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Anjali and my boss

Even during drinks session, topics were flowing fluently. After first glass was over, Anju had become emotional as she is not used to have hard drink. She once again thanked boss for helping me and bent forward to touch his feet. As she bent before him, her pallu dropped to floor, exposing her big fleshy breasts to boss. He was staring at her breasts as she touched his feet. Her blouse was so low cut, that her new bra was also visible through neck of blouse.

Boss said” there is no need to touch my feet. But you look good in this pose”. She blushed at this remark which was unexpected. Boss filled another glass for us again. By this time, I was getting excited and same was with boss. Anju was dresed in yellow-shiffone sari tied very tightly around her hips and well below her navel, yellow semi transparent blouse. The blouse was a size too short for her so it looked like that her boobs were spilling out of it,and thereby a very nice and deep cleavage had been formed,white netted bra through which her nipples could be made out,a long mangalsutra ,pendal of which was resting very sexily in her cleavage,and her hairs,tied at the back. Boss was observing her beauty openly. Anju’s pallu was already on the floor. Boss was watching her big breasts moving up and down with breathing. Transparent blouse was also exposing her new bra with flowers on cups. He told me “Raju, your wife is beautiful. Has her dressed for the occasion today?” Anju was excited and said “Yes, Sir, exclusively for this treat. In fact, I am wearing a new sari and blosuse also today.” Boss added” and new bra also..I suppose”. She had become bold now. She asked him ” Do you like my sari?” Boss said “yes your sari, this thin blouse and this new bra with green flowers too”.
We all were loosing control by now. She asked me “Raju, do you know what he said? He is saying green flower.” I told boss ” Sir, the flowers on cups are blue and not green” Boss said “you are lying and fooling me.” Anju lost her control and stood up and went near him. “Look and tell me now” Her breasts were near face of boss. She opened hooks of her blouse and removed it fully. Wow, my sexy wife was standing in bra and sari pallu on floor before my boss. He told me “Look Raju, your wife was right. She is showing blue flowers and yellow mangoes. ” Anju was excited and had stopped blushing now. He asked “is it 38?” She nodded. He said “Check tomorrow, I bet will be 42” and put hands on blue flowers. His hands were moving on cups of bra in circular movement. She had closed her eyes in excitement. Boss went on kissing her lips and neck and at deep throat. His tongue traveled down between her deep cleavage as he put his face between her bra. He removed strap of her new bra from left shoulder to free her bouncing boob. “Look Raju, your wife is enjoying this. See how hard her tit is now becos she is excited” He was drunk but was speaking truth.
Her left nipple had grown hard and broad. I told him “sir, why do not you taste her mangoes?” anju in excitement, pulled his mouth to her boob and put it inside his lips. His other hand was caressing her right breast. Soon other strap came down. I went at her bare back to remove hook of bra as her both boobs were already out of it. There was no reason for bra to hold there. Boss was hungrily playing with her both breasts and pressing them one by one. He was also sucking her tits and making them hard and long. I was behind Anju caressing her bare back. She lifted her hands above head in excitement, allowing me to put hands on her breasts from behind. I pulled them further straight and conical. Boss was quick to suck the long headed nipples in my hands. After sucking her nipples, he sat down and started to lick her deep navel. I helped by removing her sari from behind. Anju was in a white petticoat before him. Boss removed knot of her petticoat and let it drop on floor. She had then just small blue panty on her big hips. He kept his palm on her panty to chek her assets. My wife was looking so sexy standing in the middle of the room only in her pant and her mangalsutra was dangling dangerously between her boobs. Her cleavage and her boobs were rising and falling with her breathing.she had clasped her both hands to cover her boobs.
Boss said” Darling your mangoes are so big and untill today only your hubby used to have them ,today its our chance so let us have some fun “. He started to perss her boobs again but this time with hardness pulling tits out like me. He chewed brown tits for long time making them wet and erect. Anjali was responding by caressing his face and head continuously. He got up and he took off his pant and underwear and embraced her from behind rubbing his erect lund on her buttocks and cupped her boobs. Now his both hands,were literally fighting to grab her boobs. I saw that my boss’s lund was around 8″long and 2.5″thick. He was rubbing his hard cock on her ass-cheeks kissing her from behind. My wife yelled at my boss “oh yes go on dear.” Her panty also had blue flowers between legs and on ass cheeks. He caressed her belly from behind and the mound on her panty. His hands came on her hips over panty to press them. He pulled down her panties as well. Now my wife was standing there fully nude before him and me. Boss guided her to bedroom. We both walked inside alognwith her totally nude. She looked sexy as she walked. Boss was behind her patting her bare hips which were dancing with her movement. Her boobs were also moving up and down during walk and were resting on her belly.
She then lied on the bed with her legs spread high in the air and boss had pushed his mighty lund inside her pussy. I stood near Anju’s face from side and pressing her boobs. Anju was excited with thrust of boss. She directed me to come forward. She was sucking my lund as boss continued to fuck her cunt hole. Anju was also gyrating her hips in the same motion and the entire length of my boss’s cock had disappeared inside her pussy. I was just wondering that how could she take such a long and thick cock in her pussy without much pain as my cock was relatively smaller than my boss’s. I pushed my lund with a jerk in her mouth and she enjoyed fucking simultaneously. We both were stroking cocks in slow speed. She continued our thrusts in her both holes for long time. I came in her mouth quickly. But boss was experienced person and took more time to come at her cunt. She had enjoyed her every move that night with both of us. She gave utmost happiness to my boss for my promotion.