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25 f bnlore

saina: how do u know me
colorderainbow: hi
colorderainbow: buddy
colorderainbow: exbii
saina: i m not on exbii

colorderainbow: but u follow that
colorderainbow: m i right
saina: yeah but .. as a guest
saina: so how can u know me
colorderainbow: i know thats it
saina: how is jay sachdeva?
colorderainbow: he is fine
colorderainbow: how about u
colorderainbow: ur asl
saina: i mean who is jay sachdeva
saina: i dont know him
colorderainbow: batay to
colorderainbow: 26 m delhi
colorderainbow: engineer by profession
colorderainbow: an exbiian
saina: check my profile
colorderainbow: ur asl ??
saina: 25 f blore
colorderainbow: ok
colorderainbow: so u must besingle
colorderainbow: right
saina: y
colorderainbow: did u check my thread
colorderainbow: just a guess
colorderainbow: r u married
saina: nope
saina: i am single
colorderainbow: okay
colorderainbow: yeah
saina: i said yes na
colorderainbow: thanks for being friends
colorderainbow: so
saina: sure
colorderainbow: so
colorderainbow: when did u start visiting exbii
colorderainbow: how long u have been surfing exbii
colorderainbow: rut????
saina: i am back
saina: tell
colorderainbow: hmm
colorderainbow: where have u been
colorderainbow: how long u have been surfing exbii
colorderainbow: anybody home
colorderainbow: trin
colorderainbow: trin
saina: trin
saina: what
colorderainbow: trin trin
colorderainbow: is door bell ringing
saina: hmm i am back
colorderainbow: hahah
colorderainbow: kahan gayab ho jati ho
saina: went to bathroom
saina: why
colorderainbow: just like that
colorderainbow: so susu karne gayi thi
colorderainbow: how is ur toilet
colorderainbow: western or desi style
saina: western
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: its easy to pee in western
saina: hey before we start
saina: do u have any pic
colorderainbow: just lower ur panty n u r done
colorderainbow: yeah i have
saina: hmm yeah u know a lot abt how girls
saina: pee
saina: send now
colorderainbow: accept
colorderainbow: it
saina: can u send again
colorderainbow: r u on yahoo
saina: one sec
colorderainbow: k
saina: my yahoo im is not working
saina: hence using meeboo
saina: yeah
saina: please send
colorderainbow: ok
colorderainbow: lemme come on meebo
colorderainbow: but to be frank
colorderainbow: its my pic
colorderainbow: not my dick
colorderainbow: heeheeehehehe
colorderainbow: hope u r not looking for that
saina: come on
saina: please dont use such words
saina is typing…
saina: send ur pic
saina: saw it
colorderainbow: so
colorderainbow: interested to chat ??
saina: yeah
colorderainbow: hmm
colorderainbow: so what do u do in blore
saina: work
saina: u
colorderainbow: student or in job
saina: job
colorderainbow: here in delhi
saina: good
colorderainbow: yeahhhhhhh
colorderainbow: u there
saina: yes
colorderainbow: u have great assets
colorderainbow: whats ur figure ??
saina: hmm thanks
saina: 34-28-32
saina: and whats urs
colorderainbow: i m 5.11″
colorderainbow: 70 kg around
saina: gr8
colorderainbow: hope thats the way boys tell about their figure
colorderainbow: isnt it
saina: yeah
colorderainbow: so , u r virgin or ………………….?
saina: yeah
saina: virgin
colorderainbow: hmmmm
colorderainbow: dont u feel like doing
colorderainbow: u r 25
colorderainbow: after all
saina: hmm
saina: keeping for my husband
saina: and u
colorderainbow: mmmm
colorderainbow: i m single but not a virgin
colorderainbow: i had my share of fun
saina: hmm naughty
saina: with whom
saina: ur gf
colorderainbow: my mba friend
colorderainbow: no , not gf
colorderainbow: just a friend
saina: hmm
saina: one night affaur
colorderainbow: several nites
colorderainbow: but just nites
colorderainbow: in day time we are friends
colorderainbow: but u know
colorderainbow: night has its own affects
colorderainbow: hard to resist
saina: yeah
colorderainbow: so
colorderainbow: havnt u felt that affect
colorderainbow: dont u get horny at times in nite ??
saina has signed out.