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A New Bhabhi in rediff frm Baglore

manikja: asl pls
busy there
u there
senorita12345: 27 f Bangalore
manikja: marr. or unmarr.
senorita12345: rried
manikja: hmm
when was.?
senorita12345: oct 2008
manikja: okk
so have kid

hw or job
be fast reply pls
senorita12345: no kids
manikja: hm
hw or jo
senorita12345: no job
manikja: okkk
senorita12345: only at home
manikja: okk
so northindian or southindian
senorita12345: south
manikja: okk
so wanan some naughty if u like
senorita12345: ok
manikja: hm wat r u wear this time
be fast reply pls
senorita12345: saree
manikja: color
senorita12345: orange
manikja: n innerwear with color n design brand
senorita12345: no inners
only petticoat
manikja: blouse
senorita12345: matching
manikja: okk
so how u look….i mean height,weight,figure,complexion hair length n style…

senorita12345: pld don’t send shocks
I hate them
manikja: ok
senorita12345: 5.4″
manikja: so pls proper reply
senorita12345: r u commanding????
manikja: nooooo
but w8ing Ur reply
senorita12345: white complexion
medium hair
manikja: ok
senorita12345: 34-30-34
manikja: hmm nice
i liekj big ass n boobs
senorita12345: thx
manikja: waise ur love marr. or arrange
senorita12345: arranged
manikja: so u r virgin b4 marr.
or not
senorita12345: virgin
manikja: hm
so where was in honymoon
senorita12345: mauritius
manikja: hmm
so 1st night ko sab kuch ya honymon pe hei hua
senorita12345: kya
manikja: sex
senorita12345: its at my home
manikja: watttt
senorita12345: in our custom
the first night is done at girls home
manikja: ohh realy
very nice
so wat was u wear at same night
lehnga or nighty
senorita12345: white saree
manikja: n innerwear
senorita12345: whites
all whites
manikja: nicee
after that wat do hubby
full nude or semi nude
senorita12345: semi
for the first time
manikja: wat was ur reaction when see his penis
senorita12345: and full in the mid part of the night
a bit scared

manikja: ok so how many time do
senorita12345: not much
manikja: wat thinking was come in mind
senorita12345: pain boss
no thinking
manikja: okk so who;s 1st discharged u or hubby
senorita12345: hubby
manikja: n 2nd time ?
senorita12345: he obly
manikja: so u not hot or horny
senorita12345: no
manikja: then how u satisfied urslef
senorita12345: tired and tense
manikja: hmm
senorita12345: not much satisfaction
so so
manikja: waise b4 marr. do mastrubation or not
senorita12345: yes
thats common for every one
manikja: hmm
n now after marr.
u there

senorita12345: ok
manikja: waise b4 marr. do mastrubation or not
senorita12345: yes
manikja: n now after marr.
senorita12345: v
didn’t got the need
manikja: hmm waisew who’s 1st come out
senorita12345: kya
manikja: pahle koun hota hai discharged
senorita12345: depends
manikja: mmmmm…do u nhold ur partner very tghtly whn u climaxing
n wat if ur paertner relaxex without making u satisfied …thn wat u do
senorita12345: I hold
I will ask him to get me satisfies
normally he takes care of those things
so no need to worry
manikja: kabhi kbhar ager aisa ho to then
senorita12345: I will get him ready for second round
and he obliges
manikja: hahhaa good
but till u w8 na
tab to to sari feeling chali jatti haii madam
senorita12345: but wat to do
re create it
manikja: u r virgin frm ass or break by huuby
senorita12345: its broken
manikja: till do sex only with hubby or also any other…?
so enjoy or painfull by ass
senorita12345: means?????????????
I didn’t got u
manikja: means hubby ke alwah bhi kisi or ke sath sex ya nahi
senorita12345: no way
manikja: sorry just asking
senorita12345: my hubby satisfies from all angels
manikja: so wat u like in sex
senorita12345: everthing
manikja: which postion sucking fucking licking
senorita12345: everthing
then only u can enjoy sex
manikja: hmm
u cpl have nick name 4 thir pvt parts
senorita12345: han
manikja: wat
senorita12345: yes of course
manikja: i mean wats name..
senorita12345: I call himm as cone
he calls mine as half coconout
like taht
manikja: yaaaaa good yaar
n ur boobs or ass name
senorita12345: he calls them as green cocnuts
manikja: how’s green cocnts..?
senorita12345: I dunno
manikja: okk
so how many times in a week
senorita12345: daily twice normally
in the weeke ends count goe sup
manikja: n when red alert comes
senorita12345: shop closed
manikja: but counter open
frm upper side
or back side
m rite
senorita12345: no
strictly no
manikja: y
ager dil kar jayeee
senorita12345: has to masterbate
I won’t get the feeling
if he gets then he does