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A Day with My Geetha

Hai friends, this is kumar, age 33 from Chennai with my sexual experiences. My native place is palghat, Kerala.

To start with let me share my experiences which I had with a servant who works in my office. The servant’s name is Geetha. I was 26 years old when this incident happened. Geetha was around 32 years. She was looking beautiful with a round face and her skin was red. She has a reasonable height and weight must be around 55 kgs. Her feature was her breast and arse, just tight and hard, 28-34-36. She had two kinds. I used to watch her when she sweeps the floor in the office. She was illiterate.

One day when I am working in my office she came near me and asked to write a letter to her husband in Tanjore. In my mind, I had a wish to fuck her. So I decided to make use of this situation. At that time near my office a flat is being constructed and the work was stopped for many days. So I selected that place. I took her to that place and I asked her to sit near me. I wrote the letter and gave it to her she thanked me.

Then I slowly lifted her face, she looked into my eyes. Geetha you are very beautiful I said. I hugged her tight and she also responded holding me tight and she was shivering.

I kissed her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks and lastly kissing her hungry lips. Both were so hot and both did not want to be separated from each other. We kept kissing for some time, then she started to moan heavily and was saying; put your cock inside my cunt, I am hot. I removed her saree, pavadai, blouse and bra. I was still wearing my pant and shirt. She removed my shirt and pant.

I took her hand and kept it on my dick. She started playing with my dick and oh God uuuuuuuuhh hh I was on the top of the world. I started pressing her boobs and she was giving soft moans. I asked her to suck my dick and she gave me a good blow job and I was really in heaven. I just cannot forget that moment in my life. Within a few minutes my semen was in her mouth and she drank every bit of my cum.

Now again I started pressing her big boobs and sucking her nipples and saying “let me suck your tits and drink its milk. She too was seeing the heaven. I really sucked hard and she really enjoyed it. Now I went down and licked her pussy. She was really wet and smelling sweet. She was really enjoying this game. I licked, licked and licked for almost 15 – 25 minutes and she really enjoyed it and her juices started to flow. My cock was getting hard again. I kept fucking her harder and harder. She was so excited that she reached climax. I just can’t imagine we were really enjoying a lot oo hh yyaa aa yyeeeesssssssssss. After some time when I was about to cum I took out my cock and my semen fell in her belly, which she rubbed it on her body. She thanked me for fucking her and I also thanked her.