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3sum with a stranger man at our first honeymoon-2

We reach to his banglo that was super. When we reach there, we saw he
was swimming in his swimming pool. He came out and he welcomes us.
Then we start gossiping in different topics slowly Manoj turn that to
sexual discussion. Richard offer us for drink we start drinking and
get friendly and we start discussing more openly. Then Manoj told let
gossip and we go at our room so we all shift to his dining room. There
we were gossiping and Richard ask us would we like to watch some bf?
Therefore, Richard reply ya please we both love to watch bf .so
Richard took out some good collection of bf, we start watching and
enjoying, and I was start feeling so much horny. Suddenly I saw
Richard was touching his leg with my leg .and I was feeling hornier.
then on that time in bf there was a scene was going of strip dance so
Richard ask Manoj do you like strip dance Manoj told ya I love to
watch that and he also told to Richard that my wife is a great dancer
some time she show me strip dance also. After listening this Richard
came close to he and me ask to Manoj that will u mind if I told Priya
to show us a dance. Manoj reply no do not worry we r not like that we
r very frank and friendly. However, I was feeling so horny, Richard
was crushing my thigh, and he told us please can u show some dance to
us? I reply him look I do not like using this please and all those
request men’s. Should always order the girl. In addition, girls
should request men’s. Therefore, Richard on that moment only he
reply yes that is right and I like your choice and order me to stand
and show some attractive dance to us .Manoj also told. Then Richard on
and then I start dance on that song. They were drinking. Manoj pull my
pallu of my saree and he told that in this song the girl was wearing
only a ghangra so y I am wearing saree? he opens that and I was
getting out of control. Thy both were watching me. After completing
that song, Richard ask me so u likes to be ordered by me. I told him
yes .then he told us lets play a game we say what he say for tonight I
am the Master of both of u and u both will do what I will order u both
.suddenly Manoj reply yes it’s a great game ok no problem . Richard
told me to come and sit in my lap. I get shy then he told me this is
my order and I sat on his lap. By sitting on his lap, he told me to
make three pegs for us and I can feel from the down his penis was
getting so hard. After when we was drinking he order me show a lap
dance on his lap. Again, I have dance then Manoj ask to Richard Master
how your liking my wife he reply she is so sexy. Manoj say to Richard
ask her to show some bikiny dance. She dance so well then Richard told
me come on baby now show us a brikny dance. I was feeling so shy I
told no I cant Manoj told me y not u show me many times so y not now?
I reply I’m getting shame then Richard shout at me very angrily which
I feel so manly and I get melted and told me come-on show us first and
I was already feeling so sexy I say him ok .and I start dancing while
dancing slowly I open my petticoat and blouse .and I was only in a
pink color bra and a pantydancing infront of my hubby and him. Manoj
was almost out so he did not understand clearly, what was actually
going on. Richard again order me to make two pegs 1for Manoj and one
for him. I did that. However, I was already starting feeling horny.
Then after dancing for 5 min Richard order me to suck Manoj penis
.then I came close to Manoj and start sucking Manoj penis like a
hungry bitch .which is 5inch. From back Richard was touching my back
my shoulder and ass with his feet fingered I was totally feeling out
of control. and then suddenly without saying anything he came to me
and open my bra hoop from the back and he start pressing my boobs he
remove my bra and then he again order me to open my panty and to show
him a dance then I was feeling shy lik anythng coz I hav to dance
naked infront of a strenger man.but the way he order me I was not able
to stop I again dance for him then he order me to sit in his opposite
side sofa and show him how I do fingering I feel shame but I was
enjoying I did that .then again he order me to come and suck my cock I
came to him I open his pant and I was so surprise to see his penis it
was so thick 9inch big like horse I was never seen so big penis in
real life like that. I suck him for 10 min then he ask me do u like to
be fucked by my this 9inch penis? I reply yes then he told me ok beg
to me for fucked I start begging him please fuck me Master I wanted to
be fucked I told this 15 time then he told me ok I will fuck u but on
the same time u have to suck your hubby penis and I agree ok Master.
Then Richard told ok so u go and start sucking your hubby penis and
stand in doggy position I did that. Manoj was totally out on that time
and he put his 9inch penis to my small pussy I shout
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa in pain he reply don’t shout otherwise
I will not fuck u I say ok I will not shout please now fuck me then he
fuck me and I was sucking my hubby penis with pain and pleasure I was
moaning huuuummm aaaaaaa talking him Master please fuck me
moreeeeeeeee I want moreeeeee. Then Manoj wake up and Richard ask to
Manoj ha Manoj do u like this he reply yes fuck her. then Richard told
to Manoj do u also want to fuck her he say yes then Manoj start fucked
me and I was sucking Richard penis. Manoj sperm came out and then
Richard told to Manoj ok now u go to next room(bedroom) we r also
coming then Manoj went to that room and he sleep. now Richard again
told me to lie down in the sofa then he start biting my boobs with his
teeth so hardly I was start mooning ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmm
oooooooooooooo I love thsssssssss ummm more harderrrrrrrr please do it
more harder then he again start fucking me and when he understand his
sperm is going to come then he told me now suck my penis u blade bitch
suck it and he came to my mouth and he make me swallow that .
Then we both was ling in the sofa and we was naked Richard ask me how
ru feeling after having sex with me infront of ur husband .?i reply
him ya ur really sex medicin for me I am really enjoed ths I need tht
more and more…thn I told him about our 3sum plan in detail. I told
him Master plz fuck me now 1ce more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Richard told me no I say him plzzzzzzz im beging u to plz fuck me 1ce
more …thn Richard told me ok I will fuck in 1condition .i ask him
what condition he told me again u have to wear your all dress and
slowly slowly u hay to show me 1ce more your that strip dance and I
will record tht in my handycam if he feels nice then only he will fuck
me again.. i told him no he say ok then I will not fuck u any more go
and fuck your hubby ..but I was need that very badly so I agree in his
I agree that so I wake up quickly and start get ready with my
makeup’s .Richard thn play the song babuji zara dhira chalo.I start
dancing and Richard was recording that .then sloly I was start
removing my cloths then I get necked he told me to suck his penis he
was also recording that then he told me now come to balcony over there
he will fuck me.1st I say no then he came close to me and he put his 1
figure inside of my pussy and told me if u want to b fucked then I
will fuck u only at balcony. I told him but then others can c us he
told me so what? I don’t know if u want to be fucked then come to
balcony and I follow him then we came to balcony over there I was
necked but he was wearing a half pant and he hold me from back and he
start figuring me in my pussy for few min then he put his penis in my
pussy and he fuck for 20 min then he told me now I want to fuck your
this sexy big ass hole u bitchy slave I say no that will be so pain
full I have never done tht before..he say shut up your my slave and
this is your duty to always u have to make satisfy to your Master.
from now onwards whatever I will tale u have to do that otherwise I
will show your necked dance to everybody which u have done just now I
say no then he make me in doggy position and he fuck from my ass I was
shouting aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa noooooooooooooooooooo
ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and
he was slapping at my ass so hardly and pinching my breast so wildly.
I was feeling that i am in the heaven. After that he told me again
suck me .I suck him and he came to my mouth and he told me always u
have to swallow my sperm whenever it will come to your mouth so I solo
that. then he told me now u wait here only i’m going to call your
husband and he went back and he close the door of balcony from his
side I was tailing him to open the door but he told me no u stay there
only and he went to another room.i was unable to shout also at tht
time coz I was naked if I will shout then may be some body can watch
me thr I was nothng to do frm 3.30am to 6.00am I just keep quite
and sit in a corner so that nobody form outside can c me from he lock
me in balcony then at 6.00am I saw Richard was came near the balcony
glass door and he is sitting in the chair .I was tailing him now
please open the door others will c me. he told me ok u have to do
masturbation in the balcony only then I will open that door I did that
and he was again recorded those with his cam after 20 min he open the
door and then again he told me to suck his penis and swallow his sperm
then after all these we came to the bed room and I saw there Manoj was
sleeping nakedly then I sleep in the middle and in left Richard and in
right Manoj was sleep.
At 10.30am I feel Manoj was fingering me at my pussy and he ask me how
have u enjoy last night? I reply very much, I have never ever enjoyed
like this before. Then Richard also wake up and he told us u2 are
really so good couple I really like both of u. then I smooch both of
them and Manoj told me ok then now suck both of our penis and
masturbate us. and then again I deed that and thy both came to my
mouth. we all wake up
At 11.30am we all wake up and we all 3 went to the toilet over there
we all was taking our bath, Richard told us lets open the window Manoj
say y window? I was also don’t want to open that but Richard pinch
in my ass and I understand he want to expose me again and I only went
to the window and I open the window. We was having our shower later I
saw 1 handsum man was looking at us from his window .Manoj say Richard
look somebody is watching us. he reply I know for that’s why only I
open the window. Manoj got surprise and we complete our bath and we
came out.