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A little chat with 19f Banglore Girl also she showed me her pics

sweet_mani4u : hiii
sweet_mani4u : reshama how
sweet_mani4u : rU
sweet_mani4u : how R U
sweet_mani4u : u have nice name
sweet_mani4u : see in net word we r not know each other ‘n’ also our feeling or thinking so large ‘n’ wild which are never share with freind family members even after marr. u cant share with ru hubby.
sweet_mani4u : tum koi husna ki pari bhi nahi hoo jo itna bhav kaha rahii hoo
reshma : 19 f bangalore
sweet_mani4u : in which class
sweet_mani4u : u r study
sweet_mani4u : u r north indian
sweet_mani4u : in which class u u r studying
sweet_mani4u : u r virgin or some else break
sweet_mani4u : plss be serious

sweet_mani4u : told me
reshma : i m student of bba
sweet_mani4u : okk
sweet_mani4u : have bf
reshma : no
sweet_mani4u : now at home or cafe
reshma : home
sweet_mani4u : ok
sweet_mani4u : how many memb. in ur family
reshma : me my sis and parents
sweet_mani4u : u r youger or elder
sweet_mani4u : wat do parents
reshma : i am elder
sweet_mani4u : ok
sweet_mani4u : wanna be freind
reshma : ok
sweet_mani4u : can i add U pl
reshma : ok
sweet_mani4u : so how u r look like
sweet_mani4u : ?
sweet_mani4u : i mean complxain, height,
sweet_mani4u : hair lenth
reshma : i am good looking
reshma : and u
sweet_mani4u : nice
sweet_mani4u : i m aslo
sweet_mani4u : can i see U
sweet_mani4u : n jeans or suit
reshma : i have photo
sweet_mani4u : if u wear sarri then also show
sweet_mani4u : show me
sweet_mani4u : heey this is u
sweet_mani4u : nice
reshma : ya
sweet_mani4u : u r so preety
sweet_mani4u : yaar
sweet_mani4u : any with ur sis
reshma : show ur photo
reshma : this my sister
sweet_mani4u : nice
sweet_mani4u : her age
reshma : 14
sweet_mani4u : ok
sweet_mani4u : in whih class
reshma : 9th
sweet_mani4u : okk
sweet_mani4u : show ur other in sarri or with freind
sweet_mani4u : pls
reshma : hey
reshma : i dont wear saree
sweet_mani4u : any party or marr.
sweet_mani4u : ocas
sweet_mani4u : some diff which u never share with ur sis or freind
sweet_mani4u : i mean some naughty
reshma : what naughty
sweet_mani4u : means some in UG or take brush or haf pant
sweet_mani4u : ur hair come on ur face
reshma : no yaar
reshma : i dont have
sweet_mani4u : okkk
sweet_mani4u : so u mostly wear jeas
sweet_mani4u : jeans hain na
reshma : ya
sweet_mani4u : okk
sweet_mani4u : so today wat u wear
sweet_mani4u : which color r
sweet_mani4u : last pic. which one click
reshma : jeans n top
reshma : wha
sweet_mani4u : colord
reshma : white jeans and blue top
reshma : where r u r pcs
sweet_mani4u : means
sweet_mani4u : ‘n’ wlse wat u wear in details pls
sweet_mani4u : brand style colord
reshma : what
sweet_mani4u : else wat u wear
reshma : what u mean
sweet_mani4u : iterner
sweet_mani4u : i m asking
reshma : i am not understanding
sweet_mani4u : arre jeans or top ke under wat r u wear
sweet_mani4u : ur UG
sweet_mani4u : yaar
reshma : ya
sweet_mani4u : which color
sweet_mani4u : style
reshma : white and brown
sweet_mni4u : white which one
reshma : bra
sweet_mani4u : okk
sweet_mani4u : panty simple or stylish
reshma : simple
sweet_mani4u : design v shape or thing
reshma : ya
sweet_mani4u : whichv or thing
sweet_mani4u : thong
reshma : its normal one
reshma : not thong
sweet_mani4u : okk
sweet_mani4u : how many u have panties or complete set
reshma : what
reshma : why u asking
sweet_mani4u : just to know abut ur or ur hobbies ur collaction
sweet_mani4u : yaar
reshma : i have all sdame
sweet_mani4u : so u not single thing
sweet_mani4u : thong
reshma : no
sweet_mani4u : okk
reshma : my mom buys for me
sweet_mani4u : ur pubic hair
sweet_mani4u : so u never going with her
reshma : what
reshma : yes i go
reshma : but she select
sweet_mani4u : okk
sweet_mani4u : how’s ur pubic hair
reshma : how means
sweet_mani4u : ur vegina hair
reshma : ya i have
sweet_mani4u : how long
sweet_mani4u : or trim or u shaved
reshma : about a inch
reshma : no i dont
sweet_mani4u : okk
sweet_mani4u : so kabhi nahi kiye shaved
reshma : no
sweet_mani4u : okk
sweet_mani4u : mastrubation karti hho
reshma : no
sweet_mani4u : kabhi kabhi
sweet_mani4u : busy
reshma : nahi yaar
sweet_mani4u : soo baato n not feel shy
sweet_mani4u : we r don’t know each other
sweet_mani4u : or here is not real life
sweet_mani4u : in net we r na
reshma : ok
sweet_mani4u : so
reshma : ok
sweet_mani4u : so tell me u do na
sweet_mani4u : ??
reshma : no i dont promise
sweet_mani4u : okk
sweet_mani4u : never shame in freinds gr
sweet_mani4u : group
reshma : ok
reshma : ya
reshma : r u busy
sweet_mani4u : noo
sweet_mani4u : i m w8ing ur reply
sweet_mani4u : boloo na
reshma : what to say
sweet_mani4u : kabhi freinds grp mei discuess hua hai abt mastrubation or penis
reshma : haan
sweet_mani4u : like
sweet_mani4u : pls tell me
sweet_mani4u : yar
sweet_mani4u : hey show ur other pic also plss