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Amit & Amrita

I am eager to put up my own real life incest stroy with my younger sister amrita we are real brother sister, we are punjabi’s staying at nagpur india. our parents work for government and now on deputation to another city since 4 yrs. they do visit home on weekends and holidays.

i am 21 and she (amrita) is 19 now. we are into incest since 3 years. first i used to peep into her bathroom through holes and *****s since she was 12 and her body was budding slowly i got wild and wanted to touch and feel her naked body but couldnt think of so. so at nights i used to go to her bed and used to feel her new tits over clothes. Then when she was 14 i musterd up some courage and thought of seeing her nude and wet in bath right in front and not through the door hooles. so one day when she was getting ready for school at 7 am ( when the maid doesnt come) i kept my wrist watch at bathroom basin. then i went to kicten to make tea and waited till amrita went to bath (as usual). my heart was thumping after amny days (as i used to fear someone might cathc us) so with some courage i peeped inside the door (as usual) and saw her getting nude and putting bath oil (as mom told her).

As she poured water on her, i got hard and my heart was thumping still thinking to go ahead on plan or not then finally i gave up to the devil on me and knocked on the bath door and said ‘ammu, pls give my watch from inside , i forgot there’ lovingly i used to call her ammu and still do as she opened the door i took the watch from her peeping hand and could see the soap on her fingers, then i couldnt hold to my self and pushed the door and barged in she was shocked at this action and sat on the floor first, then quickly she took the towel and covered her and said ” kutte(dog), what do u want?” “i said i just wanted to see you ammu, please let me see in full. i have seen you from these holes but am not satisfied” i said pointing at the door holes. “kutte(dog) gadhe(donky) you are seeing your own sister nanga (nude)? wait i will call mom and tell her”

quickly i took off her towel as she wsa trying to put onher clothes now, and threw it on tub now she was fully nude and was on knees hiding her body from me, as was crying now with sobs i had just one hour to finish the job as the maid comes at 8 am sharp i knelt down and touched her legs and said “ammu pls i am very hungry i wanted to see girls nude in real, like the ones on internet so i tried this, but i love you ammu , i promise i willnot do anything and not tell anybody. pls just let me see u closely. ” i was stronger than her sho she couldnt resist my force and i split her legs to peep in her hair covered pussy. since she was sitting i coldnt see her tits too.

i wanted to gorge on them so i pushed and made her lie on floor. she resisted but i forced her to lie down she was sobbing loud, since our bath is in the back side of the colony so i knw no one will hear. still i cover her lips with left hand and started to touch her naked wet body, in between i kept saying ‘i love you ammu, i love you very much” and i kept devouring her fully, i mauled her tiny but firm shaped tits, was i suckeled them one by one then i went down and kissed her hairy pussy also , this tickeled her but she still resisted then with right hand i tried to finger her but she remvoed it by force and pushed me aside i was very hot and hard then , i removed my night pyjamas while stopping to get out from bathroom theni was completely naked like hers and my dick was swinging up down right left i used to shag at times thinking of her so now there she was nude wet scared and crying in front of me, i stroked my dick and then ttook her hands and placed them on my dick ”

dekho (see) ammu mera dick bhi dekho (see my dick too)” she said (sigh-uh) “chhee, gandhe jao yahan se aaj main mummy se bol doongi ki tumne yeh kia” (dirty get away frm here today i will tell mom that you did this) i got scared , what if she really tells mom. i had an idea ” if you tell mom i will tell her that you brought jangu(our neighbourhood boy, who was 15 then) here and that i found you two nude and getting to do sex at home, okay” i tried to scare her with this trick and that worked, she started to cry and said” tumne mujhe phasaya hai, tum paapi ho” ( u tricked me into this, u are a sinner) meanwhile without losing time i was still touching her tits and pussy ————— this is how i started to trouble for 3 months.