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A New Erotic Experience for the Husband

Ravi took the elevator for his apartment at the twenty first floor. As he punched the keys another white European women entered the lift, wearing a wet bikini. She punched the eighteenth floor and started rubbing her wet hairs with the towel hung over her shoulder. Ravi gawked her curvaceous body and watched her ample ass barely covered by the tiny bikini bottom.

“You must be a regular swimmer,” he commented.

“Ahmm… No… Swims sometimes when I am free,” she smiled.

“But your perfect body tells me that you are…”

She laughed out loud at the complement and Ravi also grinned. Soon they reached the eighteenth floor and bid good bye.

“Hey!! You look tired,” Rita, his wife spoke as he entered his flat.

“Just a long day at work, but don’t worry I am refreshed once I look at your lovely face,” he smiled.

“Daddy,” his five year old son rushed to him, “come I will show you my new workbook,” he was all excited as he has recently started kindergarten.

“Sid…” Rita chided, “He is tired, let your daddy relax.”

Ravi settled down on the sofa and took his shoes off while Sid continued to show him his work.

“What is this!!” Rita shouted at Ravi, “remove your socks from the table and put your shoes back on the rack.”

“Ok… Ok… I am taking them away,” he smiled sheepishly. Rita went inside the kitchen murmuring.

Ravi and Rita were married for eight year and were settled in Singapore for the last seven years. Both have degrees in Architecture and while Ravi was working as a Senior Manger at a construction company, Rita has given up her career to be a full time mom. After the birth of Sid she resigned from her job at Chang and Boon Architecture firm however she still continues to do designing job for them by working from home. She planned to start work once Sid is old enough to go to school. She is right now happy with the part time ‘work from home’ arrangement.

Both of them met at collage in Mumbai doing Architecture together. It was not a love at first sight, they fought a lot during the first year at collage but later as the destiny had it they fell in love. After completion of degree Ravi joined a firm in Mumbai and they decided to get married. After one year Ravi got a good break in Singapore and now they are well settled, even planning for a second child.

Rita was a cute looking woman and at the age of 29 also she looked like a teenager due to her baby face. She had a slim body with long and slender legs which looks ever longer with a good height of 168 cm. After the birth of her son she got back in perfect shape of 32B 28 and 36 very quickly by following strict diet and excising schedule. The short hairs and spectacles made her look alluring. She always got attention from men and she enjoyed it but never let the things get out of limits.

“How was your day,” Ravi asked as Rita was getting ready for the bed and Sid was already sleeping in his room.

“Ahmm… nothing special, I went for shopping with Deepa in the afternoon, then picked up Sid from school, since then was busy with him at home… you tell me why you are late today,” she spoke.

“Was busy with a new client, showing him the drawings and all,” he replied lazily, “how is Deepa and her husband doing, long time we have not got together.”

“Yeah, we will draw out some plan during the weekend,” she slipped beside him and found Ravi settling down comfortably for a good night sleep. She stared him meaningfully.

He smiled and held her hands, “Honey I am very tired today.” Rita sighed and kissed his cheeks, “Good night darling.”


Ravi just finished his presentation to the client and picked up his mobile, he was late again and wanted to call Rita. He was frustrated to see that the phone was dead due to low battery. He smiled towards the secretary in the client’s office and asked her if he could use her land line. She asked him to use one of the office phones on the other desk. He dialled his wife’s mobile and waited for the answer.

“Hello… hello…” he heard her voice along with lot of other noises.

“Hi darling it’s me.”

“Hello… who is this…” she seems to be not getting his voice clearly. Must be in the market he thought.

“Sweet heart it’s me,” he spoke loudly and saw that the secretary was glancing towards him; he lowered his voice, “Darling…”

“Wrong number,” she hung up the phone. “Shit,” he cursed loudly but then remembers he was in his client’s office so he redialled and spoke softly.

“Hey, don’t hung up the phone,” the line was still not clear and there was lot of noise on the other end.

“Why not, what do you want,” she still could not recognise the voice and thought it was a prank call.

“I am your husband calling, sweet heart,” he spoke with lot of patience.

“My husband is with me so don’t make a fool of yourself and get lost,” she replied still considering it a prank call. He looked at the receiver helplessly.

“Ohh… darling don’t break my heart… you can’t marry again,” he spoke in a mocking voice. She giggled then hung the phone. Ravi put back the phone and didn’t try again. He said thanks to the secretary and get back in the meeting room.

He returned late in the evening and found Rita in the kitchen, “change quickly and come to the dining table I have cooked rice ‘pulav’ today,” she spoke in a busy manner.

“You know some idiot called me today, telling me that he is my husband,” Rita spoke during the dinner.

“Ohh is that so, then what did you do,” he smiled knowing who that idiot is but played along.

“Nothing, I bashed at him and cut the line,” she spoke. Ravi wanted to tell her that it was him trying to call her but then he decided to have some fun.

“Too bad you must have broken his heart, you could have talked with him,” he mocked.

“Yeah that is what he was saying that I broke his heart,” she laughed out loud. Ravi also laughed and an idea started to form shape in his mind.

Sitting in his cabin the next afternoon he was fiddling with the SIM card in his hand. He had an extra SIM card which he uses to give to his overseas guests during their stay in Singapore for keeping in contact. After some though, he inserted the extra SIM card into his mobile which can hold two SIMs at a time. He called his wife using this new SIM so that she cannot find out who is calling.

Ravi use to participate in college dramas and was good at mimicking different voices. He can change his voice and knew that Rita could not recognize it over phone.

“Please don’t hung up, it’s me we talked yesterday,” as soon as he heard her hello he spoke in a most polite and heavy voice with a South Indian accent.

“Sorry but I don’t know, who is this,” she spoke.

“Well let me introduce myself, I am Hari Krishnan, I called you yesterday and there was some misunderstanding, I didn’t know but I called a wrong number and though that my girl friend is playing trick on me,” he spoke.

“Ohh, so it’s you,” Rita spoke, “why have you called now.”

“Umm… I realised later about my mistake and wanted to apologize for my rude behaviour… I am truly sorry,” he continued to speak in an appeasing voice.

“It’s OK, misunderstanding happens sometime,” she spoke.

“Thanks a lot for understanding, by the way are you an Indian too, because you sounded like one.”

“Yeah, I am Indian,” she wanted to end the conversation but he dragged on.

“Good to hear that, I can make out from that lovely voice, I am Hari and you…”

“I am Rita and married and have kid and it’s time for me to pick up my son from school… so thanks for calling… I have to go.”

“Yeah Ok… I understand and I am truly sorry for yesterday and want to make up for it… can I offer you a coffee.”

“Wow… I don’t even know you and you are asking me out on a coffee… I have already told you I am happily married so I hope you will understand and leave it like that.”

“Common!! I am not asking you out on a date.”

“Enough… I hope I won’t hear from you again,” she hung up the phone.

She has no clue that it was me; Ravi smiled and was happy to have this little fun with his wife. He knew she won’t just start affair with any stranger on the phone but still he felt proud of himself. He felt elated the rest of the day. As soon as he entered his apartment in the evening Rita got hold of him.

“You know that idiot called again,” she was animated.

“Which idiot!!” Ravi pretended innocence and Rita narrated the whole conversation.

“I want to complain in police how can he flirt with me,” she was agitated.

“Woow… Woo… take it easy darling,” he tried to calm her down, “did he threatened you, did he used any vulgar words.” She shook her head.

“Then why you want to take such a drastic step on that poor fellow,” he spoke.

“Poor fellow!!” she snarled, “he was trying to flirt with your wife.”

“You are such a sweet girl anyone would like to flirt with you,” he tried to flatter her, “Ok… ok… don’t get mad,” he laughed, “if he tried to call again and you feel that it must be reported then we both will go to the police and he will be nabbed, police are very efficient in Singapore.”

She nodded and Ravi took a sigh of relief but he was not worried because he knew that in case she really gets pissed off then he can always disclose everything to her. He didn’t call next day as he did not want her to get pissed off thinking that he is stalking her. After the gap of one day he called her again.

“It’s you again, why are you calling me,” she was angry.

“Please don’t get mad, I feel very stupid that I wanted to apologize to you instead created more misunderstandings,” he spoke.

“You have no need to call me again, I don’t have any misunderstanding and please understand one thing that if you call me again I will report it to police and don’t you think that you can hide anywhere in Singapore.”

“I understand that and I am not hiding, you have my number and I work for Chang and Chang law firm at 141 Robinson Road… I am a lawyer… you can check… I know law better than you and I know if you report I would be in big trouble but still I am taking this risk because I know I am not a stalker and I mean no harm to you.”

“Then why are you calling me again and again.”

“Well I can’t stand that I have pissed off a sweet girl because of my stupidity of asking her out for a coffee and being misunderstood for a stalker for that,” he spoke making it look like a very stupid thing on her part to think like this.

“Ok,” she spoke in a soft voice now, “you have clarified that and I understood.”

“Good… so now we are friends and I can call you again without the fear of being reported to cops,” he laughed.


“Ok… ok… just kidding, have a nice day,” he hung up looking satisfied.

At home Rita narrated the entire thing to Ravi. He laughed, “so now you have dropped the idea of reporting it to cops.”

“I have not dropped it, just deferred it, because I am having a feeling that he will call again and will definitely try to flirt with me,” she looked determined and Ravi was happy as well as annoyed on how difficult it is to have some naughty fun with her.

Ravi continued to call her after giving a gap of two or three days and managed to survive her wrath by his sugar coated talks. He was getting frustrated the things were not moving in the manner he thought it should. She was totally faithful and uses to tell him every word of the conversation. Ravi was extremely happy that she is such a loving and faithful wife but to have some fun she needs to be naughty. He can’t tell her to be playful with the caller as she will immediately smell something fishy.

However he continued to call her and hoped she will open up with him on the phone. He became so used to the changed voice that now he felt no difficulty in switching, it came to him naturally. Slowly and steadily he was gaining her confidence and the conversations got longer and the narration in the evening got shorter. Then one evening she didn’t mention about the conversation at all. Ravi didn’t ask and a week passed she didn’t talked anything about Hari. During the week he called her almost every day and every time he switched to Hari he felt his ego boosted as he was able to seduce a faithful wife. He continued to work on his agenda and with each passing day she opened up more and more to him, talking about friends, family, her husband and sex.

“Rita, what happened to your friend Hari, haven’t called for a while,” Ravi spoke one night when they were in bed.

“Ohh… him… he called once few days back, nothing important to tell… I guess he understood that he is not getting anywhere with me so he stopped bothering,” she giggled.

She is lying on his face and so confidently, almost believable, if he was not the one calling he could not have guessed otherwise. He felt sick at heart; Oh god. He managed to fake out a smile and then turned away from her to hide his feelings.

“Congratulation!! You have successfully created an evil twin of yourself, an alter ego,” Ravi spoke to himself. Suddenly he laughed; he is the one who was working so hard on making her naughty. He wanted this to happen so badly, so what is wrong now, she is playing along. He was not able to sleep properly the thought that some Hari, a South Indian lawyer, has managed to seduced his wife was evoking strange feelings inside him, even though he knew that this Hari is none other but him. He glanced towards her and found her sleeping peacefully. So much of innocence on her sweet round face, he never thought she could fell for someone else even though that other person is his own shadow. This has to end, he thought, but first let me see how far it can go. Can she go to the extent of fucking him? He looked at her bosom rising and falling as she breath, the soft boobs partially visible. He felt his cock twitch and came to full erection. He moved closer to her and pulled her into his embrace.

He started to kiss all over her face and pushed his hand inside her bra. Rita squirmed still deep in sleep. He gripped the flesh in his hand and started to squeeze hard, digging his nails.

“Ummm…” Rita winced in pain and opened her eyes finding him all over her.

“Ahhh… what happened,” she was surprised by the sudden aggression but he was not listening. He harshly pinched the nipples and sucked her lips.

“Take out your knickers,” he panted. Rita giggled as his hard cock rubbed at her thighs.

“Oh my god, what made you so horny?” She whispered and quickly pulled out her night gown and knickers. He didn’t answered and spread her legs wide.

“Ahhh, take it easy,” she cried out as he pushed the entire length in one stroke.

“Ayee Mummy…ah…uggg… no,” she groaned loudly as he started to bang her furiously. He didn’t last long and pumped his load deep inside her.

She cuddled close and put her head on his chest, “What happened huh… dreaming of some porn star.”

He kissed her forehead and before rolling over, whispered, “I love you.”


Next few days Ravi didn’t call, he was struggling between the emotions of being a macho man seducing a prim & proper wife and a poor husband whose wife was ready to betray him. It was lunch hour but as he was not feeling hungry he stayed back in his office. Suddenly his mobile rang and he saw his wife was calling. He was about to take the call when he realised that the call was on his second SIM meaning she is calling Hari. He froze for few seconds, this is the first time she had called, and absentmindedly he answered the phone.

“Hey!! Where have you been,” Rita’s cheerful voice brought him out of his trance.

“Hi, how you doing,” he was into the character.

“Long time you have not called so I was wondering if everything is fine.”

“Everything is fine I was totally tied up with a new case,” he spoke feeling the excitement creeping in, “I was missing your sweet voice.” He heard her laugh at the other end.

“You are a smart talk,” she giggled, “I hope I am not disturbing you at office.”

“Not at all this is my lunch hour; I hope you could give company to me.”

“Yeah… you wish.”

“Common!! It’s been more than one month since we became friends and I haven’t even seen your face, maybe you are ugly,” he provoked her.

“Yeah, you are right I am ugly,” she laughed, “Ok seriously… you are my phone friend, a faceless friend and I want it to remain like that, sometimes meeting may not be a good idea.”

“Ok we can do that; we can meet each other and still remain unknown.”

“How is that possible?”

“We can meet on this Friday, 31st October, the Halloween night… you can dress as a cat women and I can dress as a batman,” he explained.

“What is this?”

“It’s a Halloween party and the masks can keep us unknown.”

“Great imagination,” she laughed.

“It’s possible and if you feel comfortable we can take our masks off, we can have some fun at the party,” he spoke.

“Humm… let me think… you know I have a son and husband… do you want me to bring my husband along,” she giggled.

“I don’t mind as long as he doesn’t stop us from having some fun,” he spoke in a mischievous tone.

“You dirty mind, what do you mean by fun?”

“Ohh, nothing just some dancing,” he chuckled.

“I don’t know, I think we should avoid meeting,” she continued to play ‘hard to get.’

After the conversation Rita put down the phone, she had an evil grin on her face, “He thinks I don’t recognize my husband’s voice, huh… having wild imaginations,” she giggled. Humming her favourite song she opened her laptop and adjusted her specs to look for a store selling Halloween costumes.

Ravi was trembling with excitement, for last few days he was planning to ask her out in such a manner that he can continue the game and Halloween was a nice idea. He was surprised that she agreed so easily, he has no idea that Rita already knew his little secret.

He has already chosen the venue at beach side of Sentosa Island. It was a perfect place, large gathering and paid party organized by the Zaman bar. He immediately opened the net to buy two tickets online and arranged to get one delivered to his wife.

In the evening Rita casually asked him about his plans for the Halloween night and he told her a story of being busy with the client as it a working day for him. She told him that she is going out with one of her friends at a Halloween party, he never showed any interest in finding out which friend as he already knew where she is planning to go.

“By the way what costume you are wearing,” he asked.

“I am planning to be Cat Woman.”

“Woo… you would look killer in that dress… ask your friend to click a pic of you for me.”

“Yeah sure, but it would be fun if you could join,” she spoke.

“Yeah, sorry darling but we can go out of Saturday.”

She nodded and the conversation ended with both of them thinking of being smarter than each other.

Friday evening Rita arranged for neighbours daughter as a baby sitter for Sid. She wore the Cat Women outfit, a tight black leather pant, leather blouse and long leather boots. She has chosen shoes with low heels as she was tall enough to give complex to any men. The tight pants hugged around her curvaceous bottom and the blouse barely reached her flat abdomen. She glanced in the mirror and was amazed to find how provocative the dress looked on her slim and slender figure. The blouse revealing an enticing cleavage. She was satisfied with the outfit and then wrapped the mask around her eyes and found that it’s impossible to wear the mask with her specs.

“Hell!! I have to take off my specs to wear this,” she put back the mask in her purse and decided to wear it at the party. After giving all the instructions to the baby sitter and asking Sid to behave, she left for the party.

The party was at Siloso beach at Santosa Island and Ravi knew the spot very well. Just opposite the beach was a narrow trail climbing upto the Tiger Hill through a dense jungle of bamboo and other bushes. It was a trekking path leading to the top of the Tiger Hill where other attractions of the Island were located and at night it was seldom used. Ravi had that place in his mind to have some fun if the things worked correctly.

They had planned to meet around 9 O Clock in the night and Rita reached early to the beach finding it flooded with people in various costumes. She was hit upon by several guys as she mingled with the crowd but she evaded each one of them and went around the area. The area was dimly lit and she realised that it would not be easy to find the ‘batman’ especially with her specs off.

She started to feel nervous as she thought about why she is in this party all by herself, will everything go as per plan and what her husband has in mind when he said about having fun. She squeezed past the crowd and suddenly saw the ‘batman’ slowly swaying to the music.

Ravi was franticly waiving for taxi in the street trying to jump the queue as the taxi stand had a long line of people waiting. He saw no point getting into that line because it’s rush hour as well as festive time so finally after he was not able to grab a taxi, he reluctantly boarded the bus.

Rita went near the ‘batman’ and was surprised that he looked totally different or ‘is it because I am not wearing my specs’ she thought. She moved right in front of him and as their eyes met she smiled. He saw a beautiful girl in a sexy cat woman outfit standing right in front of him and smiling!! He smiled back, if he has met her somewhere before but found no resemblance to anyone know, ‘what the heck’. He feasted his eyes on the long and slender legs, the leather pants tightly hugging and accentuating her round ass, the flat and soft abdomen with deep belly button. He shouted something of a greeting or a hello which was not heard over the loud music. As Rita got closer he pulled her into his arms and started to sway to the music.

Rita felt goose bumps as he pulled her tightly against him and moved a hand on her flesh just above the edge of the pant. The naughtiness of the situation turned her on and she moved her arms around his shoulders. The eagerness with which she clings to him surprises the stranger but he was not complaining. He danced keeping her close and slowly started to explore her hot body. He was encouraged when he saw her luscious lips painted in red were stretched into a smile. The red hot lips invited him and he supported her head with one hand and placed his mouth over them.

Rita leaned into him and opened her mouth letting him slip his tongue inside. He kept her head pinned and kissed eagerly as if afraid she might push him back. She felt his palm over her abdomen and sucked in air as the thumb explored the belly button. He quickly slipped his palm between the slight opening he got between his stomach and tight pants. She clutched her legs tightly as he reached over her pussy mound and struggled to free her mouth.

“No… no…” she panted and tried to push him. She looked around in horror and found no one paying any attention to them, but she continued to struggle. He put his ear near to her mouth to understand what she was saying.

“Not here… no…so many people around,” she caught hold of his hand. He nodded and pulled his hand out and went back to kissing her.

Ravi cursed the traffic as the bus moved at a snail’s pace. He glanced at his watch it was quarter to nine, ‘I will make it on time’ he thought. He changed the bus for Sentosa and at exactly nine he was at the beach. He walked quickly and saw the trail leading to the Tiger Hill almost hidden in dark and deserted, he smiled. Suddenly he notices a couple walking on the trail and disappearing in the dark. He got a glimpse only and wasn’t sure if the pair were also dressed as batman and cat woman, ‘bastard stole my idea’ he giggled, ‘no worry there is enough space in the bushes.’

With one hand around Rita’s waist he walked her deep into the trail, the music could still be heard loud but was not disturbing. She leaned herself onto him and walked in the bushes. She was excited and knew what they are here for. As soon as he found a comfortable place he turned her facing towards him. He softly kissed her lips and started to unbutton her blouse. She trembled and looked around nervously as one by one he took off all her clothes and threw them behind her in a heap. It was a hot night and the breeze from the sea felt good on her naked body. He pushed her down on her knees.

It was so kinky having sex in open, she had a glimmer of mischief in her eyes. He didn’t need to ask she felt for his zipper in the dark and pulled it down. The cock was hard and she heard him groan softly as she wrapped the girth in her hand, with one hand she rubbed the entire length and with other she fondled the balls. She kissed the bottom and flicked her tongue over the wrinkled skin of his sack. She inhaled the manly musk emanating from the cock and rubbed it over her face. Rita heard his groans as she kissed and rubbed it over her cheek and mouth. He spread his legs wide to balance himself and then held her head with both hands pulling it over his cock. She opened her mouth wide and sucked the head between her lips.

“AHHH… SHHH…Oh my god… you are incredible,” he moaned and bucked “take it…” Rita felt it swell in her mouth and fill her completely; she never felt it that big. She stuck her tongue out and pushed her head down to take more of it inside her mouth. More than half of the length slipped inside her mouth when he started to guide her head up and down. Rita slurped as if trying to suck nectar out of it.

Suddenly Rita froze as she heard some voices. A couple of guys were walking through the trail talking loudly. She tried to pull out but he kept her head pinned. She nervously listened as the voices faded and relaxed. As soon as they were far away he pulled her up.

“No… no… Please it’s dangerous… Someone might see us,” she was concerned but he ignored her and turned her around grabbing the soft mounds on her chest from behind. He felt the tout nipples with his thumbs and rubbed his palm over the pink areolas. She gasped for air as he squeezed them hard. He pinched the nipples and pulled the boobs until she started to cry out.

“Ahhh, nooo, not so hard,” she grabbed his hands but he continued with his attack on her boobs till he was satisfied and then pushed her on the ground and kneeled between her thighs. He grabbed her slender legs and raised them wide and high. Her sweet pussy was exposed glistering in her juices. He moved his palm over her flat stomach and traced it down over the neatly trimmed pubic hairs and onto the pussy lips.

“AHHM…” she grunted as the hard fingers spread the lips and rubbed the clit. He grabbed his erection in one hand and lined it against the opening.

“Are you ready,” he asked rubbing it on her labia.

“UHMM… MAHH… push it in,” she spoke bucking her hips. He eased his huge bulbous head onto the soft and moist pussy lips. She wailed as the tip pushed its way inside, her eyes widened as it started to stretch her pussy like never before. He took his time and let her get used to it before thrusting it inside in small strokes.

“Ahh, Mummy…” she squealed as the entire cock impaled her. He kept her legs on his shoulder and started to thrust in slow and long strokes.

Ravi wandered in the crowd looking for Rita but he could not even find a single girl dress as a cat women. He looked at his watch it was fifteen minutes past nine and wondered if she was late. He decided to give her a call.

“Ugg… Ugg… Ugg… Ugg… Ugg… Ugg…” Rita was feeling the big cock reaching deep inside her. Her eyes were half closed in ecstasy when she heard the familiar ring of her mobile. Instinctively her head turned toward her left where her phone was lying. The screen was lit up and the name ‘HARI’ was clearly visible. It took few seconds to register in her mind what it meant. She watched the screen in disbelief and then to the man banging her pussy.

She moved her hand towards his face but could not reach him, “Remove your mask,” she spoke breathlessly. Without hesitation the man removed his mask and Rita saw a face came into view. A man of probably a European ethnicity, long face and hard jaws, as if the man is regularly hitting the gym. It was confirmed as he removed the dress covering his upper body, revealing a broad and muscular chest. He clenched her ankles tightly and continued to drive his cock deep into her.

Her mind went blank and she gasped for air feeling her lungs bursting. She kicked her legs in agony, her face was a mix of pain and shame. She felt so exposed and vulnerable with her legs spread and this man thrusting in and out of her. She realized in horror that she was grunting in pleasure with each thrust. Her pussy sending waves and waves of pleasure inside her body and in spite of knowing how wrong it is she was not able to control the waves of pleasure. Fireworks started to explode inside her pussy.


This was more than enough to set her off the edge, she clinched her fist and screamed as she had the orgasm of her life.

“Yeah baby… cum for me sweetie,” he looked pleased with himself. He brought her legs down from her shoulder and spread his body over her. He grabbed her under his huge muscular body and started to hammer hard, his cock slipping in and out easily. As Rita’s orgasm subsided her breathing returned to normal. She looked upon the man over her and knew she cannot move until he finishes. She hated herself for having such a huge orgasm with this man.

“Who are you?” she asked in a laboured voice but he didn’t listen, she repeated her question louder this time and by grabbing his hairs.

“I am Richard,” he panted, “this is hardly the time for introductions.”

“Where is my husband,” she felt she will start crying.

He gripped her soft breasts in his palms and pulled them, “Forget him… I am here your love,” he grunted loudly and increased his pace.

“Please… please… don’t cum in me,” suddenly she realized that he was about to cum in her pussy. She grabbed his hairs and shook him, “take it out… don’t cum in my pussy.”

“I am going to fill your pussy like you have never filled before,” he squeezed her boobs making her squirm in pain.

“Please… we are planning to have a baby and I am fertile, please,” she begged.

He reluctantly slowed down and looked into his eyes, finally after giving a few long thrusts he pulled out, “happy now.”

He quickly straddled her and placed his cock onto her lips.

“Noooo,” she was aghast.

“What no,” he looked angry, “you know lady that I also need to cum.”

“Yeah, you can cum on my tits,” she pleaded.

“Shut up and open your mouth or is it to be your pussy?”

She pleaded with him but he was firm, “quickly tell me what it would be your pussy or mouth.” She resigned knowing that she cannot stop him and he happily drove his glistering cock inside her mouth.

“Suck it,” he held the back of her head and pushed deeper. She rolled her tongue around it and sucked hard by pulling in her cheeks as she wanting to end it quickly.

“Ahhh…Mmmm, you are good,” he moaned thrusting his groin. The cock reaching the back of her throat causing her to pull back but he thrust again.

“Do it… do it…” he murmured picking up a rhythm in fucking her mouth. She felt the cock swell in her mouth and twitched. Suddenly without warning the first jism of cum hit the back of her throat as he grunted loudly. She closed her eyes and clinched her fist hard as jism after jism of hot cum was splashed inside her mouth. He kept her head in place until the last drop was spent.

As soon as he let her go she looked for her clothes and started getting dressed. She couldn’t find her panties but she didn’t want to waste any minute longer so she wore her dress and almost ran out of the bushes.

Ravi was getting anxious as she was not taking his calls. He was getting worried when he saw her climb down from the Tiger Hill trail. She was in cat women dress, the mask in her hand and she was rushing towards the exit. He sensed something was wrong; he rushed behind her and shouted her name but she didn’t listen. As he rushed passed the Tiger Hill trail he saw a man walking out from the same direction from where Rita rushed out. He stopped in his tracks and remembered the couple he saw earlier. He stepped towards the man and found him too in a batman costume. His heart palpitated for the fear of unimaginable.

As the man got closer he saw he had a panty in his hand which he was toying. He feared the worse but just hope against hope; he needed to know what happened. He suppressed his feelings and smiled at him.

“Had fun,” he enquired.

He had a broad grin over his face as he showed him the panties, “She was looking for her husband… fucking stupid, can’t imagine we still have such dumb ass bimbos in town,” he laughed. Ravi felt a rage building inside him as he realised what could have happened.

“You son of a bitch,” he jumped on him and landed a punch onto his jaws. He was taken aback by the sudden attack and fell back. He looked at the raging man towering above him in a batman dress and realised.

“Oh my god YOU ARE THE HUSBAND,” he cannot suppress his smile which further enraged Ravi. He rushed to beat the shit out of him but he was ready now and as he swung the punch he easily avoided it and instead landed a blow just below his left eye. He was in great shape and probably knew how to fight, he easily countered him and before Ravi could realise what hit him he was lying on the ground clutching his stomach. He kicked him once more making sure he understands who the boss is.

“I am not at fault you idiot, she came onto me,” he shouted. Ravi rolled on the ground in pain. He waited for few minutes and when Ravi didn’t get up to fight he left for the beach. Ravi gathered himself somehow and rushed home, enduring the double pain of humiliation and beating that he received.

He entered the flat and found Rita sitting in the drawing room sofa. The baby sitter already left and Sid was sleeping in his room. He slumped in front of her on the floor and looked at her trying to get her reaction. He didn’t know what to say.

“Did you enjoy it dear,” she spoke in a cool and calm voice. He was confused what is she saying.

“What do you mean,” he spoke in broken voice.

“I said did you watch the whole fucking or you missed it,” her voice was sarcastic now.

“I don’t know what you are saying.”

“Ohh dear… now I have to explain… was it not you who was calling me every day trying to seduce me as a stranger.”

He nodded.

“Did you think I would be fooled and fall for a stranger,” she raised her voice.

“No darling it was just for some innocent fun,” he manages to speak.

“I also thought so, that is why I went there thinking it would be you behind that batman costume, but you send someone else to fuck me while you watched and jerk off, you dirty swine,” she shouted shaking with rage.

Ravi was taken aback, “no… no… that is not what I wanted, I was supposed to be there but I got late and you went with… with that man,” he was on the verge of crying.

“You have fooled me,” she sobbed, “tricked me into this… if you wanted something like this you should have the guts to talk to me.”

“No darling… you are mistaken it was just because of similar costumes… I didn’t trick you,” he moved closer to her to comfort her but she backed off.

“Don’t you dare touch me,” she shouted in a tone which frightened him. He looked at her begging, trying to make her understand but she sat on the chair sobbing.

“He fucked me,” she broke down, tears flowing down her cheeks. Ravi felt helpless she was not even allowing him to touch her.

“He cum in my mouth,” she continued to wail, “and my husband watched all this, letting him use my body.”

He felt as if punched in the guts. He cannot bring himself to hear what she was talking. He shook his head helplessly unable to make her understand. He felt disgust at himself, he blames himself for all this and wanted to comfort her in any way possible, somehow let her know that he loves her and has not tricked her, but she was not listening. All her pleading went to deaf ears, after all he cannot blame her for not believing in him as he was the one who was faking the voice and trying to fool her since months. He kept on pleading with her and she kept on crying.

“Ok… enough,” suddenly she raised her hand, “I believe you, it was a mistaken identity, so you don’t know this man and you have not send him to fuck me.” He nodded quickly.

“I know him his name is Richard,” Rita spoke, “so you don’t know any man named Richard.”

He thought hard and remembered no Richard, “no I don’t know anyone named Richard.”

“But I am sure if you have sent him then you must know him and you must be having his mobile number stored in your mobile,” she stood up, “hand me over your mobile.”

Ravi happily handed her his mobile, “you can check there is no Richard in my contacts.”

“Let us see,” she opened the search and typed ‘Richard’ while Ravi waited in trepidation. She smiled and turned the screen towards him. He almost fell on the floor when he saw a contact named Richard saved in his mobile.

“No baby… it can’t be,” he felt the room spinning; “I don’t know any Richard.”

She walked quickly towards the kitchen leaving a confused Ravi on the floor. She came back almost immediately and was carrying a large meat cutting knife. Ravi was terrified seeing the knife in her hand.

“Please put it down,” he was barely able to speak in an audible voice.

“Shut up and sit down,” she put the knife on her throat.

“No… no… please,” Ravi was horrified.

“I want to kill myself,” she cried.

“But before that I want to know the truth,” she shouted, “I want you to do as I say or I will kill myself.”

“Yes… I will do as you say… please put down the knife,” he was trembling and could not understand what is happening.

“I want you to call this guy, from your mobile and tell him that everything went fine with your wife and she wants to meet you again tonight.”

Ravi looked at her in surprise.

“Everything will be clear now,” she sobbed but then controlled herself, “let me tell you if you try to act smart or try to convey anything to him, I will surly kill myself.’

Rita dialled the number and put the phone on speaker.

“Talk to him as I said, no more no less,” she instructed again.

“Hello,” the voice came over the speaker as the call connected.

“Hello,” Ravi answered in a confused manner.

“Hi, Ravi how you doing,” cheerful voice of Richard.

He fumbled and looked confused but when Rita showed the knife again he quickly spoke, “everything went fine with Rita, she is very happy and wants to see you again tonight.”

“Ohh Wow!! That is great, I will be there in no time,” he answered and cut the phone. Ravi stared blankly towards the mobile, he could not believe, everything seemed so surreal. He saw a broad smile on her face as if saying “didn’t I say that.”

“Well let me get ready for him,” she smiled and went to the bedroom. Ravi sat on the floor unable to understand anything, how this Richard’s contact is in his mobile and who is this Richard, the same person who met him at the Tiger Hill trail. He sat there dazed.

After sometime the door bell rang, he lifted his head and saw Rita emerged from the bedroom dressed in a babydoll lingerie and a flimsy night gown over it. He remembered he bought it for her on their last anniversary. She has washed her face and applied some makeup too. She went on to open the door and he saw Richard walked in. He recognised him as the same person who has earlier fucked his wife. He couldn’t find any strength in him to get up yet alone fight him away.

“Hi,” he cheerfully shouted before sitting on the sofa opposite to him. Rita stood there like a winner staring at Ravi who looked like a small kid lost in the woods.

“There was no need to do such an elaborate planning and playing tricks, you could have asked me,” Rita spoke in a soft voice however her eyes were burning with rage as she caressed Ravi’s head. She then pushed him resting his back on the couch, “relax and enjoy the show.”

Ravi squirmed and tried to get up but Rita gave him a long and hard stare, “No Rita, please … don’t do this… you know I have not done anything wrong,” Ravi was on the verge of crying.

“You have done everything, you have tricked me and now you have to watch this,” she spoke in a firm voice and then bent down as if hugging him and whispered into his ears, “remember I have the knife hidden below the sofa and I SWEAR… I will kill myself if you even move an inch from here.”

She walked towards Richards as Ravi watched helplessly not knowing what to do. He was in a state of shock and was unable to understand why all this is happening to him.

Rita looked at Richard and was hesitant for a moment rethinking about what she is about to do, then she gathered herself and took out her gown and threw it near Ravi. She walked over to him in just a flimsy panty and a matching bra, she spread her legs and straddled on his lap facing him.

“Don’t you dare touch her,” Ravi shouted.

“Just now you called me and said that everything is fine,” Richard looked at him as if surprised, “Ohh… Ok,” as if he understood, “first time you will have this kind of anxious moments… but relax everything will be fine… you will have such an experience that you will never forget and besides you are already a cuckold.”

His calling him cuckold broke something in his heart and he slumped back still looking at them with the blood shot eyes.

Richard put an arm around her and caressed her smooth back and moved his hands over her lovely lips.

“Mmmm… Isn’t she just adorable,” he cooed, “she needs to be loved by a real man… you are doing the right thing,” he glanced towards Ravi, “she deserves the best.” He pulled her head and placed his mouth over her lips for a passionate kiss.

Ravi shut his eyes tightly, unable to bear it. He shut the eyes so tightly that it started to hurt and he opened it hoping that it is all just a bad dream and when he opens his eyes all of it would be gone. But he saw Rita bent over him kissing him with all she got, his one hand was roaming at her back and was slowly slipping inside her panty exploring the ass crack. He could not hold it any longer.

“Bastard,” he shouted and rushed towards them as a madman. As he approached towards them with a tight fist, Richard pushed Rita to one side and grabbed his attacking arm. Ravi tried to fight with him but he easily immobilised him by twisting his arm around. He pushed him back to his corner and before he knew his one wrist was handcuffed. Richard pulled him and secured the other end of the cuff to the sofa leg. Ravi was baffled, he tried hard against the cuffs but was unable to do anything, obscenities started to flow from his mouth.

“It happens for the first timers, have to be ready,” he smiled, “one day you will thank me for this,” he spoke to Ravi who replied by another obscenity.

“Behave yourself,” Rita admonishes him like a mother to his child.

Richard grabbed her in his arms, “sorry for the interruption,” she giggled slipping into his arms. He quickly bends her over the sofa turning her ass towards Ravi and pulled her panty down. He grabbed both the cheeks in his hands and started playing with them, squeezing them, pulling them and spreading them to expose the puckered hole. All the while Rita wiggled her ass and laughed, encouraged him to be rough.

‘Smack’ He landed a hard slap onto the soft cheeks.

“Ouch,” she cries out. He spread her legs wider exposing the swollen pussy lips.

“Mmmm… you are already wet,” he moved his middle finger over the clit and pushed it in.

“Ayee,” she squirmed and pushed back excitedly making a show out of it for Ravi.

Ravi twisted and turned in his confinement and knew he cannot stop them. He closed his eyes and looked other side but he cannot stop the noises from entering his ears. Both of them make sure to make lot of noises to humiliate him.

“Wow, you have such a lovely cock,” Rita shouted and unknowingly Ravi’s head turned towards their direction. He saw she was holding it at the base and running her tongue around it. He cannot help but stare at it; it was indeed a good specimen of manhood.

“It’s soooo big,” Rita licked her tongue happily, “what is the size.”

“It’s eight inches,” he replied proudly.

“Mmm… Ravi had only six inches,” she giggled, “but I don’t know I have never measured it, he claims it to be six but now I feel it must be only four inches,” she laughed.

“Look honey isn’t it beautiful,” she turned towards Ravi and he quickly looked the other way. Both of them laughed out loud humiliating him further.

“Let me get his cock out,” Rita tried to get up when Richard stopped him.

“No I don’t want you to be touching any other cock from now on… not until I ask you to,” he grabbed her hairs and pulled her back.

“Ok bossy,” she giggled and opened her mouth to suck the head in. They continued to fuck each other, humiliating Ravi and making it worst for him.

The cries of Rita and moaning of Richard fell into his ears as molten lava. He cannot help but turn his head towards them whenever Rita cried out loud and unwontedly watched Richard’s big ass between her thighs pounding her pussy. He cannot believe how long Richard fucked her in various positions and how many times she orgasm or maybe faked it, at least he wanted to believe that she is faking all those loud orgasms. He tried to hold back his tears, trying to be a man but he cannot stop it and started to cry like a baby. But the biggest humiliation was yet to come when Richard announced, “I want to cum in your mouth sweetie like the last time.”

Rita quickly sat on the sofa while he stood in front of him offering his cock. Ravi was disgusted listening to this; he could not believe it and actually confirmed it by looking at the glistering cock slipping inside her mouth.

“Ohh my god, you dirty bitch,” he cried out in agony but none of them paid any attention. Richard bucked his groin and grunted like a pig while Rita sucked it deep inside her mouth.

“AHHHH… MMMM… UGG,” he grabbed her head and jerked depositing his seed deep inside her mouth. Ravi felt like puking.

“Did you swallow,” Richard asked and Ravi turned his head in horror. Rita shook her head in a no and Richard nodded knowingly. He approached Ravi and grabbed his free arm, twisting it back making him lie on his back. Ravi saw Rita approaching her with her mouth full.

“What… what…” he struggled as she stood above him and opened her mouth letting Richard’s cum dribble out and fall drop by drop on his face.

“Nooo… noooo,” he cried and fought with his restrains moving his head sideways but he cannot avoid it. She continued until the entire cum was splashed on his face. Richard let go of him and he fell face first on the floor, crying out loud, wailing in pain. He kept on crying for a long time until he heard Rita’s voice.

“My sweet baby,” she spoke caressing his hairs. He turned his head and found she was alone, as if understanding him she said, “Yeah he is gone.”

He watches in terror as she placed the knife on the floor and sat beside him with a wet towel in her hand. She looked like a Physco queen to him.

“My sweet little cuck,” she cooed and started cleaning his face with the wet towel.

“This is the way it should be done,” she spoke. He kept quiet and she continued to caress him while also cleaning his face. She reached for his zipper and pulled out his cock. He tried to stop her but as she fiddled with the knife meaningfully he decided to stay quite.

She grabbed his semi erect cock in her hand and started to give it a soft hand treatment and within no time he was fully erect. Ravi was annoyed with himself for he didn’t want his cock to react. She skilfully started to masturbate him.

“Richard asked me to give you a hand job, after all you too need some release,” she spoke while continuing with her efforts. It took a little time but he was not able to hold back and jets of semen spurted out wetting her hands and his abdomen.

She threw the towel over him and left him still cuffed to the sofa.

The night turned into morning and suddenly he was awoke and found he was no longer cuffed. He got up, last night events played before his eyes; he looked around anxiously and heard some noises in the kitchen. He was surprised to find that Rita was busy cooking breakfast.

“Good morning,” she replied cheerfully as if nothing has happened and then he heard his son’s voice from his room asking for his shirt as he was getting ready for school.

“Go and help him,” she pushed him and he walked in a trance not knowing what is happening and what to believe.

His son was at his usual mischief and he helped him bathe and dress up.

“It’s Saturday, not a school day,” he spoke to him.

“Yeah but don’t you remember it’s our class picnic today,” he looked excited.

Sid soon left for school and Ravi confronted Rita, he stared at her trying to find out what is going on but she looked normal. He didn’t know what to say the scene of the last night played before him and his face turned pale. He cannot believe his innocent wife behaved like a Physco last night.

“Why did you do this,” he spoke trying to keep himself calm.

“Ohh… my baby,” she was again sarcastic, “why did you start it if you can’t handle it.”

“I did not start anything and you know it very well, so stop this bullshit and tell me the truth,” he shouted.

“Don’t worry, it happens first time, Richard told me this,” she fluttered her eyes innocently, “slowly slowly you will start enjoying it, just don’t hold back your cuck feeling.”

“Bullshit, I don’t have any cuck feelings and for God’s sake WHO IS THIS RICHARD,” he was going crazy while Rita had a mysterious smile on her face.

“Why did you do this to me, what have I done to deserve this,” he started to cry, “I was just trying to have some fun with you, you are my wife, was it so wrong?”

“It would have been ugly if I really fell for the stranger on the phone and went out to have sex with him, but I found out it was you, so not bad as a kinky fun,” she replied.

He looked at him questioningly wanting to know the reason.

“Do you really think you got all this because of the phone drama you did,” she chuckled and pulled out an envelope from the kitchen drawer and threw at his face. He opened it with trembling hands and found postcard size pictures inside. The bunch slipped out of his hand as he laid his eyes on the first one. The pictures were all splashed over the floor showing him in gory details having sex with other women.

“You have been fucking other girls regularly since long time,” she spoke casually, “this one is your office assistant just nineteen years old and that one is an older women also working in your office,” she pointed at the pictures.

Ravi was dumbfounded; he couldn’t find any words to defend himself.

“You know when I first noticed something amiss I simply cannot think that you are cheating on me with these sluts, I thought you are overworked.” Ravi kept his head down shaking from the shock he was getting since last evening.

“Every time you came home late and hit the bed like a dead bird, I though you are losing interest in me after the baby… you know how hard I worked to bring myself back in shape after the delivery,” she continued.

“I have given everything for you, for our family, even my career and what I got in return… betrayal,” anger was visible in her tone, “I learned that my entire life with you was a big lie. Do you remember once you told me that I could not give a good blowjob and I like a fool, put my heart into pleasing you never thinking that you are actually comparing me with the sluts you fuck.”

“When I first found out I could not believe so I hired a private detective and he got me the pictures… look at your face in the pictures,” she spoke with pain in her voice.

“Honey…” he started to say something when she interrupted him.

“Just shut up, if you want to know everything.”

She composed herself, “After I got the pictures I went crazy and didn’t knew what to do, I thought of killing you and killing myself, then I thought of getting a divorce but it would be too easy for you. In that frame of mind I just got out of the house not caring for my son, not caring for anyone,” she sobbed.

“I walked on the beach at east coast thinking of avenging you…, avenging for the pain you have given me, avenging for making me care for you for so long… the first thing that came to my mind was ‘tit for tat’ and I grabbed the first willing guy, he was Richard. He took me to the dark side under the trees and fucked me. That was my first time with any other guy. I thought I was doing it for a purpose and I won’t be enjoying it but it was pleasurable,” she smiled admitting it.

“When I come back home I felt the rage in me and I wanted to confront you immediately but then I stopped, it was like letting you go too easily, I wanted you to feel the same agony, same pain that I have gone through. I was humiliated by your behaviour and I want you to feel the same humiliation. So I didn’t talk to you and acted normal. I thought about what should be done. You would be surprised how many options I have considered, like chopping off your balls, consider yourself lucky I didn’t do that,” she picked up the knife and laughed.

She took a break and walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water, she came back and glanced at Ravi who was looking miserable.

“I could not come up with a nice idea when suddenly your phone call started, I soon found out that it’s you and then the plan hatched and I am happy it worked fine. You know as per my plan Richard would start visiting daily and will make you watch every day until you accept it willingly and then you would be sucking his cock straight out of my pussy, he would have made you his bitch,” she spoke will all the venom in her voice.

With tears in his eyes Ravi spoke, “Rita you could have talked to me and we could have sorted it out, you know how much I love you.”

Rita started laughing, “your love is of convenience, of getting a pussy when you don’t get it outside, of getting someone to take care of your needs, to take care of the family while to play with sluts.”

Ravi didn’t speak and there was a silence for long time. Rita collected her thoughts and calmed herself before she speaks again.

“Now listen to me,” she spoke calmly, “as per my plan this humiliation would have continued for some more time, but I decided to end it today itself, I feel this would be enough for you. Now moving forward I want you to pack your belongings and leave my flat. You remember the lease of this flat is in my name since the time I worked.”

Ravi looked hurt, “you can’t throw me out like this,” he murmured.

“Yes I can and I am throwing you out, you will get a draft of divorce application, I plan to file it as ‘irreconcilable differences’ and divorce would be with mutual understanding unless you want to fight it in the court and one more thing Sid will be staying with me and you will get the right to visit him once a month.”

Ravi looked at her in anger but Rita smiled, “no judge in the world would refuse me the custody of my child if these photographs are shown in the court and moreover your career in the company will be finished once they come to know with proof, that you are fucking co-workers and especially the nineteen year old office assistance.”

“So consider yourself lucky I am letting you off so easily and before I change my mind pack your bags and leave,” she spoke confidently.

Ravi slumped in the seat feeling totally defeated; he glanced towards Rita who was busy picking up the photographs from the floor.

“What about you, what will you do,” he spoke.

“Ohh don’t worry about me I am not asking any money from you I am going back to work with Chang and Boon, besides Richard and I have decided that he will move in with me, he is quite eager I hope things will work out good between us. ”

As Ravi packed his bags, planning to move to a cheap hotel he heard Rita talking over phone making plans with Richard regarding his moving in. She met him at the door,

“For the record sake it’s not because of his big cock there are other things also,” she closed the door on his face.