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3sum with a stranger man at our first honeymoon-1

Hi friends this is the my first story in a porn site .I am narrating
my true life story for the demand of my boyfriend Mr. Richard ji and I
call him my Master .I think u all will b enjoy by reading my this
I am Priya 28years old I am fair complexion a Bengali housewife .but
very modern broad minded and very friendly. With long hair
5.6’’feet tall. My figure is 38 36 40 my hubby and all people tale
me I look very hot and sexy. My hubby is 32 years old 5.8’’feet
tall and whitish complexion and he look very chocolaty type. We stay
at Bangalore near it sector. We like to chat with aged people. I like
tall dark complexion angry dominating wild men.
We are very friendly frank and open-minded type. We married last
1years ago, and in our honeymoon, we went to the Goa for a week. there
we enjoy a lots and on the 2nd day we was having a great sex at night
and my was banging me very hardly so I was shouting in pleasure and
suddenly I don’t know what happened to Manoj he came near to my ear
and he told me lets us try for a group sex. I want u to share with man
in bed. I get very much surprise and shocked then I say him shut up do
not talk like a foolish .Manoj told me I am not joking baby I am very
serious are you interested he ask me. I stay quite but I fell so
horny, surprising, shocking and also very curious and I ask him are u
sure? Manoj reply yes .then I ask him with whom u want me to share? He
replies u say what type of man u like. I reply he should be of at
least 40 and old very manly who have the power to make girls to dance
on his fingerer, he must be strong wild angry dominating. Manoj say ok
no problem. I ask him do u know anybody like this type. He replies no
I ask him then how will we do. He reply do not worry we will find him
.and then we sleep.

Next day morning we wake up and have our tea in the hotel room then we
went to the beech I wear a half pant and a T-Shirt and he wears a half
pant and a T-Shirt. Then we was joking and chatting between us .we
feel hungry so we went to a dhaba to have some food. We was having our
food and suddenly Manoj told me to look next to our table there I saw
a man of 50age he was wearing a very simple white shirt and a denim
blue jeans. He was very tall and Stroud physic who look very strong
hansom and he looks very sexy man. From his eyes. Manoj ask me do u
like this man. I reply yes ok. Then he asks me do u think he is a sexy
man? I reply yes 100%he is a dam sexy man. Manoj ask me so would u
like him to add with us in bed for a 3sum sex. I feel nervous and I
was thinking I do not know what I should say. I stay keep quite, I
gave a small smile, and Manoj understand what I want.
Manoj move to his table and he ask to that person do u stay in Goa? He
replies yes but it is 100km away from Goa. That man was not look at us
and he replies yes .y? Then Manoj ask him can we join with u in the
table? He looks at him and me say ok. Then Manoj ask him what is your
name? He replies Richard. Manoj told him and she is my wife Priya. He
says ok. He ask to Manoj what do u do?manoj say m working at airtel.
Richard and Manoj was start discussing between them self .but I was
notice that yes he is the 1st person whose eyes r looking so
naughtyrious but he was not giving me any importance to me which
attract me most. Our food came, we completed, Manoj pay the table bill
including Richard Bill Richard gave me his Visiting card, and he told
us if u need any type of help then just give me a call. We say ok and
then Manoj also gave his number to Richard.
After that we left the dhaba and we went to our hotel Manoj, ask me
how do u like him? I reply “IN 1WORD HE IS A REAL SEXY MAN.HE HAV
Manoj say ok then again we will meet with him at 5pm ok. I ask to
Manoj how? He replies we will call him. I say ok and Manor called him.
He receives the ph and reply hello. Manoj ask Mr. Richard what are you
doing at evening he reply nothing. Manoj ask can we meet at 5pm he
replies not at 5 pm but we can meet at the same dhaba.
Then evening we went to the beech and we meet with Mr Richard again we
start chatting so many things slowly he was also start chatting with
me which I feel so nice. We all get so friendly .and next evening he
invite us at his home {banglo}.
we were so exited and we was feeling bit afraid.
I was planning what to wear so I will look so hot and sexy. Manoj told
me to wear a baby pink saree and a backless sleeveless and deep neck
blouse and Manoj wear a black shirt and a blue jeans and we was
getting ready .
Our bell rang and Manoj open the door and he saw a waiter came to our
room and he say. Sir Nichama aaplogoka lia kohi Richard ji naamka
kisina gaari bhaja hay.Manoj say him ok tale him to wait for 10min we
r coming.
Manoj close the door and he hug me and smooch me. We were starting
feeling more exited. After that, we came down and we saw a ford icon
and his driver waiting for us him welcomes us and took us to Richard