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An incident between me and my best friend’s mom also known as Manju aunty

This is no fiction,if u can believe it,nor is it my was a
wonderful thing that happened to me on that eventful afternoon.

I was at my friend’s house to pick him up as I planned a sudden visit to
the nearby movie buddy wasn’t there, and his busty mom was home
alone, his sister had been to a oneday tour from her school. Anyway she
insisted I come in and have some coffee and chat with her. Till then I
was a virgin, having not even a girlfriend, not to say the least of
having a mature women. Nor did I think I had a thing towards elder woman

manju aunty was wearing a faded red saree with matching blouse. We sat for
some chat on her settee, with coffee of course. With no caution she
began coming on to me. I must have been 21 at the time,and this was a 44
year old mom of 2. I had no clue what to make of her intrusion at first.
We were sitting close in the sofa, and she started making cracks and
slapping my thigh(i didn’t find anything funny,but laughed as I was
expected to) with each fond slap her hands were approaching my danger
area. She was laughing and her big breasts were heaving. I knew it was
forbidden, but couldn’t resist peeping down her bosom cleavage. Without
my intention I was having a hard on for my buddy’s mom, and she was
driving me mad with her hands seemingly brushing my prick. I asked to be
excused,as I was planning to watch a movie.

I was embarrassed at what she’d feel if she found my hard on then it
happened, without warning she knelt on the floor, unzipped my zipper,
pushed aside my undershorts. Bam my hardon was jerking at her face. Mine
wasn’t so studly for her, or atleast that was what I thought.her eyes
were hazy with lust, i guess. She pouted her lips and kissed me hard on
my penis upon which my dick started throbbing. She felt it pulsating
with her mature palms wrapped around my shaft. She parted her luscious
lips and took me in up till the tip.then she started sucking me hard,
her head bobbing between my wobbly knees.

My eyes began to blur with ecstasy. I couldn’t think clearly. My best
friend’s mom was sucking my cock like a expert cocksucker, or was it she
at all.she lifted her chin to look at me. There was a grin on her face
with my penis wedged between her sexy lips. She started slurping hard,
then she licked me and held me like a lollipop inside her mouth. It was
too much and I came inside her mature mouth. My buddy’s mom didn’t even
blink,not to say about seems she knew perfectly my timing,
being an experienced slut. I shook my head to clear my thoughts,
suddenly I was feeling hot and shaky(guilt or drain,i know not to this
date) she was blushing after fully swallowing my virgin cum and she
grinned showing her teeth biting my deflating penis between her teeth.
Young as I was that started my limping cock again. She resumed sucking
until I begged her to stop due to pain due to the stimulation
immediately after coming.

My friends mom was clever. She was aged maybe a little plump on her
stomach, but she had beautiful breasts with blood filled nipples jutting
out. She knew how to ignite my penis. She undressed her saree and flung
it aside,then she did a mild striptease with her blouse hooks.i was
straining with my eyes hungry for her next move(guilt replaced by
lust)finally after an hour it seemed her blouse came off.she had a white
brassiere on with one size less maybe to contain her 39d tits (she
explained later)she bent her elbows behind and unhooked her seductive
bra. Instead of freeing her boobs. She teased me by slowly wriggling her
bra straps off the shoulders. I tried to pluck it out,and got slapped
fondly on my hands.this was all too much for me.

I begged manju aunty, i want to suck ur nipples.’ U have the time of world
and my breasts, don’t worry’she said with a nasty grin. It was hard to
imagine her as my dear friends mom, she has transformed into a seductive
witch, and I was bewitched for sure.

That moment if god offered me a boon,i would have asked for her and
nothing else.she wedged my penis in her cleavage.she was sitting on the
floor opposite to me on the sofa.then she asked me to jerk myself in her
valley. She was crushing me by pinching her breasts together with her
palms pushing her massive tits. My 6 incher started the jouney of it’s
life. She was trying to kiss my penis tip as it pushed forward up
through her cleavage. I virtually cried as I spurted a couple of spurts,
one landing on her chin, the other smearing on her neck. She took her
blouse and cleaned herself, and my rod with her mouth ofcourse. I lay
back and fainted it seems.

Awhile had passed iam surebefore I sensed that my best friends busty hot
mom was mounting me. I opened my eyes and sure saw her sliding her old
cunt onto my young cock which was mysteriously hard yet again.she rode
me like it was her last prick was paining and I yelled at her to
atleast slow down.but she maintained status quo with her tempo. She made
me pinch her erect nipples with my fingers(she instructed me to use
forefinger and middle finger like scissors,and wedge her nipples between
them). Suddenly she screamed in her orgasm,then fell forward her breasts
heaving from laboured breathing,leaning their soft pillowy weight on my
young bare chest.

Shen she got up, pulled me up from the sofa, walked me into her bedroom.
She fell on her bed and pulled me on top of her. My dick was still hard
as I couldn’t come fast because of coming twice already within one hour.
She obviously knew this and was urging me to mount her. I earnestly
allowed her to fondle my cock and place it’s tip into her wet and slimy
pussy again.she wrapped her fleshy thighs around my lean buttocks.she
asked me to penetrate her deep until my balls slapped in rhythm on her
bum. She words she used bluntly was unbelieavable and drove me on if wasn’t dawning on me then that I was mounting and fucking my
best friend’s mom on her own marital bed.

I was guilty towards my friend as well as his dad. But who cared then. I
don’t think I could’ve stopped fucking his mom, even if he were there
yelling at me. Anyway I established a rhythm inside my buddy’s mom’s
womb. She was my first woman and best till date for sure. I was enjoying
losing my virginity to my sexy manju aunty.

manju aunty was moaning in my ears to encourage me, I guess. I started
instinctively like a man plunging it hard and straight.she instructed me
to rotate my hips for more fun. I did and liked it even better.her pussy
was gripping me, I was straining to go up pulling my dick from inside
the vice like hot grip of my buddy’s mom’s cunt.she was bucking upwards
to meet my thrusts. I could feel her toes slapping my buttocks softly
with each thrust. I saw in my mind her red polished nails and soft heel
lapping on my butt.

I bent myself and sucked her right breast like a baby. She was groaning
in encouragement. Suddenly I stopped panic I reminded her of
not wearing a condom.she said coolly’. Ti’s okay one doesn’t need to
wear condoms with his friend’s mom as she was no stranger. I wasn’t
sure, I believed her or rather understood her. But instinctively
continued fucking manju aunty. I was calling manju aunty , manju aunty, but my
voice was muffled by her breast which filled my mouth.and I came big
inside my manju aunty, into the womb of my best friend’s best ever mummy.

I fell on her heaving breasts, took her left breast in my mouth and
sucked voraciously and slept fully drained for the day. An hour later I
woke with a start and found her breast still tucked inside my mouth, my
penis still inside my buddy’s mom. manju aunty was stroking and combing my
hair with her fingers. I sleepily looked up at her face, hesitant to let
her juicy nipple out of my mouth.

‘U can have all ur dreams come through with ur friend’s mom, as she is
your’s too. Whenever u feel like u can come to ur manju aunty provided the
coast is clear, she ambled on, I fell asleep again till she woke me up
saying the kids will be home anytime.