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anusha likes to get screwed while getting changed

anusha: Yah what?
anusha: Yah what?
ajay_K: hi
ajay_K: sorry dear
ajay_K: talk 2 me plzzzzzzz..
ajay_K: y had u stopped talking??
ajay_K: R u ther??
anusha: Yah, bolo
ajay_K: tum bolti kyun nahi??
anusha: Kapde badal rai thi yar
ajay_K: maine dekha
anusha: Kya?
ajay_K: sab kuch
anusha: Kyu dkha?
ajay_K: kyun matlab
ajay_K: ??
ajay_K: dekh liya aisehi….. samne jo badal rahi thi..
anusha: Ur vry naughty!
ajay_K: bt u r vry sweet….!!
anusha: Ap koi mere bf ya husbnd ho jo mai apke samne kapde badlu.
ajay_K: tumhe kya lagta hai?? main koun hu??
anusha: I dnt knw.

ajay_K: batao naa…kya lagta hai??
anusha: Never thought of it
ajay_K: ok
ajay_K: I m only ur friend…..OK??
ajay_K: & u r also..
ajay_K: Hey mere pics dekhe???
ajay_K: kya hua?????????????
anusha: Nai
ajay_K: mail kiye the maine…
ajay_K: hellooooooooooooo
anusha: I dint go online on pc aftr dat
ajay_K: mail check karo
anusha: Later
ajay_K: ok
ajay_K: kya kar rahi ho??
ajay_K: wht happend dear??
anusha: Kapde change kr rai thi
ajay_K: kitni baar???
ajay_K: mai aau??
anusha: A jao
ajay_K: bt I will remove ur dress
ajay_K: I wil nt wore u..
anusha: Ok, cum
ajay_K: I m hugging u tightly..
ajay_K: moving my hands on ur butts
ajay_K: Wow!!! wht a shape u hav..
ajay_K: inserting my hands into ur pajama
anusha: Oh, u knw wat im wearing?
ajay_K: wht??
ajay_K: wht r u wearing?
ajay_K: squeezing ur seat & rubbing hands…
ajay_K: wow! its soooo soft…. like cotton..
ajay_K: ohhh..I m getting hot.
anusha: Im wearing a skrt n top
ajay_K: k
ajay_K: insert my hands into skrt…
ajay_K: do somthing yaar
ajay_K: removing ur top…
ajay_K: u hav nic bra…
anusha: Oh great
ajay_K: & inside the bra..
ajay_K: ther is shock….
ajay_K: Wow vry soft…
anusha: Im holding ur penis
ajay_K: u hav vry nice tits…
anusha: Squeezing it
ajay_K: they r erecting..
ajay_K: getting tight….WOW!!!!!!!
anusha: Wow, im suking it
ajay_K: suck it hard dear..
anusha: Madly, like n animal. Up n down, all over
ajay_K: ohhh..great….
ajay_K: take the two balls into ur mouth
anusha: Now im puling it
ajay_K: ohhhh… its hurting..
anusha: Im sukng to mk u relax
anusha: Wil u fuck both my holes today?
ajay_K: yaaaa sur
ajay_K: sure
anusha: Then do it!
ajay_K: nw I m licking ur clit
ajay_K: wit my tounge..
anusha: Im siting on ur dick
ajay_K: I m stroking slowly 1st
anusha: Aaah
ajay_K: ohhhh….
anusha: ITs inside my pussy!
ajay_K: I mtrying hard to get inside
anusha: Leme masage it to lubricate it
ajay_K: yaa
anusha: Nw penetrate
ajay_K: yaa nw it can go totally inside
anusha: Wow.ahh aaah
anusha: Nw im moving up n dwn
ajay_K: nw i m stroking hard & fast
anusha: Oh gud
ajay_K: stroking…stroking….stroking..& stroking
anusha: Im leaking shirish
ajay_K: ohhh…ahhh
ajay_K: fast fast…aur fast..
ajay_K: oh my god!!!
ajay_K: I never felt like this…Ohhhhh
anusha: Nw i’l sit in doggy style.
ajay_K: yah…. U want IT back side
ajay_K: ??
anusha: Yah, in my ass
ajay_K: OK
ajay_K: It will pain I think…
ajay_K: I will try
ajay_K: take ur pos
anusha: Dat pain is amazing
ajay_K: ohhh…. ok take ur position..
ajay_K: 1st I m kissing…
ajay_K: & inserting my dick..
ajay_K: getting a nice pain….ohhhhh ahhhhhhhhh
ajay_K: R u paining??
ajay_K: wht happend??
ajay_K: muskaan…
ajay_K: kya hua??/