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An evening with Vijaya

Vijayamma was the servant of our home for 3 months. She was a slim beauty with dull complexion. But she is enough for satisfying our needs. One afternoon my parents went out of the house to attend the marriage reception of a family friend.I was alone at the home. After watching television I went out to have a bath.Meanwhile I saw that Vijaya was sweeping the courtyard and advancing around the house.

After finished bathing I saw through the bathroom door that Vijaya was sweeping besides the door.I went in a horny mood.and peeped through the door gap.I was stumbed..

I could not believe what I saw.The black nipples of her was touching her nighty tip.It seemed to be poking out of the dress. I suddenly opened the doors of the bathroom.She moved up and smiled at me.It seemed to me that she was looking at my body and arms. She had a naughty smile on her face. Without changing my dress, I told her to give me a cup of tea.She went into he kitchen. My mind flowed in the sweety river of the thoughts of her nipples. Then she came with a cup of tea while I was changing my undergarments. I suddenly made a jerk and unfortunately my towel fell down.For a moment I became nude in before her. I felt ashamed.She smiled and went to the kitchen. In the towel I went in to the kitchen with a shy. I went in and asked her not to say this matter to anybody.She was biting her finger. Then I recalled that she was unmarried.

I told her that I supposed that this was the first time that she was seeing a nude man. She said yes.I told her that I too wanted to see the body of a woman.First she objected.Then I advanced close to her.Kept ny hands on her hips. I asked her again. Now it seemed that she was also interested in me.she was in a nighty and I were semi nude.I hugged her and she lay her face on my chest.I pressed her ass.She kissed all over my chest.Her kisses on my blackspots on my chest threw me into fancy heaven. Then I knelt down.Took her hips in my arms.I gave a lashing kiss on her breasts and her belly. Now I advanced with her to my room.Loked the door.I unhooked her nighty.Pulled it down.She was not wearing a bra!!Her boobs were small and cute. I untied her pavada’s white string and legged it down .She was in her underwear only.

I laid her on the bed.She threw off my towel. My joys knew no bounds. I stretched her arms and pressed it tightly. Then i kissed around the neck and enjoyed her.She was all in a mood. I then went down her body and kissed her navel.Pressed her belly. Then I licked her nipples and then pressed it.Took her nipples in my mouth and gave it a hard blow so that she screamed in pain.milk splashed rom her nipIles and I took the greatest pleasure to drink it.
I kissed her belly(vayar) and navel many times.She harassed my hair. Then I pulled her over my top.She deliberately kissed my face.Gave me a mouth kiss as if she was experienced. I laid her back and ran my hands over her belly. Then later I went more down and kissed on the front of her underwear.She was jerking on my face. I turned her back.Pulled down her underwear and gave a hard kiss on her ass.She jumped with tickleness.I kissed all over her back. Then I turned her front, removed her panty.She seduced and I kissed her there for over a long time.She was in a heaven.We then made a turn together.I then went and laid near her legs with her mouth at my horn. We both licked and kissed each others horn and remained there.She then took mine in her mouth and sucked the seduced juice.I kissed her between the legs and gave a licking kiss on her navel.

She then blowed my horn again till it seduced again. Later we lay plain on the bed. I ran all my nasty thoughts about sex act upon her body. She seemed to me like a sex queen.She got up,wore her dress in a cute manner.This was the first time that I was seeing a lady in full nude.She gave me a sunning look and bit her lips when she went out.She went to the kitchen and was involved in her jobs. Till now nobody Knows of that affair. We remain normal with our job……………….