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A Lustfull Indian incest-3

I Wil start video
recording my sexy aunt sanjana. And she Bends often 75% cleavage is
been recorded. And I Wil use the video for feeding my cock later. Some
times I Wil place by somewhere in self by recorder and
pretended as if normal. And whole scene off mik feeding is captured
and 1St time I saw nipple live. And I wanted to sit like baby another
side and drink it. I controlled. And then while bathing I saw my aunt
nighty and bra hanging I took the bra and smelled it’s cup and cummed
in it and came. Next day to my surprise she wasn’t wearing bra. Video
came nice. Everything was visible. That day I prepared juice and
asually mixed cum and gave her. Next day I planned for an very big
event and unfortunately I was left to home town. I worried of missing
my sexy aunt. But I regained my sense. My bitch is here for me. And
now I have mobile. And I started photo morphing and enjoy my bitch and
my plans on my aunt wont go in vain since I Wil execute it on ths
bitch. As I planned one day mom and dad went out. They may come back
only at late night and my dad would again go to out of station for 6
months. I should get ths bitch by now. It’s the ryt time. After they
wnt out. I took EvRY dresses of my mom that she uses to wear that
includes all her nightys bras panties and blouse. And came to my room
and took scissors. And startrd with blouse and made a slight small
hole at the armpit section and small point like hole at nipple
section. And I should be careful. If the hole becomes slightly big
then she would feel air breeze through it and I am caught. Then did it
randomly for some of blouses and took nightys and made small small
hole. At random places. The hole won’t be visible since. It just a cut
and should lift the cutted cloth to get view
.and after finishing this I did it ass Crack region of nighty and in
boob and armpit region and nearly took 3 hours for my craft works and
then took panties.. I don’t know wt to do. Just took my semen that it
collected in tic-tac box and used every box of semen. Nearly I had 12
box. I.took it and applied on every inside part of the panty. I did it
for all the panties and after completing all the works I felt very
tired and slept. Nxt day dad went abroad. And my adventure started.
Day1 while sleeping. I used to wake and she was in nighty I.just
enjoyed her legs. I started cumming. Since I did after long time. Then
nxt day afternoon I was in relative house. For an function mom was
tired and taking rest in relative house at afternoon. I was simply
lying next to her. I just thought y should I lift sareee everytime to
explore her. Y can’t I go in. Since sareee is quite big. All relatives
were sleeping. I slowly let my hand inside her sareee and reached till
her ass and touched it. She Was wearing panties. I Was Damm upset.
Suddenly saw an ant in floor. I took it and throwed inside her sareee.
And I was praying and no response and took some more ant and throwed
and she responded well. She felt something climbing inside and woke
and went to corner of the room and spreded the sareee and petticoat
fast. And since there were only womans were there. She lifted her
sareee nearly to thighs and spreded faster inorder to make sure ant
falls. I pretended as if I.was.sleeping and my mobile is already
recording ths scenario. And she went. At that night she was hell tired
due to house hold works and was sleeping madly to my surprise she was
not wearing bra. That enough for me to lick her armpit and cummed and
took some amount In armpit and slept. Nxt day afternoon while she was
bending down and sweeping the floor. Quickly I wnt back to her and
placed my mobile down and video recording. And my intention is to see
the legs and thighs since I haven’t seen for so many days. But to my
luck the bitch wasn’t wearing any panty and I was in heaven. I watched
the video around 20 times and masturbated around 23 times and sTil was
horny on seeing ass in that video. My mom usually sleeps by spreading
legs little apart. It’s natural. But whenever she does that there Wil
be a small gap in nighty between legs
And it’s well enough for me for access. I use to take a torch light
and lie down and see through that gap. 1 St time I saw her vagina.
There was hairs little and pussy lips was open. And I wanted to add
ths to my photography and so I placed my mobile near the gap between
legs and put the flash on. And took the pic. And it came good and this
made me more horny. And later In that week asusual I lifted her sareee
and carresed her legs. Suddenly she turned and ths time she adjusted
herself and it pretended to sleep. And also I was out of control.
After an hour again I lifted the sareee. And this time she was
pretending. And as soon as I placed the hand she got up and gave a
nice slap. And beat me hard as possible. I am busted.. Nxt she was not
even ready to speak to me. A weak left. Thank God. Dad was not here.
Or else I would have been throwed away. I was masturbating on seeing
my photographys for a week and then got bored. I couldn’t control
myself. My bitch there In house. And I am unable to touch her. My
resistance came to end. She was bathing. And I wanted badly to see her
nude. So went outter room of the house and climbed to the window of
inside bathroom and.peeked In. I.have already created a small hole on
the window. And when I peaked in she was starring at window. She
caught me through shadows. I am busted once again
Ths time I am finished. She came out. And I.acted as.if normal.later I
asked Y you r not speaking to me. She came near to me and just asked
one question. Who am I?! . I answered you r my mom. Her face was in
terrible anger. She simply went without speaking. I know she s going
to say to my dad any time. Before that I should react.
She was in bed sitting. And having mobile in her hand. I walked to her
and acted as if crying and asked sorry and plz don’t tell to dad. She
doesn’t even respond. I lied to her leg down and cried. She didn’t
even move. My mind startrd reacting and quickly lifted her legs and
she fell in bed fully without balance. I know I have just 10 secs to
seduce her. That to before she shouts or else I am caught. Others Wil
come. Without wasting sec. I quickly lifted the sareee and petticoat
and placed my mouth in her pussy and immediately slid my tongue inside
her pussy and licking it like a dog. She was not able to sense what’s
happening. She wasn’t able to react for ths quick rapid act. This is
enough to seduce any girl in the world. But this is my mom, she won’t
give up. And slapped me and holded my hair and try to lift me. I
wasn’t in mood to take my tongue out from my pussy. I am licking my
home town. Where I came from. And she tried to get up and not able to.
And she started to feel the heat. Game on.the room was
electrifying.and again she tried to get up and atlast stood up. But
it’s too late. Her pussy started showing response she closed her eyes
and lied down. Though she s crying. She was feeling the pleasure. And
she reached Climax. Cummed and already my cock is ready for the bitch
party. And I took of my clothes.and took one leg in my hand and kept
another hand in pussy and playing. So that she won’t open her eyes.
Took fingers in her leg on by one into my mouth and licked it and made
sure it is fully wet and started from her foot and my favorite legs is
for me now I used all my saliva and licked thoroughly and fully all
parts of legs and took the another leg and did the same and came to
thigh part. There I knelt down amd started licking her thigh and
enjoyed every bit of it and her thighs was quite big and came to next
thigh and again licked it like an begger. I was out of saliva and went
back to pussy and placed the lips and tongue and suddenly I felt her
ass rise a bit. And nw I found she s mine now. And licked her pussy
for nearly half an hour and she nearly cummed four times. At fourth
time. I took the finger and inserted inside and took the wet juice and
placed inher lips. She didn’t open. I simply pushed it. She didn’t
resist. and I got up went towards her face placed my dick in fore
heard. She didn’t sense wt it is. So I placed it in her lips and
rubbed it slowly. It nearly took 5 seconds for her. To sense wt I was
doing and opened eyes in shock. I thruster in. And it wnt inside her
mouth and since it was my first time. I cummed in quickly and slept.
With her. To be continued