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A wife’s gift Part 1

Hello friends, here is a story that will make your cocks hard and your cunts wet. A loving wife gifts to hubby his sexy sister on her wedding anniversay. I came writing it, I hope you cum reading it. Email me at I am very open with my older sister Sarita who is married to businessmen Sahil. They have two kids and they are studyng in school. Sahil is most of the times traveling and Sarita often spends some time with my wife Ankita. My sister loves her Bhabi (brother’s wife) and so does my wife love her Nanad (husband’s sister) I am Anuj, married to Ankita for two years.

Ankita is hot in bed and we fuck like animals. Many nights my sister has complained when she stays at my house that I and my wife make loud noises at night. I blush at her words”Asal mein Ankita bahut shor machati hai jab main uss par (actually Ankita makes a lot of noise when I ride her) I tired to say. But Sarita laughed your wife is such a hot girl if you had not married her. I would have married her instead of Sahil. She is such a dish! I laughed at her but didi a woman can not marry a woman” Sarita laughed,’I would have taken her to USA and there we could marry now let me describe myself. I am 6 feet tall, lanky, hairy with athletic body and I’m a lawyer. My cock is 8 inches and Ankita loves it.

Ankita is fair, a little plump, wide ass, big tits, and a puffy pussy she keeps shaved. Her straight long hair reached her ass. I keep her naked when I am home alone with her. My Sarita Didi (sister) is 30 years old, older to me by 5 years. She looks a lot like Urmila Matondkar, without an ounce of extra flesh, nice medium size boobs, sexy mouth, thin lips and a dazzling smile on her naughty face with her curly hair cut very short. The best part of her body is her ass. I wonder if Sahil has fucked mylovely Didi in the ass! If I were her husband, I would love to fuck her ass.

My wife has often tanted me with” Anuj, jab ghar mein Sarita jaisi behan thee to mujh jaisi se vivah kion karwaya? Main to usske sane kuchh bhi nahin hoon (Anuj, when you had such a sexy sister at home why did you marry a woman like me? I am nothing if compared to you sister) I would say,” Vo meri behan hai, patni nahin (She is my sister, not my wife) Ankita would laugh and say accusingly”Lekin teri nazar to usska peechha karti rehti hai. Main sharat se keh sakti hoon ki tujhe Didi ki gaand bahut pasand hai (but your eyes always follow her. I can bet you love her ass)! But I would never confess that my wife spoke the truth. My marriage anniversary falls on May 5th.

What gift are you going to give me on our anniversary? Ankita asked me. “It is in the box in my cupboard. But don’t open it now. Open it on our anniversary night. It is a suspense I had bought a very expensive set of bra and panties, one black transparent with lace and frills and the other light green. When I asked her what my gift is going to be Ankita told me that t was also a surprise gift. On May 5, she instructed me to come home at 6 pm sharp. Thrilled with anticipation, I started from courts a little earlier.

My wife had instructed me to open the fridge and act according to further instructions. I entered our house at two minutes to 6. I walked straight to the fridge and opened it. There was a piece of paper and written on it were the words,”Kapde uttar do aur apna hathiyar achhi tarah se wash karo (undress and wash your shaft) Dusri hidayat hamare kamre mein TV par hai (Second direction is on the TV in our room)” I undressed and went to wash my cock and balls and made sure that my shaft was clean and smelt nice. Oh my, I was hard just thinking of the instructions. The element of surprise was killing me with horniness! What can be my gift? A woman? I had often told my wife that I would love to fuck her and another woman together in a threesome, no, not possible no woman would bring another woman for her husband! With my heartbeat throbbing with curiosity, I went to our bedroom and rushed to the TV.

There was a note, get your gift in the drawingroom it is S D. I rushed to the drawingroom. It was dark. No lights. On the large leather sofa I could make out outlines of two female figures in a French kiss. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could see they were in bra and panties and nothing else. I was trembling with excitement adn my wife kissed the other woman aaaaaa uuuuu puch they broke the kiss.  Come here Anuj and take your gift. Jo tumne dia maine isske saath share kia hai aur jo main de rahi hoon tum bhi isske saath share kar lo.

Ye sabhi tohfe hum teeno ke liye hain (what you gave me, I shared it with her. What I gave you must share it with her. Our gifts are for all three) Pehle issko kiss to karo! Bahut pyari hai ye hum dono ko (kiss her first of all. She is a loved one for us both) Naked, I moved forward two the lady on the sofa. My trembling hands touched her almost naked body. She appeared to be very calm. I put my arms around her neck and planted a kiss. A pair of wet hot thin lips kissed me. She smelt of sex as she clung to me, her warm body was like fire.

I hugged her and ran my hands in her hair, her short curly hairs! I was I guessing right? Ohhhhhhhh gaaaaad it can not be and she can not be and not my sister, noooo gaaad it can not be my Sarita Didi. Just then the light came on oooooh Anuj sale behnchod apni didi ko kiss karte sharam nahin aati?(ohhh sisterfucking Anuj don’t you feel any shame kissing your sister?) Ankita was laughing as she stood in the door. I: I ye kia hai(what is all this?) Achha to mera gift pasand nahin aaiya? Vapis le leti hoon fir main mujhe to bahut pasand hai ye tumhari Sarita Didi.Jab tum courts chale jate ho main Didi ke saath masti kar liya karungi. Aj kal vaise bhi lesbian fashion mein hain, kion Didi? (So you dont like my gift? Return it to me then. I like Sarita very much. When you have gone to the courts I will have fun with her in bed. Lesbians are in fashion theses days)” Before I could reply, Didi said, “I think, you are such a great kisser, Anuj. No wonder Ankita is a lucky bitch that has had you all for herself so far.

But now she has decided to share her man with me. If god willing, I will share my husband with her one day” I did not know what to say and how trto feel. But Ankita came into my arms. She flung her arms around my neck and kissed my lips. Do you like my gift? Like it? I love it! Oooooh yeah it’s an amazing surprise! But, I said no talk she put her finger on my lips. First of all Sarita Didi is going to be mine. I want to taste your sister. You may join us later. Wait here, till I get her ready for her brother’s cock” She kissed me again and said to my sister, Aayo Didi, zara main dekhun ki behan bhi bhai ki tarah garam hai ya nahin. Aapka bhai to mere bina reh nahin sakta! (come on sister. Let me see if the sister is as hot as her brother. Yor brother can not keep himself away from me) My sister stood up and walked to my wife who put her at m around my sister’s waist and guided her into the bedroom leaving the door ajar. I watched through the open door and hear their laughter.

Then I saw two unfinished glasses of vodka on the table. So they had been drinking! No wonder one can not have the boldness of such a decision with out some drink. Anuj, behnchod tu bhi pee ta ki aaj ki raat ka pura maza utha sakey. Sale teri kismat badalne wali hai. Sarita Didi jaisi Sex bomb tere neechey padi hogi aaj raat bhar aur tu behnchod hone ka garv kar sakega(Anuj, you sisterfucker, drink you bastard, so that you can have full fun tonight. Bastard your destiny is going to change tonight. A woman as sexy as Sarita will be under you getting fucked and you can be proud of being a sisterfucker! I poured myself stiff vodka and sipped it. It went burning down my throat making my cock rise. I realised that I whad been sitting naked in front of my sister. Then I looked inside the bedroom.