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42 year old Pratibha aunty is fucked hard in her tight asshole

Her name was Pratibha.She was 42 yrs old and mother of 3.Her eldest son
was a friend of mine. She had a daughter too who was a bombshell and I
heared a lot of things about her from my sources.She was involved with
some boys of her college and also with some teachers too.I knew she
wouldn’t be too hard for me but I was much more interested in bedding
her mom rather then her.Uncle was a technician in my fathers office and
also a close friend of him because both of them started their jobs in
the office at the same time.So,from all the sources,we both families
are having a good relationship and that’s why I thought that she might
be my next prey.

One day I was sitting at one of friend,who owns a CD/DVD shop and also
does all kind of recording etc.We both are sitting in the inner chamber
and chatting while I heared a familiar voice outside.I peeked through a
small hole and to my surprise I saw Pratibha Aunty’s husband at the
counter.He asked for some DVD and the counterboy gave him one.He asked
the boy-Does it have the thing I want?The boy said-Yes sir.Its a new
collection.Then I uncle left and I asked my friend-What DVD he took?My
friend smiled and said-He is a regular customer of Porn DVDs.But now, he
is asking for DVD with anal scene.Must be takingto try on his wife.She
still looks damn good.I thought-She sure do.

When I returned home,one thing was going on my mind.If uncle fucks
Aunty’s virgin ass,then I don’t think I will have much fun with
Aunty.How I will prevent that from happening?An idea stuck me and I
immediately set off for Pratibha Aunty’s house.I know that my friend
with his sister and younger brother will be going to their village for
the holiday and Uncle will be out of the town for technical
seminar.After my friend and others leave for the village,Uncle will have
2 days in hand before the seminar and that’s when he is planning for
Aunty’s ass or may be after he comes back after 2 days.But I cant take
any chances.I reached Aunty’s house and knocked at her door.Her daughter
opened the door and smiled at me and said-Brother is not at home.You can
come in and wait if you want.I said-Sure thing.I went in and sat in the
studyroom.Pratibha Aunty came and smiled at me and asked about the
wellbeing of my family.I said-They are good.She then said-Wait.I will
prepare some tea for you.She went to the kitchen and joined her
daughter.Then I slipped into the bedroom of Aunty and what I was
searching was there-The DVD player.I immediately took the screwdriver
out of my pocket and opened it.I had some knwloedge of it as I saw my
friend of that CD/DVD shop repair it.I just cut two wires so that even
if the electricity will pass but neither the loading tray will open nor
there will be any video.Then I closed it and came to studyroom.After few
minutes,Shubangi Aunty came with the tea and said-Sonu and all the
family are going to the village for the holiday.I wanted to go too but
Uncle said that I can go after 2 days when I leaves for the seminar.He
has some important work which needs me.I thought-Yeh.He wants your
virgin ass Aunty but despite his best efforts, it will I who will have
the last laugh,I mean fuck.I said-I wanted some book and its there on
the table.I am taking it.Please tell Sonu.She said-I will.

As I expected,tomorrow morning,after Sonu left,Uncle called me to his
house and said-Arun,our DVD player is not working at all.I don’t know
what went wrong.Your friend who repairs these is not here.Thats why I
called you.Can you do something?I asid-May be Unlce,but I cant gurantee
anything.Is something important?Prabhita Aunty was there and she said-He
had brought some DVD and we wanted to see them.Nothing that much
important.Uncle said-Yes,its important.I have return them too.I said-Let
me see it.I opened the DVD player and said-I think some part is brunt or
damaged.The wires are fine and so are the connections.Its obvious that I
lied but Uncle bought it and said-What will happen now?I said-I have to
take it to someone else and it may take 2 days.Uncle said-2 days?Cant it
be little faster?Suddenly Prabhita Aunty said-No problem.You take your
time Arun.We can watch the movie after he returns.Uncle didn’t say
anything but I think he made the compromise and I thought-Sorry
Uncle,Aunty’s ass will be mine by then.

When Uncle left after two days. I went to Aunty’s house with the DVD
player one night at 9 pm and knocker at the door.She opened the door and
smiled at me and said-Arun,at this time?I said-I wanted to return the
DVD player.She said-You could have brought it tomorrow morning.I said-I
know You are alone Aunty and you might wanted to pass sometime by
watching a movie.She was-Yes,that’s right.Why don’t you come in?I went
into the house and she took me to the bedroom and we sat together.Then I
connected the DVD player to the TV and asked her for DVD so that I can
test it.Luckily Aunty brought the same DVD which Uncle has borrowed from
the Parlour and the label says-ANAL 2.Aunty said-This is the new DVD
Uncle has brought and he said that it is an interesting one to see.Since
he is not here,why don’t we both watch it together?Have you taken your
Dinner?I said-Yes Aunty but in my heart,I was saying-My dinner is you
Aunty and tonight I will have you to my full.She said-Ok then start the
DVD and sit with me on the sofa.I said-Ok Aunty.I started the DVD and
sat near Aunty.The first scene was a mature lady smooching a young boy
and caressing his cock.Aunty said-Whats the hell is this?Please stop it
now.I said-Why?You like these films na?She said-Are you crazy?Who told
you that?I said-Well,I know Uncle borrows this kind of films regularly
and I think its you who joins him in watching the film and then the hot
sex after that.She frowned-Don’t you dare talk to me like that.You know
I can complain to your mom.I said-And I will let the secret out of you
and Uncle having sex while watching Porn films.My friend is witness
because he owns the parlour from where Uncle gets these films.She
remained silent for while and looked at me and said-Ok,Arun you see,I
really am interested in sex but your Uncle is having erection
problems.Thats why we use these films to get him excited.But even after
this,he hardly do me for 5-10 mins.I know at my age,I should control
myself but I cant.I said-Why don’t uncle do to some Doctor?Aunty said-He
says it ok and we don’t need to go to a Dcotor.Instead,he tells me to
control myself.
I said-See Aunty,Its normal thing for both.Your desire is ok and Uncles
condition too.But somehow there is mismatch.But Uncle should listen to
you.Uncle loves you so much and Me too.She said-What?I said-Yes Aunty.I
was always interested to fuck you and I desired you even more than you
daughter..She said-But its not right.I said-Yes it is and I took her
into my arms and locked my lips to her while pressing her body to me.She
first tried to release her but I was strong and soon she responeded by
holding me hard too.We separedted and I told her-Uncle wanted to show
you something.Watch the film and you will know exactly what he
desired.We both looked at the film and at that time,woman was sucking
the boys cock hard.I took Aunty’s hand and placed it on my cock which
was already hard and said-I have an thick 8 incher.She looked at me and
said-What?I said-Feel it right now.She was grabbing my cock over my
pants and started creasing it.We both looked at the TV and at that point
of time,the boy had the woman on all her fours and was kissing her
ass.Then he gradually opened her both ass cheeks and spitted on her
asshole and began to lick it.Aunty said-What is he doing?Its so
unhealthy.Stop the film.I don’t want to see it.I said-Why?Uncle has
brought the film to show you this only specially and after that he would
have fucked you ass like the boy.At that point of time,the boy had put
his cock inside the woman’s ass and was starting to pound it.I said-I
admit that Aunty,you find it rather discomforting as you never seen or
even thought of this kind of thing but its one way of sex and as most
Indian woman have the assholes virgin,many husbands after seeing these
kind of films which are flourishing in the market now a dasys,wants to
try it too.So was Uncle and me too.

She looked at me and said-You too are a freak like him?I said- See
Aunty,your pussy is not tight as it used to be and its new way of having
pleasure.Just look at the woman in the film how after initial discomfort
she is just enjoying now.Aunty looked at the screen and the woman was
screaming in pleasure.Soon the boy empited himself into her ass and both
were hugging each other and smiling.I stopped the film there and
said-Time to get into action now Aunty.She said-No way.Not in that way.I
said-Not even when you have this and dropped my pants top reveal my
monster.She gasped at my cock and said-You have a real monster Arun.But
it will hurt.I said-You will have my big fat cock servicing you tonight
and the time to come.Is the pain too much price to pay?She said-Ok,be
gentel.I told her to get down on her knees and suck me first.She was a
expert in that and sucked my cock with various techniques.Licking the
balls,pumping the cock,rolling her toungue over my cockhead and slurping
hard.I knew I am near because of her earlier creasing and now sucking
and soon had my liquid protein filling her mouth with waves after
waves.She gluped it all without any complain.

I said-Aunty,you sure are a blowjob expert.She said-Oh yeh baby.After
watching these things in film,I was first hesitant but your Uncle forced
me and now I enjoy this.I said-Same is the Assfucking thing.Once you
have it,you will get addicted to it.She said-Your uncle has never given
me the kind of healthy load you gave me to drink.I said-One load I due
for your Ass also too Aunty.She said,smiling-Then do it.I want to fill
my ass with your cock and your cumload.I said-Get on your fours and I
grabbed a bottle of Vaseline from the table and applied some to Aunty’s
ass hole and inserted one finger into it.Aunty said-Ooh,it hurts.I
said-Just be calm Aunty.Soon everything will be alright and you will
enjoy it.Then slowly,two,three fingers went in and I fingrfucking her
ass and meantime rubbing her pussy with my other hand.She was wet by
then and also started to leak some liquds.Aunty was now enjoying the
fingerfucking and was pushing her ass to help me.I knew its time and
mounted her and shlowly began to push my big head into her ass.She
screamed again and I asked her to push her head to pillow to suppress
her voice.Then inch by inch I went in and she was
saying-Ooh,aah,umoh,ungh etc.I waited for sometime to get her ass
afjusted to my cock and soon I was drilling her ass like it was no
tomorrow.She was helping me by pushing her ass to help me and was
saying-Yeh baby yeh,fuck me,fuck my ass.Oh my god,I didn’t know it will
feel so good.So deep,come on fuck me harder.I was banging her holding
her two shoulders and kissing her back,neck and pressing her boobs
too.She was wildly rubbing her pussy and joining me in the fuck

We had the wild ride for 15 mins and I knew I was cumming.I controlled
myself a little bit and said-You want me in the ass honey?I am due
unload.She said-Fill it fill it to full.Shower your healthy thick sperm
load inside my ass.Fuck your Aunty’s lovely ass you desired.Fuck
it.Soon,I started shooting my load inside her and hugged her and we both
fell on the bed.I rolled off her and said-You loved it Aunty,right?She
said-Every bit of it.Now I know why your Uncle was so desperate to have
it.I can guess from your enjoyment.You must have had many asses before
as the way you fucked me tells that you are a expert in this.I said-I
sure am Aunty.But like others,this matter will be only between you and
me and no one else.She said-Am I such fool to let others know and I will
miss the services of this big cock which your Uncle never gave me?Rest
assuared.I said-If Uncle asks you for this pleasure and find that you
ass is no longer virgin,what will happened?She said-Don’t worry.I will
tell him-You know how horny I am and after you left,I saw the special
DVD and after seeing that,I used a cucumber to make the back passage a
little loose so it wont hurt when you will fuck it.Sorry,I couldn’t
resist it.I said-Will he buy this story?She said-You doubt a woman’s
skill of conveincing?Dont worry,he wont upset me as he will lose the
chance of fucking my ass.His first assfuck and mine too.Well,that’s what
he thinks.Now come on,You have a lots of other things to do please your
Aunty as she has fulfilled your desire.I said-I am all yours Aunty.

That night I fucked her in many positions as instructed by her,ate her
pussy and drank her sweet love juice and in the morning while
leaving,she desired for another cream drink which I obeliged.After she
gluped my load and licking her lips,I said-Aunty,that day,I came for a
book as one of my teacher asked me to know about the KHYEBAR pass.Now I
not only found it with your help,I also came to know that how wonderful
and pleasureful the journey through it can be.She said-Don’t forget to
get best experience of the travel,you must travel frequently.I smiled
and said-I am looking forward to the journey.