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A Public Bus Journey

Hey, I am gonna write about my sexual adventures that happened when I
was in high-school. I will not be mentioning my name, for obvious
reasons. I was 18, at the time. 5 foot 9. My breasts are well rounded
and big. Curvy hips and big well rounded ass. I had long legs. White
in complexion. I had uniform on, of course. I wore a read panty and a
black bra that day.

Anyways let’s get down to business.

It was a cloudy afternoon and I just got on a public bus, after
staying back for a group project. As I expected it to be, the bus was
crowded. It was around 3.30 pm.

I got on through the front door, mind you, it’s a local bus. I got
pushed in towards the front and ended up standing near the single seat
on left side. There was a couple of baskets near there so I had to
stand pretty close to that seat, which had an old man sitting on it.

As it was supposed to be a casual 30 min journey to the bus stop near
my house and due to the long day I had I dozed off standing there. I
don’t know for how long, but I woke up with a hand near my knees, a
slow rub, I looked down and it was the man seated there. He looked
like he’s near his 50’s. Dark in complexion, his palms were bit
rough. He gave me a wink when we made eye contact.

I pushed his hand off. My uniform was kind of like a frock, on top of
a shirt. The frock extended until or below my knees. So anyways ,
instinctively, I pushed his hand down and he was staring out through
the windows as if nothing happened . There was no movement for a
couple minutes and I thought it was over. But to my surprise, he was
at it again, he started rubbing my knees and instantly, reached my
left thigh. Before I could do anything the bus braked and I had to get
hold of the hand rest to prevent myself from falling down.

He took this opportunity and pushed his hand further up and reached my
panties. I held his hands and tried to push it away, which resulted in
him pulling my panty down. It must’ve reached till the middle region
of my thighs. He got rid of my hand in an instant and started rubbing
the region above my clit. I had some hair near my clit, he started
pulling it up and down. Before I could stop him, the bus braked and he
continued rubbing slowly. I started getting a sensation that wasn’t
the normally what I get when I rub my clit, mixed with fear I decided
to let it be. He rubbed my clit for about 3 mins and I started
sweating a little.

As my complexion is white my body started getting reddish. He
continued rubbing my clit for about 3 mins, then got hold of clit
between his thumb and index finger and started rubbing it. Slowly my
pussy started getting wet, the rough texture of his palm wasn’t
helping me resist it. He must’ve understood that and inserted his
middle finger inside my pussy. The man knew what he was doing, he
rubbed my clit with his thumb and fucked my pussy with his middle

I started sweating a bit and I felt a heat throughout my body and
there it was.. I had an orgasm, a near jerk of my legs and his fingers
felt like heaven. He took his hands off and touched my pussy again. I
couldn’t take it, I jerked my hips and he kept repeating it as if he
wanted to tease me. Every time his hands reached my pussy, I felt like
I am in heaven.

Suddenly, stopped, and he rubbed my butt for a change. My ass is
pretty big and round shaped as my hips are curved. He had something in
his mind… He put his middle finger near my asshole and then took his
hands out and smelled it. He put his hand back again. This time he
pulled off a hair near my asshole and i jerked my hips cause of the

I started getting nervy as my stop was nearing. I pushed his hand away
and whispered “my stop “. He didn’t bother and put his hand
straight back up. I pleaded and jerked my hips and tried to push his
hand away. He started pulling my panty down I got hold of his hands
and stopped him. He took his hands off and took out his pen and a
paper from his pocket. He wrote something on it and gave it to me. It
read ‘Saturday 10 am’ and mentioned a place (won’t disclose).

I shook my head as if to say ‘no’. He got hold of my panty again
and as if to threaten me moved it a bit down. The man wasn’t
flexible. I had to give in or face embarrassment. He stopped when I
shook my head as if to say yes. He pulled my panties up. He gave me a
smile as if to indicate “gotcha”. Soon the bus reached my stop. I
got off bus when my stop came.

What happened after I reached home will be a part of the next story
and I\\\’ll write my sexual experiences as part of a series. Stay

Mail/dm me on for more. No location
requests /no sex requests. Waste your time on something else if
you\\\\\\\’re looking for it.