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A Night With My Computer Teacher

This is Arun from Kollam. I am a Graduate of age 22 studying for a Computer Course. In the Computer Centre there is a teacher named “Sobha”. She is my teacher. On the very first day of my study I notice her. It is because of her Beautiful Smile, Cat walk, the way she talks and so on. On that she came to the class and started teaching me what is computer and so on. She is wearing a yellow colour saree and matching blouse. Her brassier can be seen very clear. She is damn beautiful in that dress.

After all I am a Graduate I have very little knowledge about computer. So it is very difficult for me to understand what she is teaching me. She asks me what the reason for being absent minded in class is. I said her I don’t understand anything she is teaching me. So she started to teach me the basics of computer like that. I got it very much and I learn the basics very fast. She likes my way of listening and studying.

On the next day I ask her certain questions about the operating systems and so on. She told me everything. And she said that today she is going to teach me how to operate the computer and it is in the lab. So I and Sobha (teacher) went to the computer lab and she started to teach me how to operate a system. For switching on the computer she bend and I can very easily see her cleavage and her big boobs from over her blouse and saree. She is wearing a magenta colour saree.

She taught me the way to handle the mouse, due to some reason I cannot be able to hold the mouse clearly and move it. She keeps her hands on my hand and started moving the mouse. It arouses me. How soft her hands were. I had a sudden erection in my pants. I very easily manage how to move the mouse and how to hold it. It is because of her magnetic touch. As days passed we become very good friends rather than student and teacher. She invited me to her house and I readily accepted it.

After a week one Saturday she telephoned me and invites me to her house. I arrived her house at 10’o clock in the morning. She with a stunning smile invited me inside her house. She is wearing a red colour saree that day which is very transparent. I could very easily saw her brassier and petticot through it. I ask her about her family members. She told me that they all went to attend a marriage of her relative and will be back after two days. She all alone there and want a company on that nights. She is smiling while telling me about the night company. She telephoned to my house and told them that I will come back after two days and they agreed on this.

I did not understand anything. So I ask her the reason of this call. She in a wicked smile in her face told me that she is loving me and want to have my wife. I am totally dump on hearing this. But I also started to love her. I am also waiting for this from the very first day of my computer class I don’t know the way to approach her for this. I am very very happy for making Sobha as my wife. She went to kitchen and bought tea and some snacks for both of us. We have tea together with chatting.

After tea she took the plates and glass. She went back to kitchen and I accompany her to the kitchen. I hug her from the back and started to press her big boobs and kiss on her neck. Then I further move and kissed on her lovely lips, my tongue went into her mouth and she started to co-operate with me this continued for 10 minutes. I do the pressing of boobs all this time and she is moaning. Her moans arouse me very mad. I had a very good erection and I am pressing my dick on her buttock. I slowly started to remove her saree palloo from her shoulder, she said not here but in the bed room. I caught her in my arms and go to the bed room. I am stunned on seeing the bed room. She decorates the bedroom with flowers and perfumes. She is making the room neat for our first night.

I lay her on the bed and started kissing on her Deep Navel. She is moaning very high. I had a very good erection and she knows that she started to unzip my pants and take the dick in her soft hands and started to move to and fro. I become more mad and within seconds I took off all her dress and I too become dress less standing infront of her. We both began to French kiss and I am pressing her boobs directly with my both hands.

I slowly started moving my hands to her love spot “PUSSY” she had a very clean shaven pussy. I like that kind of pussy. I kiss her pussy she started moaning OOOOH! AAAAH! OOOOOOOOO! HAAAAAAA! MYYYYY GOOOOOOOOD! AAAAAH! DOOOOOOO IIIIT MOOOOOORE MOOOOOOORE! AAAAAAH UUUUUUMMMMHAAAAAA ETC…… I lick her pussy with my tongue. I made my tongue deep inside her pussy and she had her first orgasm. I tasted it. It is very good. I love the smell of it. On the whole time she is making me the to and fro motion of my dick it becomes like an iron rod. I know some thing is going to happen. I told her to take my dick in her mouth. She readily takes it in her mouth and started a blowjob and I ejaculate load of cum in her mouth and she drank it all.

I am licking her whole body and I know that this is the correct time to enter into her and I parted her legs in “V” shape and started to enter into her pussy. I lay on top of her and slowly placed my already erected dick head into the opening of her wet pussy entrance and slowly push the dick head into it. It is very difficult for me to enter into her at first. One and half of my dick go into it. She started crying due to pain. But I don’t care and started jerking my dick more and more inside into her. After few more strokes it went fully inside her. And she is crying Arun Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssse stooooooop I am paining but I do the jerking job and after few strokes her cunt becomes more lubricated and she started enjoying my ride.

She said Arun it is goooooooood goooooooooo oooooooooon. I ride her for more than one hour and I did not want to cum very fast because I want to taste every bit of it. So I reduced th e speed and after some time I increased the speed and I said Sobha I am cummmmmmmming and ejaculated a very heavy load of semen deep into her vagina. That way I put end to her virginity and she and I become any more virgins.

Later we went to the bathroom naked and had a nice bath and returned to the bedroom. Without wearing any thing we go to the dining room had our lunch and again love making. We continued it through out the whole day. I fuck her in her ass also during the fucking section. We continued our fucking all the while and nobody knows about it. We had sex every time we got chance and this is after the class or holidays. I invite her to my house and had another fucking section.

Now for seeing her all day I take admission to a full day course and she is teaching me and I am fucking her. Later I got a good job and I marry her and have a very good second first night in my house and we had sex every day. We will not miss a single day to have sex. I fuck her in the ass whole while she had her periods. We earn a good amount of money and live happily.