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A sexy dream

He started picking up the pace fingering her with the beat of the music that no one could notice but I did.
I am married to a very attractive woman. I am 43 years old, 5’3″ large upper body built and in very good shape. She is 30 years old , 5’6″ and a body that men die to be with. Her breast are 34 DD, with a 22 inch waist and 34″ hips.. A total hour glass shape. She has the most amazing hazel eyes with her dark brown hair and amazing legs. I see her as the sensual woman when she is being touched, eaten, and fucked!! What a site on her reaction.

She has a gorgeous pussy that taste delicious and I cannot stop myself from tasting. Her breast have this shape that I love to caress. We have together enjoyed the pleasure of doing many sexual things together and I believe that we have not even began to touch all her desires. I had a dream the other day that has driven me crazy and this is how it went:

We had gotten a babysitter for our children and we had gone out to a bar club in New York City.. As we went is she was wearing a very short mini skirt and a v shaped blouse that showed her cleavage. Also wearing roman tie high heels. As we went in all the men were staring at her amazing legs. The music was booming and we started dancing and like always my wife starts grinding on me rubbing that beautiful ass on my crotch.. All the men were staring from the bar and started rubbing themselves. I noticed and it excited me to see other men desiring my wife. A couple of them came by and attempted to sandwich her while she was with me, but she pushed them away. She would turn and now grind with me facing me and feeling my cock getting harder…I noticed that from the corner of my eye my wife was staring on a direction and I discreetly looked to see what she was looking at. I noticed she was staring at this man in his late 40’s that was about 6’2″ with a very wide build. Not to overly built but in good shape. He looked to be a light skin black male that had to be mixed, but we’ll dressed and very descent and not cheap at all.

I turned her so she can stare at him again and felt her more and more moving very sensually like she was getting very turned on. At this point I was kind of jealous because I knew it was her lust for that other man. from the corner of my eye I noticed that he had seen my wife staring at him. He started walking thru the crowd coming towards us but very discreetly that she had lost eye contact of him. I’m my heart I knew he was going to come and when my wife started facing me and moving all of a sudden she felt a pressure from behind, without looking she knew who it was and this time she did not push away! He pressed on her that there was no way she was not feeling his cock pressing on her ass with that mini skirt.

As I danced and kept my balance because of the pressure being pushed by him I took my hand and touched her pussy from under the skirt and she was literally soaking wet. As I look behind her he looks at me and waits for my answer of approval or to leave. I look at her and her beautiful eyes were looking at me with such a look of ecstasy feeling his cock pressing from behind and mine pressing from the front.

To make it all clear we have rolled played with double penetration before and it had left her weak to her knees, but never acted out with more then her chocolate bliss as she called her favorite dildo. Yet, this time there is a chocolate bliss but it’s a real one and is driving her crazy. When she felt me touching her and she knew that I had noticed everything she felt bad and attempted to leave towards the bathroom. I stopped her and spoke in her ear and said ” your are amazingly turned on” relax and enjoy it if you want to.

She looked at me amazed!! We kept dancing and he kept rubbing in one of the reggeaton songs I felt her slightly weak on her legs and I noticed that he had placed his hand under the skirt and must have found her pussy. He had to have slid the thong to the side and placed his long fingers inside of her because she now collapsed on me but was squirming and moaning.

He started picking up the pace fingering her with the beat of the music that no one could notice but I did. She was with a look on total ecstasy because as he did that I kept rubbing her legs.. All the attention that she was getting from 4 male hands was driving her crazy!!! I grabbed her head close to my mouth kissed her ear lobe which drives her crazy and told her ” do you want to take this somewhere else so we can please you!

She was squirming , but told me sweetheart isn’t that going me make like a whore or slut.. I told you one simple thing ” you are my slut” so yes or no And she says yes and I said Ask me nicely and you replied please sweetheart! Tell me what you want and you said ” I want both of you to fuck the HELL out of me!!! I looked at him and told him to meet us outside. He was in shock but went along with it.

When we met outside he tells me are you sure and I asked after you already finger fucked my wife and have her taste in your hand. You are really going to ask that question!! My wife looked at him and introduced her self as Maria and this is my husband willy. He answered back that he is jack. We walked to our car and drove to a hotel. There we got a room and went in.. My wife was getting more nervous but told her simply one thing it’s up to you we do this and only once get this fantasy out of the way now and for good. She agreed as she went to the bathroom to get ready I explained the rules and they are when she says stop it means stop!

Jack agreed and we both got undressed and let me tell you I have no lack of my confidence with my 7″ dick but jack left me behind!

He looked to be at least 12″ and thick like a soda can. When my wife came put she noticed we were both naked and we approached her and she notice jacks dick and said “ok” wow and she dropped to her knees and started to lick his penis head, I laid down under her and started to eat her out as she sat on my face. She started to attempt to put as much of that humongous dick deep in her throat.

We kept that for about 15 minutes and then we flipped her around and he dropped to his knees and started to eat her out and I placed my rock hard dick on her mouth while rubbing and slightly pulling on her nipples. She enjoyed the attention so much that she buckled up and down and started to suck my dick like a slut on ecstasy!! He stood up and flipped her into missionary and started to slide his dock in to her pussy.

She started to give a look of pain mixed with pleasure. He went slowly and I noticed my wife’s beautiful pussy lips being stretched extremely wide. I saw about 2″ in then 3 and then 6.. I did not think that all of that would fit but he slowly did and she was about to scream in pleasure. I took my cock and shoved it deep and hard in her mouth to shut her scream. Not even 10 pushes and he went crazy because he didn’t know of course that she was a squirter and soaked him and the bed as she came! He kept pumping her slowly to faster to harder and again she shot.

We then switched her and she mounted him I looked as she rode him practically violently and that is when her fantasy came true. I came from behind I placed my cock right at the entrance of her asshole and as she came down on jacks cock my dick slid on.

She turned and looked at me with a look of pure pain mixed with ecstasy. We both pumped slowly and started to pick up the pace until we were fucking her so hard that you heard pure flesh slapping. She screamed in pleasure, rubbing her own breast and this went on for about 20 minutes until we were all about to cum and she said ” shoot all that fucking cum in me and I want it in my ass and pussy. We of course obliged and we did.

We felt her cum also and for first time cum so much that it felt like her asshole released also fluids.. We pulled out and had her kneel and clean all cum remaining from our dick and swallow it.

From there he got dressed and thanked us and left we would never see him again but it was one of the best sex we have ever experienced.

I woke up from my dream with such a hard on that do not know if I can actually go thru sharing my beautiful wife, but if it ever happened it would be amazing if it happened like this dream.