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A Taste of India Lesbian Desi

When I first came to the US to pursue further studies, I was very lonely. I was used to a very active sex life back in India, but here studies took up all my time and I hadn’t yet had the chance to invite someone into my bed. Little did I know how soon all that was going to change!

I have a nice little apartment and since I live here on my own, most of the time I don’t bother with clothes when I’m at home. I’m far from slim, but I love my fleshy body and my full figure. Now the problem with that is just being naked turns me on. So it’s not uncommon for me to masturbate frequently through the day, or just absentmindedly pinch my nipples when I’m cooking, or finger my pussy when I’m watching TV. And most of the time I make sure that the blinds are drawn, but on occasion I forget… naughty me!

Anyway, there is this other girl who lives in the same apartment building. I had often seen her around and she always gave me a nervous smile. I would smile back and leave it at that. Then one very cold day we both found ourselves coming home at the same time.

As we headed towards the elevator, she commented on just how cold it was. I agreed and said that I was looking forward to pouring myself a glass of wine just to warm myself up. I realised I would love to have company so I asked her if she wanted to come over and join me. Lisa – that’s her name – said yes enthusiastically, and it wasn’t long before we were both sitting in my living room sipping on some red wine. Lisa and I got on well enough, laughing and chatting about life in general, but I noticed a slight nervousness about her that I found a little puzzling. Then she got up and walked to the window and said that she could see directly into my apartment from hers.

Thats when it struck me – Lisa had probably seen me and my unstoppable fingers pleasuring my constantly horny body! That’s probably why she looked nervous. As for me – instead of being embarassed, I found myself turned on.

I laughed and said that if she could see in she probably got more than an eyeful. She nodded and shyly admitted that she was not used to seeing me in clothes.

“Yeah,” I agreed, “I don’t like wearing clothes at home. In fact since you’ve already seen me nude I should probably not feel shy about stripping and getting really comfortable right now.”

Lisa blushed a deep red right down to the roots of her gorgeous blonde hair and nervously nodded. That was all the encouragement I needed. I stood up, pulled off my sweater and my jeans and then sat back down in just my bra and panties. “Why don’t you do the same?” I said to her. She looked nervous to begin with, but I reassured her that we were both women and that she had nothing that I hadn’t seen on myself. Hesitantly she pulled her sweater over her head and treated me to an incredible view of smooth white skin and a magnificent pair of breasts encased in a white lacy bra. Soon she was down to just her underwear and shivering slightly she sat back down and tucked her long legs under her.

It wasn’t long before the combination of the wine and the lovely woman next to me had got me really warmed up. So I unhooked my bra and as usual, my fingers reached for my bare nipples.

“You have to excuse me,” I said to Lisa, “But being nude makes me want to touch myself all the time.”

“I know,” she laughed the wine having made her a little bolder “I can see you, remember?”

I could see her nipples get erect through her bra, and I knew she was getting turned on too. So I reached out and touched her nipples lightly. Lisa stiffened, but the look on her face went beyond just apprehension. There was curiosity there – and more – there was clear interest. Feeling bolder I cupped her breasts in my hands and then reached behind her to unhook her bra. Her lovely pink nipples were standing to attention, and I couldn’t help lowering my mouth and taking one of them between my warm lips.

It wasn’t long before Lisa was moaning with pleasure. I knelt before her and continued to nurse on those lovely boobs while I reached down and pulled my soaking panties off and started rubbing my swollen clit. Lisa’s eyes widened with pleasure and she asked me if she could suck me. I nodded, assuming she wanted to suck my nipples like I had been doing to her, but I was wrong. Before I knew what was happening, she had pushed me down on the floor and had buried her face in my steaming pussy! Damn! That felt so good – her mouth and tongue felt so good! It had been so long since I had been with another person that I was coming in about 2 minutes, screaming in ecstasy as the room started spinning round and round.

When the ripples of pleasure finally subsided, I looked up at Lisa’s flushed face and pulled it to me. I gave her a deep thank you kiss, enjoying the taste of my own juices on her lips. She confessed to me then that she had never been with a woman before, but watching me so often had gotten her so turned on that she hoped that she would get a chance. Of course that won’t be the last time she’s going to be with a woman either – at least not as long as I’m her neighbour! The rest of that night I showed her just how good women can be with each other. I must have sucked her sweet pussy at least 8 times, and I still hadn’t had enough of it. And Lisa turned out to be just great at using her mouth on my ever wet pussy.

These days I make sure I don’t draw the blinds when I know Lisa might be home and watching me. I even put on elaborate striptease shows for her, knowing that it won’t be long before she’s knocking on my door. I don’t think I’m going to be as lonely in this country anymore.