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An Encounter with Lathika

Let me describe myself. I’m 26 years old and I’m now working as the manager for a company in Ireland. This incident happened when I was 20 and studying in my native place in kerala. Those days I was well built with a height of about 6 feet. Till that age I knew not much about sex. I was not fond of any books or any films. But I loved very much to enjoy the beauty of girls. During that period I learned many things from my friends and I strarted to see many sex films and all. Thus I became very much interested in sex.

Those days we had a servant in our house who came to cook food for us as my mother was abroad. Her name was Lathika and she was very fair with a nice shaped body and big round ass. At first I didn’t had any intentions about her, but later I became interested in her. She was about 30 years old.

She came to my house in the morning and will go after she finish cooking. My father would go to his work early morning itself and it was holiday for me. I had a collection of blue films to see during the vacations. The day this incident occurred I was involved in seeing a film from my computer in my room. I didn’t noticed that lathika had already came and she was waiting for me to open the door of the house.she called loudly and I heard and went quickly to open the door. But I forgot to close the film. Lathika came in and she heard the sound from the film. She asked what was it and I replied nothing.
I don’t know why but what happened was she went to my room. At this action I was really tensed and my God what would happen if she see that. But before I could reach the room she already so the film that was still playing in the computer. The scene then going on was a man licking the cunt of a woman.

I was frightened and lathika seemed to like the movie. I didn’t waste my time and I slowly touched her ass. My goodness it was the first time I was doing such a thing.
Lathika quickly turned back and stared at me. But I went on caressing her ass. Then I slowly turned my hand towards her belly and started massaging there.i pulled down her sary a little bit and caught her navel. It was so deep.suddenly she started moaning . I continued my work and moved my hands to her breast. It was big and nice shaped. I started to press it and she made sounds. This aroused me more and I started to pinch her nipple through her blouse. Then I took her in my arms and started kissing her cheeks and the her eyes, nose and then her lips. Our tongues fought each other. She became so hot and started to make big moaning. I slowly went down and reached her breast slowly removed her blouse and when I saw her black bra I was in heaven. I slowly opened it and the sight of big hanging boobs arrested my eyes on them. Then something really strange happened.
I was in upper hand till then. But suddenly she turned me down and removed my mundu(I was not wearing any undies at that time). She took my tool in her hand and started licking it madly. She started to stroke it and at last I came out with lot of cum. It spread on her face and on her boobs. She tasted it and asked me to fuck her. I obeyed her and slowly removed her pavada and her panties while licking on her boobs and trying to drink the milk. She was naked and I enjoyed her beautiful structure. Her pussy was not shaved and the smell of the region made me mad. I slowly separated the lips of pussy and inserted my fingers in to it. And started stroking, her pussy came wet and I took my tool and slowly inserted my thing into it. She started shouting and it was paining for me also. But I continued and inserted it completely into her magic triangle. I started stroking and within ten minutes I was about to cum, I told her and she told me to cum inside her. I deposited whole the thing into her thing. I was tired and took out my weapon and started to insert my tongue into her pussy and stroked hard till she came. I drank her juice and we both were tires and rested on each others naked body. After one hour we had another fuck and then a joined bath.