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A Lustfull Indian incest-2

one day I saw a porn and practiced that yoga
moves and atlast finally able to touch tip of dick with my lip and
licked it and I felt glory. Wanted to cum inside my mouth and taste my
sperm. But wasn’t possible. So I started collecting my sperm and Wil
take it in my hand smell it and play with it. It was exotic. One day
my mom was hell tired. I was lying and asking me a help. She told me
to put a juice for her. And apples and orange were at the fridge. And
I said ok. U take rest mom and went to kitchen. Though I have naughty
thoughts on my mom. I love her so much. I went and started taking
fruits from fridge for preparing juice for my masturbating queen.
Suddenly an dirty thought came in my mind. Y don’t I add some sperm of
me In juice to add some erotica flavor. Suddenly my cock raised and
saluted the plan.I have already collected some cum in kept it in small
tic-tac- box. And I took it. And poured in The Apple juice and mixed
it. And went and gave to her. And she drank amd thanked me.and I
questioned how is the juice. She told it’s very nice. And I laughed
and went inside to.thank my dick for giving flavor and I realized I
have gained lot confidence. Now my mom is drinking my cum mixed juice.
And my mom s traditionalady to outside world
But for me she s my sex goodness. Usually my mom and me and dad use to
sleep together. And suddenly was out of station fr week. And me
and my mom sleep together
And one day suddenly my sleep spoiled and woke up and tried to drink
some water and when I can back. Small part of her legs were visible
from her sareee. I again lied back in normal position and saw it for
some times and I slowly went near it and touched it. And took some
hair In leg and rubed it. She moved suddenly. I was speechless. To my
luck. Sareee was lifted lit bit more. And whole night I was enjoying
that legs by rubbing it in hands and I was eagerly waiting for next
day night. Then I woke up like yesterday night and this tym sareee
wasn’t lifted. I realy frustrated. And I was in good mood so slowly
went down and took the sareee little bit upwards and then her
petticoat. And started to rub her legs and a plan came. And I placed
my lips in legs and kissed it and slightly let my tongue out and
licked slowly. And slept nextday. Night without any wasting time
lifted the nighty and there wasn’t petticoat weared. So easy for me.
Licked for sometimes. Took my cock and placed it in her legs and
rubbed it and slept. Nextday was Sunday we ate non veg and slept at
aftrnoon. I won’t waste any opportunities. Simply lifted her nighty
and played with her legs and ths time I wanted to do something
special. I arranged nighty back to normal and whispered mom. No reply.
Shaked her shoulders. No reply. And gained confidence. I slowly placed
it in her public region (pussy) and holded it and slightly pressed it
and I couldn’t believe what I am doing. All this is because of my
dick. It is expecting more from day to day. And I am fullfillinh I went up and placed in my hands in her boobs. I could feel
her breathing. And I badly wanted to press it. And I pressed one boob
for one time. It was like an auto horn sponge. Nextplaced it In
another boob and did the same. And she turned a little bit and I felt
afraid and slept. Like this days day night she was in her
sareee. And I wanted more. I remembered the hip. And slowly folded
sareee in here hip region and placed my hand and enjoyed the hip. And
slowly licked it. And made sure she won’t wake. And also kissed here
bare back and spite some saliva and rubbed her back. And my cock was
ready to explode. Ths shouldn’t happen. Or else I would cum and sleep
and I cant enjoy my bitch. So rushed to the bathroom and pissed and
came. Mom my ultimate bitch was sleeping by facing the wall. I lied
down. Slowly spreded her pally of the sareee. So that I could see her
navel. I kissed it. She was unmoved. Kept tounge. No response. And
rolled the tounge In navel and spited some saliva In navel. And came
to boob. One side of the pallu spreded to make view of boob. And she
was keeping her hand below her head and sleeping. While going to see
her boob. I was aroused by her armpit smell. And slowly licked it over
blouse and my cock can’t withstand these much in one Day.and fired it
in my shorts. And I took the sperm and placed it in her navel and
slept. Morning I woke and was little bit afraid of placing cum in
navel. She was totally normal and I thought navel would have dried
up.or ths bitch may have tasted it who knows. And I was in so much
confidence these days. Whenever she asks water or juice. It Wil b
tasted by my dick and given to day she asked lemon juice and
filled my two shots of semen and mixed it with lemon and gave her.
Without putting sugar. She even told it tasted nice. One day I was
full horny. I wantedly asked her lemon juice. Do u want mom. She
replied.. No.son. Put orange juice. I laughed inside and took a bowl
of water and washed my dick with precum and also washed my balls and
mixed ths with juice and gave her. I Realy enjoyed this and now a
days. I started to fill ice cubes tray with my sperm and keep it in
freezer. The bitch doesn’t knows it is my sperm cubes. My mom would
have nearly drank 2 litres of my sperm for ths one month. Then I was
10Th standard by now. I.should concentrate on my studies. And my mom
Wil wake me up @ 5am and she Wil go out for walking. After waking me
up. She goes to piss and go out walking. I used to go inside bathroom
as if unknowing sleepy and see the bitchs ass and I sit for study and
after she goes out i.wil play wity my dick and get ready for school.
This happnd frequently. Whenever I get memory of my.bitch ass. I Wil
go inside while she piss and watches it. And ask sorry to her. As if I
opened without knowing and come to my room and masturbated. Then one
day while she walking.she suddenly felt stomach upset and came inside.
On sudden hearing of opening of door. I was just able to respond and
place a book above my dick. And she didn’t notice. And went to
bathroom and when she returnd although book was hiding my tool she
able To notice it through mirror placed opposite to me. And took the
book suddenly and saw my dick and slapped Me.and she scolded me and
bet me. And suddenly while beating me her hands touched my dick
accidentally and I was in heaven and she asked me to put the shorts
and and inserted my king in to my shorts. And later she told this To
my dad and he too scolded Me and later after a week they forgot about
this and behaved normal. If she had came to know, I was playing with
my cock for seeing her pissing. She would have killed me.and later 1
week I.should attend tuition. I should stay in my uncles house for an
week. For ths I have given an new mobile phone. I went there, I was
bored without my bitch. There I saw my aunt she just now recently gave
birth to a baby boy. She was like angel. She just wears nightiee
inside the home. She just wears bra inside her nighty. Since she
should often give milk to baby boy. I use to peek through her nighty.
Lovely cleavage. Cute like hanging apples. Since I have a new weapon.
That is my Mobil. I Wil be sitting in sofa and watching TV.and baby
will be in floor playing with toys she Wil be following him for giving
Sherlock to the baby. As if taking pic of the baby.