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Aarushi again….

rajat : hi catty…whr u?
rajat : whr u yar?
aarushi : hi
rajat : hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
rajat : whr wre uuuuuuuuuuuu yar
aarushi : sorry last ni8 its dc
rajat : okkkk
rajat : how r u dear
aarushi : fine and u
rajat : good
aarushi : can u send me some sex stories
rajat : so wat more dear
rajat : on ur mail?
aarushi : yes
rajat : ok will send u

aarushi :
aarushi : send some intersting ones
rajat : ok will send u
rajat : so wat all wearng now aarushi,,,all details
rajat :
rajat : helloooooooooooooo
rajat : wait 5 mins if u thr
rajat : hellooooooo
rajat : hellooooooo
rajat : again u wentttttttttttt
aarushi : Its dc again
aarushi : u there
aarushi : ????????????
aarushi : heloooooooooo
aarushi : seems angry
rajat : noooooooo
rajat : hii
rajat : i wasnt thr on system
aarushi : k
aarushi : when u sleep?
rajat : i sleep late
rajat : u?
aarushi : k
aarushi : week end
rajat : okkk
aarushi : 2marow no office
rajat : thts nice
rajat : so we cn cht nicely
aarushi : hmmm
aarushi : any frds for u in online?
rajat : so wat all u wearng now..
rajat : one
rajat : dnt hv much frnds these days
aarushi : nighty
rajat : color…
rajat : all details…n othr details
aarushi : petty coat & bra
rajat : okkk
rajat : no panties?
aarushi : nope
rajat : okk
rajat : but u must hv bbn wearng it b4 chng?
aarushi : yes
rajat : color
aarushi : today its white
rajat : okkk..nice
rajat : whn last u did susu?
aarushi : 30 min
aarushi : back
rajat : mmm…i saw u doing tht
rajat : u wre looking cute?
aarushi : noty
rajat : haha
aarushi : can u send some pics and stories
rajat : u tell me frst abt tht incident in detail
aarushi : he taken me to master bed room
rajat : i mean how he undressed u…
rajat : yes..aftr tht
aarushi : he lied me bed started kissing on neck.. sholders
aarushi : presing by boobs
rajat : ok..mmm..u didnt resist
aarushi : no i subtied to him
rajat : but b4 going to his room did u hv ne idea such thngs cud hapn?’
aarushi : nooo
rajat : ok..
rajat : thn how he undressed u n how he undressed himself
aarushi : he came down on my navel
aarushi : startrd kissing
aarushi : and thighs
aarushi : after 5 min
rajat : kkkk
rajat : thigs wtht openg jeans?
aarushi : no after that he undid my jeans pant
aarushi : and taken my jenas frm my legs
rajat : okk
rajat : kkk..
rajat : thn..
rajat : how u wre feeling tht time?
rajat : wat u wre thinkng tht time?…ne guilt
aarushi : he started wild kissing on my belly and on my panty
aarushi : like in heaven
aarushi : jeans, tshirt, bra & panty
aarushi : finaly he teared my panty
rajat : okk..
rajat : mmmmm…
rajat : thn how he undressed himself
aarushi : i was semi nude
rajat : okk
aarushi : he licked mine for 10 min
aarushi : then he drops his pyjama and tshirt
rajat : he licked ur vagina fr 10 mins?
aarushi : yes
rajat : okk
rajat : …
rajat : wre u moaning ?..wat words u wre usng while moaning
aarushi : aaaaaaaaaa
aarushi : muhhhaaaaa
aarushi : haaaaaaaaa
rajat : okk
rajat : thn wat he did
aarushi : after that he asked remove my tshirt and taken i my tshirt
aarushi : he un hucked by bra
rajat : okkk
rajat : okkk
aarushi : he hardly pressed mine
aarushi : after that he inserted in to mine
aarushi : its gr8 exp gor mr
rajat : but how u felt whn u saw a penis frst time??
aarushi : he is 38 am 24
rajat : okkk
aarushi : its like ugly bad and long
rajat : ok
rajat : did u get scared?
aarushi : yes
rajat : how u reacted seeing it?did u kiss it?
aarushi : he applied coconut oil to my lips while inserting
aarushi : no kiss
rajat : okkkk
rajat : did u feel pain?
aarushi : yes alot
rajat : how painful was it?
aarushi : but enjoyed
rajat : did u bleed?
aarushi : its almost i cryed
rajat : kkk
aarushi : not much bleed
rajat : okkk
aarushi : am having one desire
rajat : okkk
rajat : wat?
aarushi : to have with 2 men @ a time
aarushi : is it safe?
rajat : thn how long he did it?…wat all positions u ppl tried
rajat : ya safe if usng protection
aarushi : but how?
aarushi : he did dogy and normal one
rajat : ok..
rajat : did he lick ur anus?
rajat : n tried to fuck anus?
aarushi : yes he did
rajat : he fucked ur anus?
aarushi : yes
rajat : n u didnt oppose
aarushi : yes
aarushi : but he forced for that
rajat : ok..
rajat : n how was it
aarushi : hmmm
aarushi : good
rajat : painful?
aarushi : soo much
rajat : ok…did it go full?
aarushi : no
rajat : n how many times u pplz did tht day?
aarushi : 4
rajat : n after tht day evr did?..
aarushi : yes one more time
rajat : ok..
rajat : so 2 days in 5 months
aarushi : yes
rajat : okk
rajat : n if he asks again u will allow
aarushi : no he is wild
rajat : mmm..ok
aarushi : i dont want
rajat : u told ths to ur sis or neone?
aarushi : i got promotion thats it
rajat : mmmm…yes
aarushi : no no one
rajat : okkk
rajat : u feel guilty evr abt it?
aarushi : yes
rajat : ok…
rajat : but y u allowed anus?
aarushi : he forced
rajat : ok…
rajat : n how u wre feeling tht day aftr u went home tht day
aarushi : so much pain
aarushi : slept after long tome
rajat : okkk
rajat : n how did u face ur manager whn met him nxt time
rajat : u felt shy?
aarushi : yes
aarushi : every day in office if no one observes he slaps on my back
rajat : okkk
rajat : wat color panties u wre wearng tht day
aarushi : i didnt remeber
rajat : okkk
rajat : how wre u feeling whn he was tkng out ur panties
rajat : ur most pvt part was going to b sween by ur manager….
aarushi : i shyed
aarushi : and covered wit my hands
rajat : okk
rajat : y didnt u kiss his penis?
aarushi : no
rajat : but y
aarushi : i hesitated
rajat : ok…
rajat : but do u feel bad aftr losng ur virginity?
rajat : or u wanted to save it for boy frnd n hubby?
aarushi : yes for some time
rajat : okk…
rajat : he is married?
aarushi : yes.. he have beutiful wife
rajat : u think he has fucked othr gals in ur grp?
aarushi : and 2 kids
rajat : kkk
aarushi : might be
rajat : still he doing all ths
rajat : ok….
aarushi : not sure
rajat : accpt it
rajat : did i shw u my face pics?
aarushi : yes
aarushi : i need u r nude pic
rajat : see thm
aarushi : oooooooo
aarushi : like it
rajat : ok….how is it
aarushi : thin but tip very big
rajat : ok
rajat : enough fr u
aarushi : yessss lol
rajat : mmm..n ur anus
aarushi : noty u wana gv pain to me
rajat : tel…
rajat : did u feel nethng seeing it
aarushi : yes
rajat : wat n whr?
aarushi : pettycoat was wet
rajat : okk..mmm
aarushi : nipples are erected
rajat : mmm.m…
rajat : is my enough fr ur sis puvu?
rajat :
aarushi : u need both of us?
rajat : yessssss
rajat :
aarushi : for hers its big
aarushi : she will cry
rajat : mmm..n her anus…
aarushi : i dont no
aarushi : but i can do it
rajat : mmmm….i wish i cud penetrate ur all holes
rajat : ok aarushi tell me one thng…
aarushi : ?
rajat : whr exactly is susu hole?
aarushi : in vajina
rajat : ok…
rajat : wat position u liked best
aarushi : dogy
rajat : n wat u liked most in sex…lickng of ur vagina or actual fucking
aarushi : licking
rajat : ok
rajat : was he wild?
rajat : did he use protection?
aarushi : 1st time no
aarushi : 2nd time yes
rajat : okk…
rajat : frst time he released semen in ur vagina?
rajat : did u ask him to use condom
aarushi : yes
aarushi : yes but he ignored
rajat : n wat if u had got pregnant?
aarushi : its not cycle for me luckily
rajat : okk
rajat : so u feel like hvng more sex or wont do it till marge?
aarushi : some tomes i confused
aarushi : my body desires to need
rajat : okkk
rajat : thn u masturbate?
aarushi : yes
rajat : mmmm…
rajat : u got voice cht?
aarushi : no
rajat : mmmm…webcam?
aarushi : no
rajat : mmmm
aarushi : am sleepy
rajat : ok….
aarushi : bye for today