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Anita’s true experiences in Paris as a tourist and the club for older people where nastiness seemed to be a normality

The Eiffel tower stood majestically behind us as another tourist took
our pictures. My wife Anita and I were on a vacation to Paris and we were
thoroughly enjoying it. During daytime we did the usual sightseeing, but
I was eagerly looking forward to the evening.

As the evening wore on, we started walking hand in hand towards Torcado
underground station. From the other side of the river, the Eiffel tower
looked awesome in the night., We took some more pictures, We bought
tickets for another underground station called rue du Cherche-Midi.

I had a plan and Anita had agreed for it. As the train reached our
station, my heart started beating faster. Out on the road, we started
looking out for L’overside. It’s a French ‘libertine” club, basically
meaning a swingers club. We went up and down the street mentioned in the
address a few times, but were unable to find it. Anita, who was already
very nervous, urged me to call it off.

“Maybe it doesn’t exist, or we are in a wrong place. Lets go back to our
hotel” Anita said.

But I persisted. I told her it must be somewhere close by. Finally we
saw a gate to a private apartment which seemed to be the address. She
hesitated but I walked in. She followed

After walking a few paces, we saw a staircase going down to the
basement. There was not a soul around. Even I was shaky. We could be
trespassing in a private house.

We were walking slowly with unsure steps. With Anita was clinging on to
me. But soon we heard footsteps behind us and heard a lot of laughing
and giggling. It was a very fashionable French couple who overtook us
and pressed the bell next to a small inconspicuous door ahead of us,
which one could easily miss. In a few seconds the door was opened by
muscular tough-looking usher, and the couple walked right in. On
reaching the door, I could see the name “L’overside” written tinily next
to the door. We were in the right spot. Both Anita and me were very
nervous now. Even I was in two minds, but my arousal got the better of

She asked me whether I was sure about this, and I answered in the
affirmative as I pressed the bell. The door was opened by the same scary

He looked at us. We were dressed formally as required by the club rules.
He nodded approvingly and we walked in. It was dark but we could make
out there were lots of people inside by voices we could hear.

To say I was nervous would be an understatement. My heart was racing,
and Anita had lost her voice. She was holding onto me tightly as we walked
upto a dark corner

“Adi, I think we should go back”. My wife urged again

“Please relax now. We are inside the club, atleast let us see what
happens here” I told her “Even if you don’t want us to get involved, let
us atleast watch for sometime and then we can leave”

I caressed her hands trying to put her at ease. But she just nudged her
face against my shoulder and arm as we sat in the corner of a sofa. My
wife was really very nervous. She is 35 years old, but was behaving like
a scared baby.

In the club, nothing much was happening, except that people were
drinking and talking to each other. Once in a while a guy would look at
my wife or a woman would check me out from afar! But no one took serious
interest. I thought maybe this club is basically for the French, and not
outsiders. Atleast we could watch and then leave.

There was a fees of 50 Euros, but which one had to pay only while
leaving. And the first drink and the buffet dinner was on the house. So,
as we both were sitting nervously in the corner, I thought it was best
to have something to eat , atleast to look a little busy.

Anita didn’t want any alcoholic drink and told me to bring her any fruit
juice. She was too nervous to even walk around so I brought her a
selection of food along with my plate. However, the female bartender
looked a bit surprised when I asked her for fruit juice and said she
only has hard drinks and colas. I got myself a glass of red wine.

Anita was still sitting with her face nuzzled in my shoulders and looking
at the proceedings with the corner of her eyes.

The atmosphere was dark and to an extent a bit claustrophobic, being a
closed area in a basement. Even the walls were painted in very dark
colours. And there were large mirrors around. The crowd was mostly
elderly couples but one or two single guys were also sitting around.
Initially most people were sitting alone in different corners, except
for a 2-3 elderly couples who perhaps knew each other previously itself.
Among them two women who were definitely 50+ in age who were talking and
laughing a lot. Definitely they were sloshed.

The crowd was very thin and except conversations between the eldery
couple nothing much was happening. Anita urged me a couple of times that
we leave. But I insisted that we stay for a while, as we don’t get too
many opportunities to be in a place like this. Its not really our
neighbourhood in Mumbai that we can make it here soon again. And as we
are already inside, lets wait and watch for a while, especially as this
place seemed safe — in the sense that the guys didn’t look as if they
would force themselves on the women. Everything seemed to be with
consent here. Infact it seemed much safer than lots of normal places in
India. Delhi in the evening could be more unsafe than this swingers
club. Anita agreed, but her nervousness and uneasiness didn’t seem to
decrease at all.

I was through with my first drink and went for a second round. I brought
back two glasses with me. Anita does drink wine once in a while . It very
rare but she does. And never more than half a glass, but I wanted her to
have now, just to loosen up. As expected she refused.

For the next half an hour or more we just kept talking to each other.
The room also started getting cooler over time, as I guess they must
have increased the cooling of the airconditioner. This made Anita stick
even closer to me.

“ Cmon atleast take a couple of sips” I urged my wife, “it might make
you feel a bit warmer”

She still didn’t.

As we were talking we saw another 2-3 couples walk in , as also a few
single guys. Being Saturday, the club was also open to singles today.
Normally during other days it isn’t. But its costs 90 euros for a single
man and one has to be in absolute formals. Suits are preferred for men
by the management of the club, and women have to be elegantly dressed.

We had spent more than an hour in the club and nothing seemed to be
happening. It was becoming a bit tedious for us to kill time. I looked
around to find two single guys sitting opposite us. One was a thin,
young guy. He seemed equally bored and was unmoving for a long time. He
too seemed unsure and once in while would glance around. Just giving us
fleeting looks once in a while. And the other guy was older and seemed
more experienced and sure of himself.

As Anita and I were talking, the latter got up and went to the place where
the elderly couples were sitting and started dancing by himself.
Everyone in the room started looking at him.

After a minute or two he walked upto an elderly woman, bent down and
said something to her. I guess he must have asked her for a dance as she
did exactly that. They both were dancing slowly, sort of a waltz, as
everyone’s eyes were riveted on them. One of the guys, who I assume was
the woman’s husband looked on enthusiastically and kept cheering his
wife. The wife was in ‘high spirits” and kept laughing a lot.

Slowly, she started pulling herself down along the man’s chest as she
kept swaying in the rhythmic movements of her dance. She kept going down
till her face was right in front of the man’s crotch. The man who was
much younger than the woman, was looking at her and kept dancing.

The woman then unzipped her dancing partner’s trousers and brought out
his cock. As his cock popped out, she started giving him a blow job with
her elderly friend’s and husband egging and cheering her on.

Anita and I were looking this wide-eyed.

As I was turning around to speak to Anita, my eyes fell on the young guy
sitting opposite us. His face was lowered but was looking at my wife.
Seeing the movement of my head, he looked at me. Our eyes met and I
smiled. He did too.

Then ignoring him I again started to talk to Anita.

She was almost shivering by now. I brought up the glass of wine to her.

“Please, just take a sip” I urged “otherwise like this you will catch a

This time she took a sip, but not any more and kept holding the glass in
her hand.

“What do you think about the guy opposite us” I whispered to Anita

She smiled.

“He looks like a kid” She replied with a smile “but these are the kinds
who are psychopaths”

“Oh, cmon, you are watching too many movies” I said

“I was just joking” She replied “But still, don’t have plans of me
trying anything here with anyone. We will just watch for a while and

“ok baba, as you like” I said helplessly

Meanwhile, the elderly woman had forgotten about her dancing and was
completely engrossed in giving her dancing partner a blow job. She was
sucking hard and taking in a lot of his meat into her mouth. She seemed
to be an expert.

By now I realized, the the large hall had got quite crowded with more
people pouring in. And lots of them were watching the woman perform
fellatio on the man. I also noticed that a few men and women were
pairing up and going up a staircase which was at the other corner of the
room. I knew these clubs had private rooms too. So I guess they were
going there. Those room were meant for shy visitors or people who wanted

The sight of the 50+ years plus woman giving a blow job to this man was
quite a turn on. I was getting a hard on. I turned around to see my wife
watching the pair intently. I bent to kiss her but she resisted.

“No, please. I am not comfortable doing this out here” she responded.

“c’mon no one is bothered about us here” I reasoned out to Anita.

She didn’t say anything and I bent towards her and kissed her.

She didn’t respond much to my kiss initially but soon opened her mouth.
We kissed for a 30 seconds or so. She seemed flushed by that itself. We
have never kissed like this, with so many people present. Though it was
true people were not bothered about us and rather more interested in
watching the lustful couple on the dance floor.Still, we were not used
to it. We were not the kind to do wet kissing in front of people. My
heart was racing too.

I again saw the young guy watching us. Anita saw him too this time.

“God , he is looking at us” Anita told me in very low voice “what if he
comes here”

“That will be hot” I replied with a teasing smile

“No way” My wife insisted

I just turned around and started watching the couple on the dance floor,
lost in their world. The guy had a raging hard on, caused by the
constant sucking by the woman kneeling in front of him. By now many
other men and women were pairing up. And like us, a few were kissing
each other. Even in a corner I saw two women were kissing each other.
Both must be above 50 years of age, surely above 45.

My wife seemed to be the youngest woman in the room, till I saw some
younger couples walk in too. It was around midnight by then.

As other sofas and chairs started filling up, people started sitting
opposite us on the emptyish sofa besides the younger guy.

I guess he was looking for a reason, or rather an excuse to move closer
us and the arrival of more people on his sofa gave him that. He shifted
himself to a sofa which was at 90 degrees to ours and in between his and
our sofa.

This made Anita more tense, despite her having taken a few more sips of
the wine.

“Adi, what if he tries something” My wife said in a panicking tone “I am
not going to allow him anything , I am telling you now itself”

“I don’t think so he will” I pacified my wife “He looks too timid for

Anita wasn’t even lifting her head.

“Just relax please” I assured my wife “No one is going to eat you up

“I think we stayed here long enough. Lets go now please” She insisted

“okay just another 15 minutes please” I bought some time.

She agreed.

I started looking at the rest of the people in the room. By now people
had got up from their chairs and sofas and were interacting and
socializing with each other. More couples were making their way up to
the private rooms while some were returning. I saw a much older man walk
up towards us. He crossed me and went and sat right next to my wife !

My heart skipped a few beats. I don’t how many my wife’s heart skipped !

“I hope you don’t mind if I sit here?” he asked my wife

“hm er Its ok” she replied in the affirmative though hesitatingly

I could feel Anita’s hands grip my hands tighter, though it couldn’t be
seen to anyone else.

“Whats your name my dear girl” he plainly asked Anita

I guess my wife had to reply as this man was being so straightforward
and normal.

“Anita” she replied

“Aanoo”!! “he exclaimed with a smile “I never heard that name
before.Where are you from” ?

“India” my wife gave the shortest possible answer

“You aa here to see France” ?

“Yes, with my husband” Anita replied as she pointed towards me

“aalo”(hello) he said and shook my hands

The man was also 50+ for sure and had greyed a lot, but still seemed

Suddenly my wife gripped my hands even more tightly. Infact very
tightly. I could see this man had placed his hands on her legs as he
kept talking to us.

“ I am Pierre” he informed us

“Bon Soir Pierre” I replied in the little bit of French I had picked up
“ I am Aditya”

“Bon Soir” he responded with a smile “You have pretty wife”

“Merci” I again replied in broken French

By now his hands were moving a bit on my wife’s legs

Anita was very stiff and tense.

I guess he could feel it too and he removed his hands, at which my wife
seem to relax a bit.

“That’s nice dress” he continued the conversation as he asked Anita about
her sari “Indian dress?”

“Yes, its called Sari” my wife replied shyly

“I know . I hear about it. My wife like it” he said

“you wife is here?” Anita asked not knowing what else to say

“Oui, there” he said as he pointed to an elderly woman at the other end
of the room talking to a much younger guy.

“Her nom Madeline. She is German” He informed about his wife

“oh ok” Anita managed to stutter a reply

There was an awkward silence for a moment.

“I not boring you, AAnita” ? he enquired.

“huh no. not at all” she replied to him with a forced smile. I don’t
know if she meant it or not, but she had to be polite as this man had
himself been nice and polite so far.

Her answer nevertheless brought a smile to his face.

He kept asking Anita about herself as he also informed us about him and
his family. He was 55 years old and was an art curator by profession,
and his 52 year old wife was in a similar field. She was managing an
exhibition hall. And they have a 26 year old daughter. We spoke for
about 10 minutes before he made his move again. As he was talking he
again kept his hands on Anita’s legs. Though she again gripped my hands
tight, she didn’t seem that tense this time. Maybe she had got a bit
used to this man and was feeling more comfortable or maybe it was the
effect of the glass of wine she had, or perhaps both.

This man must be used to reading women as he too seemed to realize that
Anita was a bit more at ease now.

“Aanoo, would you like a dance with me” he asked

“ohh no no , I am bad at it” my wife replied instantly but shyly at the
same time

“Try it” he insisted

“ Please no” my wife replied

“ok” Pierre gave up

“But let me tell you, you very beautiful” He told my wife

“hmm, flattering my wife” I thought with a smile. “but it wont work.
Flattery doesn’t work with my wife” These thoughts were going through my

“Thank you” my wife replied shyly. She was being polite.

By now Pierre’s hands were again gently moving in a circular motion on
my wife’s legs.

Hearing her reply, he held Anita’s hands and kissed it.

She blushed and looked at me.

“Excuse moi Annu. I get drink for me. What you like” ? he asked her

“oh thank you, but I don’t drink” she informed Pierre

“Non, non “ he laughed and walked towards the bar.

I took the opportunity to have a quick word with my wife.

“Anita, I am sorry about this. But he came unvinvited. And on top of that
our luck is bad. We get an old man . Should I ward him off slowly ? I
asked my wife

“C’mon don’t be cruel. He is old but sweet and harmless. I can manage
him “ she replied “And atleast he keeps the other scary men away”

“Are you sure” ? I quizzed her

“well, we should be going, but it wont be polite if we just leave like
this. I guess he will chat for while more and then go to someone else”
My wife told me

“The old man must be happy to even just talk to a much younger girl” I

She alsolaughed but lightheartedly reprimanded me “Adiii, don’t be

By then old man Pierre was back with two glasses in hand

“Sorry monsieur, I have only two hands and could get only two glasses”
He said as he kept a glass in front of my wife and the other one in
front of me. “I will get one for me now” he added

“oh please,that’s kind of you. But please let me get it for you” I said

“Merci, I take a margerita”

I got up and walked towards the bar.

By the time I was back, his hands were again back on my wife’s legs.

I managed to hear him ask a question to my wife as I sat down

“I am too old ?”

“No, age is in one’s mind” My wife replied diplomatically

“Merci” he smiled as he asked further “you like me?

“huh, yes” my wife stuttured into an affirmative answer “ you are nice

Her politness was perhaps preventing her from saying anything else.

Suddenly he bent down and kissed my wife on her cheek

My wife was taken aback, but managed to respond with an uneasy laughter.

“What was that for” ?!

“Merci” he said with a smile “you are sweet girl. You sweet like

“uhh, who is she” ? Anita asked

“My daughter. She is working in London now”

“ohh” was the only reply my wife could manage. There was again silence
for a moment. Anita sipped on her glass of wine to break the awkwardness
as she didn’t know what else to do.

“Aanoo, can I please kiss you again” he asked her

Anita blushed and looked at me for help. My blank face didn’t help her

“ok” she gave a brief reply.

He bent towards her and planted his lips on her cheek and I saw he put
his arms around her shoulder.

This time the kiss wasn’t a short one, but he lingered on for a few
moments more. This sight turned me on crazily. I didn’t want it to end
just there. I was becoming impulsive. I also put my arms on her legs and
began to carress her. She looked at me puzzled. I was expecting her to
sit up straight and reprimand me. Instead I heard a giggle.

Hearing that even I gave her a peck on the cheek. Pierre must have
noticed it and read my mind. He took his lips away from Anita’s cheeks and
placed it on her lips.

I could hear some muffled sounds of resistance from Anita. This made
Pierre pull his face away.

“I am sorry. You don’t like ? Pierre asked puzzled and worried.

Anita wasn’t sure of how to react. She looked at Pierre. He had a very
apologetic look on his face.

“I am shy” she said shyly ! I think I also saw a shy smile on her face,
atleast she wasn’t angry.

I took the opportunity to pull myself to her and kiss her on her ears
and then began to probe my tongue into her ears. I sucked on her
earlobes. I knew this turns on my wife a lot.

Anita didn’t react, atleast she didn’t seem hostile. This encouraged
Pierre to kiss her again.

I could again hear muffled sounds from my wife, but this time they
didn’t seem to be of protests.

My cock was throbbing with arousal. I pulled myself away to have a clear
view of what was happening. My wife and Pierre were engrossed in their
kiss.It was long and wet. Pierre’s hands rubbing my wife’s legs rather I
should say thighs.

I again went closer to Anita. “I love you baby” I whispered in her ears as
I placed my hands on her breasts and started kneading them.

By now the old man was licking Anita’s face, her cheeks, her eyes. My wife
passive but could her muffled sounds.

I kept keading and pressing my wife breasts and nipples, which were
erect by now.

I turned my head to look around. Several couples were now kissing and
fondling each other. Some had even gone beyond that. One old woman
sitting on a sofa was having her pussy sucked by a much younger man.

I sat upright and took a sip of my drink. By now, Pierre’s hands had
replaced mine on Anita’s breasts and she hadn’t objected at all. The sight
made my cock pushing against my trousers. I could feel precum oozing out
of my cock.

Pierre than guided my wife’s hand onto his crotch . He held her hand as
he made her rub his cock. She continued doing the same as he left her
hand loose.

My wife’s pallu had fallen down, completely exposing her blouse and her
stomach. And Pierre kept rubbing her breasts over her blouse. Even
through the bra and blouse I could see the inundations of Anita’s erect

As Pierre kept kissing my wife, his hands were trying to unhook her
bouse. But he met with no success. I moved in to help him out and
unhooked her bouse, which fell open to the sides, exposing her black
bra. I moved back again to relish the sight. Pierre’s hands were back on
her breasts. He squeezed them for a while before pulling it up to free
her breasts. My wife was reclining half naked on the sofa, with atleast
50 more people in the room.

Pierre lowered his lips on her nipples and began to lick and suck them,
moving from nipple to the other. This brought out muffled moans from my

He kept going at it. As her moans became more audible.

I had told Anita to wear a red sari for today, as I find it very sexy. But
I don’t know if it was the right decision or not, as sari is also one of
the most difficult dress to disrobe, especially in a sitting position.
And that too by a foreigner !

As Pierre sucked my wife’s breasts his hands moved to the rest of her
sari, but he seemed perplexed. He had no clue how to go about it, and
that too without seeing !

I was just about deciding whether to step in again or not to help, by
when Pierre just caught hold of the lower end of my wife’s sari and
hiked it up to her waist . My wife’s legs and thighs lay bare. Even her
black panty could be seen. I noticed it had a wet patch!

The sudden jerk of her sari made my wife whimper, but before she could
say anything Pierre’s mouth was on my wife’s panty, licking her pussy
through it. Anita’s whimper turned into a loud moan as she felt the first
touch of his tongue on her panty covered pussy.

Pierre was by now, half kneeling in front of her. With one finger he
pulled her panty to one side , exposing her naked pussy . He tasted my
wife’s pussy with one long swish of his tongue. This brought out another
loud moan from Anita. This encouraged Pierre to hungrily slurp on my
wife’s pussy with his toungue. He nuzzled his face and nose into my
wife’s pussy as if he was enjoying her scent. Anita’s eyes were closed as
moans of pleasure escaped from her lips now and then.

By now Pierre had freed his cock and was rubbing it on my wife’s legs,
on her calves.

As I looked around , my eyes fell upon the same young man sitting next
to our sofa. He was still without a companion and was staring at Pierre
sucking my wife’s pussy. Realising that I was looking at him, he looked
at me . I had a smile on my face which made him smile too. I nodded at
him, which he didn’t seem to understand. So I gestured with my hands to
make him know that he too is welcome to go ahead with my wife, if he
wishes so.

He didn’t need any further prompting, and he quickly moved to our sofa.
He stood on his knees on the sofa next to my wife. His crotch right
besides my wife’s face. He took out his erect cock in a hurry and rubbed
it on my wife’s face and lips. My wife opened her eyes surprised.

“Please suck it” he requested in a hurried but polite tone.

My wife’s eyes had a glazed look and she opened her mouth to accept his
cock. At firt she was just licking it, which slowly turned to sucking.
She closed her eyes again.

It was too much for me to bear. This was one of the hottest sights I had
ever seen or would see. I took out my cock too and began to unashamedly
masturbate. The young guy standing over her, was groaning loudly out of
pleasure. I could hear similar sounds all over the room.

All kinds of sexual acts were taking place, old with young, threesomes,
foursomes, women with women, men with men. We were in middle of a large
orgy. I felt envious of the French. This was their lifestyle !

My wife’s whole body was squirming as both the men worked on her. After
a while, Pierre stood up, and took out a packet from his trouser, which
was lying on the sofa. He tore it and took out a condom ! He quickly
rolled it onto his cock and prepared to penetrate my wife ! Atleast I
was expecting so. But instead he lay on top of my wife and said
something in French to the younger man, who pulled out his cock from my
wife’s mouth. My wife opened her eyes looking questioningly at the men.
His face was very close to my wife’s breasts.

“Aanoo, can I put my cock in you ?” He asked as he licked her breasts.

“Yesss” was the only word she could manage as her body squirmed to every
lick on her nipples.

Pierre pulled himself backwards till he was kneeling in front of my
wife. He held his cock and held it front of Anita’s pussy. He slowly
rubbed the tip of his cock on my wife’s clit and pussy lips and then
with a big push entered my wife’s pussy. This old man was fucking my
wife !

The younger man by now was doing what the older man was doing a while
ago – sucking Anita’s breasts.

The dual titillation of her pussy and nipples brought out loud spasmic
moans of pleasure from my wife. My shy wife looked like a sex goddess

“Fuck me, Fuck me” she almost screamed, like a bitch in heat. I had
hardly ever heard such words from her ever before.

The old man seemed to be enjoying her words a lot and added his own .

“You like to fuck father , you like to fuck father ” ? he asked loudly

“yesss” she replied amid her fast breathes

“yessss, I want you to fuck me daddy” she went on

“Daddy is fucking you” he grunted with pleasure

“ahhhh yessss.. ahhhh ….oohhhhh daddy” my wife kept saying as she
approached her orgasm.

Meanwhile, the young guy had again stood up and was masturbating
himself. He too was about to cum. As he got closer to it, he suddenly
mounted my wife’s face, standing half-upright facing the wall behind the
sofa. His legs were on either side of his face, as he tried to force his
cock into my wife’s mouth. Because of the roughness, my wife resisted on
reflex, but in few seconds opened her mouth and greedily accepted his
cock. The young man began to literally fuck my wife’s mouth. He came
with a loud nasal grunt. And he came in loads, which began to gag my
wife’s mouth. But he just pushed him cock deeper into her mouth. He must
have emptied his load somewhere in her throat, I thought. He went on
cumming, till his semen was overflowing from her mouth. I was worrying
about her safety, till I saw she wrap her legs around Pierre’s back and
pull him hard into her.

Finally the young man got off my wife and slumped next to her . I could
see my wife’s face clearly now. It was fully covered with his semen. He
had not just come in her mouth but all over face too. I really missed a
camera, but unfortunately it wasn’t allowed inside these clubs.

Pierre and Anita were strongly at it. She had tightly wrapped her legs and
arms around his back pressing him onto her. Both of them reached their
orgasms almost simultaneously.

“Fuck daddy, Fuck daddy” Pierre kept screaming as he started cumming.

My wife was responding equally loudly with long “yessss” and moans

As their orgasms subsidied they lay still tightly holding each other
their arms.

My wife finally opened and looked at me with a satisfied smile and
smiled even more when she saw me wanking my erect dick. Infact I could
hear a short laughter.

Pierre got up and went to get a drink.

Anita didn’t know how to react to the young man or even to Pierre now.

But the young man knew. He too went to the bar.

My wife was left alone with me for a while, and she was trying to catch
her breath.

“You look so beautiful” I told Anita , feeling a lot of love for her.

She laughed. “You sound like Pierre”

“Really you do look heavenly” I insisted “especially with all that semen
on your face”

She laughed again but was surprised to find so much of semen on her face
when she wiped herself with her hand.

She picked up the glass of wine and took a couple of sip.

“Gosh, I cant believe it, I am doing this” She said with a smile

“And I am very happy it happened” I replied with a bigger smile

“But poor you, you still haven’t cum” she said with a teasing smile “ I
will take care of it when we reach our hotel”

But the young man had different plans. He returned with a condom packet.
I realized they freely distribute condom packets in the club.

Anita looked at him questioningly.

“Oh no I am tired. I cant go through with it again” Anita informed him
with a laugh

“Oh” he exclaimed disappointed

“Just a quick one” he pleaded as he sat next to her

He began to fondle her breasts as he went on “Just let me cum once

“There are so many other women in the room, why not with them” ? my wife
asked him

“I don’t like French women. You are different. I always wanted fuck
asian women” he replied with a child like innocence.

Normally my wife would have never tolerated this language, but now the
circumstances and the mood were different.

She just laughed and lazily and sensually lay down sofa, as if
agreeable. Atleast that’s what the young man thought. He scampered on
top of my wife, which brought out further laughs from my wife .

“Noo, I am tired” my wife said loudly but light heartedly. The young man
got up again disappointed.

By now Pierre was back with glasses of wines. He handed one to my wife
which she accepted. I think she was already drunk. If she had any more
of the wine, she will pass out, I thought.

She took two sips and sat up. And kissed the young man on his lips.

“Don’t be rough, ok” she told him.with a smile. This was sort of an
approval , which made Pierre happy. She looked at me.

“Hubby dearie, watch me now and cum ! she teased me

“please be on your fours” the young man requested my wife

“aha” she responded but complied . She was upright in a doggie position
as the young man wore the condom and took his position behind her.

He didn’t spare much time as he tried to enter her with a big push

“Nooo, not there, LOWER” she instructed him.


He repositioned his cock and entered successfully this time with a big
push, which brought out a loud grunt from my wife. Moment he was inside
Anita, he started thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy with a lot of
force. I guess Anita must have already been lubricated as I didn’t hear
any sounds of pain from her , only pleasure.

Pierre was watching too with a lot of interest.

“Look at Madeline” Pierre told me pointing at his wife “is not she
looking beautiful with that young man”

I saw his wife sitting on the lap of a young guy and smooching him.

“She is hot” I told Pierre with a smile

“One thing I want to ask” Pierre said hesitatingly “if my wife want to
join would AAnita mind” ?

“ah” I exclaimed with a pleasant surprise “Not at all”

“You know she always wanted to try with another woman” Pierre added

“Wow” was all that I could answer

Pierre briskly walked towards his wife and said something to her as the
young man below her kept licking and kissing her.

He walked back to me “She will be here soon”

The young man with my wife was kneeling on my wife’s back squeezing her
breasts with his hand as he kept fucking her in the doggie style.

This place was driving me to a sexual tizzy. I wish India had such

In minute I saw Pierre’s wife standing in front of us. Though she could
hardly stand straight. She was absolutely drunk

She spoke something to Pierre in French. He pointed at my wife.

“Ahhh” she responded as she saw my wife in her sexual union with the
young man

“Your wife is German, right. Howcome she speaks French” I asked Pierre

“She speak five languages” he said proudly

“Wow, she is linguist” I said impressed

But even before I could get a chance to introduce myself, she left our
side and went upto the sofa where my wife and the young man were
unashamedly displaying their sexual union. Madeline climbed onto the
sofa behind the young man and started kissing him all over on his back.
At the same time she wrapper her arms around him and started pinching
his nipples. The young man must have been in seventh heaven .

She then slid down the my wife’s pussy where his cock was entering her.
She started licking his cock and then gradually moved on to my wifes
pussy and Anitas. She pushed her tongue into my wife’s Anitas, making my
yelp with pleasure. My wife must not have realized whose tongue that
must have been.

Madeline then moved forward licking the entire length of my wife’s sinal
chord to her neck. She nibbled my wife’s neck for a while, during which
my wife must have felt the difference of her tongue and body. As, Anita
turned around to look who it was, her face came inches close to
Madeline’s. Madeline promptly placed her lips on my wife’s !

Madeline was not as courteous as her husband , and didn’t take
permission for everything she did. She almost devoured my wife’s mouth
as their combined salivas dripped down on the sofa.

“Why don’t you do my wife” Pierre asked me

“Why don’t you do my wife” Pierre asked me

“ah , thank you. But I prefer to watch” I replied to Pierre’s puzzlement

Meanwhile Madeline had slid under my wife and she was sucking Anita’s
breasts. Seeing Madeline’s unoccupied pussy another man (god knows who)
appeared from nowhere, lay down between her legs and started sucking it.
It was already becoming quite a pile of humans, when Pierre stepped in
to add to it. He stood on knees over the man sucking his wife’s pussy
and pointed his cock towards my wife’s mouth. On feeling the cock on her
lips my lustfilled wife opened her mouth and took it fully inside.

By now everyone in the room was piss drunk. Sounds of sex were coming
from everywhere. Here in front of me, my wife was being sucked by woman,
fucked by a young man, while she was herself sucking a cock of an old
man. If this wasn’t enough, one guy walking past us just stopped on his
tracks he too started rubbing his cock on my wife’s face. Pierre being
the courteous self pulled out his cock out of my wife’s mouth and the
other man replaced him. . After a couple of minutes, he pulled out and
allowed Pierre to put his cock into my wife’s mouth. This went on for a
while until a time when my wife was sucking both the cocks almost
simultaneously. I could never in my wildest dreams imagine my wife to be
in this situation and she reacting the way she was doing now ! I was
vigorously jerking off.

And then something happened which surprised me. When this new guy was
inside my wife, I saw my wife suddenly wanted to push his cock out. But
he wouldn’t.

“Drink it bitch” He ordered my wife

“Drink what”??? I was puzzled “Did he come so fast” ?

But I got the answer when I saw thin colourless liquid flow out of the
sides of my wife’s mouth. He was pissing in my wife’s mouth ..and my
wife had no choice but to drink it !

After he finished pissing he unceremoniously pulled out his cock and
just walked away to another piles of humans in the room. Though she
looked bewildered, the pissing thing must have had a very arousing
effect on her, as she started to push her ass harder into the young
man’s crotch behind her.

My wife wasn’t looking like my shy wife now, but like a sex machine.

As the night progressed the situation got even murkier and unreal.

To cut short the details of the depravity and perversions of the night,
I can tell you that each person came several times, including my wife
and me. My wife was smeared with cum all over her body and face.

My wife was totally exhausted and couldn’t even get up. Left to her she
would have fallen asleep there itself. I payed and then left as most
did. I supported her as we walked upto the taxi,many of which were
standing outside at the gate. They knew they would get many customers
from there. Seeing us like that , the taxidriver knew perfectly well,
what we had gone through. He must have been used to our type of
customers at this time of the night, or rather I should say morning. It
ws 4 am.

“Hotel Royal Atel Bergere at Rue Geoffroy Marie” I told the taxi driver

He promptly took us to our hotel. The door was closed and we had to
press the bell. Anita had fallen asleep in the taxi itself and I had to
hold her at the hotel door. We pressed the fourth floor in the lift. On
reaching our room, we slept like logs late evening.

When we woke we both couldn’t believe what we had gone through in the
previous. Anita was in state of daze.

“Adi, what happened last night” She asked me puzzled and worried “was it
a dream”

“Don’t worry, everythings fine”I told her with a smile “ You are were
great. You were so sexy and hot”

She shyly nuzzled herself into my chest “Adi hope you didn’t mind” “No
at all. I loved it. And wanted that exactly to happen” I assured her

“Infact we could try it again” I added

“No” she replied with a laugh

Ofcourse we didn’t die after that, and more things happened !! But
that’s another story.