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28 year old Desi aunty likes a bit of massage and more

My aunt she was 28 years old that time having no kids bcoz my uncle not capable of it. My aunt is a really sex bomb whitish milkish complexion 34D 28 36 nice firm ass every guy would dream to fuck her I used to go office and return evening after that spend time with uncle and aunt watching movies playing badminton playing chess most of the time my uncle was absent due to his biz he travel alot to Karachi and Islamabad My aunt was really friendly with me we were just like friends and honestly speaking ever since she married to my uncle and came into our family i was attracted to her and want her so desperately bcoz she is damn hot and sexy as i said my uncle was not so good in bed she miss sex alot but she never ever made any attempt towards me or anywhere else but i wanted her to make such thing but i did’t have courage to let her know my feelings abt her although i never miss any chance to touch her yet never make her suspicious she woke me up every morning for breakfast and i always pretend to b fast asleep until she touch me and call to wake up some time my arms chest or leg every morning i waited her touches one time my uncle was going for biz trip for a week when i got to know this i go so excited but when i heard words from my aunt that she will spend week at her parents home i got so sad so my uncle fly to Karachi and i drop my aunt to her parents home and here i was all alone in the home i was so sad and restless and was cursing my luck next day i was in office and got a call from my aunt she said that after finishing your work pick us from home i got confused “US” she said i m coming back home with my mother she will stay untill your uncle returns i was happy although her mother gonna stay same house but at least i can see my lovely sexy aunt daily front of me Her mother old lady having knee joints problem she can’t move much sit on wheel chair all the time or bed well i picked them after my office and we got home she made dinner while i stand with her in the kitchen watch her sexy ass big boobs covered by her dupatta one thing i forgot to tell you i used to masturbate daily fantasizing fucking her.


Next day was Sunday i was sleeping late and my aunt was washing clothes suddenly i heard a noise something fall with a loud cry i just ran and found my aunt was on floor and was crying with pain she fall from stairs with cloth bucket hit the wall and hurt her shoulder badly i just lift her in my arms and take to her bed room where her mother was and shouting what happened i told her aunty fall and hurt her shoulder she was in really pain i was rubbing her shoulder and i proposed to take her to doctor but she refused by saying she be fine but i could feel the pain on her face i gave her a hot glass of milk and some pain killer and left the room i was in my room and always thinking abt my aunt how is she feeling now i went to her room to ask how she feels now she was laying on her stomach and her mother was also on same bed i asked how are u aunty ji she replied better but still feels like some one punching my shoulder her mother said to me Arjun baita u just get me olive oil i massage her shoulder she will feel better i said ok and get her olive oil my aunt said no mother u already have pain in ur knees you can’t even sit how u gonna massage you just take rest i am fine then i speak yes she is rite you better take rest i do the massage i took the oil bottle from her hand and my aunt said no Arjun it’s ok i m just fine don’t worry i said aunty you are in pain and i am sure u ‘ll feel better after massage her mother also said same so my aunt got quite i asked her to layback on her stomach she did the same now the situation was my aunt was at one corner of the bed and her mother was at other corner watching tv one of her fav.

Old indian movie i sat between them and start rubbing her shoulder those were the moments i been waiting for she was so soft and i was getting hot my dick was just toring my underwear she was wearing shalwar kameez her sexy ass was like mountain on bed i put some oil on back side of her neck and started massaging i was trying to reach her shoulder from her neck and she was feeling bit awkward after 10 mins i speak out can’t reach ur shoulder properly she said Arjun tum sirf should daba doo yahi kafi hai no need for oil massage i was thinking somthing else i was thinking abt her zip which was at backside of her shirt i did’t stop and without asking her i just unzip her zip and take my hands inside her shirt she did’t react anything which was a huge go ahead for me for massage only her mother was sitting there and she was giving a glance then back to her movie i was touching my aunt bare back she was wearing a black bra

i started massaging her shoulder with both hands inside her shirt then slowly i cam between and to the other shoulder i was also touching her bra strip again and again now i was massaging her both shoulders with each hand and while doing thing my finger were also reaching her armpit i am sure she was enjoying it alot then i gathered some courage and suddenly opened her bra and still no reaction she was laying there like sleeping now my hands were all over her back from shoulder to her waist while massage i did one thing i lift her shirt from her ass a now i was watching her ass with shalwar on and massage her back i came down slowly to her lower back hold her waste with both hands then up again then down i was trying to bring her shalwar down a bit which i think she noticed and she got up and said thanks to me that she is feeling lot better now i was in no situation her reaction was so sudden i just got up and left the room ran to bathroom and masturbated twice in the evening she came to my room asking for dinner i asked her how u feeling now she replied much better your massage really worked she made dinner after dinner i sat in tv room and started watching some movie she gave dinner to her mother and came to watch tv with me she was watching tv and with one hand rubbing her shoulder when i noticed i asked is it still paining she replied little bit not like it was before i said i can massage you one more so u feel no pain she said no it’s ok mother would b sleeping now don’t wanna disturb her i said there is no need to disturb her on the same bed i can massage you here on this sofa or u can come to my room she replied Arjun u already doing so much for me don’t wanna bother u more i said come on aunty it’s just nothing if i give u some comfort i ‘ll b more then happy she just said OK.

My heart suddly beats fast i thought this is the chance if i don’t get her tonite i will never get her again and i was also thinking she might b interested to i went to her room and took the oil she asked howz mother doing i replied she is sleeping

she lay on sofa on her stomach and this time i unzip her shirt straight away and started massaging her back and shoulders i was touching her armpit and sides of her boobs no reaction from her just abit heavy breathing i took some courage and unhooked her bra now i was massaging her back and time to time feeling her boobs from sides she was getting hot i could feel her body temprature then i took a brave move and put my both hands under her boob to cup them ahhhhhhhhh what a soft boobs she was just laying there with no moments then i try to lift her shirt and she helped me by raising her body i pulled off her shirt in one moment now she was naked from upper side and facing down it was so difficult for me to control i started feeling that i can fuck my dream girl tonite but i was not sure what to do next as she was not responding at all she was just laying there facing down i again started massaging her back then went down and with my palm tried to pull down her shalwaar from both sides it went down till her half ass ohh what a sight she was wearing black panty then she said in low voice.

Arjun mother can come any time i replied in same low voice near her ear don’t worry aunty she is fast sleep then i kissed her neck she turned her face to me and looked straight into my eyes my heart was beating like anything i slowly moved ahead and kissed on her lips she responded by opening her mouth and it was a dream kiss come true a long tongue action i did’t want to waste time i just lift her in my arms half naked and took her to my room the sight was great she was laying on my bed half naked and her big boobs were asking to b cuped and sucked i pulled off my shirt and went on top of her started kissing her face lips eyes checks ears neck my hand was on her boob pressing sqeezing her nipple she was moaning i took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking it gently then the other after some time then kissing on her belly belly button she was in some pleasure her body was so tights and she was holding my hairs then i pulled down her shalwaar and panty at the same time wow i got watered mouth she got cleanest pussy no hair what’s so ever i ever seen redish pussy lips i could’t control myself i just burried my face between her legs and started eating her pussy she was making loud moansssssssss and i was eating biting her pussy.