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Adventure in goa-1

Dear Friends, This is the real story of a young beautiful married
couple who is bold, beautiful and adventurous and very much sex
obsessed. Like other all new open minded 21st generation couples, they
are just entered the world of sex and were enjoying their youth, fresh
body which was virgin before their marriage. This story narrates how
their new marriage life started and moved to an un-imaginable corner
which turned their meaning of sex and its pleasure. The whole reason
of happening this was their in-experience, adventurous, naughtiness in
sex and most important endless desire for sex.

Amit who is a young 28 year old, small time spare parts dealer in Pune
who has a slim physic was having a dream of having model /actress like
wife, which everyone has. His parents started searching for a bride
and after lot of searches he found a match to dreams. After seeing
first time itself Amit gone mad for Anushka, a 24 year old fashion
designer student with extreme youngness and full of charm and zeal.


Anushka was from middle class family girl and was studied in Pune away
from her parents’ home city so was having all boldness a usual Pune
girl has. Pune is a city of youth and fashion. Soon their engagement
happened and they got married in December 2012. Anushka was perfect
match to Amit’s dream girl and why not as Anushka is a 5.7 ft tall
slim, with long legs and milky white complexion, hips level natural
brown hairs with vital stats of 36b 28 34. Both of them were perfect
match to their thoughts, minds even though Amit was looking bit slim
with Anushka but it was a good couple to look. Major attraction was

Being busy with carrier development, they did not get much time to
fall in love in their college days and always lived with hidden sex
desires till they got married. Both took each other’s virginity and
their life started amazingly happily. They were open minded couple and
used to discuss a lot on sex and used to watch many porn sites to
bring spices to their sex life. Since both were staying alone in Pune
and their parents away in their town, they got freedom to enjoy their
life as they want. Anushka got busy into her fashion design profession
and Amit in to his biz. Like all other girls in Pune, Anushka used to
wear jeans, tops and all modern cloths and she has got approval from
Amit too as he was a modern man and wanted Anushka to enjoy her life,
she being a perfect model figure.

Whenever they used to go out right from neighbor to watchman to
shopkeepers used to have eye on such a stunning beauty. And why not
having such a figure, Anushka always maintained her dressing such that
anyone could melt in front of her. Amit was feeling proud of his wife
whenever he used to see that others are getting attracted to his wife.
They used to discuss this in their bed room. Anushka used to wear
shorts and tops while in home and mostly no inners, like all newly
married wives do. It is easy for them to get in lovemaking, isn’t
it! Anushka had always special choice for her cloths which she used to
select bit skin tight – be it lingerie, shorts, jeans, skirts,
kurtas, tops etc. That used to make her figure look awesome.

One day she came early home and changed to her short and sky blue top
with no inners and started doing work. Her 36b boobs were hardly
fitting in to her big neck t-shirt which was short at bottom showing
off her belly as her shorts was bit loose at her waist and slightly
shifted downwards showing most of her soft, flat, milky white belly
portion. Seeing in mirror she thought this must be a perfect sex dish
for Amit when he comes home. She was in kitchen when doorbell rang.
She opened the door and saw Amit with his biz friend Hemant who was in
his early 50’s. Anushka’s attire was normal to Amit but not for
Hemant, he was seeing her like this first time and got stunned to see
this sexbomb with short top and pants showing her perfect shape long
legs, belly and cleavage.

She being modern girl did not notice Hemant’s looks or may be
ignored as she is used to such stares from people.all went in and both
men sat of sofa and she went in to bring them water. Men were
discussing their biz maters and Anushka came with water glass and
offered it to both of them.

While offering it, she bend forward which made her big neck top to
show some more cleavage and seeing her 36b cleavage Hemant got huge
erection. He was a married old man and was not fool to understand that
Anushka not wearing inners so while discussing with Amit, his mind was
in Anushka and was staring at her when she was in kitchen making tea
for them. Amit noticed this and felt awkward but proud for having such
a beautiful wife. Anushka came with tea and offered to both and again
Hemant got chance to see her cleavage. Anushka totally ignored
Hemant’s looks and sat on sofa next to them and had tea with them
while they were chatting.

Hemant said to Amit that he is so lucky to get Anushka as his wife. He
also told Anushka that before marriage Amit used to ogle at beautiful
girls on streets and always used to talk about them. Hemant said at
last Amit made his dreams true after marring beauty queen like her.
Listening both Anushka and Amit felt proud on themselves as couple.
That night they had wild sex discussing Hemant’s condition after
seeing Anushka. But they were not knowing that this incident was
beginning of their changed sex life which has gone to many extremes.

Once you show yourself in such attire to other person than your hubby,
you are bond to get that boldness and same happened to Anushka. Amit
and she started to explore this now in their outings too. Couple of
times she went to late night movies without inners and just jeans and
top with Amit in multiplex. Usually all couple come for such late
night moves and Anushka became center of attraction to people around
and both Amit and Anushka felt good about it. Once in a late night
movie Anushka was wearing short top and low hips jeans, while entering
in movie hall rush happens at entrance, Amit was in front of Anushka
and she was surrounded by other people, a man to her left was so close
to her that his shoulder was touching to her shoulder. He might have
noticed Anushka not wearing inners.

It was English romantic film so not movie hall was not full but
sufficient crowd. Ticket checker was allowing one person at a time
thro’ door so rush at the hall entrance became dense which caused
people to come more close to each other. Now that man’s may be aged
late in 30’s came so close to Anushka that his right bicep now
started to touch Anushka’s braless 36b size left boob. She got
shiver in her body and she hold my right hand tightly so I turned and
told her just be cool. She thought I know all this and I am letting it
go so she felt relaxed and did not respond to his advances. Seeing no
response from Anushka, he dared and pressed her left boob with his
shoulder hard till we enter movie hall. Anushka like a honest wife
told this incident in hall when they sit on chairs.

She was so nervous and Amit said to her these things happen in crowd
so not to worry and enjoy the movie. Saying this he too put his arm on
her boobs and showed casual response to this incident while there were
so many thoughts going in her mind. This was the first time that
except Amit any other man has touched her private parts and it was
nervous but trilling experience for her. It turn their nights brighter
and their sexlife become more and more wild. Satisfied in her life
Anushka started looking more and more beautiful and her physic started
becoming more and more catchy. Both were becoming more and naughtier
and never missed a moment to make people crazy with Anushka’s

After monsoon was over, they planned a trip as since marriage they did
not get any time to go for trip after their marriage due to Amit’s
biz. Since Amit was in biz they could not afford longer outing hence
they decided to go to Goa which was overnight journey from Pune and
they can come back soon. Also Goa is a place where Anushka too can
enjoy her openness and both can have some freedom. So their
preparation for the trip started and Anushka said they don’t need to
carry big luggage and she need beach wear for this trip. Hence they
went to shopping. When she was trying bikini and Amit was approving it
in changing room of a mall, a wild idea came to his mind. He said
let’s try one size shorter bikini’s and so the Anushka tried. She
selected 2 piece strap bikini’s which were 1 size less to her

The bra was so short to cover her boobs that 70 % of her 36b boobs
were open and it was hardly covering her tits. Straps were so thin
that one seeing from distance cannot notice straps. Same with the
panty, it was so small that it was hardly covering her crotch and asss
cracks and 70 -80 % of her asss chicks were open. I asked her if she
tries to walk or run wearing these panty, the cloth covering the asss
chicks would gather together and would fix in her ass crack which
could make her ass become open and only crack would be filled with
panty cloth. She said how exciting and selected 6 bikini’s of that
size with various colors for water play on beach. Then she said she
need to purchase few tops and shorts and minis which should be silky
as while roaming in city or places, she should feel cool. I agreed and
she purchased 6 silky material tops, mostly spaghetti tops and 3
shorts and 3 minis. Amit too purchased few shorts and T-shirts.
That’s it, this is the clothing they planned to carry on their Goa
and some basic stuff like towels, napkins and cosmetics.

The day came when their journey was starting. They booked bus tickets
and it was starting at 8 pm from Pune and was scheduled to reach 7 am
next day in Panjim. They also booked a cottage in a resort which was
located in far north Goa. Both were very excited for their first
outing after marriage and that to such a place where both can explore
their darkest desires they leant in recent days. Anushka was getting
ready in bedroom and wore a capri and one of the silky spaghetti and a
jerkin. She was looking a sex goddess and Amit could not control his
feeling and went from behind her and just hold her waist from back and
unzipped her capri, lifted her spaghetti and made her bend forward. He
sat on his knees behind her and started licking her pink clitoris and
asshole. She became extremely aroused due to his licks and her awesome
juices started flowing from her honey hole.

Amit got up and positioned his tool on the entrance of her asshole and
as always tried to penetrate there but he couldn’t do it as always.
Even though Amit has tool size of 4 inch when erect and 1 ½ inch
normal with 1 ½ inch thick, he was not successful to fcuk her pink
tight asshole. So as always he moved it forward and put it on entrance
of her pink pussy and pushed inside her. They had lovemaking for next
couple of minutes and he removed it and spread his cum on her ass.

Both were not looking for kids so early and was not fond of using
pills and condoms hence every time Amit used to remove his tool and
used to spree his cum on her waist or boobs. They dressed up and got
ready for journey. While coming out of their society right from
watchman to neighbors were seen with sad faces as they know for few
days they cann’t see this beauty around. They hired an auto and
reach the pick point for bus and got into their seats. Amit was
getting naughty as many times they had sex at mid night so he felt
urgent need of it so when he confirmed that all are slept after travel
of an hour or so, her turned to Anushka, opened zip of her jacket and
sidelined one strap of her spaghetti and started sucking her pink
nipple. She got aroused but doing intercourse was not possible in bus
so Amit has to do only nip sucking.

They reached to such excitement that he removed both of her spaghetti
straps and made her 36b boobs open and was sucking 1 from his mouth
and rubbing other with his hand. They were so busy in doing it that
couple on their side chairs were seeing this awesome view in the dark.
Whenever some vehicle used to cross the bus from front in opposite
direction, in its light Amit and Anushka’s act was clearly visible
to that couple. How lucky they were to see this beauty in that state.
Suddenly Anushka saw them and murmured in Amit’s ears who was busy
in sucking and mauling her big milky white boobs. He was on his highs
so he said to her let it be, its dark and they can’t see much and
anyway they are too couples going to Goa for fun. With his remarks she
felt comfortable and they continued it.

Amit used to take pause in his act to confirm if people are sleep and
specially to check the neighbor couple is sleeping. But there was dark
so it was very difficult to see if someone is keeping their eyes open
or not but their stand still condition was a confirmation to him that
all are sleeping. Also there was only possibility of they being
watched by that couple and he was assured that rest passengers cannot
see them due to chair heights. Whenever he used to free her boobs for
this checking act, she did not cover them and laid as it is with
closed eyes. After Amit’s comment on their watching she was relieved
on keeping her melons open to that couple if they could see.

Also she was seating on window seat and Amit was seating in between
her and that couple and there was path way so that gave her more
relief. But she was not knowing even if Amit was in between her and
that couple and darkness could not stop highlighting her pink nipples
and milky white big boobs to them. At around 12 am night the suddenly
lights switched on and bus took a turn towards a dhaba for dinner.
Sudden switch on of lights caused shock to both Amit and Anushka and
in that state they first tried to look front and rare of their seats
if someone is awake but to their luck everybody was asleep. In this
surprise Anushka did not cover her chest and was moving her neck front
and back with Amit and then looked at neighbor couple.

Suddenly her hands went to her boobs to hide them as that couple was
staring at her boobs, weeing this Amit came in between their sight and
Anushka somehow managed to put of straps of her spaghetti. Knowing
that the couple has seen her boobs she got huge embracement and her
face became red hot and was blushing. Soon Amit controlled the
situation and hold her arm and took her to dhaba for dinner avoiding
looking at that couple. Within minutes almost everybody from bus got
down for food. But Anushka was searching those couple in that crowd as
she was feeling shy and don’t wanted to go in front of them. After
dinner she went for toilet for pee and when she came out of toilet she
got a shock to see that lady in front of her. Due to embracement she
turned her head down but that lady said hello to her and gave smile to
her so did Anushka.