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A Lustfull Indian incest-1

Hi to everyone this is an original true incident that happened and
since for certain reasons and copy right just names have been changed
and this is Akshay I’m going to explain in narrate the story of how my
sex life started and how it is going till now.
Okay now let’s begin the story. I am an normal Indian son. My name s
Akshay and I am in normal family me dad and mom. And it started from
eighth standard. I Belong to an orthodox family. Whre my mom s homely
and wears sareee of full covered and same as my relatives. I don’t
know anything realy about sex during my childhood. From 8th standard.
One day accidentally I saw a movie In TV there a photographer was
taking photo of a girl and she to was posing to the camera and
suddenly she went inside amd removed her dress one by one and posing
nude to camera. But it wasn’t shown in the TV. It was sensored. But
suddenly I felt an abnormal breath and automatically my cock raised a
bit. Ths made my hand automatically went in to my shorts searching of
my dick and slowly caressed it and I was in heaven and can’t control
my pleasure and then I thought this s different and now one knows it
and just I hav found ths type of pleasure. Since I was little
childish. Whenever I see something or get bored. I use to rub my dick
amd play with it. And love to make it big. I enjoyed it day
suddenly when I was seeing TV and playing with it mom entered the
room. My mom name s devi priya. And I just had heart in my mouth.
Quickly I tied my shorts again and pretended. She came to me and asked
wt were u doing. I pretended as if nothing happened and smiled and
told her nothing mom. I got some 2 hair in my cock region. I felt
itchy. So tried to pull it. She slapped and bet me and took a stick
and bet and scolded me. Your are such an disappointed me. You r just
9Th standard. Now itself searching pleasure and saying this see
slapped me harder. And then days passed.but mom become so strict
towards me and there wasn’t any privacy allowed to me. She also asked u have any other habits. Tell or else I Wil tell this to your
dad. I promised her I won’t do anything plz don’t tell to dad. Then
days went and usually my mom baths me Twice in month. And that day
came. She kept boiled water and applied oil to my head and insisted to
sit on floor and started bathing me and after half of the bath she
insisted to remove my underwear and I felt little shame for 1St and
then removed she normally applied soap to my sleeping cock and sides
and also to my balls and I was in a shock. My cock didn’t grew bigger.
Whenever I use to play my cock becomes bigger. But nw it didn’t and
after the bath. I changed the dress and went to my room. While
changing I simply accidentally touched my cock and It become big. And
the whole day I thought why my cock didn’t grew big. Then I left
it.and later one day my mom was washing clothes and in India usually
while washing the clothes to feel comfortable woman’s use to lift
sareee up to their knees and my mom was doing the same. She was
sitting down and washing and his knees was visible. And it was full
off hair filed but also white and creamy. I went to my room and
thinked. The woman’s I use to see in TV. Have clean silky legs. And y
mom legs have hairs. And suddenly to my surprise my cock raised and
started to expand for the first time in my life without touching it.
And slowly removed my shorts to see was majestic and I madly
wanted to kiss it.I slowly rubbed it. And now my thoughts came. My
cock loves my mom’s hairy legs than my hands. And so for my cock
happiness. I went to see her washing. And she was washing. I saw her
hairy legs and came to my room. And I was happiee that here after no
need see TV and search for any naughty scenes to get pleasure simply I
can see my mom legs and get pleasure. And it went like ths. And one
day at night my was in severe knee pain as she went to relatives
function and came. And she was applying oil to her legs. And I loved
it. Mom who used to be fully covered and homely is lifted her sareee
to view some part of her legs and applying oil to it.and now days she
hav forgotten my past behavior and was so normal to me. My mom called
me.and I know she s going to ask me to rub her legs for sometime. But
it was twist. She asked me to keep oil bottle in self. And I did it.
And I watched the legs with hairs. But she s so color. She s wite
color and since she doesn’t expose her legs. Her legs are so creamy
white and with black hairs. And she went inside for cooking. I went to
my room and took my cock. But it was too late to my cock to respond.
And that week fully I was bored to see TV and rub my cock. So I didnt
do it. And it was Sunday my mom was washing and I was in heaven.
Asusual I saw her legs and went inside and rubed and played with my
cock for some time and again came to see her. And this time
accidentally her hip came in to view. Up to that I have never saw her
hip or had any intention. For the first time I saw her hip with curves
and immediately my cock was ready to come out. She was busy I washing
and she use to wash in back room of my house. And I was near the door
and she was facing the tap and washing. That is her back was towards
me since door was behind she can’t see me. I thought of going to my
room and play my cock. But I thought how could she see me. So why
can’t I play here. So I slowly sat near the door and pointed my head
alone outside the door and watched her leg and rubbed my dick on my
shorts and slowly I undid my shorts and stared freeing my cock and
started seeing her hip. Wt a white Milky skin and curves and Bends in
her hip and I also started seeing her bare back visible in her blouse
and suddenly I felt something touching my cock and It was a self
nearby. So I took my hands from my cock and started rubbing it in
self. And it was deep pleasure and suddenly I felt an immense pleasure
feeling and My ruthym continued and suddenly I felt a pleasure of my
life and my dick was vibrating and soon ths feel ended and I went to
my room and tried to rub my cock. But I felt As like I don’t want to
do it. And I also felt so bad. Since according to Indians mom s more
than a god and felt ashamed of my self. This was my 1St time of
masturbating but at that time I don’t know it is masturbating. O
thought it was an response of my cock for my mom leg and hip. Then
days passed. I use to masturbate nearly 5 times a day seeing TV.or
else thinking or imagination. But never thought of my mom. One day
while I was watching mom was bathing and after finished bathing
she went to her room to change her clothes and she have to pass hall
to go to her room and I was there seeing TV.for the first time I saw
her in these kind of costume. It’s so normal in South. Woman’s use to
wear only petticoat frm her shoulder till their knees. And she was in
same. And her hairy legs. And under arms and her face. Its enough to
make my dick to salute her. And she was normal and walked through me
and I wasn’t normal. Went on masturbating around 20 times thinking of
ths scene for one week. I was in full form. And then I decided she s
mom but an woman so nothing wrong in using her for masturbating. Then
I started peeking and seeing mom always. And my mom and dad use to
visit relatives house or do shopping often and u will be alone in
home. One day I went to bathroom for piss and saw my moms nighty
hanging there. It’s very usual. But this time I suddenly thought a
dirty plan and took it and smelled it and searched for her petticoat
and took it went in front of the mirror and removed my clothes and
become naked and weared petticoat as mom weared that day and started
rubbing my cock and licked every part of the nighty and masturbated so
many times. Then one day mom got a swell near her thigh and suffered a
lot. It was exactly below her ass and it started to become clot. Which
is said to be a bad blood. And which may lead to severe infection. She
was telling me. She can’t bear the pain. And me insisted y can’t u
just pinch it and take the blood out. So it won’t be an serious
infection. She told. She can’t since while doing it pain may be
unbearable. Without any intention I asked her just bear the pain I Wil
help u.she told okay. Then only I came to reality. Thinking about
place of the wound. I got excited. She came with a bottle of detol and
cotton. And sat in the bed. And I was out of the world going to see a
homely woman that too my mom half naked and exposed. She slowly lifted
her sareee first my favorite legs with hairs were given freedom and
then slowly lifted above and thighs took charge and I wanted badly to
touch it kiss it lick it.I would be slave fr that gorgeous legs and
thighs then she turned back and made sure her ass wasn’t visible and
lied down in bed and holded a pillow tightly. And then it’s up to me.
I placed my hands in her thigh and took the cotton amd was starring at
ths beauty. I cock was ready to tear my shorts and slap on her thighs.
I controlled and pressed the wound and cleaned it amd applied detol to
it. And after finishing it.atlast one time I raped those thighs and
legs through my eyes and slowly bent down to peek through opening of
the nighty to see her ass. And she asked is it finished?! . And me
answered ya. And she sat Andy covered those legs again and thanked me.
And she doesn’t knows, she have let the ignitor spark in me.and bad
days started for her. From that day my mom is been my masturbating
toy. Whenever I think here. I get excited. Sooner I started using
Internet and browsing. And learnt about porn. Nudity. And fucking and
me wondered. How would have my dad enjoyed my mom those days and went
on imaginations.then I started searching incest videos and.I was very
much worried y.there s no sister for me. Or else sTil I can masturbate
more seeing my mom and sister.then I found. THAT all get an sexsual
feeling on their mom and it’s so normal and usual for everyone and I
gained more confidence and stared my plans.and to add oil to fire I
attained puberty. One day while mom and dad was out. I was
masturbating with her petticoat and suddenly a liquid white thick gum
like substance came out. I thought it is an saliva and took it and
smelled it placed it lightly in my mouth. It was salty. Then I googled
and found wt it is. And stared enjoying my new discovery and my dirty
works started. One day accidentally I went to bathroom for passing.
And to my surprise was already sitting down and piising and it
is one of usual thing in my home. None of we use to lock the door
while pissing. Since it is just two min work. And simply I closed and
went. And I was In joy. I wasn’t able to see her other part. But I saw
here ass and ass Crack and naked legs and thighs below. And
masturbated around 3 times continously and slept. To be honest I
started admiring every part of her. Since I am her son. She is not
aware and she s fully covered outside. But bit free inside the house.
Then I started to leave my signature in her panties with help of my
sperm. And I loves my dick so much. Since it took me to next world.
And one day I badly wanted to feel my dick in my lips. Tried lot.. But
I couldn’t succeed.