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Adventures in Office – the things a girl needs to do to keep her job

Hello everyone, my name is Alisha. I am a 27 yr old marketing executive in a large national group. I am 5’8” tall, stats 34-28-32, very fair with long brown hair. I am also told that I am very beautiful and I know how to use my features to my advantage.

My story happened sometime in March this year. I was holding an important job in marketing when my boss was fired. The new boss did not like me much. Infact, he took away my projects & brought in a guy from his old company to handle the work. Due to recession, the company was firing many people & I began to fear for my job. I knew I had to do something desperate to save my job or else the new boss would have me fired.

The day the new guy joined, I was asked to hand over my work to him. Because he was new to the company & industry, we spent several hours together every day while I explained to him the different aspects of the job.

From day 1 I noticed that he was interested in me. I like to dress in formal shirts & skirts
to office and I often found him staring at my legs and breasts while working together. His name is Shekhar & he is a good looking man – 6’, fair, muscular & very handsome. But he was married and I found his behaviour very odd.

Once, while we were sitting together in a meeting room, he leaned over to pick up some papers & accidentally (I thought) pressed against my breast with his elbow. Another time, he was dropping me home at night after work & while changing gears rubbed his hand against my thigh.
It was then that I realized that if I wanted to keep my job, I needed to keep Shekhar happy with me. I made a plan to seduce him & use him to get to my boss.

The very next day, I dressed to impress him. I put on a tight white top, short skirt with black stockings & stilettos to office. This skirt is very short & when I set, it rides half way up my thighs. When sat in my cubicle next to Shekhar, I saw that his mouth had fallen open. Our desks were at one end of the office & we were pretty secluded.
Smiling, I moved my chair closer to his & casually began discussing a presentation we were working on. From this position, he could easily look down my top & I found him staring at my boobs.
I pretended to look at something on his computer screen & very deliberately pressed my breasts against his arm. He did not say anything but seemed to have lost his concentration. I leaned over to point out some numbers to him & very slowly rubbed my nipples against his arm. He was at once distracted and dropped his pen on the floor. Laughing at him, I bent down & picked it up from the floor. I knew that he would get a full close up view of my ass in this position. When I came up, I noticed a rapidly increasing tent in his pants. As I handed over the pen to him, I let my fingers glide over his palm & gave him a coy smile.
Shekhar excused himself immediately & hurried off. When he returned some 15 mins later, there was a small wet spot on his pants.
I knew my plan was working…..

Later that day there was an interdepartmental meeting. Earlier I used to go for it but ever since Shekhar came, the boss used to send him instead. This time, Shekhar insisted that I should go with him. The boss was a little surprised but he did not object.

We took our seats at the back of the conference room at the end of the table. Our contribution to the meeting was over in the first 15 mins of the meeting after which we sat back to listen to other departments. They began with a presentation & the lights of the room were switched off. Only light in the room was from the projector.
After a little while, I felt Shekhar’s hand on my thigh just below the hem of my skirt. I glanced at him & saw that he was looking straight ahead, pretending to be interested in the presentation.
His hand hesitated for a bit but when I didn’t shake it off, he began moving. Slowly his hand crept up my thigh below my skirt & began fiddling with the top of my stockings. Then slowly, very slowly he ran his fingers upwards on the inside of my thighs. His touch was exciting me and I let out a small sigh. “Shih” he hissed,” no sounds.” I bit down on my bottom lip as his hand moved further up towards my crotch. I clamped my legs together to stop him, embarrassed & scared at the same time. But there was no stopping him now. Using his fingers, he quietly tickled my thighs till I spread them for him. His hand crept up further & touched my panties with his middle finger. Gently, he began tickling my crotch through my thong. Moving a little, I spread my legs further to allow his hand better access.
Quietly, as if we were concentrating on the presentation, we kept looking at the screen. Under the table, his hand was moving along the edges of my thong, teasing me. He found my clit through the lace & gently began massaging me from the outside.
I drew up my chair right to the table so that no one would see what we were upto. Shekhar was talented with his hands and I felt my pussy becoming moist with excitement. He adjusted his hand so that his thumb was now rubbing my clit while his other fingers began exploring my pussy from the outside. His hand ran up and down my slit, gently poking & tickling me. He pulled the elastic band of the thong and drew small circles on crotch. I squirmed in my seat, willing him to put his hand inside me but he only smiled slightly & continued teasing me.
Finally after what seemed like an eternity, he moved aside my thong and in one quick movement pushed his entire middle finger into my pussy. I almost gasped!
His thumb was pressing down hard on my clit & he began thrusting his finger in & out of me. The position was uncomfortable but it felt so good. The he stopped for a second & then began rotating his finger inside me touching me all around, arousing me further. I was getting breathless with the pressure inside me & I began to feel my orgasm building up. Sensing this, he inserted a second & then third finger into me. My pussy was stretched to the limit but I was so turned on that it didn’t hurt at all.
Instead my juices began flowing, lubricating his path, making it easier for him to move in and out.
My legs were trembling & I knew I was about to cum.
The presentation was about to end & the speaker was giving his summary. I was so scared that the lights would come on & people would find out what we were upto. Shekhar knew this & he gave his full attention to my clit, pressing, rubbing & prodding it with his thumb.
Jut then, the presentation ended. Unable to control myself, I came. People were applauding the speaker & shekhar moved back his chair, making sounds that hid my gsap of pleasure as I came streams.
My legs trembled & I was shaking all over. The lights were coming on. Shekhar removed his hand & leaned over me, protecting me from the view of the rest.
As people began filing out, he leaned down to shut his laptop & whispered into my ear “ You owe me one sweetheart”………..