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Geethas Invite For Group Sex

My girl friend Geeta call me so many time for date but, I was busy with my office, for few days I was out of city and then with Fareedha yesterday night she call me at her home the parents of Geeta was not at home and late she told me they are out of city for one night as Sonia cousin of Geeta is leaving on upper portion of there house there for her family left her with Sonia. Geeta call me at 9:00 PM I visit her house at that time she was alone in house and watching new movie “Josh” she told me where you was in last week I explain her that I was busy in my Job and for few days I was out of city therefor I cant meet her. She was wearing Shalwar Kamiz and her dress was very tight on her body and her boobs are flying in the Air I put my hand on her boobs she told me wait wait its your you do as you wish but first take some refreshment she I told her I want to take refreshment from you body she smiled I huge her boobs and suck her lips she fallen in my arms I pressed her mumme (boobs) I told want to remove her kamiz but she told my not here let move in my bed room we reach in her room kissed each other I told her closed your eyes I remove her kamiz and then shalwar ufffffffff she was wearing round kut Bra ( there was a hole on Bra at the places of Nipple ) wow she was looking much sexy then ever I told her Ajj tumm Bohar must Lag Rahi Ho she said its your Love. I suck her Nipple mean time she open my belt and the button of my shirt she was playing with my Penis (Lund) my lund was rubbing on her belly then I remove her bra the erotic smell was coming from her sexy body.

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Banged by a gang on a busride

When we just got married, my wife and I decided to go to a templelocated high up on the Himalayas. It is a very special temple whereShiva and Parvati got married and we thought it would bring good luckto our newly married life. The temple is located at a very high altitude of 8,000m above the sealevel and understandably it is bitterly cold there. Being young, theonly way we could afford to reach there was by a private bus. Weboarded the already packed bus at 2am and realized there was no way wewere going to get comfortable at all as most of the passengers weregoing to the same area as there are many famous temples in thevicinity. The bus which was probably meant to accommodate about 45 passengershad more than 100 passengers, crammed every where. The seats meant forthree people were packed with at least five and there was absolutelyno place to move once you parked yourself even in a standing space.The specially designed bus had a slightly larger standing area at theback. This area had no seats at all but it had this standing seatalong the bus walls. We couldn’t even find one of these standing seatsas a group of loudly speaking village men parked their backsides therejust before us. Anyway, we knew it was a long five-hours journey but since we haddecided to go, we just decided to endure it. The temple, being in suchcold area, was opened to worshippers only for two months in a year,and we unfortunately were going there only in the last week before thetemple closed for the next 10 months.

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