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Aunt loved the size

Let me tell about my aunty. She has the most voluptuous body I have ever seen. Typical Indian beauty – had big breasts that seem to always swell whenever she wore her tight blouses had a very sexy smile but the best part was her ass. God I must have dream a thousand times of it. She always wear cotton saree and it stick to body and the view of her hip curve and jiggling buttocks are beautiful. I am living with my uncle & aunty from the age of 10 after my parents went to work in Dubai.

I go to school from their house from 5th class. I do not feel that I am away from my parents because they have taken parental care. Even though my uncle is alcoholic there is no problem about him he comes late at night and left to the shop early morning. Our house has bathroom at the backyard which is open and water tank on it we used to take bath and wash clothes near the water tank nobody can see at backyard from anywhere when anybody takes bath. Since I was a small boy my aunty will take bath in front of me just wearing uncle’s dhothi as bathrobe. I can see her boobs and buttocks while taking bath. She always washes all clothes before bath and I will help in rinsing and put them dry and fetch water from the tap in other side of the backyard. .

When she start bathing she removes her saree and unhooks her blouse the big boobs jump from her and bounce then suddenly she wrapps the dhothi around her chest and remove her other dresses and takes bath she doesn’t wear bra anytime. She always stand and take bath when she applies soap on her buttocks I can see her ”D” shaped buttocks and her thighs are very shaped just like polished by goldsmith but I have never seen her pussy. . I always wear dhothi without panties and I will masturbate by thinking of her. I do lot of mischievous and make some comedies she always laughing at me and named a Chutti Paiyan. She used to call me like this. After I finish 10th class I was on the holiday most of the time I spend my holiday most of the time at the backyards. One day when we were washing clothes she just wrapp the dhothi across her chest and washed that day lot of clothes to be washed and and sat on the floor and start washing. She got pain on the knees and simply spread her one leg and what a surprise I can see her hairy pussy but I cannot view full.

From that time onwards I start thinking to fuck her and start planning. Then onwards I used to make lot of body contacts and do mischievous in the way of sexy but she thought that I am doing as usual she didn’t cared about it. This gives enough courage to me move further and always start nib on her butts, she takes it casually. One morning when I woke up my cock erected fully as usual in the morning I just wide open my dhothi the cock in full length and sat on the bed by closing my eyes and waited for it to get normal position but I did not tied the dhothi. Suddenly my both hands were pulled and When I opened my eyes my aunty stands in front of me but my dhothi fells down I stood nude in front her she watched my cock and laughed and went away. After some time I came out from the bed and I feel shame to see her face and she said I just pulled hands because to wake you and said sorry. I just replied did you see anything and she said I saw a big snake and teased me. I said I will do it one day and you and went away.

This chance came to me soon One day my uncle went to Bangalore saying that he has to get some orders and will be back after 1 week. I have planned in my mind anyway to fuck her. One morning her son went to playat neighbours house and we both were alone. I do not want to miss the chance. As she has to go to market she rushed for bathing she went to backyard and she didn’t wash any clothes because itwas cloudy so she said it could rain so we shall wash it tomorrow. I have planned anyhow I should make her nude and embarras her then I should mive next. As usual she wrapped her bathing dhothi she put her ugly clothes in the basket and starts bathhing. While bathing she said that she forgot brushing and asked me brush and paste I took that I went to her and I noticed her boobs area and there in no knot the dhothi just stick on her body because of water. When she was brushing I suddenly pulled the dhothi and make her in nude. First time I am seeing a woman in nude suddenly she sits on the floor and begged me to give that dhothi but I refused then she said I am big woman I should not be like this you a boy so nobody cares you. I said you saw me nude and I saw you in nude ok tit for tat.

Then I gave it to her. Then onwards I start teasing her on her nude look she begged me do not speak like this in front of others and kissed on my cheeks. I got courage to ask one more kiss she said naughty boy and I went for cooking. That night I didnot sleep the nude image of my aunty repeatedly in my mind I maturbate 2 times in the night. Next day I woke up late and aunty came to my bed and wake me up and given the coffee and sat on the edge of the bed. After finishing coffee I asked aunty to go out she asked me oh!You are waiting for your snake to sleep. I started describing her nude and she losed my mouth and went away. In the afternoon after the lunch we both sat on the bed and watching TV I start teasing her and I said if you want me to stop whenever I tease you should give 2 kiss o both cheeks and agreed and did that. I have enough courage to touch her and 2 days passed when she was bathing and came to the room to change her dress I said athai you are beauty looking in nude than you are in dress.

She got embarrased and came to me and said you should never talk like this and kissed me on my lips. When I got the kiss my cock erected and touced her arse and she could feel the difference and asked what is this and try to move I got courage and hugged her and asked aunty once again kiss my lips I never tease you and she kissed and hugged tightly I start kissing her lips we transferred the salaiva and she really need the kiss at this moment and she huged me tightly instead of escaping from me. I requested my aunty to kiss on my full body she agreed and start kissing me when she comes to the dick area she wide open my dhothi and kissed on my dick and wondered and how long it is. I feel shame and pulled her hands and start kissing her body I sipmly remove her bathrobe and make her nude and kissed her neck and came to the boobs.

I sucked her one boob and I gently massage her other one. She engrossed and pressed my head on the boobs I gently moved to her pussy and I inserted my finger it was so hot and wet meantime she removed my dhothi and made me nude I spread on her and kissed on her lips. She put one hand on my cock and asked to insert slowly and I did when my cock fully settled inside the hot&wet pussy gives more enthusism and movd up and down after 5 minutes The pussy gets overflowed with my gum. That’s all finished and I have fucked my dream aunty. We fucked 3 times daily until my uncle arrives from bangalore. We both took bath nude and I will ask to behave however I want to see her in nude. After my uncle arrives She comes to my bed we do have fun after everyone sleeps.