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Attractive aunty Arati cannot stand 3 days without a dick as her husband is away for work

Hi im Sanjay.and im from punjab.I am 28 years.this story when im stay in
dehli for one year my course.and i have hire apartment. which is so far
the tallest in our area. I live here with my one friend.There was a lady
just in front of my apartment I live in the 9th floor and just opposite
to my apartment was another apartment. From my bedroom verandah I could
clearly see the bathroom of the my opposite flat. This lady used to come
for a bath everyday near about 11 AM. This lady was about 37-39 yrs of
age. Her name was Arati. I never used to talk to her but though she is
our neighbor I used to sometimes smile at her whenever we used to meet
each other downstairs or at any function. She had no kids and her
husband was working in a company and had to go out for tour at least
10-15 days a month. She was really very attractive and sexy. She was
36-30-36, she had round cup shaped boobs and a soft and round ass. She
was more on the fairer side and had a very Indian feature. She had long
brown hair and a round face and long neck, which was really very sexy.
It was Saturday morning! My friend gone his tour,so im alone that day I
was really getting bugged up that day cause no one was at home and I had
nothing to do. Well I then switched on to some music J LO (Jennifer
Lopez) and was listening with a blasting sound. By the time I had called
up few friends and was talking to them, It was about 10 AM and I thought
of taking a bath and get refreshed cause I was feeling very clumsy.


I took my bath and came out naked cause no one was at home and I was a
free bird, slowly took my towel around my waist went towards the
verandah I was dripping that time with water and was looking really cool
and my muscles bulging out. As I went there my eyes feel on the Arati
aunt’s bathroom. I kept staring at there for few minutes and saw she
entering her bathroom wearing a yellow colored saree.I kept staring at
her (I mean her boobs) Then she slowly kept the towel on the racks and
started to open her saree, she didn’t knew that someone was watching her
from the next apartment. Anyway she opened her saree fully and she was
standing there with her blouse and petty-coat, it was also yellow. Then
without seeing left or right she went on to open her blouse even….
slowly unbuttoning it she reveal her bra fitted boobs…and gradually
she even opened her bra then her petty-coat then her panty…. and my
cock was in full charge, very firm and hard. I was really very
aroused…. and my hands slowly went towards my cock I kept on rubbing
my cock and suddenly while taking a bath she spotted me massaging my
cock and staring at her with my thirsty eyes. Seeing that I was really
frightened I thought now she might complain 2 apartment member and I am
gone……but hey you won’t believe she came more close towards the
window and gave me a sweet smile that too in a naked position i was
really thrilled even I replied her with a smile then she showing her
hands she called me to her house I was having goose-bumps on my entire
body and then I reacted to her answer and showed her the sign that I am
coming. I quickly wored my dress and locked my house and went to her
apartment within 15 mins I was at her place. As I rang the bell she
opened the door…. wow! she was looking very sexxxy.

She said “plz come in” , I said ” thank you”. She made me sit on the
sofa and she sat just opposite me. I asked her that where is your
husband she told that he has gone out for some work and will be
returning 3 days later. I was thinking wow! What a golden opportunity to
fuck her. She was wearing a blue colored saree below her deep navel and
her hair was still wet. and her boobs were bulging out…it seems that
she hadn’t worn her bra that time. She then suddenly asked me…”to
tumhe aaj kaisa laaga mujhe nahate huye?”….I was thrilled to hear this
question…stammering away I said ” acha acha tha”….she said ” aur
mujhe nanga dekh kar tumhe kaisa laga?”…I gained some confidence my
that time and told her firmly….”woh bhi acha tha”…she said “kiya tum
woh phir se dekhna chahate ho”…i said ,” sure…kyon nahi” She got up
and went towards the door and locked the main entrance….returning back
to me she sat beside me and said ” kya tummujhe chodonge”….I was
mummer for a moment…then she again said… “plz….mujhe
husband don’t satisfy me much…i am desperate to get fucked by you….I
see u everyday…but couldn’t tell cause u are too young than me and god
knows what will u think if I come with such a proposal….so today i got
the right opportunity to ask u….kya tum mujhe chodonge”…i said “ok
fine”…i was feeling really very very horny by that time…cause this
was my first experience. She slowly came close to me and put his hand on
my lap and then she kissed me on my lips. i was really freaking out.

She slowly started unbuttoning my shirt…and then I pulled her towards
me…and then I started kissing her intensely….We both were pushing
each other tongues in each others mouth and exchanging saliva….she
really enjoyed my kiss…it was done very passionately…we kissed for 5
mins…and made her stood up….mind it this all thing is happening in
the sitting room….beside the sofa. I slowly unwind her saree…and she
was standing with her blouse and petty-coat on. I took her on my lap and
headed towards the bed-room…as she guided me through….i threw her on
the bed.I opened my shirt and wearing only my trousers I leaned on
her…and started to kiss her passionately on her neck , cheeks ,lips
and then her deep sexy navel it’s looks like a little cunt I kiss there
for 2 mins? I then unbuttoned her blouse slowly and as I opened the
boobs were visible…she weren’t wearing any bra inside….wow what a
terrific boobs she got….it was fully white in colour and her nipple
were light brown and the boobs were very big. i sucked her nipple and
pressed it hard…as I heard her moaning slowly and
saying…aahh….um……Sanjay….mat choron mujhe…ahh aur chooso I
then went down and untied her petty-coat slowly pulling it down I saw
her dangerous valley of love….she didn’t wore any panty .I pulled it
down fully and now I stepped back and saw her sleeping in front of me
fully naked and panting away….she gave a very sexy smile to me…n
said “ye badan ab sirf tumhara hai….is mein ab sirf tumhara raj
hai….jo karna hai karo…”…I slowly opened my pants and then my
underwears….as I opened my Underwears….my cock stood up like a
rocket as if it trying to get out for a long time….we both wear naked
under the day light…it was about 12:30 PM…and we both are enjoying
our life. Her vagina was very nice. I came towards her and put my head
between her thighs and folded her legs for better grip….I smelled the
pussy juice for the first time…it was tremendous…

I still cannot forget it.I took my mouth and started licking it…with
my hands I parted the pussy walls….and I could see wetness inside
her…as I started to lick her pussy…she again started to moan this
time it was more louder.aahhh lick it harder..then I slowly stood
up…and pulled her towards me…and told her to suck my big
cock…without wasting anytime she held my cock with her right
hand…and started to stroke it…and then she took it in her mouth as
she was stroking as she was sucking it too…. I was feeling that I was
in the heaven…wow it was very nice…my eyes was half shut and I was
enjoying her sucking…then I was going to cum…i told her about
it…she told to cum it on her mouth…I then held my cock with my
hand…and then spilt it all over her mouth and face , her face was full
with my sperm…few of it was dripping out of her mouth even…she drank
it all…and asked for more…she again started to suck my penis…this
time with extra force…soon after I regained my stiffness and she told
me softly…”abb too mera choot mein apna laura ghusa…”…I told her
to be in the doggy style and I was behind her…I took my cock in the
hand and inserted it from behind…she shouted a bit in the beginning as
I entered but later as it went inside it was ok for her…I held her
butts with both my hands…and her boobs were hanging ownwards…I
slowly I started to do in and out….oooooooo Sanjay fuck me
harder….chodo mere ko….aaahhhhh. I am a whore fuck me harder,….. I
want to die…. go on fucking…aaahhhh I went on pumping my huge cock
inside her she went on moaning…then we changed the
positions… I laid down on the bed…and she came upon me.I was between
her legs…and she took my cock and inserted in her pussy…and then she
leaned in front of me…and started to jerk herself….her boobs were
dancing away…I caught both her boobs with my both hands…and slowly
started to massage it…and she went on ridding her pussy on me…and
went on moaning…..uuuuuuuummmmmmmmm.. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh..her
hairs was falling over my face…and pressing her boobs..she was really
enjoying her ride on my penis….then I was going to cum again…I told
her….and she again wanted to take inside her mouth…I pulled her

I stood up by the bed…and poured my hot cum inside her mouth….and
she was really enjoying this….she swallowed every bit of it and looked
towards me….she wanted to have a bath …so we both went towards the
bathroom…and opened the shower and was kissing each other very
passionately….then I licked her pussy again in the bathroom… and she
even sucked my cock…we had sex 3 times that day….until it was 3
pm…we slept in each other arms… and I left that day early cause
every body was supposed to be back home soon…but I promised Arati
aunty to fuck her again…and we did it too…when ever her husband was
out for work….I used to have sex with her…I had sex with her many