make u hard for sure
colorderainbow:u like sci fi movie
soumya patil:yeah
colorderainbow:day breaker dekhi
colorderainbow:theatre ja

soumya patil:k sure
soumya patil:kesi movie hai
colorderainbow:human being becomes indangered species in that movie
colorderainbow:other creatures just eat humans
colorderainbow:n thier blood
soumya patil:wow
colorderainbow:so to avoid it scientist invents substitute of blood
soumya patil:i like blooody movie tooo
colorderainbow:hmm then u r gonna havbe fun
soumya patil:kk
soumya patil:den
colorderainbow:there are bloody scenes
colorderainbow:did u see wrong turn
colorderainbow:WRONG TURN
soumya patil:ya i saw
soumya patil:i saw saw series
soumya patil:i saw it
soumya patil:before
soumya patil:have u seen 24 weks
colorderainbow:saw swries is such a horrible movie
soumya patil:do watch dat movie
soumya patil:yeah
colorderainbow:na 24 weeks i didnt see
soumya patil:do c dis movie too
colorderainbow:its also bloody movie
colorderainbow:one of my friend here just look around for such movies
colorderainbow:i will ask him to arrange
colorderainbow:or put it in download
colorderainbow:do u like tatto
soumya patil:yeah
soumya patil:i got it
soumya patil:on my bak shoulder
soumya patil:i want 1 more
colorderainbow:n whats there in ur tatto
colorderainbow:a vampire
soumya patil:nah
colorderainbow:sucking ur blood
colorderainbow:a butterfly
soumya patil:its angel butterfly
soumya patil:yeah
colorderainbow:yeah its a commonly found shoulder tatto
soumya patil:yeah its ok
soumya patil:but it luks goooood too
colorderainbow:i had sheen a philipinno before with same tatto
soumya patil:yeah i need somethng different now
colorderainbow:its all black or colorfull
soumya patil:i guess unicorn…leo sign r a music sign
soumya patil:its blue coloed
colorderainbow:get something unique
colorderainbow:aur is dafa kahan banwane ki soch rahi hay
soumya patil:wat u suggest
colorderainbow:how about a male sign
soumya patil:ummm on my shoulder
soumya patil:hunh
soumya patil:m a grl den y male sign
colorderainbow:coz u r as powerfull as men
soumya patil:hehe hw know
colorderainbow:thats the odd thing
soumya patil:ahan
colorderainbow:most of women will think same
soumya patil:hmm
colorderainbow:why a male sign if u r women
soumya patil:yeha
colorderainbow:it will provoke them to think
soumya patil:butits smthng silllly
soumya patil:nah they wud thnk m silllly
colorderainbow:what else
soumya patil:its kind shemale
soumya patil:ahaha
soumya patil: suggest somethng betta!!
soumya patil:yeha
colorderainbow:some shape with sharpe edge
colorderainbow:lik epoison ivy
colorderainbow:movie type
colorderainbow:did u see
soumya patil:hahah
soumya patil:nah
colorderainbow:i liked that
soumya patil:nah
colorderainbow:is there anything in ur mind
soumya patil:hahaha
soumya patil:i saw dat movie
soumya patil:sexy movie
colorderainbow:all poison ivy are sexy movie
soumya patil:yeah
colorderainbow:but its okay once u r aduly
soumya patil:yeah
colorderainbow:which movie turned u on most
soumya patil:ummm
colorderainbow:yaad karo bachi
soumya patil:kar rhi hu
soumya patil:basic instict got good parts
soumya patil:umm saw original sin
soumya patil:nd
soumya patil:many movie i dnn remember
soumya patil:u say
soumya patil:which turned u on
colorderainbow:umm i
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soumya patil:yeah
soumya patil:u say
colorderainbow:there was a movie
colorderainbow:or something
colorderainbow:monica bullecci
soumya patil:i havnt seen dis movie
soumya patil:k
colorderainbow:it was some other language movie
soumya patil:ohkie
colorderainbow:but once i started watching
colorderainbow:just lost in it
soumya patil:hhah
soumya patil:nice
soumya patil:u love such movieess
soumya patil:han
colorderainbow:such movies
colorderainbow:what do u meant here
colorderainbow:i like all sort of movie
colorderainbow:it shall be good
colorderainbow:n more over
colorderainbow:everybody likes such movie
colorderainbow:dont u want to feel high sometime
soumya patil:yeah i do
colorderainbow:see the link
colorderainbow:it tells u about malena
soumya patil:hhk
colorderainbow:have u seen ever x rated movie
soumya patil:whic movie
colorderainbow:or noughty america
colorderainbow:have u heard of this ever
soumya patil:nah
soumya patil:no
colorderainbow:then leave it
soumya patil:dat site isnt opening
soumya patil:i saw by naughty america
soumya patil:i saw one movie
soumya patil:u mean to say porn movie
soumya patil:i guess
soumya patil:hena
soumya patil:yeah i saw
soumya patil:by nauhty america
colorderainbow:n bangbros is similar series
colorderainbow:like noughty america
soumya patil:hk
soumya patil:i nvr abt dis
soumya patil:heard*
colorderainbow:now u heard na
colorderainbow:may be girls are shy discussing these in group
colorderainbow:they just care much about their image
colorderainbow:what would other think
colorderainbow:hay an ???
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