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rajat: hi dear….wana hot naughty kinky xiting chat with long term net frndship…wana share mails abt u n me….wana share those dark fantasises wch u cnt even share wth bf or husband…wana b real naughty n fulfill ur fantasies on net here ……wana know wats camel toe in ladies or how to measure a guy’s tool’s length wthot ltng hm know…..if nta tleast tell the color n shape of the tiniest cloth u wearing…..plzz….zzzz….if still nt then sorry
astha: no
rajat: plzzzzzz
rajat: if u njy these chats plzzzzzz
rajat: plzzzzzz asthaaaaaa
astha: no
rajat: plzzzzzz
rajat: ok
rajat: wana decent chat
rajat: n lil bit of naughty
astha: no

rajat: ok only decent
astha: ok
rajat: asl plzz
astha: 16 f del
astha: urs
rajat: 19,m,del
rajat: so in school miss
astha: y
astha: ya
rajat: ok
rajat: so ne bf astha
rajat: wch class u in dear
astha: 11th
rajat: ok
rajat: wat stream
rajat: n wats ur future plans
astha: com
rajat: ok
astha: college
rajat: comm
astha: and mba
rajat: wch coll?
rajat: me from d u too
astha: i am in 11th
rajat: did physics hons
astha: but after that
rajat: ok
rajat: actually me 22 yar
rajat: 22 yrs
astha: ok
astha: i am 16
rajat: ok
rajat: so tell me more abt u
astha: wat to tell
rajat: nethng
rajat: so u dont like hot chat or never tried
astha: i dont like
rajat: ok
rajat: ever tried
astha: ya
rajat: ok
rajat: bt if u in mood try once wth me…u will njoy
rajat: no wrong in this
astha: no
rajat: just to njoy in this cold
rajat: bt only aftr we r frnds
rajat: atleast try once
astha: ok
rajat: if u dont like we will nvr chat like that
astha: ok
rajat: bt i want ur full cooperation n b bold n no shy
rajat: r v frnds frst?
astha: ya
rajat: ok
rajat: wana see my piuc so that u cn fantasise me
astha: ya
rajat: may i hv ur mail id astha
astha: same @
rajat: ok
rajat: pakka bna
astha: ok
rajat: plzz dont gv wrong idwe frnds now
astha: ?
rajat: wait 2 mins
astha: ok
astha: ya
rajat: soi till then tell me abt ur hobbies astha
rajat: bolo na
rajat: u there asthaaaaa
rajat: astha u there dear?
rajat: reply yar plzz
rajat: check ur mail plzz
rajat: from rajat
rajat: u there asthaaaaaaaaa
rajat: where u asthaaaaaaaaaaaa
rajat: reply plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
rajat: wats wrong asthaaaaaaa
rajat: comon reply asthaaaaaaaa
rajat: where u yarrrrrrrrr
rajat: ashaaaaaaaaa
rajat: reply naaaaaaaaaa
astha: back
rajat: kahan gayi thi
rajat: tell honestly
astha: my sis was here
rajat: okk
rajat: check ur mail
rajat: my pic there
rajat: from rajat
astha: k
astha: plz wait
astha: i will come in 2 – 3 mins
rajat: jaldi se aao……….
rajat: waitingggggggg
rajat: add me
astha: ok
astha: wait
astha: i have to go downstairs
rajat: ok
astha: i am back
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: sachhi batao kahan gayi thi
rajat: honestly astha
astha: leave it
astha: o
astha: ok
rajat: i know
rajat: where u went
rajat: check mail now n see if u like me
astha: ok
astha: u r handsome
rajat: thnks
rajat: plzz b honest
astha: ok, i was in bathroom
rajat: i knew it
rajat: i’ll ask detail later
rajat: so astha may i see you dear
rajat: if u dont mind
astha: i dont have a cam
rajat: pics?
astha: no
rajat: bt cn u send me later if we really bcom good frnds
rajat: i wont force u
rajat: as u wish
astha: ya
astha: ok
rajat: thnks dear
astha: welcome
rajat: shud we start some nice chat
rajat: r u ready now
astha: ya
rajat: lets frst know abt eachother fully astha
rajat: no direct cyber
astha: ok
rajat: so me going to ask various thngs abt u n u feel free to ask me nethng
rajat: nethng u feel like
rajat: n now no shyness between us
rajat: we hv to b frnds on net so everythng we n share here
astha: ok
astha: k
rajat: i wana say one thng
astha: fine
astha: wat
rajat: nt here just for hot chat bt for njoyment in a bettr way
rajat: in real life very difficult to do all these
rajat: so fulfill fantasises here
astha: ok
rajat: now if u like my ideas u say
astha: ok
astha: ya
rajat: bt i want a cooperation honesty from u n same for me
rajat: so lets shake hands astha
rajat: n may i hv the pleasure to b ur best frnd on net
astha: ya
rajat: thnks so much dear
rajat: so here we start astha
astha: ya
rajat: so tell me frst in full detail wat all u wearing now…wth color n shape size
rajat: everythng n ask me nethng u like
astha: ok
astha: pajama
astha: sweatshirt
astha: blue pajama
astha: and pink sweatshirt
astha: u?
rajat: me in brown jacket n blck jeans
rajat: wat else astha…still didnt tell me everythng
astha: ok
astha: my b and p too
rajat: write full
rajat: no shyness between us
astha: ok
astha: my bra and panty too
rajat: color n size n shape pf panties….panties in fullest detail plzz
astha: i wear L size panty
astha: its black in color
rajat: mmmm..
rajat: plain black or printed
rajat: wat shape is it?
astha: printed
astha: v shape
rajat: mmm……..
rajat: bra color n size
rajat: me in blue underwear
astha: ok
astha: ur undy shape?
rajat: v cut
rajat: ur bra color n size astha
astha: white
astha: and 32
rajat: mmmmmmm………
rajat: brown nipples?
astha: ya
rajat: accha astha….aaj tak kabhi aisa hua hai ki kisis ne apko galti se panties ya nude dekh liya ho….
rajat: ya apne kisi ko dekh lioya ho
astha: no
astha: never
rajat: ok
rajat: accha tell me hindi for…panty,penis,vagina,boobs,ass
astha: ok
astha: u
rajat: i’ll tell u later
rajat: dont worry
rajat: ill share everytng wth u
rajat: hindi words astha
astha: no
rajat: tell naa
rajat: no shy wth me astha
rajat: comon
astha: ok
rajat: so feel free n tell me everythng
rajat: b bold here
astha: panty is panty
astha: penis is lullli
astha: vagina – chut
astha: boobs – mome
astha: ass – i wont tell
rajat: comon tell astha
rajat: its very sexy from ur mouth
astha: no naaa
rajat: astha…plzz dear….
rajat: no shy here
rajat: b brave n bold
astha: gand
rajat: mmmmmmmmm………….grtttttt
rajat: how u know these
rajat: frnds?
astha: ya
rajat: ok
rajat: shud i tell u more for penis
astha: ya
rajat: lulli ius whn penis is small
astha: ok
rajat: whn its big…its lund or lauda
astha: ok
rajat: boobs is chu chi…..
rajat: panty is kachhi ya chaddhi
astha: ok
astha: ok
rajat: n wat abt pubic hairs…wat u say them
astha: hair
rajat: ok…they known as…jhhantt
astha: ok
rajat: accha now tell how u take bath astha….kachhi mein ya poori tarah se nangi ho ke
rajat: hindi mein now we will chat
astha: ok
astha: nude
rajat: hindi
astha: ok
astha: nangi ho kar
rajat: mmmmmmm……..
astha: tum?
rajat: poora nanga ho ke
rajat: kabhi kabhi kachhe mein
astha: ok
rajat: ya…accha aaki jhhantte kaisi hain….dense long ya trimmed?
astha: short
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: bt nt clean shaved
astha: no
rajat: ok…dense honge aapki jhhnatte
astha: no
rajat: ok
rajat: accha…nahate hue kahan kahan sabun lagati ho astha
astha: i cut my hairs
rajat: ok
astha: poori body parr
rajat: nam batao na
astha: muh parr
rajat: waitttttt
rajat: ait
rajat: tell me in detail step by step…sab kucch wat u do whn u go to take bath……
astha: ok
rajat: sab kucch astha……step by step…even a tiny thng u do
rajat: so here u enter ur bathroom…
rajat: now wat
rajat: hindi mein
astha: apne kapde utaarti hoon
rajat: detailk meibn
rajat: kaun se kapde…wats their sequence
rajat: sab kucch aram se
astha: my pajama
astha: and then my top
rajat: pyjame ki knot kholti ho ya neeche karke bas.
rajat: hindi mein astha
astha: neeche karke
astha: phir apni bra
rajat: ok
rajat: mmmmmm.
astha: and phir apni panty utaarti hoon
rajat: mmmmmmmm…….
rajat: poori nangi ho jati ho na
astha: ya
rajat: mmmmmm………..
astha: tum,
rajat: haannnnnnn
rajat: phir
astha: phir main paaani daalti hoon
rajat: mmmmmmm……..
rajat: sheeshe mein apne nange badan ko dekhti nahi ho
rajat: apne momme ko
astha: ya
rajat: mmmmmm……
rajat: phir
astha: phir saabun lagati hoon
rajat: khade ho ke ya baith ke nahati ho
astha: khade ho ke
rajat: kahan se shuru karti ho sabun lagana…
astha: my breast
rajat: hindiiiiiiii
astha: mome par pehle saabun lagati hoon
rajat: mmmmm…
astha: phir pet par
astha: phir taango par
rajat: ahhhh…….nice going
rajat: phir…..
astha: vagina par bhi rub karti hoon
astha: aur phir haatho par
rajat: hindiiiiiiiiiii
rajat: no shyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
astha: ok
astha: chut par bhi saabun lagati hoon
rajat: mmmmmmmmm……
rajat: aur gaand pe
astha: ya
astha: haan
astha: waha bhi
rajat: ok….
rajat: sexy yar………
astha: phir rub karne ke baad paani daal leti hoon
astha: phir muh par face wash
astha: then rub
astha: and paani se dho leti hoon
astha: finish
rajat: accha koi aisa kam jo koi na janta ho aur aap bathroom mein karti hon….
rajat: or ne secret thng whoi u do bt noodys knows
astha: i cannot tell u
rajat: plzzzzzzzzz
astha: no
rajat: i’ll also share evrythng th u
rajat: asthaaaaaaaa
rajat: comon……..
astha: no
astha: i cant tell u
rajat: v nvr going to meet…just on net……..
rajat: plzzzzzzz asthaaaaaaaaa
rajat: bata do na yar
rajat: plzzzzzzz
astha: no
astha: i cannot
rajat: comon dearrrr
rajat: accha let me guess it
rajat: shud i?
astha: ya
rajat: aap apni choot ko rub karti hain
astha: no
rajat: arre yar……..accha kucch hint do
rajat: comon
rajat: ba good frnd now
astha: no
astha: i cannot
rajat: ok……as u wish…bt plzzzz//////wana know dear……..plzzz
rajat: accha kucch hint to do na astha
astha: no
rajat: okok
rajat: bt its related wth ur body only
rajat: u do smthng wth ur body
astha: i cannot tell u
rajat: plzzzzzzzz astha…………ok as u wish…bt if u ever feel like we frnds good enough tht u cn tel me…do so…coz me going to tell u everythng
rajat: accha….aur batao
astha: kya batau
rajat: tell me frankly r u wet now?
astha: ya
rajat: say in hibndi
astha: haaan
rajat: lets make it hot n dirty a bit
rajat: poora hindi mein astha
astha: thik hai
rajat: bolo phir
rajat: say u wet n wats wet
astha: ok
astha: meri chut gili ho gayi hai
rajat: kyon
rajat: kyon astha…batao
rajat: bolon na astha………
rajat: find u very sexy astha