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Adventure in goa-2

She came out of that area and she saw that guy who was looking at her
upside down. She felt awkward and ran towards Amit and hold his hand
and started walking towards bus. While walking she said to him that
she saw those couple and they are bit aged, may be in their late
30’s or early 40’s. She said that guy looked very tall fat bald
and black fellow while his wife was fine with looks but her hips were
very large. Listening this Amit said to her that both must had enjoy
of their life and seeing us they must be remembering their old days so
nothing to worry about them. They lodged their seats and after few
minutes everybody aboard the bus and it started the journey.

When that couple came towards their seat, Amit watched them while that
man was looking at Anushka and his wife looked at Amit on their way to
their seat. She smiled at Amit but Amit did not understand on how to
react to that lady and kept dumb face. This time Amit did not do it
again as he wanted to have good sleep to Anushka and himself as next
day would be exciting for them. So far the Journey stared for Goa had
so much excitement, thrill and fun that both were slept with many
expectations for fun from this trip and were looking forward for same
or more excitement in days ahead in Goa but they were not knowing how
their life is going to change dramatically and they will be part of
very strange sex life.


Since their resort was near Baga beach in North Goa they started
getting ready to get down the bus when the cleaner informed passengers
to be ready for Mapusa Bus Stop. They got down the bus at Mapusa so
the other few passengers. They catch a taxi for their resort at Baga
Beach. After 30 40 mins of travel they reached to their resort which
was bit way from Baga and was in lonely place. It was very decent and
ambience was very good. Small huts were spread across resort which was
on sea face. They came to reception, did check in formalities and as
per their booking they got beach facing cottage and got in their hut.
Anushka was very happy to see their cottage.

Most of the material used was bamboo and Entrance was from beach side
with big windows on either side of the main door to view the beach
site. There was small hall and next to that there was bedroom.
Attached bathroom-toilet to bed room. Bed room too was having big
windows which was giving feel of staying in a hut open to air.
Bathroom was fitted with tub and shower which too has big window. All
windows were having curtains with glass frames and no iron grills so
one can use windows to enter cottage if glass frames are kept open.
Since complete resort was fenced with good security, there was no fear
of not having grills to windows and both felt safe in cottage.

After having look in and out of cottage both felt extremely happy
because this was the dream place for them to enjoy their first outing.
Having settled in cottage Amit opened all windows and curtains so that
fresh wind from sea can came in and then he hold Anushka in his arms
and gave her a passionate kiss so she too responded and both went into
deep kiss putting each other’s tong in each other’s mouth. They
broke kiss and Anushka said she is hungry so let’s have breakfast
and by that way they can see resort restro and other amenities. She
was about to put go then Amit stopped her and said, we are in Goa now
and time has come to use our new clothing so she blushed and opened
her bag for cloths to select to wear on her first day in Goa. She
preferred to wear red shorts and white spaghetti so Amit wore black
bermuda and white T shirt and of course not to mention, no inners for
both of them but Anushka wore silky jerkin without putting its zip on
as her melons were protruding out of her spaghetti.

It was 8 am they got out for breakfast to resort’s restro, not much
crowd outside as most of the guests in other cottages must be sleeping
in hangover due to previous night fun / drinks. When they started
going towards reception building where the restro was situated, couple
of room service guys were sitting on bench were staring at them. They
were seeing new guests which was not new for them but Anushka was
something awesome they not seen since many days.

When she was walking her red tight shorts was showing off her perfect
size of waist, crotch and hips, her white spaghetti was 1 size short
to her actual sizes so it was somehow accommodating her 2 beautiful
36b size milky white melons, her hips level free step cut brown heirs
and most important her face with perfect eyes, nose and lips a
complete sign of beauty. All of her body contours were seen even if
she was wearing thin hosiery jerkin and very opposite for Amit, his
slim body was tied in his loose hosiery bermuda and T-shirt. Even
though he too was not wearing inners, his cork was so small that its
impression was not being seen. Those two guys watched them all the way
till they enter reception building. Anushka too had looked at them
from corner of eyes and noticed their lust faces and she pinched Amit
on their looks which Amit to saw them with corner of his eyes and felt
very proud on his wife seeing their poor lusty faces.

They entered the reception building, it was very well decorated and
was looking like the resort specially meant for couples, honeymoons.
Both felt assured but the selection of right resort for their
vacation. While going towards restro from reception Anushka noticed a
couple requesting for a cottage as if they don’t have bookings done
and was a direct walk in. Receptionist was politely saying on no
accommodation but the couple was not in mood to leave it. Anushka
started thinking about the couple but she was knowing them but unable
to remember. While she was trying to remember it, Amit used to speak
about ambiance and she used to forget the links.

They sat on a table in restro where Amit was facing towards sea face
and reception was behind him where Anushka was in front of him and was
seeing reception and the couple and receptionist. Suddenly she
remembered that it is the same couple who was in bus next to their
seat. She was so surprised on seeing them here and wondering on
co-incidence of both couples reaching to same resort. But she was not
knowing that the couple had planned their vacation at Panjim but
seeing Anushka and Amit in Bus and their naughty acts they changed
their plan and followed both to this resort and were trying to check
in at any cost. So they did manage to get a cottage in the resort and
moved towards their hut.

Till all this time Anushka was looking at them and they at Anushka. A
strange feeling went from her mind as she was sure that the couple had
enjoyed their bus fun and definitely has seen her 36b melons when the
bus lights turned on for stoppage at dhaba. While going away from her
sight that guy gave a wicked look to Anushka and they disappeared from
her sight towards their cottage. Soon both had got breakfast they
ordered. Since there was bit hot weather at sea face which usually is,
Amit asked for a beer and Anushka preferred a breezer to drink.

She has removed her jerkin so far due to humidity and said to Amit to
hurry up with breakfast as she was dying to go on beach and of course
in waters. Amit said whether she has carried her bikini then she said
not required as she wanted to drench in water with current
clothing’s and was planning to use bikini later on for which Amit
said no probs. After finishing the breakfast both went near beach
outside of reception. It was 9 am in morning so not that crowded and
Anushka directly ran towards water and jumped when she went into it
till her knee level depth. She got fully drenched and started to
flashing water on Amit who was still standing at shore.

Due to wetness her cloths shrunk and became tighter to her skin and
her white spaghetti started showing her boobs contour and impression
of pink nipples. She was list bothered about it as she was enjoying it
and there was no crowd around and so Amit joined her in sea and both
started flashing water on each other, pulling legs and having fun.
They played in tides for 30 mins and so then they decided to go to
their cottage and then next for some sightseeing.

First Anushka came out of waters and reached to beach near resort
entrance for beach. Resto windows were located there and she just
looked at the restro and found that the couple met in bus was sitting
on window table having their breakfast and looking at them. She does
not know since when that couple were enjoying their fun but she felt a
thought in her mind that is it shear coincident again. When she was in
thoughts that lady smiled at her and waved her hand at her and
unknowing she waved her hand to them and looked at that man who was
wickedly smiling at her so ran back towards Amit and pulled him out of
waters and both started going towards their cottage.

While on the way they saw one of the room service guy, he was very
young 20 yrs or so sitting on same bench, he was looking at drenched
Anushka. Amit asked Anushka to wait and he went near him while his all
concentration was towards Anushka and he was looking at her wet body,
red shorts which was shrunk on her body and was showing her hips
contours, her white spaghetti which was fully wet which too was shrunk
on her body making it move bit upwards showing off her belly and good
amount of cleavage and of course impression of her tits on her

Water droplets were falling from her forehead. Her look was like a
mermaid. Unknowing his hand was on his cork and he did not noticed
that Amit was next to him. Amit understood his situation and shown as
if he does not know anything and said to him if he can arrange 2 beers
tins to his room and a Goa map. He also asked him to check for a bike
on hire which is usually available in Goa. He happily agree and asked
Amit to go to their cottage and he would be getting all things

Both got in to their cottage and directly went to take the bath as
salty water may itch later. Both were taking complete nude bath. While
taking bath Anushka was thinking on how the things happened when she
started from her home. That bus episode then her coming out of cottage
and she being watched by two room service guys, then that bus couple
at reception then her playing in sea waters and coming out with soaked
cloths and her response to that lady and her hubby’s wicked smile
then Samson’s expressions seeing her soaked – all this gave her a
strong but strange feeling and she got aroused. She hold Amit’s cork
and started shacking it vigorously. Amit was surprised to see her mood
and he had no option to insert his small but sufficient 4” cork in
her pink pussy. He fucked her in standing position for a minute and
removed his cork and spread his cum on her belly.

Amit finished his bath and came out wrapping towel to his hips and as
they carried only one towel while going for bath he said to Anushka he
would be passing her towel once she is done. Suddenly the door knocked
and he came out from bedroom to hall and opened the door. There was
the room service guy. He asked his name and he told Samson. He bought
2 beer tins and Goa map and bike keys. He asked for Amit’s license
as security for bike so Amit started to search it in his luggage. Here
Anushka finished her bath and came out without wearing towel and not
noticing what is happening in hall started drying herself with towel.
Samson got shock of his life to see Anushka nude in bedroom.

It was his one of the best day, seeing soaked Anushka in morning and
within few minutes seeing same beauty nude in her bedroom. While
searching his license in luggage Amit was asking him queries about Goa
which he was answering as Yes & No. Samson was completely engaged in
watching Anushka’s nude body, her 36b boobs, thin flat stomach,
hairless pussy and while fleshy round butts, slim long legs. Suddenly
Anushka looked at hall hearing voices and saw Samson same room service
boy who she saw 2 times since morning and last time he having his
hands on his cork, she was taken a back and came to senses that she is
nude and he seeing her so she picked up Amit’s T shirt laying on
their bed and wore it in a flash, having eye contact with Anushka in
that state Samson feared if she shouts hence he went near Amit and
said if he is not getting license he can produce it later. By that
time Anushka wrapped towel to her hips and with Amit’s T shairt, she
came to hall.

Samson again looked at her and with some fear on his face he said
hello to her and she too replied with hello. Amit introduced him to
her and Anushka to him. Anushka behaved as if nothing has happened and
so the Samson. Samson aid to Amit that you are a one of the best
beautiful couple he has seen as tourist in this hotel and looked at
Anushka, she blushed as she understood what he wants to say but Amit
did not and he said thanks. Samson also mentioned about good beaches
around and their resort beach itself is one of the best in Goa and
especially in night it’s wonderful and only their resort people are
seen there. Listening this both felt happy on selecting this resort
for their trip. Saying this Samson left. Seeing Anushka, Amit asked
her to get ready for outing as they got the bike keys and Goa map and
both went in bedroom to change.

Amit wore a bermuda and t-shirt and asked Anushka to wear sky blue
mini skirt and yellow spaghetti. He asked her to take their travel
backpack. He asked her to take her bikini’s, towels and his one pair
shorts and t-shirt. Anushka was ready for the days sightseeing. It was
10 am in the morning and Amit has got a call from his business partner
so he got busy with him. Anushka was aware of his calls and thought he
might not finish it for more 30 mins so she signed him that she is
outside and he can come once he finish. Saying this she stepped out of
cottage and standing at balcony of it, she saw Samson was sitting with
another room service man who was bit aged short and was dirty. Samson
was talking something to him but surely about her as she noticed both
are looking at her with wicked eyes. She understood that Samson was
telling him the story happened just minutes before. She felt awkward
as a young boy who has just seen her nude and now discussing her
nudeness with others in front of her.

While she was in thoughts she heard a hello and looked at other side
and to her surprise that bus lady was standing on pathway to her
cottage. She was wearing bermuda and top. She looked like a fair lady
with average beauty with around 36 -38 year old. Only thing
Anushka’s concern was her hips size which was around 40 -42.
Suddenly she heard hello again and she came to her senses back and
replied with hello to that lady. Smiles exchanged and she walked down
5 stairs from her balcony to that lady and she introduced herself as
Malini Reddy from Pune but basically from Vijaywada. Anushka
introduced herself and told about Amit and their married life. She
laughed and said she can understand and she too had same when she got
married to her hubby 12 years before. Her hubby’s name Venkat Reddy
aged 43 was owning a wine shop in MIDC.

They started walking in resort and when reached near Samson and that
man, they were looking at Anushka like hungry dogs and Samson was
itching his cork from over his pants. Anushka was looking at him then
Malini said, it’s not his fault and any man will die seeing Anushka.
Listening this she blushed and they walked ahead. Malini said they too
had lots of fun at their honeymoon and Venkat is keeping her very
happy. She said he is very strong and expert and always makes her
satisfy. Anushka was taken aback listening direct bold subject in
first meet itself then Malini said not to shy as at this place and
with this mood they can talk freely on this subject. Anushka felt
relieved and gave smile back. Malini said they liked Anushka and Amit
as a couple since they saw them in bus. She said you both look open
minded and mature.

Malini said Anushka has perfect shape with great looks and she is a
dream gal for any man and Amit is lucky to have her. While walking
they reached to a cottage where Malini stopped and said its their hut
and they will be staying here. Saying this she said lets come inside.
Anushka thought anyway Amit is taking time on his phone call, lets get
in so she walked in with Malini in her cottage. Malini was telling her
that every year they come to Goa for outing and enjoys a lot. Anushka
said how you can manage this even after so many years of marriage, so
on this Malini said, Venkat is very romantic by nature and his sex
desire very high. Malini said he is very strong, experience and no
lady can say ever no to him.

Hearing this Anushka blushed started imagining Venkat and Malini’s
romance. She got attention to Malini when she said that she was having
same figure of that Anushka but in 4-6 months of marriage Venkat has
changed her stats. She said he is very rude fucker and lasts long
minimum 30 mins. Hearing this Anushka hot surprised and started
thinking if someone can do this much time. Suddenly she heard hello
and she turned around and there was venkat. Anushka felt bit shocked
seeing him so closely as she has seen him in bus in dark and not so
clearly. Venkat was around 6 + ft tall, black, bald and fat or built
fellow. She was looking like a doll in front of him. She said hi to

Malini introduced her to Venkat and he asked Anushka that if they are
coming first time to Goa as he saw Goa Map in her hand. Anushka nodded
as she was still amazed to see him so closely and was thinking of his
and Malini’s romance and how he has made Malini’s hips 42 by size.
Venkat said they are familiar to Goa and it’s always good to roam
Goa in group else it could be very boring. Listening this Anushka for
sake of saying something said ‘ if they can get some nice people as
company, they won’t mind’. Listening this Malini said they would
like to join Anushka & Amit in sightseeing in Goa.

She also said sine they know Goa very well so Amit & Anushka can avoid
visiting useless places and they will like open minded, jolly couple
like her and Venkat in their Goa trip. For this proposal, Anushka said
she need to discuss this with Amit and she left their cottage and
moved towards her cottage. She looked at that bench and Samson and
other fellow was still sitting there and were staring at her. She got
into her cottage and Amit was still on call. She got angry and shouted
on him so he winded his call and started cuddling around her.

Anushka told him all what happened after she went out. For which Amit
said it’s always nice to have experience couple with us for
sightseeing. They can save their lot of time in going waste places and
they can make them jealous, tease with their romance. So Amit said
this is a good idea taking them along with them for sightseeing. So
she picked up extension phone called reception and got Malini’s
cottage extension no. She dialed her no. but it went unanswered so
Anushka said to Amit that he can get ready, lock the door and wait in
reception and she can run to Malini inform their decision so that they
can get ready and join them for sightseeing.

Anushka was so excited that she was running and totally forgot that it
was the same couple who has watched their romance in bus and of course
even though there was dark but watched her boobs too. But their polite
way of talking has made good impression in Anushka’ s mind and
Malini’s open sex talks about Venkat has made Anushka’s excitement
to next level. She was keen to know more on their sex matters.

While she was running toward Malini’s cottage her pantyless mini was
flying in air and her boobs were bouncing up and down and were about
to bounce out her braless spaghetti. On the way to her cottage she
passed the bench and both room service men surprised her approach to
that old couple and her run has gave them nice sight of Anushka. She
reached to their cottage mai door and knocked. She did not get
response. So she ran towards back side of that cottage. She was
thinking if they might have left for sightseeing and in those thoughts
she saw the bathroom window open and went near it. She looked inside
bathroom and it was empty but its door to bedroom was open and she was
able to see half portion of their bed in bedroom through open bathroom

She suddenly heard Venkat’s voice so she relieved that they are
inside but she was not able to see them. Suddenly Malini came and sat
on bed. Both were talking in Telagu and she cannot understood but was
able to make that they were talking about them only as in their
conversation Anushka was hearing their names taken. Venkat might be
standing next to Malini but she was not able to see him. After couple
of minutes, Venkat came forward near Malini and now was in view of
Anushka. Anushka got shock of her life seeing Venkat. Her jaw and eyes
opened to maximum extend and she became freeze to see him. Venkat was
stark naked. Anushka was seeing him and Malini from side angle so they
were not able to see her. Seeing Venkat Anushka gone mad. His body and
his cork was so big and was like coke ½ liter bottle may be more than

She has seen such corks in BF when both Amit and she used to watch it
on net. But this is the first time she was seeing it live and from
side view it was looking like monster as it was fully erect. He went
ahead, pulled Malini’s shorts and panty. Made her sit at corner of
bed and in one stroke he inserted that monster in her.

A lady with 12 years of marriage with him moaned and he started
hitting her hard. Malini was moaning loud and he was humping her
mercilessly. Anushka has never seen this ferocity in sex and as far as
her intercourse with Amit was concerned, it was limited till some love
making and 40 – 60 seconds of humping by Amit and that’s it. This
was totally beyond her imagination and she was seeing real pressure on
Malini’s face which she through she never ever got for herself in
her married life so far. Whatever they used to do, she thought that is
the best but now she was seeing something which was way beyond what
they did so far. She felt strange feeling in her mind and body. Seeing
their sex, her mouth became dry and she started making her lips wet
with her tong. Her one hand went to her boobs and other to her cunt.

Suddenly she got thought of Amit as he must be ready and waiting her
in reception. So she ran towards it. While going towards reception she
was to pass the bedroom window of Malini’s cottage. Venkat was
facing the window and Malini was laying on her back on bed. When
Anushka was passing through the window, Venkat saw her and he pulled
out of Malini and ran to see Anushka. He was wondering from where
Anushka came and gone. She was running towards reception building by
looking backwards in between. Experienced Venkat understood that she
has seen them so he went near Malini and asked her to get up, get
ready as he saw Anushka near their bedroom window. Malini gave
surprised smile and looked towards bathroom. Its door was open and she
was seeing bathroom window open with its curtain sidelined. She told
Venkat that Anushka might be seeing them from that window.

Here Anushka reached reception and due to run her face became red and
she was looking disturbed from her face and why not she look like
disturbed, as she has seen monster cork of Venkat and his furious fuck
with Malini. Amit asked what happened. Anushka said she went to look
for them but they were not there and she walked a distance to search
them but they did not find so she came running back Amit might be
waiting. Amit hold her and ask her to sit. He was drinking beer in
wait of her so he offered it to Anushka and she gulped it.