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A real story of me and my mom’s friends

Hi this is raghu,with a real story of fucking my mom’s friends and
gave her complete satisfaction
A little about me, I’m raghu,catch me at…Auntys and girls of all ages are always
welcome..I won’t ask money for it.privacy guaranteed. i visit this
site very often,the author’s are really excellent so that they bring
the mood in us.I’m 21 years old living in southern part of tamil
nadu.i am average looking guy with dusky skin tone and having an
average body . I’m studying engineering in my tool is 7 inch
length with big head.Thats the lovely think which the heroine of the
story loves to suck.she use to tell that it’s like mushroom and sucks
my lollypop
The heroine of the story is of age 42 .Her vital status is
34D-32-35.She is little plummy and chubby.she is a teacher in private
school .Also she is my mom’s friend.she is mother of two kids.
Now comming to the my mother and her are close frds she used
to come to my home very often .Stay for half a day and we will have
lunch together .So we got well known to each other’s.initially I’m not
mad of her but later after seeing her in her home in various dress
like salwar with leggings,chudi etc then I got some attraction over
her.that further became lust . I’ve mastrubated many times thinking
her .Her high light is boobs and navel which I like the most…. Her
husband is business man and owning a mill.he won’t spend much time
with family.she used to call me for going shopping and we will be
going in bike.sometimes she rides or me.when she rides i used to
admire her beauty from back with jasmine smell from head.when I’m
riding in bumps she used to fell on me that’s a nice feel.while
sitting Bach she used to hold my shoulders for grip.Usually she asks
movies .So i go to her home and copy it.Many times her husband will
not be there.i used to chat with her during copying and she will be
doing her work or I’ll play with her children.One fine day I’m asked
to go for shopping as her husband won’t be available.we bought rice
sack and shoe rack.and some sack and rack are placed in
front area of activa and she wants to move back from normal riding
area because of some disturbance and I’m caring buckets and
utensils.she rides the scooter and i sat back.after some times her I
felt her soft but and thighs I’m turned on .My tool is in my
casual track pant and t short my both hands are on either side engaged
witb luggage’s .My tool raised and knockingher but in bumps and breaks
.I feel her irritation in face in side mirrors.later she didn’t a cutter she sat on my tool correctly then she adjusted
herself and leaved my in fear of being caught red handed .Home
reached and she took buckets from me and open the door lock. And
entered the home.i followedher with rice sack .
She sat on sofa and said me …En da ne ippadi panna.nan unna en
payyan madri thaana in a situation that I can’t answer
anything.Thn i apologize her and told that I won’t do again and I said
I can’t control that.she angrily looked me and I left the home..
After two days i got a call from her that her laptop is in trouble so
I. Went to her house .She don’t have enough knowledge on pc.she said
that she wants to connect net in pc by mobile hotspot.then i
explanation her the procedure and she said thanks and asked me to
wait.that was a holiday for her because a student died in her school
and her children went to school.Asusual her husband went to mill.she
went to kitchen to prepare juice for me ..At that time i connect to
net and open the Google crime when I type y for youtube it show the
presearch list “young boys sex” i was shocked that the incident on
that was turned her ..She came and mildly said that “annaiku
nadanthathulam manasula vachukitu varama irukathu..Ne casual la va
elam poola “..Then i said opened her crime and showed her search list
she became vexed and silent for some time..I broke the silent and said
leave it aunty .