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Alternative – Part 1

This is Jeya. I always have this feel that makes me think that I
should be helpful to other people in ANY way.

This is a slow story contains less number of hard core stuff. Please
ignore this story if it doesn’t suit your taste.

Well, I couldn’t think any preface/intro to this story. I request
you to read this and review. If you have any suggestion kindly post it
to Let’s get into the stream..

I was sitting in a White Hyndai XCent car, stranded in city traffic. I
checked my watch, its quarter past 6. “Hmm it could have been quite
difficult if there is no car”, I thought. Signal timer has 5 seconds
left, but all the vehicles have started moving, so do I.
I took a left and slowed down the car near school gate. Sheetal who
was chatting with her friends saw the car, started moving towards the
gate from the school. She hopped into the car without saying anything.
I drove the car in the regular route. It has been almost a month since
I got used to this routine.

Sheetal is almost a teen now but do possess some small girl’s
characteristics. She somehow used to me as an alternative to her
mother who is a divorcee. Since I have no role of replacing a wife,
this is almost a Babysitter play. I parked the car in the portico of
the posh villa.

Sheetal tired of her hectic day in her school throw herself in the
sofa. I picked all her belongings and put them inside her room. I came
back to drawing room, she is watching TV. I sat near her head and
consoled her for some relaxation. Teens of this gen doesn’t want any
advices or experienced words. All they want is some greeting and
gentle care and rest can be given by an iPhone with 3G.

I made her change to regulars and we ate some snacks. Soon later, she
went into her room for girlie chats with her friends. I checked the
time, it was almost 8 pm. I have two hours to receive Sheetal’s
mother from Airport. I went to my room, changed to my attire. It took
almost an hour to pack my things. I told the maid to clean the room as
her boss would come home by night.

I went to check Sheetal, she was busy talking with her friends in
phone. I placed the chit under her tablet and went down without saying
Sheetal came back after some time saw the chit in her bed that read


I think my job here is done. I hope you were Okay for this period of
time. It ain’t an easy process to think some other one as a
alternative to one’s mother, But you did.

Your mother will be here soon. I will tell her about your interest in


I went to Airport and Sheetal’s mother was waiting for me. I
apologized for being late and gave her the car key. We sat again in
the car, this time she was on the driver seat. I explained her about
Sheetal’s likes and dislikes to my best. But she seemed to be busy
on her phone.

I asked her that shall we complete the process. She nodded with
turning. I took out my mobile and called my office call center. I
explained the task details and approval for completion. As usual,
support staff asked for client’s word. I gave her my mobile and
stepped out of the car.

In a couple of minutes, she knocked the window and signaled me to come
in. I sat back in the car again. She gave me back my mobile and gave a
plastic smile. My office staff confirmed the task has been marked as
completed and I can take a day off. We shook out hand and stepped out
of car.

I took a cab to my room and reached around 10.30. I took a hot shower
and dozed off immediately. At 7 in the morning my mobile started
buzzing. I woke up reluctantly and tapped it off. Without getting off
the bed I checked my mobile.
There was a SMS noting of Money transfer to my salary account. I
checked my office mail and found the Job completion transcript read

Dear Associate,

We thank you for your wonderful service to our client. We are happy
to inform you that INR 25,000/- has been transferred to your account
for the task that was completed yesterday. Client was happy about your
service, we look forward to your utmost commitment in our company.

Guest Relations Team

Just as I was about to close it, I received a call from my manager. I
sat on my bed and attended it. She greeted me that the previous task
was successful. As per terms she explained me the neat and mistakes in
my service. I politely accepted and answered that I will improvise on
the same.

She added that the next task was ready and will start at 6.00 AM next
day. She explained me that task was to replace a wife for a man. She
told, the man is going to be informed about the divorce from his wife
the next day. The man’s wife has booked the service to take care of
the man so that he won’t be blown away by this divorce. And she
added more details about intimacy and therapies needed for this task.
She told the client approval is not required as it is more of a
therapy than a service. As usual, coupons and docs will be delivered
to me by 1.00 PM at max.

Thinking about the same I laid back on the bed. I don’t know when I
had slept but woken up by the calling bell. I stood up, wore my
slippers and robe over my one piece night dress. I came out and
attended the door. It was my company’s delivery boy who handed over
the package through the grill gate slit after I signed for it. I gave
a smile and sent him off. I closed the door and took off the robe
before sitting on the couch. I opened the cover and looked over the
documents, it had the Xerox of the chit, coupons for parlor, shopping,
taxi and some more docs.

It was 11.00 AM already and I planned my day to prepare for this task.
I went parlor at first, to make my hair somewhat similar to the
man’s wife. Then I hit shopping for the clothes and accessories.
Finally, I went for the doctor for which company has already booked an
appointment for me. Doc has recommended a full body checkup. It took
about 2 hours to complete everything and I was given some tablets to
avoid infection. When I was done everything it was 7.00 PM. I had a
quick bite and went back to my room. I prep and logged all the info in
my laptop and went to sleep.

At 5.30 in the next morning I was waiting at the gate of my client’s
house. She came out packed in a ruck sack bag and discussed with me
for some time. She handed over the keys and started by her bike and
went off. I sneaked in using the keys and went in. As instructed, I
changed into a camisole with satin bra and sleep shorts with regular
panty. I bunned my hair and wore the chappals. I packed my old clothes
in a backpack and put it in the loft. I slowly went to his bedroom.
Early morning light was coming into the room via glass windows. I
found him sleeping on his stomach facing the wall. In the table
adjacent to his side, the chit was in place. I laid down maintaining a
distance from him and pulled the sheet over us covering up to neck.

6.00 AM, his alarm started buzzing. In some fairly long time, he
reluctantly snoozed the alarm and slept again. I was waiting for him
to get up. In next 10 min, alarm started buzzing again. He got up
irritatingly and reached for the mobile. Then only he saw a chit which
was kept near the mobile. He tapped off the mobile and looked into the
chit which read as,


This is over. I’m leaving you. I don’t think its gonna work
anymore. We had enough number of fights in these last few days. And I
am the one, who was hurt every time. I feel we shouldn’t be together
any more. So I am gonna file divorce.

But I don’t want u to get depressed and get fucked up in ur carrier.
So I arranged a therapist for u. Her name is Jeya.

I am going to stay in my parent’s place. Please don’t contact me.


I can see that he was blinking and not showing any reactions at all.
He checked back side of chit but there was none. He read that again,
again and again. He was too silent to express his sadness at all.

From now onwards it will be the two person dialogues,

Ankit: I waited that this could be a bad dream. But it’s not. It
took me some time to realize that my life will be never be same as
before. With my wife left me overnight, I felt like having a whisky to
make my blood flow out of my chest. Then only I noticed some gaze on
my side and turned to see a girl lying next to me.

Jeya: He finally finished and turned and saw me for a second. I told
“Hei! Are you Okay?” in a slow huzzy voice.

Ankit: Waking up at a complete stranger’s face with this shock
traumatized me heavily. With adrenaline pumping up, I backed away from
her started asking “Who are y…..!!” but fell on the floor
hitting my head slightly on the table.

Jeya: “Hei.. are you okay..” I came around the bed, kneeled near
him. I rubbed his head with my one palm by holding him with another.
I made sure it’s just a bump. “Ankit, it’s perfectly okay for
you get shocked. Anyone in your state will react the same way”.
Saying that I got hold his shoulders, helped him to sit back on the
I sat next to him and said “I thought the chit would have explained
you. Anyway I’m Jeya, a licensed Social Therapist.. I am here to
help you to go through this transition. I can show you my license and
docs if you’d like to see”

Ankit: Still rubbing my head, now my brain is fully functional to
observe the facts happening around me. “So you are the one who is
specified in the chit right?”

Jeya: “Yeah.” I said in a calm tone

Ankit: “Is this your job? Will you be paid for this..”

Jeya: “yes. Mostly I will go for a therapy for the people who have a
rough time in their life or if they experience any sudden human loss.
I will be a placeholder so that they won’t have to absorb their pain
all in one shot. In fact I like doing this to help other people.”
said in a soothing tone.

Ankit: “Hmm. I see” in a low voice.

Jeya: “I know it would feel so strange and calm now. But that’s
why I’m here. You can share your burden with me. In fact, I can help
you to do your things until you can do well on your own”

Ankit: “Hmm. I understand” in a low voice. I wanted to be alone.
But as she said, I don’t know what to do next. Everything is blank
like a calm after shattered glass.

Jeya: From his trembling eyes and shaking voice I can see he want to
cry as loud as possible. But these boys just don’t want to show
their tears to anyone. I reached his shoulder through his back and
tapped soothingly.

Ankit: I tried hard to control my tears. But I couldn’t. Even though
we had fights, yells and harsh words, I never hit her. But the hurt
was common I thought. The thinking of the next second came as a dry
blow in my heart. Though jeya is soothing me with her kind words, I
need a shoulder to hide my face.

Jeya: I understood his position. As tears started rolling down, I
didn’t waited any more. I turned my sitting position towards him
with my left leg folded on the bed and the other still on the floor. I
moved close towards him. With my one hand I gently pulled his head
towards me. Without much effort he leaned on my chest and put his
right hand around my waist.

Ankit: I just needed a human touch, as I suddenly felt that dry wave
though my heart. When she moved me a little towards her, I just leaned
on to her and silently let away my tears without any sound. For some
moments, I forgot whom she is, why she is consoling me like a little

Jeya: I have seen many people going through these pain. I knew that
human is just a social animal. All he want is love and care at the end
of day. I slowly patted his back and ran my fingers through his hair,
when he was crying silently.

Ankit: As tears are going out, I felt the blockage in my chest
subsidized. Then only I came back to sense that I was almost yanked on
a stranger’s chest. I tried to wipe away my tears. But she shushed
and stopped my hand, she herself took the tip of the bed sheet wiped
my eyes. I felt she smelled nice. I noticed that I am leaning on her
big breasts a more on her left. This made her right breast somewhat
squeezed. A different feeling was running in my back bone.

Jeya: I realized he has stopped his tears. I pushed him gently and
made him straight again. He didn’t make eye contact with me and was
looking down. “I asked maybe we should have a regular weekend
morning. What will you do if you had woken up by this time”

A: “Hhhh.. like a hh.. we would stay in bed and maybe like.. mm..”
I can’t believe my own voice that was trembling so much.

J: “Yes.. you can tell me.. I am here to make you feel good..”

A: “Yeah.. but it’s a.. hh.. lazy morning sex..” I was blushing
like anything. Although I had these moments with Shilpa.. Most of the
times she would deny and go back to sleep.

J: “I understand. Couples should have these moments between them in
their leisure time so that they can be the best friend of other.”

A: “Is it a part of the therapy?” without looking up

J: “Yes. I am happy to help you so that you put everything
behind…”, I moved towards him leaving no space between us. I took
his right hand around my waist and placed it on my right hip just like
before. Then I took his left hand and placed it over the camisole just
below my breasts.

A: “So, this wouldn’t be a problem right…” moving my hand a
little up on her camisole with a sense of her big breasts.

J: I gently caught his wrist and placed his left palm on my right
bosom saying that”No. it’s not a problem. Hope this helps..” and
smiled at him.

A: I caressed her bossom and began moving my face towards her.

J: I knew what comes next. I put my hands on his back. I inclined
towards him and turned my head left a little as he was still sitting
facing the wall. As we knew each other before, we both yanked our
heads towards right. Our lips touched each other in a slow manner. I
can feel the shock that he is experiencing.

A: I started opening my mouth and sucking hers. She too reciprocated
the same. I slowly kneaded her right bossom. I moved my right hand to
her ass.

J: I felt that he is coming out of his real world into me. He moved
his one hand towards my ass. As I was inclined towards him, a bit of
my ass was in the air. He placed his right hand on my ass and pressing
it gently.
I slowly parted away from the kiss. I asked “How you will put this
thing going.. like you had favorite routines..?”

Will see in next part…