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A Night With Mami

I a boy so I had my dreams too and I always think about one woman when I read such stories and that is about my mami, what a woman she is cunning ,fox eyes ,full of lust, sexy fig. She use to leave in Gurgaon with my mama and i go once in a year there.

I get into this after reading such stories and caught her attention .She is 3 years elder than me though she has a sexy fig of 34-27-34.She was married very early in his age and she has 2 daughters. She never used to wear a bra coz she has to feed d kids and this what makes me more crazy. I have seen her many time feeding d babies and her nipples are pink. I never seen a pink nipple. Sometime I wish I could b her baby too. So I come to the day when it actually happened,

I reached Gurgaon to complete a training program so I reached at the home and found my uncle(mama) is not in d home he has a shop of goods and daily needs, so he went there actually and I was with my mami and the luckily the kids also gone somewhere I think with their Nani. So when I reached I was welcomed with full of joy like this is d day she was waiting for coz I know she has her eyes upon me from a very long time. She was standing there in a pink nighty which was wet somehow I don’t know why,

But she was looking sexy, her boobs are swollen due to feeding her babies and she dint wear a bra so I touched her feet and somehow i touched her boobs also now she was looking into my eyes and then hold my hand and take me into d room and take my luggage by bending down a little and showing me her navel and boobs ahhhhhh it was awesome. After she takes my luggage into d room she went for bath actually and told me to get fresh. So I go to the bathroom but dint locked it suddenly

I heard a screaming noise and reached into d location and saw mami put a towel around her the towel is so thin that I can see d full size of the boobs, I got a hard on quickly after seeing my mami in this position her legs were bare too and covered with towel, so I asked what happened she said “there was a cockroach “and I just smiled and see the cockroach around her legs so I bent down and got a view of her pussy hairy a little bit and clean and pinkish ….hhhhh it was d best view, then

I put d cockroach in hand and throw it away ,she asked me to remove my t shirt as it was a little bit wet and she is going to wash it .So I gave it to her and went out of the bathroom. In the evening we all had a good dinner all three of us, then my mama invited me on the terrace of our house coz it was a humid climate and he want me to sleep with him. So I got there and he talked me about several things about how’s life going and all while mami slept there and was fall asleep, I told my uncle that I have a back problem so

I can’t sleep here in the terrace so I went back to the room and locked d door from inside and removed my clothes coz it was sweaty whether outside and started watching a porn film in my mobile ,after some time I heard some noise I looked d time it was just 1 o clock in d night I went outside ,my mami was there asking me to get some water for her so I went inside and she came also and locked d door, I thought y is he closing d door,

I gave her the water she was just drinking and she saw my erectness ,so she somehow fell the water upon me on my boxers, and said sorry to me ,I said it was ok no worry then she just slip and drop d whole bottle of water on her and wet all her clothes ,ohhhhh god again I saw those beautiful boobs just wet by d water so he told me to turn around so she can remove her clothes so I just turn around, suddenly I saw her hand was on my penis which was a real hard at that time,

She holding it from behind then she removed my shorts and got d full size then I turned around and she was totally naked ,she then just kissed me hard ,our tongues touch each other and our saliva get mixed ……..she has a lovely lips which I chewed a little bit and she was moaning like hell….ahhhhhhh….oooohhhhhhh Sam eat me eat me now I am all yours ,she was holding my dick and just pumping it and I said jaan

I was waiting for a long time for this common jst put in ur mouth and suck it ,she obeyed like a bitch .She was very greed of my cock and said jaanu tumhare jitna bada to mere pati ka bhi nai hai ,i said “jaldi ise muh me lo”and she took the whole size in the mouth ,I know she was experienced little bit, she was licking it like hell ,her saliva is all around my lollipop, she is just licking it like she never had such big cock though it was 7 inches, her boobs are hanging so I just pulled her up coz she is not too much heavy

And hold her and his legs are behind my back and she crossed her legs, I was fingering her and she is moaning ohhhhhh….jaaannuu…..araaamm see…….and I was so fast that I want to make her cum….she was now in my arms and I was sucking her boobs too .Oh it taste so good then I put her in d bed and widen her legs and starts licking her with my tongue and make her pussy so wet that the juices starts flowing and she was holding my hair and jerkin my head

After this she said”jaan ab aur der mat karo daalo na ,kab se tadpa rahe ho”.So i hold my dick and said take it in mouth and lubricate it ,and she lubricated it with her saliva,then i entered in her pussy and feel so tight and asked “jaan tumhari chud itni tight kaise hai”and she said”tumhare uncle ko karne ka time kaha milta hai”and i said “koi baat nai aaj dheeli kar dunga ise “and she said “jo chao wo karo “and I started fucking her slowly cause it was really hard ,so she was moaning ahhhhh, ahhhh and I was in missionary position and fucking her slowly ,when

I entered her completely i started fucking her vigorously and fast and she was kissing me a deep lip lock and she is still moaning and crossed her legs around my back ,then I took her up in standing position and fucked until she cum ,she was feeling like heaven ,she cutting my ear lobes and started sucking my penis again, and I was just burning again I got into action and from behind I giving her stroked and feeling her hot wet chud, her pussy is so hot that it making me horny ,then I changed d position and started to giving her in missionary position after

25 min of action I was about to cum and removing my dick from her but she told me to cum inside her, she begged me. Then I cum into her pussy and removed my dick and sucked her boobs and we relaxed there for half an hour and she was telling me d best sex of her life and I promise that I always fulfill her lust .So after that day whenever I get time I used to do sex in kitchen in bathroom ,in living room everywhere coz I know I won’t get this kind of chance again