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Another bhabhi-payal

rajat : u thr
Payal w: yes, so why didu change ur id
rajat : i cht on this id only….tht was very old n too much msgs
rajat : so chnged it few months back
rajat : so ur name ….

rajat : i’m rajat
rajat :m del
Payal w: i’m payal
rajat : mmmm… payal u got my id from?
Payal w: i am browsing exbii, and saw ur post there
Payal w: liked them
rajat : kkk
rajat : thx
rajat : so more abt u payal
rajat : wat u do….single?…married?….
Payal w: married
rajat : originally frm pune only?
rajat : ohh okk..married
rajat : nice….
Payal w: no hubby posted here
rajat : ok…
rajat : so whr u from waise
Payal w: k.taka
rajat : ok…
rajat : kannadi
Payal w: yep mom is
rajat : so payal u housewife?…
rajat : ok…
Payal w: yes
rajat : ne kids?
rajat : wat age u got married?
Payal w: no yaar, married for nearly 1 yr now
rajat : ok….so arranged marriage?
Payal w: yep
rajat : 1 yr is newly married….i still cn wish u a grt marriage life
Payal w: tnks
rajat : so how is married life…njyng it all
Payal w: yea
rajat : mmmm….so payal more abt u…ur hobbies…interests etc
rajat : wat u do all day
Payal w: browsing , chatting, tv
rajat : lots of cht frnds?
Payal w: not really
rajat : okk
rajat : so whr is hubby now?
Payal w: nite shift
rajat : okkk
rajat : so din mein busy rahthi hogi phir to
Payal w: haan
rajat : so wat u liked in my chats
Payal w: they r naughty
rajat : mmmm….haha
rajat : so r u lil naughty?
Payal w: sometimes like to be
rajat : ok…
rajat : so do u mind if i ask u sme perosnal thngs abt u n ur body
Payal w: go ahead, but at the same time u need to tell me the same abt you, i dont need to ask you .. ok
rajat : mmm…ok
rajat : so payal; wat all u wearng now….all details wth color design etc n evrtyhng
Payal w: i am wearing pink pyjamas
Payal w: nothing else
rajat : nothng else?…
rajat : just a pyjama?…
rajat : topless?
Payal w: and a tshirt
rajat : mmmm…no panties n bra?
Payal w: no
rajat : ok..dnt wear thm at nght?
Payal w: yes, dont feel like
rajat : me in grey tshrt,lower blue pyjama n brown underwear
rajat : din mein kaun si panty pahni thi?
Payal w: oh, sounds good
Payal w: pink, bikini type
rajat : mmmm…sounds sexy
rajat : so u wear thongs n g strings too?
Payal w: when i wear jeans i wear them
rajat : ok…
rajat : so payal wre u virgin b4 marge?
Payal w: yes
Payal w: i was
rajat : okkk…
rajat : so frst man u saw complete nude was hubby?
Payal w: not really, saw couple of films in college
rajat : films…no i meant real one
Payal w: yes
rajat : mmmm…so wre u afraid on ur frst nght?…wat feelings u had tht nght?
Payal w: hang on what abt ur responses
rajat : oh…
rajat : i am virgin…unmarried…no kids
rajat : seen no real nude gal evr
Payal w: ok
rajat : so wre u afraid on ur frst nght?…wat feelings u had tht nght?
Payal w: i was excited, little afraid
rajat : ok….so ever seen ne female all nude….real one…othr thn u
Payal w: i was in a gals hostel, so there were few instances of semi nudes
rajat : ok…means topless
Payal w: yep
rajat : so….how many siblings?….
rajat : i saw 2 frnds nude..they wre drunk n got nude under d effect of alcohol
Payal w: 1 you bro
Payal w: young
rajat : ok…
rajat : i hv one elder bro
Payal w: oh i see
Payal w: so what do u do
rajat : student n preprng fr various xams…like civils n all
Payal w: aspiring for?
rajat : yes n writing mains….
Payal w: good luck for that,
rajat : thxxx
Payal w: it requires a lot of hard work, i know
Payal w: but u seems to be flirting around online
rajat : yes hard work…n luck both r required
rajat : nhi…most of thm r vry old chts
rajat : n i hv no othr frnds
rajat : n i slp very less
rajat : 3 hrs max….
rajat : so whnevr fee time i browse
Payal w: ok
rajat : i hardly go out of room
rajat : all alone
Payal w: ok, ny gals
rajat : so no other time killing thngs
rajat : nope..single yar
rajat : college time pe few frnds but now no gals
Payal w: and dont u get horny at times
rajat : i do get
rajat : so i masturbate
Payal w: k
rajat : so how was ur frst nght payal
rajat : how it all hapnd….
rajat : u must b flng shy na?
Payal w: more of exploring each other physically
Payal w: a little shy, but was more excited
rajat : mmmm…so how he undressed u
rajat : tell me
rajat : all lights off?
Payal w: no he likes it on
rajat : mmmm…so more shy fr u
Payal w: i had to change my saree and wear some minis
Payal w: i like it with the lights on
rajat : okkk
rajat : so how he reacted whn pulled down ur panties
rajat : n ur reaction
rajat : wre u tryng to resist a bit
Payal w: one sec
rajat : k
Payal w: yes, he pulled them and wws mad
rajat : mmmm…haha
Payal w: i resisted for a while
rajat : mmmm…
rajat : n how he played wth ur boobies n vagina
Payal w: he fondled,
rajat : mmmm…sucked?…
rajat : n how he played wth ur cute vagina?
Payal w: how do u know its cute
rajat : it has to b
rajat : all vaginas r cute
Payal w: u saw any
rajat : no real but movies n net
Payal w: k
rajat : so did he lick it all
Payal w: not on the frst nite
rajat : ok…
rajat : n u felt whn saw his tool
rajat : did u undress him or he himself
Payal w: i was all wet i saw him nude, no he did it himself
Payal w: so when do u watch films
rajat : whn i feel horny
Payal w: u have many of them
rajat : didnt u get afraid seeing his tool
rajat : not much….just ne on net
rajat : so payal how was it whn he penetrated u
rajat : did u feel pain bleeding?
Payal w: yes painfull
rajat : k….
Payal w: bleeded like hell
rajat : achha wat position u like most n hubby?…
rajat : ok u bleeded too…
Payal w: so who do u think bleeds in sex frst time
rajat : pure virgins
rajat : evn they not all time na
Payal w: yes if they are physically active
Payal w: like sports and all
rajat : hymen cn break other ways too na
rajat : mmm…
rajat : yes….
rajat : so ur hymen was strong one
Payal w: i guess
rajat : mmmm haha…
rajat : so fav positions?
Payal w: on top
rajat : mmmm….so payal how u tke bath…in panties or poori nangi ho ke?
Payal w: with my panties on
rajat : ok…..
rajat : so vagina ko soap?
Payal w: i use gell
Payal w: no soap
rajat : ok…
rajat : body wash wala
Payal w: yep
rajat : scrub n gel na
rajat : mmm..okk
rajat : so vagina pe to lagati hogi na?
Payal w: yes, saf rahkha padta hei
rajat : so u keep pubic hairs?
Payal w: ok, where r ur responses u hotty
rajat : mmm..oh…i do keep pubic hairs
rajat : nanga nahata hun poora
rajat : tool pe i use soap
Payal w: how ling it it
Payal w: long
rajat : well ok ok
rajat : wat u thnk is best prt of ur body
Payal w: phir kitna
Payal w: phr bhi kitna lamba hei
rajat : dikha deta hun abhi
rajat : wats ur best body part
Payal w: u mean u will turn on ur cam
Payal w: i have a firm butt, my hubby is just crazy abt it
rajat : pics
Payal w: k
rajat : so how many panties u hv
Payal w: oh many many, i lost count
rajat : mmmm…wch is sexiest
Payal w: i have a big collection of victoria secret
Payal w: all of them are just fab
rajat : oh ho…
rajat : so how dense ur pubic hairs?
Payal w: i shave
Payal w: dont have ny
rajat : ok…
rajat : wow…
rajat : wats ur figure?
Payal w: ok honey its late, got to sleep.
Payal w: will continue tomorrow
Payal w: ok
Payal w: u said abt some pics but haven’t
rajat : oh han
rajat : nooooooo
rajat : plzz na
rajat : its just yar
Payal w: whats this
Payal w: nice one u have
rajat : thx
rajat : how is ur vagina payal
Payal w: its cute as u said
rajat : mmmm…big or small lips?
rajat : is my enough for ur vagina payal
Payal w: I guess yes,hey i wanna go to bed, very sleepy
Payal w: will chat tomorrow
Payal w: ok bye
rajat : kya yar
rajat : abhi susu karne jaogi na pahle
Payal w: shut up now,chalo padhai karlo
Payal w: come online tomorrow
Payal w: add me
rajat : accha ye to batao…how ur vagina lips look
Payal w: gud nite rajat
Payal w: kal baat karenge
rajat : ok…but cn i sleep wth u?
Payal w: sapne mein
rajat : han
Payal w: enjoy
rajat : kal wat time?
Payal w: 9:30
rajat : ok ji
rajat : u got voice cht or cam?
Payal w: no cam but yes voice, rajat i use a desktop,
Payal w: old one
rajat : ok…but will u shw me ur pic
Payal w: may be
Payal w: cant promise
rajat : kkk
Payal w: i only look for some fun online thats it
rajat : whn u feel comfortblwe
Payal w: no commitments
rajat : no no
Payal w: ok gud nite
rajat : tht i undrstnd
rajat : ok…gud nite dear