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Aunt Sarita And The Maid

I could not get married to Meena as her family members objected it. But we decided to meet regularly to each other. She got ma/rried in 1976 to a handsome young man working as medical representative. LOVE is more strong than artificial / man made customs. I was now staying in my own rented flat just near Aunt Sarita’s house. Since I was a bachelor aunt found one maid servant to look after the cleanliness of the house and to cook food for me.

Her name was Sunita and She was about 30 yr. old. Her skin was fair and she had nice figure for her age. Her boobs were about 38 D and she had solid 40 ass. Her husband had died in an accident leaving three girl children behind for her to look after. Her eldest girl, Sangeeta, was 15 yr. old and was studying in 10 standard.

Sunita used to come at 7 am in the morning and at 7 PM in the evening to complete her chores. I used to watch her with interest as she worked and was always thinking of how to seduce her. This continued for a week. All the while I was thinking of seducing this tight assed maid. One Sunday I got up as usual took my bath and was watching Rangoli on DD 1. Sunita came for the work, prepared the Tea and gave me one cup of it. She started to sweep the floor. Since she was doing it bending I could see her heavy boobs coming out of the blouse. This made me hot and my 9-inch cock started to grow. I was wearing shorts without any underwear and it was very difficult to hide my hard on. I was sitting on couch with my legs spread and I looked at my crotch to find it swollen. Sunita was sweeping the other side of the room and was not aware of this. I put my hand in my shorts and adjusted my cock on left side of the leg parallel to it. Since my cock is 9 inch, the cock head was now peeking out from the shorts. In the evening I was working on the computer when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was my beloved Aunt Sarita. I asked her to come in. We sat chatting on the couch. Aunt asked me how is Sunita and whether I had fucked her? I told her that she is a nice lady and I am very eager to fuck her 40-inch ass. Hearing this aunt laughed and said, “ I thought you might have fucked her by now. Did you not? Oh my poor child. Your cock is getting hard just thinking about her ass, is it not you naughty boy.” Saying so she pushed her hand in my shorts and held my cock tightly. “Oh the little devil is all hard and ready to fuck?” she said. With this she removed her gown and threw it on the floor. She came near me and took my shorts off. She bent her head and started to suck my cock, moving her tongue all over. It felt so nice and I started to buck my hips towards her mouth. I told aunt that Sunita has seen my cock and that she seems to be willing to participate in our game. Oh who the fuck I said and pulled my shorts from the floor and went to open the door. It was Sunita standing at the door. She looked at my sweat covered body and said, “Sir, what were you doing? Your body is all covered with sweat. Can I help you?” What could I say? She came in and went towards kitchen and saw Aunt Sarita sitting on the living room couch. Her face was covered with sweat and she was breathing faster. Her hair was scattered. Sunita saw all this and she was no dumb. I saw her eyes fixed on the puddle of come that had oozed out of aunt’s pussy that had fallen on the floor. She went near Sarita and bend down to see what it was. I was very much worried to have been caught in the act. To my surprise Sunita put her fingers in the come and brought it to her mouth and licked it. “ OH Madam Sarita this tastes nice. It has been a long time since I had sex. My husband was a good fucker and I used to suck his cock and drink his come. Will you please help me fuck? Aunt asked Sunita, “ How old are your daughters?

Sunita , “ Eldest is Sangeeta 16 yr., 2nd is 13 yr. and last one is 10 yrs old. Sangeeta is grown up and I have to arrange for her marriage.” Sunita,” Ohh Sangeeta is 16 yr. I was listening to this and my cock started to grow just thinking of fucking a 16-yr. old girl. Let’s see how to go about it. What we did to Sangeeta, Sunita’s daughter? Read in next story in couple of days.

Did you like the story of real life? I am 45 now and stay in PUNE. The maid, Sunita is now grand mother of six children and occasionally we get a chance to repeat what we did here. My aunt Sarita was bisexual and loved everything in sex. My cousin Meena too got the chance to witness my fucking Sunita.