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After Office Hours

This is an incident in which I was a participant. I have changed the names as she still works with us and we have great fun once in a while. I hope she doesn’t read this! Those of you who are familiar with India and it’s style of dressing will know what a ‘saree’ is – as for the others, go look it up in the dictionary!

It took only a moment for the pill to react. As Reema sipped her Coke, she felt her world beginning to spin around her, gathering momentum, till the can slipped out of her hands and she tipped off the chair. Her three male colleagues looked at her and smiled at each other – it worked!

Ajay carried Reema’s unconscious body and laid her out on the large sofa in the room. They gazed at her appreciatively. Her saree had fallen off her shoulders, baring her ample breasts clad in the skimpy, transparent blue blouse. The light from the stand lamp made her fair skin shine through the thin material, clearly outlining her black bra. Her bare stomach and deep navel, accentuated by the saree worn low, looked extremely erotic. They looked down at her and moved in like three wolves closing in on a doe asleep in the forest. Ajay went down on his knees near her feet and slowly lifted her saree up to her waist. Her soft fair thighs came into view with the flimsy black panty nestling between them. He stroked her thighs and spread them apart and placed his palm on her panty clad pussy. Deep had, in the meantime unbuttoned her blouse and was caressing her breasts. He slipped the bra straps from her shoulders and pulled the cups down to reveal the lush globes with stiffening nipples. Tenderly he palmed them and started to squeeze gently, softly pinching the nipples to cause them to stiffen to hard points.

Suraj had divested himself of his trousers and was rubbing his hardening dick through his jocks. He came and stood near her head and peeled his jocks away to expose a rapidly hardening penis with a rather excited crimson head, already slimy with juice. He bent down and started to rub his dick on Reema’s cheeks and lips as he grabbed her hair in a handful and turned her unconscious face towards his crotch. He guided his dick into her lips as he squeezed her cheeks causing her mouth to open into a delicious “O”.

Ajay had been busy between her thighs, as he hungrily tongued her pussy through her now wet panties. He hooked his fingers into the waistband and peeled them off her thighs until they were completely off. He resumed his position as he spread her thighs apart vulgarly and inserted first one, then two fingers deep into her slopping wet pussy. With his free hand he undid his belt and let his Levis drop to the floor. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his cock rose swiftly to rigid attention at the sight of a near naked Reema. He stroked his cock, peeling the foreskin back to reveal an angry purple cockhead, to rock hardness. He extricated his fingers from Reema’s pussy and rubbed the juices on his shaft. He knelt down in between her legs again and shafted her pussy with his tongue, holding the lips apart so that he could nibble her clit. Deep into her pussy he probed, clamping down on her mons veneris gently with his teeth. He squeezed her thighs till his fingers left impressions on her fair skin; he bit them leaving bite marks.

Deep had been sucking and squeezing her large tits causing them to grow larger and flushed as blood rushed into them. His enormous cock nestled on her stomach as he sat astride her with both his hands cupping her globes. He had rubbed her nipples to excited points, which he now sucked to his hearts content. He rose and eased himself up to her chest and started to rub his stiff member on her breasts. He cupped them from the sides and drove it into the cleavage, his juices easing the process of movement.

Suraj had succeeded in shoving his cock into her mouth and as he humped her lips in ecstasy, he gripped her hair in both hands almost as if he was holding the reins of a bucking rodeo stallion. As he continued to do so, he felt a sudden movement of her tongue on his cock and looked at her face to see her eyes fluttering open. Reema was beginning to come around as the initial effect of the knockout drug started to wear off. Ajay felt it too, as she involuntarily tried to shut her thighs close, and he was then rubbing his hard organ on her wet pussy lips. He quickly eased his thick cock into her; it traveled deep inside as he buried himself into her pussy completely.

The first thing Reema realized as she started to come around was this very pleasant sensation in her pussy, as if it was on fire, a fire which quenched her thirst – for what she did not know. At the same time her mouth felt sore and her chest heavy. All these sensations she felt in a fraction of a second, even before she had opened her eyes. They all realized that she was coming around and as they looked at each other, their tempos increased. When she opened her eyes, the first thing that Reema saw was Suraj’s erect penis jutting out from nowhere. As her eyes focused, she saw Deep sitting astride her, she saw and felt his hands fondling her breasts. As Suraj held her cheeks and rubbed his cock on her lips, she felt this thing deep inside her stretching her pussy wide apart, she felt hands holding her thighs apart, and this thing was moving rapidly in and out of her, churning her body into a vortex of desire. As she craned her neck to see better, she suddenly became aware of her own nudity, and in a flash it dawned on her that she was being fucked, rather raped, by her own colleagues.

In a vain attempt to free herself, she struggled to rise from the sofa, but she was still groggy from the drug and could only make a weak attempt to free herself. This only caused Suraj to yank her hair harder as he tried his best to make her open her mouth and resume sucking his cock. As Deep leered back at her, she realized that his cock was nestling between her breasts and that he had rubbed her nipples to erect points that jutted out quite shamelessly. Meanwhile, whoever was fucking her was doing such a good job, that inspite of everything she could feel that her pussy was alive and on fire. Every stroke ignited her body and her innards convulse with desire. Deep reached down and held her arms and pinned them to her sides, Suraj held her by her hair while Ajay held her thighs apart in a vice like grip. With his free hand, Suraj held her nostrils shut, and as she opened her mouth to breathe, he shoved his cock into her mouth.

She heard him say, “Reema don’t struggle, and we won’t hurt you. Just lie back and enjoy it, you can’t fight all three of us.” They were overpowering her and she could not even summon enough strength to struggle hard enough to impede their actions. In fact, the more she tried to resist, the more she excited them. Suddenly, she distinctly heard Ajay’s voice somewhere, “Fuck you baby, your pussy is so juicy, can you hear it?” Then she knew that it was his rock hard dick that was embedded deep inside her, it was he who was fucking her in right earnest. She didn’t know what excited her, the scalding comment, the fact that she was being fucked by a stud much her junior or the fact that there was an undeniably vulgar squishy sound emanating from her pussy as his prick moved in and out like a well greased piston.

For a moment, she managed to push out Suraj’s dick from her mouth and looked down to see Ajay’s sweat drained face as he bucked in between her legs, she also saw Deep’s cock turning her breasts into a juicy mess as he French fucked her. Her nipples were tingling, begging to be sucked as he took them in between in fingers and rolled them like marbles. As she fell back, her mouth opened instinctively and Suraj’s cock moved in. Suddenly she realized that she was beginning to suck it, as she rolled her tongue around the head and started to move her mouth up and down his shaft. Suraj gave a short snort as he realized that she was beginning to comply and increased the tempo of his movements. He clutched her hair harder and fucked her beautiful face. Deep saw what was happening and took his member in his hand and started to furiously wank it as he knelt down to suck her hard swollen nipples. This was like setting a lit taper to dry leaves and Reema began to shudder and moan.

All the shame and guilt of being gang raped disappeared from her mind as began to rock with the motion of Ajay’s barrage of thrusts. She felt a flood break rose somewhere deep inside her and a wave of heat washed over her body, she was going to come and send out all the signals to them that she was actually enjoying what was happening. She made one desperate attempt to stop herself but it was too powerful by then. Wave after wave of tremors coursed through her as she released her load of come somewhere deep inside, she had managed to push out Suraj’s dick from her mouth and her moans of pleasure echoed in the room. Ajay’s cock began to twitch inside Reema, as he felt her come, and he withdrew it to the hilt, waited for a second before plunging it all the way back inside as his come rose up to meet Reema’s. He discharged deep inside her with a mighty grunt, saying, “Oh baby, Oh baby, Oh baby”, over and over again.

As he struggled to move out of the way, Deep roughly shoved him aside and positioned his nine-inch monster between Reema’s pussy lips. As she looked down, a paroxysm of terror shook her at the sight of the object that was about to enter her. She also looked at Ajay as his now spent phallus dangled between his legs still oozing a tacky flow of come from it’s tip, his body bathed in sweat. She had no time to analyze her feelings for Ajay, as Deep’s engorged penis nudged her lips wide apart and began it’s journey. In spite of all the lubrication, it still hurt as this huge monster ravaged her soft pussy forcing it’s way in. There was a pause as Deep withdrew all the way back, steadied himself, spread her pussy wide open by holding her soft thighs wide apart and lunged all the way back in to the hilt, in one brutal thrust. Reema felt that she had been torn open by a sledgehammer, her body was on fire, her pussy ached, but there was a certain amount of satisfaction when she knew that she had managed to accommodate all of Deep. She screamed just once, and then the room was filled with her low moans as he started to move in and out of her slowly.

Suraj had extricated his dick from her mouth and was wanking it furiously as he tried to kiss Reema, but she moved her face from side to side to avoid his lips. He bent down and began sucking her nipples, while with his free hand he kneaded her breasts like a soft mound of dough. So stimulating was the feel of his tongue on her nipples that Reema did not realize when Ajay had come around and begun to rub his flaccid dick on her lips. As she tried to avoid it, she heard Suraj give a loud grunt and felt his hot come splatter all over her breasts. He cupped them and rubbed his discharging penis on her breasts as his body shook with the release. Ajay’s dick was growing harder against her cheeks and he had also started to shaft it with his hands, as he forced her head steady and ground his lips on hers forcing them to part with his tongue. As his tongue mated with hers and he bit her lips, he straddled her and holding her mouth open shoved his cock inside. It immediately began to jerk as he came again. Reema tried her best to free herself and spit it out, but he was much too strong for her as he held her down by her shoulders. As his dick grew limp inside her mouth, Reema felt the warm come beginning to flow down her throat.

She, however, had no time to analyze it’s taste, as Deep stepped up his strokes, causing a familiar feeling to rise inside her. Her innards started to twitch, tremors began to rock her as Reema began to come, and her pussy throbbed with the release. Ajay moved out of the way and joined Suraj at the sidelines as they watched Deep preparing his final assault on Reema. Even now she looked delicious, as her saree lay partially unwound on the carpet, her blouse open, her bra undone. Sweat glistened on her flawless body as it mixed with their come, her breasts rigid and her nipples taught. Her stomach undulating in all her excitement, washed in perspiration. Her saree was bunched around her waist and her mouth was contorted with a mixture of excitement and pain. Her hair was a tangled mess and her mouth open as she sucked on one of her own fingers in ecstasy.

Deep holding her thighs apart saw all this and more; he saw his supercharged dick ploughing into her helpless pussy dribbling with juices. He released her thighs and pushed his hands underneath her juicy ass and lifted her up to plunge deeper. Instinctively Reema wrapped her legs around his waist and drew him in deeper, causing his pubes to rub against her clit, causing her to lose total control. They couldn’t believe their ears when they heard her moaning, “Oh don’t stop! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder! I love it, don’t stop!” This was their goody goody, 30+ lady colleague, and mother of one who was now fucking like a bitch in heat! It didn’t stop there, as Reema felt a shattering orgasm building up, she started to buck her hips to meet his onslaught and ensure maximum penetration. Her whimpers of, “Oh my God, that feels so good, fuck me, fuck me harder, harder, harder, harder…”, filled the room. These words coming out of Reema’s mouth surprised the duo, but it fired Deep into frenzy! He lunged into her like a crazed maniac as he filled his hands with her breasts and started to suck, lick and bite her wherever he could. Reema’s flood broke loose as electricity coursed through her body and wave after wave of come washed through her and bathed his phallus buried inside her.

As she steadied herself, his already monstrous dick began to twitch and grow larger and thicker. As they both realized that he was about to come, she wrapped her arms and legs around him and pulled him deeper still inside her. The tip of his cock touched something deep inside her and he poured his load of come into her. As she felt the discharge, disbelief clouded Reema as she realized that she was coming yet again! She bucked her hips as he kissed her mouth and sucked in her tongue, as her juices washed over his limp penis one last time.

As she lay back totally exhausted, and Deep struggled up from her, Reema looked up at all of them. The other two were already beginning to get their clothes back on, looking at her from time to time. They did not dare smile or talk, just walked away. In the deafening silence that followed, Reema could only hear the soft hum of the a/c, and passing traffic on the street below. It was now time to go home.