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Adventure of an Indian call boy Part 2

Where as I put my left hand inside her panty and was pressing her pussy lips slowly and again I came to her left nipple and with my right hand I pushed her panty out from her legs and made her totally nude and we both were in our born birthday suits full nude she was amazed to see my dick size of 4.5 inch long & 2.5 inch thick & said that she hasn’t seen a cock in her life and it will give her full enjoyment while fucking I was sucking her both boobs and nipples one by one and I was playing with the clit of her pussy lips for about 15 minutes and she became hot and was moaning very wildly I started kissing her earlobes then came to her eyes then her cheeks and when I came to her neck she was arching her body in excitement and I took my full time about 40 minutes while kissing at her earlobes eyes cheeks neck and in a sudden I put my lips again on her lips and sucked it for about 20 minutes playing with each other tongues and after sucking her lips for 20 minutes I again sucked her both boobs and nipples for 5 minutes and then kissed her armpits and licked both armpits for about 15 minutes.

During my foreplay of more than 1(one) hour she was totally aroused by my licking of her body and I put my lips on her navel & when I put my lips on her navel she was moaning in ecstasy like fish without water kissed & licked her navel for about 10 minutes I came down and spread her pussy lips and put my lips on her clit sucked it for how many time I also don’t know but she was pressing my head very hard by holding my hairs to her pussy lips and saying that plz suuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk it harder dear u have made me crazy and I put my lips inside her pussy lips and was giving her extreme pleasure by licking and sucking her inner pussy lips while sucking I was fucking her pussy by tongue and she said that she is in some other world in seventh heaven licking & sucking of her pussy made her to reach her orgasm within 7 minutes and I drank all the love juices oozing out from her pussy but I kept on licking sucking and tongue fucking her pussy for another 30 minutes and in the said times she had reached orgasm 4 times and I drank all the juice oozing from her pussy.

she said me that I have given her extreme pleasure now she will return it to me she kept her mouth on the tip of my dick and ate the pre cum oozing from my dick I was amazed when she took my whole dick in her mouth in which she was not facing any problem. And had sucked like expert and gave me the best blow job of my life & I shoot my cum in her mouth after 10 minutes of sucking and she drank the cum fully and made my dick dry and gave a soft kiss on my dick and then on my lips by saying that I have given her the best sex enjoyment of her life as her boyfriend has also not given her such a nice licking & sucking of pussy in her life while she was indulged with her only foreplay but haven’t allowed him to fuck her but due to my licking sucking & mouth fucking she has reached orgasm for 5 times. Now we took rest for some time and she went to kitchen totally nude and also I went on her back & was pinching her nipples and sometime her ass she told me to wait jaaneman I am all yours aur main kahin nahin jaa rahi tumhare paas hi hoon and we came to the room she was holding 2 cup tea with some snacks and we drank the tea & ate the snacks in which about 15 minutes have been passed she said lets start the final game and came near me & we were sucking each other lips for 10 minutes after that she took my dick & suck it for sometime & my dick become rock hard to enter in her pussy I made her lay on the bed & spread her pussy with my hand and put the tip of my dick on the entrance of her and gave a small push it all went in a vain and my dick slips to the left side than Rima told me to be gentle as she has heard that while fucking for the 1st time it pains very much by hearing this from Rima I asked her that whether it is her 1st time than she said NO .

I asked her that her boyfriend is lucky to have her.she told that she allowed him to fuck her as they always go for fore play and sex & for fun only she has just invited me to her house and was sure that I will not be there but due to my fortune of luck I got such a girl to fuck her. As I heard that she is not a virgin my dick stood up and also in her pussy & spread the pussy with my hand and put the tip of my dick on the entrance and gave a small push & my 1 inch dick went inside & she cried with pain plz nikaal lo main mar jaaoongi tab maine kaha jaaneman thoda pain karega then later on u will enjoy and started kissing her lips and nipples for about 5 minutes and my 1 inch dick was still inside her by my kissing she was enjoying now and her pain reduces when I saw her lifting her ass in excitement I gave another push and my 4 inch dick was inside her and the bed sheet was red because her of her blood and she again cried with pain & begging me to take out my huge dick but I said jaaneman bas 2 minutes aur and u will enjoy and repeated the same action sucking & licking her lips nipples & boobs.

When I saw her again in excitement lifting her ass I gave a final push and my 4.5 inch long & 2.5 inch thick dick went totally inside her and it was paining her badly but she put the nail marks on my back due to cant bear the pain after repeating the same now she was enjoying and lifting her ass in excitement I took my dick totally out and gave a strong push and my whole dick was inside her and started fucking her slowly & steadily.  she started supporting me by kissing on my lips & lifting her ass I slowly increased my speed and she was shouting aaj phaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddd do meri chut ko fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkk me hard jaanu chhoooddd dalo mujhe jor se chodo jitni tumhare main taaqat hai, hearing all this from her I started fucking her very hard and she has reached her orgasm in 5 minutes and said that Jaanu u have satisfied me fully but my dick was still hard & was not in the position to get loose I kept on pumping her pussy for about 25 minutes in which she has reached orgasm for another 3 times and I was also ready to shoot my cum.

Asked Rima that should I cum inside her pussy she replied yes Jaanu cum in my pussy as I want to feel it inside my pussy hearing this from her I increased my speed and gave her some hard stroke and spread my cum deep in her pussy like jet spray & she reached for another orgasm and gave a hard hug to me with nail bites on my back and I also gave her s strong bite on her shoulder with my teeth mark on it and lay on top of her for 5 minutes and then we went to bathroom to clean ourselves & in the bathroom also I had fucked her once while we were cleaning each other parts and became aroused while cleaning and we came back to bedroom and lay naked on the bed and slept for 2 hrs. after waking up we had enjoyed full day and I have fucked her 3 times in her pussy.  we were lip locked again for 15 minutes and pressed her boobs and fucked her for the final time while leaving her place and she gave me goodbye kiss on my lips and a nice blowjob before leaving her house.

Now she used to call me regularly once in 15 days and we enjoyed sex in hotel due to the problem of place and through Rima I have given service to her 4 more friends hope you people liked my story. Any ladies can suggest and coment on story to