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A story of a male escort

Hi all! This is yours Shyam menon. Here I’m with my new and latest
experience. I thank all the people who sent their comments and
feedback to me for my previous experiences. I really glad to see such
feedback. Please no one ask me to introduce you as a male escort. ISS
is a great platform to deliver my experiences.
I got a huge response after sharing my experiences here. Myself is
Shankar from Kerala, age 40 with average body, I live in Hennur,
Bangalore but basically I’m a south indian from Kerala, I’m
available to give the utmost pleasure to sexually urged or unsatisfied
ladies. Please leave your valuable feedback to me at Now let me describe the new experience with a
lady from Chennai.

Exactly 1month back I got a mail with a subject, “Please satisfy me
too”. In the content she introduced herself and said that she want
to have sex very badly as she is in hungry from so many days. I
replied positively and invited her to hangouts for real time chat. She
pinged me in the night after 9 on the same day. We talked casually and
introduced each other. As we belongs to same mother tongue, we started
our conversation in our language. She is a typical south indian and
from an orthodox family.
She is afraid of her privacy and also she is from top position in Govt
sector. I convinced her and answered ever question she asked. This
chat continuous for 10days. She said that she is sexually very hungry
as her husband is workaholic to develop his business and roam round
the globe, adding to that she is a govt servant in high position as no
time to meet with his husband regularly. This all made her sexually
hunger and asked me satisfy her thirsty. We even had little video chat
before we meet. After our long 10days she planned our meet on one
Saturday and Sunday as she will be free and her husband is flying to
Singapore. So invited me to Chennai. I shared my terms and conditions
to meet her, she readily accepted. She booked to and fro tickets and
requested me to reach on Friday night itself.
After all arrangements, I prepare myself to reach Chennai. I reached
Chennai at 9:30PM and called her. She asked to reach some public bus
stop and call her. After 40mins of journey I called her, she said in
5mins a black Merc **** (ending digits of car number) will stand
before bus stop and said me to immediately get into it. As said a car
came before me, I immediately sat in the front seat. I forget to say
about her, Lets call her Anjali, 34 years old but looks like 25 years.
34 26 36 size, white tone body. After I entered into the car, she is
in her Pink T-shirt and jeans with goggles. I said Hi, without any
response she drive the car.
After 2mins of silence she asked me about my journey. We talked for
sometime, meanwhile she took me to her guest house. She parked the car
and invited me inside. Later we sat on a couch. She asked to feel free
and relax. 30mins went with formal talks. She said that she is very
shy and conservative. So asked me to take initiative and dominate her.
I slowly placed my hand over her hands, she felt little shy, so went
next to her placed my hand on her shoulder pulled her towards me. She
was very shy and not at all looking at my face.
Then I slowly placed my hand on her boobs and pressing slowly. She is
moaning very slowly. They I planted a kiss on her neck and pressing
the boobs parallely. I’m sucking her earlobes and kissing her neck.
She caught my hands and breathing heavily. This act made her very
horny. Then I pulled her and kissed her lips. She is very horny and
sucking my lips and making the kiss a wonderful one. All of sudden she
broke the kiss and said me to leave to bedroom.
Once we left to bedroom he pulled the AC temperature to 20 and jumped
on me. She is desperate to have cock into her pussy. She is upon me
and sucking my lips and tongue. Then I removed her tshirt and parallel
she done the same, Later the unpin her bra. Nice boobs with pointing
nipples are before me. Then immediately I started sucking them, by
this act she became more hornier and offered one after the other. He
loose hair is disturbing the act and she tired them with a knot. Then
I dominated her and came upon her and started unzipping her jeans.
They is a white color panty, where panty is already flowing with her
pussy juice. I immediately pulled and started playing with her pussy
with my fingers. After 1mins of play, I took her pussy and started
sucking. She is moaning heavily by saying lick it more and more and
pushing my head deep and deep into her pussy. With in no time she
released her cum into my mouth and I swallowed every drop without
Then I went my and slept behind her. Then I said, “baby now its your
turn”. Then she smiled for my words and pulled my jeans down. She
pulled my undie also with the same force, she is amazed to my 6”
dick. She immediately took it into her mouth. She is sucking like a
professional. After few mins of vigorous blowjob, I’m ready to
shoot. She ignored and continued the blow. Then I blow into her mouth,
where she also swallowed without wasting a single drop.
After this act we relaxed ourselves by going to washrooms and had
dinner with some naughty gestures. Its 12:30 AM in the night. We meet
for our first night. She sprayed the jasmine flavored room spray. This
made us both feel very romantic. As we planned she brought some
chocolates and honey.
I went upon her and kissed her on her lips with some chocolate in my
mouth. We sucked each other passionately, then I caressed her neck and
started pressing her boobs with some honey on her nipples. While
sucking her boobs, I gave my finger to her mouth with some chocolate.
Then I poured some honey on her pussy and about to start sucking, she
stopped me and asked chocolate modda kavali (to apply some chocolate
on my dick and give to her). They we went on 69 position and sucking,
licking each other. She squired twice in this process.
Then she said, nannu enka dhengara nenu tattukolenu (please fuck me, I
cant wait for it). Then I went on butterfly style. I placed my dick
near her pussy and rubbing on it. She shouted pettaraaaa…(put it
inside). Slowly I started pushing it, as it went little fast as of her
lubricate pussy because of multiple squirtes, although its some what
tight. My dick went half, I pushed it with a force and she shouted
like hell. Then I waited for 1min and started slow jerks. Now pain
slowly giving her pleasure.
Slowly slowly I started a fast pounding. She is shouting “dhengara
alage dhengu, enka enka fast ga dhengara( fuck me fuck me harrdddd).
We fucked and changed the position in to missionary style. Later again
changed to doggy, while fucking in doggy I fucked her by hold her hair
from back which is like I’m fucking a dog while riding a dog. I
changed my positions when every I feel to shoot my sperm. Our fuck
went till 50 beautiful minutes. Like this we fucked each other whole
night and enjoyed the rest 2 days but having at each and every corner
of the house like living room, kitchen, bathroom etcc…
On Sunday night its time to leave as my flight time is about to reach.
So we have a quick fuck and exchanged a great kiss. Before I leave she
gave some cover with bunch of 1000’s. I said, I’m going to shift
to Chennai in few days, she felt very happy and can see glow in her
face. She said, I’m gng to enjoy when ever I need. She wicked and
asked me to be in contact for more fucks.
She dropped me in airport and hugged me car itself with a nice
liplock. Dropped me and flew away immediately without coming out of
car as she is concerned about her privacy. Say left a msg, “thanks
for nice fuck, be in touch and lets meet for more fuck after shifting
to Chennai.”

This is my experienced with a beautiful lady from Chennai If you found
any mistakes please forgive me. Please give your feedback to me Any horny ladies or sexually starved ladies
please feel free to contact me for having a wonderful session. If I
make you to shag your cock and make pussies wet and fingered, i
succeeded in my narration of my real experience. Please give your
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