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A New Girl From Assam

Riky_martin4u: hii
how rU
wanna talk
waise u have very nice n sweet name
anjalee_200: hi

Riky_martin4u: asl pls
anjalee_200: 20 f assam
Riky_martin4u: oohh nice
whjich classs u r study
anjalee_200: i m studying bba
Riky_martin4u: ok which year
so u r proper frm assam
anjalee_200: and work too
Riky_martin4u: ur good nmae pls
anjalee_200: anjali
Riky_martin4u: where as which post u work
anjalee_200: u?
Riky_martin4u: ?
aditya here
ur surname pls
anjalee_200: i do accounts mgmt
Riky_martin4u: okk
so now at home or any other palce
anjalee_200: no in my office
i do night shifts
Riky_martin4u: oo
anjalee_200: in afternoon i go to college
Riky_martin4u: so now how many memb. in ur office
waise which type of work u do
anjalee_200: bola to accounts related
Riky_martin4u: aisa kya work jo night mei hota hai
anjalee_200: shift hi night ki hai to kya kare
din me college jana padta hai na
Riky_martin4u: okk
so abhi kitne jane hai office mei
anjalee_200: 8-10 log hai
Riky_martin4u: female kitne hai
anjalee_200: 2 hai
Riky_martin4u: hmm
so now geeting some horny or ht
anjalee_200: video dekh k
Riky_martin4u: which time u r free frm office
anjalee_200: 5 in morning
Riky_martin4u: okk
now u r sitting in open area or in cabin
anjalee_200: in cabin
Riky_martin4u: wat r u wear this time
anjalee_200: saree
Riky_martin4u: which color
but u r unmarried na
anjalee_200: yes
Riky_martin4u: so saree wear only marr. ladies
anjalee_200: black
office me kabhi kabhi pehen leti hu
Riky_martin4u: hm
n innerwear with color design style n brand
wat happens
anjalee_200: black bra n panty
Riky_martin4u: accha ye batao wat was ur most embarrassing momnt ever…
kisis ne galti se aapko nude dekha ya molested ever…smthng like this…
anjalee_200: 1 baar mere boss ne mujhe blouse adjust karte dekh liya tha….
i was so embarassed
Riky_martin4u: means in front side
anjalee_200: yes
Riky_martin4u: see nude boobs
tumne blouse open kiya hua tha
anjalee_200: half of it was visible
Riky_martin4u: then wat was ur reaction
n ur boss
anjalee_200: wo mujhe ghusne laga tha
mera chehra laal ho gaya tha
Riky_martin4u: then what was do
anjalee_200: then i covered it with my pallu
Riky_martin4u: okk
anjalee_200: then he come and talked normally
Riky_martin4u: after that boss say soemthing or not
waise y u open ur blouse
anjalee_200: it was tight so i was adjusting it
Riky_martin4u: oh
so u r virgin or some one break
anjalee_200: i m fucked twice
Riky_martin4u: with..?
anjalee_200: my boss fucked me
Riky_martin4u: same boos
anjalee_200: yes
after that incident he had bad eyes on me
Riky_martin4u: ok so after that he was blakmailg U
anjalee_200: yes first he started flirting with me
then he started touchin me here and there
when i restricted him,he threatened me that he wil fire me
i dont wanted to loose such nice job…
he promised that he will increase my salary….
and i was started enjoying too…
Riky_martin4u: his age
anjalee_200: so al last i allowed him to do…
Riky_martin4u: n now he’s in his job or left
anjalee_200: he must me around 42-45
he is still in job
Riky_martin4u: so where was fuck U
in hotel or else where
anjalee_200: in hotel
Riky_martin4u: kab ki baat hai yeh
anjalee_200: kuch hi din pehle ki
Riky_martin4u: hm
so how’s ur 1st exp.
painful or enjoyable
anjalee_200: it was painful
Riky_martin4u: so how many shots
anjalee_200: i dont remember
Riky_martin4u: y….?
yaar 1zst sex exp. kabhi koi bhulta hai kya
anjalee_200: itna dard ho raha tha kisko yaad hoga yaar
Riky_martin4u: hahaha
so u do sucking him or not
anjalee_200: not yet
he always force me to do but i refuse
Riky_martin4u: wanan eb freind if u dont mind
anjalee_200: ok
Riky_martin4u: can i add u in my f’list rediff not any charged U
anjalee_200: ok
Riky_martin4u: :-S
anjalee_200: what happened?
Riky_martin4u: pls alow to adding me
anjalee_200: ok
Riky_martin4u: send req.
what happened
where r u busy
anjalee_200: nope
Riky_martin4u: hmm
so ever do mastrubation
anjalee_200: no
Riky_martin4u: y
wat do when feel some hotnes
anjalee_200: watch porn
Riky_martin4u: thanx
so how to satisfied U
anjalee_200: send me xxx videos plzzz…i m gettin horny
Riky_martin4u: psl raise ur sree up to knee
anjalee_200: ok

Riky_martin4u: So tell me how u look….i mean height,weight,figure,complexion hair length n style…
anjalee_200: i m fair
32 27 34
Riky_martin4u: wow big ass
anjalee_200: 49 kg
Riky_martin4u: have hair under arms n legs
anjalee_200: no
boss once took me to parlour and made it cleaned
he takes care of my body
Riky_martin4u: so now how much growth
anjalee_200: of what?
Riky_martin4u: hair under arms n legs
anjalee_200: i clean regularly
Riky_martin4u: ok
waise i like full growth like forest
anjalee_200: sorry i dont have…
Riky_martin4u: its ok…..
so u never mastrubate
anjalee_200: no
not yet
Riky_martin4u: then wat do after seen porn movie
how to comes in orgsam
anjalee_200: get horny
i like to see it
Riky_martin4u: yes then how to satisfied
anjalee_200: fucking
Riky_martin4u: but u say till fucking only 2 times
anjalee_200: yes
he fucked me last week only
Riky_martin4u: okk
now u feel some horny
what do this time///……..?
anjalee_200: but when he is free he come to me and have oral sex
Riky_martin4u: he;’s also in night shift
anjalee_200: yes
i m horny now
want to see more videos
Riky_martin4u: he;’s also in night shift
anjalee_200: yes
Riky_martin4u: but just before u say u never do sucking
now u say when ur boss free then u do some oral
anjalee_200: oral dont mean only sucking
Riky_martin4u: then ….?
wat’s in oral
anjalee_200: kissing,squeezing boobs, fingering…..
Riky_martin4u: hmm okk
thanx 4 giving me good knowl.
anjalee_200: tell me abt ur first experience
Riky_martin4u: still virgin
anjalee_200: ohh
Riky_martin4u: hey can i see U if u faith me
anjalee_200: i m in office
Riky_martin4u: so not in ur mail or desktop
anjalee_200: no
i have it in my home
Riky_martin4u: so ever online frm home
anjalee_200: yes
in afternoons after 4
Riky_martin4u: okk
then wanna be listen ur voice
anjalee_200: try to understand cant give u my number
Riky_martin4u: its ok but reason 4 that
u r in assam n me in chandigarh
so far
is u wanan talk only one time then wat r u loose
tell me
me frm a rupted family
anjalee_200: but i dont give my no.
Riky_martin4u: n care or respect 4 all girls n ladies in real life
i know my limits
anjalee_200: later after i know you well i ll give u
but not now please
Riky_martin4u: okk
anjalee_200: u seem a nice guy
Riky_martin4u: ok ask me 4 better know
anjalee_200: i love t do frenship with u
Riky_martin4u: wat u wanna be know abt me
anjalee_200: what to ask
Riky_martin4u: thanx 4 ur compliments
anjalee_200: baat karte karte jaan jayenge
Riky_martin4u: as u like ur wish
anjalee_200: u talk
Riky_martin4u: waiset tum buttering acchi laaga leti hoo appni baato se
anjalee_200: aisi baat nahi hai
Riky_martin4u: ok just majak mei bola
so u r proepr frm assam
anjalee_200: yes
Riky_martin4u: ur sur name pls
anjalee_200: sangai
Riky_martin4u: u r east north indian
anjalee_200: yes half
my dad is
Riky_martin4u: n half..?
anjalee_200: mp
Riky_martin4u: ok
what do ur parents n who’s in ur family
anjalee_200: business
Riky_martin4u: which type of
anjalee_200: i m lone daughter
Riky_martin4u: then y doing job
wo bhi late night
anjalee_200: coz i like 2 do
my parents dont know
Riky_martin4u: wat not know
anjalee_200: i do job
Riky_martin4u: means
so when serch u in noight in ur room
anjalee_200: they dont know that i m working
Riky_martin4u: ?’
anjalee_200: i live alone
Riky_martin4u: where is ur parents
anjalee_200: in assam
Riky_martin4u: n u
anjalee_200: in assam but in another city
Riky_martin4u: ok
waise which city
anjalee_200: guahati
Riky_martin4u: ok
anjalee_200: videos…
i m horny
Riky_martin4u: can i comes to meet U
anjalee_200: plz send me more
yes after i know u
Riky_martin4u: how much u take the time
anjalee_200: dont know may b soon
Riky_martin4u: ok let see
hey remove ur panty pls
anjalee_200: why do u want to meet me??
Riky_martin4u: just wanna to see U
i think u r looking so cute……
wanna be see ur beauty…..
anjalee_200: just want to see??
Riky_martin4u: .?
anjalee_200: u just want to meet me,right?
Riky_martin4u: yaa
wat u wanna say
anjalee_200: sure?
just asking
Riky_martin4u: tumhara kis baat ki traf issara hai
anjalee_200: bas pooch rahi hoon

Riky_martin4u: baato to pahle
anjalee_200: kya?
Riky_martin4u: wat u want if we will meet
anjalee_200: nthing
Riky_martin4u: :-S0
u have yahoo id
where r u busy
anjalee_200: no
send me vedio if u have plz
Riky_martin4u: tell me u ahve yahoo id
anjalee_200: no i dont have
Riky_martin4u: hmmm
anjalee_200: tumne kisi ladki ka boobs dekha hai??
Riky_martin4u: tell me wat u do if we will meet
not in real but in net daily many times
anjalee_200: thoda sa bhi nahi dekha hai?
Riky_martin4u: no
anjalee_200: tumhari koi ladki dost nahi hai kya?
Riky_martin4u: noooooo
anjalee_200: ok
Riky_martin4u: :-S
anjalee_200: what?
Riky_martin4u: bolo kuch
anjalee_200: kya bolu
Riky_martin4u: kuch bhi
wanna role play
anjalee_200: no..aise hi thik hai
Riky_martin4u: y
now want some hotnes
anjalee_200: i dont like roleplays
Riky_martin4u: then make me hot
anjalee_200: when u meet me i ll make u hot
Riky_martin4u: hahaha
i want now
anjalee_200: send me a hot indian vdo
kya hua??
Riky_martin4u: nothign ok tell me ur ast sex exp.
kaise hua kya kiya boss ne kaise romance kiya
anjalee_200: 2 din pehle boss ne bola mere sath chalo
wo mujhe ek 5 star hotel me le gayaaur waha pe room book kiya
phir room me mujhe choda
Riky_martin4u: then u know kya hone wala hai
anjalee_200: yes
Riky_martin4u: us dint umen kya pahana hua tha
anjalee_200: saari hi pehna tha
Riky_martin4u: then room mei aane ke bad
kya hua
anjalee_200: room lock karke
peeche se pakad liya aur gale pe kisss karne laga
meine resist kiya
Riky_martin4u: then tumne kuch nahi boa kya kar rahe ho sir
anjalee_200: usne phir se pakda
meine bola sir ye thik nahi hai
Riky_martin4u: then kya bola unhone
anjalee_200: wo mujhe ye bol k laya tha k meeting hai
meine poocha meeting kaha hai??
to wo hasne laga
peeche se pakad liya aur apna haath kamar se upar laane laga
Riky_martin4u: then
anjalee_200: jaise hi usne mere boob ko touch kiya meine uska haath pakad liya…
aur aage k taraf mud gayi..
meine use kaafi roka…
usne phir kamar pe haath rakhke mujhe apni or khichha
ek jhatke k saath mein uske karib aa gayi…
Riky_martin4u: hm
anjalee_200: uska hoth mere lips k kaafi karib tha….
wo mujhe peeche se daboch raha tha….
Riky_martin4u: oooo
anjalee_200: uski aakhein mere lips ko ghoor rahi thi….
tum bor to nahi ho rae ho na?
Riky_martin4u: nhiiiii
i enjoyyyyyyyyyy
anjalee_200: kuch jyada detail me bata rahi hoon na??
Riky_martin4u: okk
i like it
anjalee_200: short cut me batau?
Riky_martin4u: no in details
anjalee_200: kaafi lamba ho jayega…
sayad tum bore ho jaoge
Riky_martin4u: .??
hey light gayi
meet u 2mrow
nice to meet
n realy i miss U
tace care…..
anjalee_200: ok